Asia always knew how to jerk a cock

Asia always knew how to jerk a cock
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It was done. Jack had just phoned his friend Henry to come round. He had managed to put the nerves and the fear aside and do it. The long, hot summer holidays had only helped to increase his yearning for his friend.

Henry was in the same year as Jack at school and although they got on it was only the second time that Henry had actually been round to his house. Jack had lusted after Henry since the start of the third year, which had just finished, as they were now 14. Henry was of a slight, athletic build and had fair and feminine features. He was popular with the female contingent of the school but had not really had a serious girlfriend as of yet.

This was the same as Jack who never really tried to get girls even though he was very muscular and well built and could probably of been able to get a girlfriend if he wanted one.

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The doorbell went. 'Compose yourself' said Jack as he scurried to the front door. Opening it he saw Henry smiling at him as beautiful as ever only now with a bronze tan. The boys were both fans of soccer so went down to the local park to play. During the game Jack managed to push up against Henry in an attempt to win the ball and started to feel his dick press against Henry's soft ass cheeks.

Strangely Henry started to ease back. Not in a vertical motion but with his ass sticking out putting further pressure on Jack's dick and putting it right in the middle of his warm buttocks.

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Although this was going on through several layers of material Jack still felt himself starting to get aroused and before he could back out of the situation he could feel his now firm dick start to press further into the crevice of Henry's ass. Embarrassed Jack immediately leapt back in shame.

Henry turned round and grinned devilishly at him who just stood there blushing but the awkward moment didn't last as Henry ran past a motionless Jack and scored a goal. The time in the park after that passed quickly and the boys went back to Jack's house that was empty as both his parents were working and he was an only child.

Having made their way up to Jack's room Henry suddenly looked down at how muddy he had become and said 'Jack, can I use your shower' Several emotions ran through the head of Jack but the primary feeling was one of shock. Not wanting to seem rude Jack said that he could. And before he could even compose himself Henry was quickly starting to strip down. Having removed his top Henry revealed a beautifully, tight, muscular torso. Self shot milf carre seduced by classmate although his was not a heavily built guy Henry had amazing muscle definition just like Bruce Lee.

Then only dressed in a pair of white Calvin Klein boxer shorts Henry caught Jack staring. With a cheeky smile on his lips he seductively stripped off to reveal his manhood. He then moved his hand towards his penis and started to stroke it slowly whilst locking his dark brown eyes on Jack.

'I know you fancy me Jack' the young boy said. This hit Jack full on. Still stroking his dick Henry went on to explain 'I had an idea you did.

The way I catch you staring at me during school and the way you sometimes get flustered when you are talking to me. But my feelings were confirmed when I felt you trying to hump me today.' Jack blushed.

'But don't worry,' Henry went on 'I want you too.' Henry then walked towards Jack and lifted his T-Shirt off his head. Henry smothered Jack's chest with his mouth and started kissing and licking Jack's nipples. Pleasure shot to Jack's brain and he then started to kiss Henry's head breathing in the sweet aroma of his hair.

Jack then ushered Henry to his bed and laid him down on his back. Jack got down on all fours positioning his mouth directly above Henry's now fully erect dick. The scent of his pubic area lured Jack on to place his wet lips around the tip of Henry's cock. Slowly he pushed his mouth lower and lower down the shaft of his partner's penis. Although at around 6 inches Henry's penis stood smaller than Jack's he still found it very difficult getting it in.

The cock seemed to fill every part of Jack's mouth as he found himself gagging on the young boy's meat. Not wanting to dissapoint Henry he started sucking his member more enthusiastically. Jack tried to keep a rhythm going as he bobbed his head up and down the cock.

Hearing moans of ecstasy from Henry spurred him on to give this lad the orgasm of his life. Jack, now pumping pneumatically started to feel a shudder from Henry as he felt a stream of hot cum shot into the back of his mouth.

'Swallow it Jack' asked Henry who now sounded eager for more sexual excitement. He left the rod in his mouth till it finished spurting the loads of hot spunk. Filthy rubber loves wild sex hardcore massage on removal of the penis he swallowed the thick, salty, substance.

Feeling the cum travel slowly down his throat repulsed Jack and made him look at Henry with a new steely intent. 'Now its my turn' said Jack.

Henry starting to move chicas violadas leche 69 xxx sex stories Jack's cock was soon stopped. 'No. I want some ass' Henry, satisfied from the blowjob, was happy to accept as he lay on the bed and started preparing himself for an anal invasion through wetting his asshole using his finger.

Jack meanwhile had stripped off to reveal his throbbing cock. It was 7'5" long and more than 2'5" wide. Having experimented with his own asshole Jack realised his cock would need a lot of spit to enter Henry's tight little butt so readily applied his saliva to it.

Jack got next to Henry and decided to lay him on his stomach.

He then manoeuvred himself so his cock was directly behind Henry's already wet asshole. Parting the two ass cheeks Jack put his middle finger in the ass of his friend.

Finding his hole he put pressure on it and slowly yet surely his finger went in. On removal of his finger Jack placed his cock into Henry's hot ass. He had imagined his first time to be slow and sensual but he felt to highly charged for that and decided just to go for it.

First the head went in and Jack soon squashed the rest of his large dick into the ass amid squeals of pain from Henry until he felt his hips press against Henry's soft ass flesh. The inside was intense and only helped his cock become even harder and bigger in the ass of the boy.

The soft walls of Henry's tight ass were gripping Jack's cock in a grasp of ecstasy. Jack then proceeded to fuck as hard and as roughly as he could. This coupled with the pain was leading Henry to squirm uncontrollably that Jack dealt with by pinning him stacy sommers in creampie climax after outdoor sex the bed with an aggressive hold. Henry screamed for Jack to stop but he was having none of it.

This was his moment and he was going to make it as good as possible plus he wanted to get back at him for making him swallow the disgusting goop. Ignoring the cries of Henry Jack started to see blood from his soft ass seep out.

This only encouraged Jack to be even more ruthless. He started spanking Henry; the reverberations of his ass really turned Jack on spanking his ass until it was red raw.

Henry now accepting his rape lay on the bed sobbing whilst receiving an anal torture. Jack, feeling himself about to cum, moved out of Henry's asshole leaving it gaping wide and stuck his cock right down the mouth of a now grief stricken Henry. 'Swallow this, Bitch' he shouted as he grabbed Henry's head. The sensations of pleasure ran up and down Jack's body as he let loose gushes of his jism into the throat of an unwilling partner.

Henry choking on the cum, tried to cough it up but was barred by a certain cock in his mouth. He painfully swallowed it as he was thrown to the bed with cum on his lips and tears on his face. 'Ha,' laughed Jack as he stared coldly at his victim 'Revenge is salty'.