Mom giving warm breafast and fuck at chicken

Mom giving warm breafast and fuck at chicken
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I had suspected it for awhile, but I was not really sure. Jasmine had been acted kind of strange lately.

She just was not the same way. I would try and fuck her, and she would not react to me at all nothing not even a moan.She was ussually pretty into it, and we were both young and hot. She had thes nice perky breast, a cute round ass, a pretty face with blonde hair blue eyes.she was definetely a woman who could grab a guys attention.

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It was almost three months since we had sex. So I figured one day I might as well give a shot at coming home early, and surprising her with a little tenderness.

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I turned the key into the knob, and slowly opened the door. I wanted to swoop her off her feet so I figured I would slowly come in the house, and scare her just a little bit.I miss alice webcam getig fucked not see her anywhere so I continued up to the bedroom. I opened the bedroom door, and I could see my worst nightmare.She was getting fucked by Simon, my best freind since high school.

She was moaning so much, and he was saying stuff like "you like that you fucking dirty whore" he fucked her so hard I could see the bed shaking back and forth.They still did not see me come in.I hid behind the bedroom door.To be honest I was just a little bit curious.

He bent her over doggy style, pulled her hair back, and fucked her even harder. Simon was not that big off a guy but he was sure able to fuck her hard. this went on for awhile, and I just stood frozen behind the door. The weird thing was I was getting really turned on.

My cock was so hard watching my best freind fuck my hot wife. I reached into my pants as my sexy wife started finishing him off. She sucked his dicked so well.

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He shoved his fat cock into her hot mouth, and let all his cum all over her face in her hair, and all over her perky tits. "hurry up, my husband is coming home" she told him. "If only he knew how often we did this" said Simon, smiling at her.

The thought made me even harder. Simon quickly got his clothes and ran out through back while I hid in the closet. My sexy wife slowly put her clothes back on and oh shit was going right for the closet."OH MY GOD" you scared me she yelled.

"and how are things between you and Simon" I asked her smiling. She started crying, and sobbing.

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"I just need to get fucked, I am here all day doing housework, and you get to go out to work it is so fucking boring". I held her, and kissed her on the lips, I could taste some sort of funkiness of Simons cum.

"Its ok babe. I understand". "come here" I grabbed her hand a took her into the bedroom.I could still see a used condom on the floor next to the bed. I threw her on the bed, and tore her clothes right off, her buttons on her shirt flew all over the room.I sucked hard on her nipples even biting them a little bit.she was moaning classy jessica is down for some anal much.I reached under her skirt, and could still feel her cum soaked pussy.

I guess she did not have time to put on panties after fucking my best freind. I finger fucked her so hard shoving my fingers way up her pussy.then i grabbed both her legs and placed them on my neck.i slid my way hard cock in her pussy, and fucked the shit out of her."you fucking whore, I want you to call me simon, say Fuck me sIMON!." she just stared at me.

I grabbed her neck, and started to choke her. :"Say it!" "fuck me simon!" she yelled "AGAIN!" she did it a couple times until I was satisfied."I want to fuck you the way Simon does" I grabbed her hair and turned her over. She was on all fours like a good bitch.

I place my cock way into her pussy, and fucked her way harder than Simon did. ""is this how Simon fucks you? !" again she didn't answer. "I said is this how simon fucks you!" "yea!" "who fucks better me or Simon?" "you do!" she turned around and smiled at me.I knew how to reward her. I shoved my cock way in her pussy, and pounded her even harder.

I kept hitting her spot, and she moaned everytime I did. After about twenty minutes she couldnt take it anymore."IM CUMMING!!" she yelled.her cum dripped all over my cock it was so warm, and sexy.and I knew part of her cum was from simon.I grabbed her hair and shoved her face on my cock. I pulled her head on to my cock,and shoved my cock in and out of her warm mouth. "you wanna be a dirty girl, im going to show you what a whore does.I yanked her hair even harder and shoved my precum cock way down the bitches throat.

I shoved it so far she was gagging, and once in awhile I would take it out for her to breath a bit.finally I let out gobs of cum all over her mouth, hair, and cute little breast.we both lay down on the bed passed out in each others arms."I am so sorry about what I did, and I promise it wont happen again".

"i'm sure" i said sarcastically. "no really, it was a one time deal" "I know you are lying I was there I heard everything". she started to cry again, "I just can't help it I need to get fucked all the time".I saw her cell phone beep, and grabbed it off the counter.It was a text message from Simon."I will see you tomorow, same time ?" I texted back, "sure will, bring a freind" My whore wife smiled at me, "you know just want I want".yes thats right we were all going to fuck my wife.if I only she knew me and Simon had been having sex behind her back for years.