Sunny leone original amateur xxx fucked porn sex fairy tales 1

Sunny leone original amateur xxx fucked porn sex fairy tales 1
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I had been married for 5 years, but something just wast right with our union. Sure, the sex was amazing, but there was just something missing. I started watching other women whenever i went out, and in her arse is how asian gorgeous babe likes it started following the ones I really found attractive. I would never approach them, just follow them from afar. So, after an evening of grocery shopping for the wife, I had been following a young lady, but had to get home.

When I got home, it was really quiet. Usually the tv was on, or my wife would be listening to music, something. I set the groceries down in the kitchen and started making my way to the back of the house.

When I got to our bedroom door, I saw that it was cracked, and I heard light moaning and creaking bed springs. I looked through the crack in the door, and saw the 17 year old black kid who lived a couple doors down between her legs. The sight of my wife fucking another man set me off. "What the fuck!?" I screamed as I kicked the door open. Immediately, they began scrambling away from each other.

"He was raping me!" my wife screamed. "Hell I was!" the neighbor kid yelled back. "I came to borrow the weed eater, an' you pulled me back here and started suckin my dick!" I wasn't in the mood for any back and forth with accusations or excuses. I grabbed my whore wife and the horny kid and threw their naked asses out on the front porch and locked the door. While she was pounding on the door, I decided to take the high road and packed a bag to leave.

When I opened the door, my wife was crying about how she was so sorry, and that she didn't mean for it to happen, blah blah blah. "I don't care," I told her. "I'm out, and you can have your fuck shack. My lawyer will contact you." That night, I stayed in a cheap hotel, and searched for an apartment.

I found a nice one close to where I worked, and moved in the next day. After all the moving was done, I walked to a near by bar for a drink.

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I was still pissed about walking dani daniel fill her mouth on my wife fucking that kid from up the road. I walked in and ordered a bourbon, turned away from the bar, and started watching the crowds. After a few minutes of watching, I saw a tall ebony goddess. I would guess she was about 5'10", 125 pounds, C cup tits, and a tight firm ass. She turned and caught me looking, making eye contact, and flashing me a brief smile.

She walked over to me, and introduced herself. "I'm Sam," she says with a beautiful British accent. "I couldn't help but notice you watching me." "I'm Don, and I couldn't help but notice you.

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You are easily the hottest thing in here. Tell me, what is a Brit doing here?" She went on to explain that she was from Liverpool, and was studying abroad at our college. She asked about me, and I explained that I was newly single, and live close by. I told her I like to people watch, and we just happened to catch each other's eye.

As we talked, she was sliding up closer to me, putting her hands on my shoulders and lap. I placed my hand on her hip, and let it slide around to cup her ass. She responded by moving closer and pressing her firm tits against my chest. She then leaned forward and asked if we could go somewhere and get to know each other better. With that, I threw back the rest of my bourbon, paid my tab, and escorted her to my apartment. We could barely keep our hands off each other as I unlocked my door and let us in.

We were all over each other as we made our way to the couch. When we crashed on to the couch, I kissed Sam deeply, exploring her mouth with my tongue. She was fake public agent bus stop juli off my shirt, and undoing my pants, feeling for my hardening cock.

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I was exploring her body as well, pulling off her shirt, and freeing her heavenly breasts from the bra she was wearing. Seeing my white hands contrasting against her dark, chocolatey skin was intoxicating. She broke our kiss, and began kissing her way down my body. She pulled my pants down, and inhaled my throbbing cock between her dark, sultry lips. I don't know if it was the novelty of someone new giving me a blow job after 5 years or what, but I still believe it was the best cock sucking I have ever received.

She had the perfect rhythm, bobbing her head while caressing my nut suck. Every now and then, she would pause and swirl her tongue around my swollen glans, making me moan in a mix of agony and delight.

She was a master cock sucker, repeatedly bringing me to the edge of climax, just to let me ease away. "Fuck, Sam! Either let me come, or stop.

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I can't take this anymore." With my dick still in her mouth, she smiled up at me. Taking my cock out she says, "I guess I'll let you wait. Lets fuck." With that she stood up, and turned around and slowly pushed her skirt down her long, sexy, ebony legs. As she bent all the way over, I was rewarded with an amazing view of Sam's toned, round ass.

When she turned around, and stepped out of her clothes, I saw that her mound was clean shaven. As she started to climb on me I stopped her. "I have to return your favor," I told her, then pushed her onto her back. I started kissing her neck, and lowly lowered myself to her dark, luscious tits.

I was amazed at how her nipples were so drawn up, they looked like large blackberries. I sucked her sensitive black buds into my mouth one at a time, lightly teasing and biting them, making Sam brittany shae hot brunette gets banged st. I continued to work my way down her body to her parting slit.

When I got to her slit, I lightly licked from her puckered asshole to her clit, making her shiver. When I reached her clit, I pulled her hood back and sucked her cocoa colored bud into my lips. I alternated between sucking on her love bud, flicking it with my tongue, and lightly biting it.

"Mmm. Don, that's fucking amazing. Oh, fuck. Fuck. God!" Her body seized up as she came, her legs locking around my head. I lowered my head as best as I could, so I could use my tongue to probe her honey hole and lap up her girl cum.

When Sam relaxed from her orgasm, I climbed between her legs, and pushed my whole cock into her box in one powerful thrust. "FUCK!" She moaned. I'm not an overly large guy, but I'm big enough to sunny leone sex with wood all the right places, and I apparently hit one with her.

I started laying the pipe to her, taking long deep strokes. I was pulling out to where the head of my cock was just barely in her chocolate lips, and slamming home, with my white balls slapping her black ass. "Oh. Oh. Ah. Oh. Fuck. Don, fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," she moaned. "Fuck me. Fuck me. Harder. Harder. Oh, fuck me!" As I really started to lay into her, I pulled out too far, and when I thrust back in, I shoved straight into her ass.

"Holy fuck!

FUCK!" Sam screamed, as a massive orgasm ripped through her. The feeling of her tight sphincter squeezing the based of my cock, and the walls of her rectum squeezing my cock drove me over the edge. "Fuck! Coming!" I grunted, as my load released deep in Sam's ass. It felt like lava as my jazz sprayed stream after stream into her colon. I collapsed on top of Sam, with my dick still in her ass.

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"Don…" Sam panted, "I've never had anal." "And?" I asked, slightly nervous about how she would react to me accidentally popping her anal cherry. "Fucking amazing! I've never come so hard before." We just laid there, exhausted, till my cock softened enough to pop out of her ass on its own. Once I was free of Sam, she got up and got dressed, and thanked me for the evening. I told her if she's ever around the area, to come by.

She told me she'd think about it, and took off. Epilogue: A couple days later I filed for divorce and had the wife served, and we were finalized shortly after that. Sam still comes by every now and then, and we have better sex than me and the now ex-wife ever did.

Neither of us are looking for a relationship, and thats fine with us. However, I am proud to say, that although she sees other guys from time to time, I have exclusivity on her ass.