Lusty tina gets her pink slit rammed pornstars brunette

Lusty tina gets her pink slit rammed pornstars brunette
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You can find more of my stories at my website: "What if he walks in and finds you and me naked and having sex with each other?" I froze.

Was I hallucinating? I had just given the keys to my previous apartment to the very hot young woman who was subletting the last couple months of my lease, since I was moving in with my girlfriend Sunny. "Well, yeah that would certainly be interesting," I answered slowly and carefully. Jennifer was certainly attractive, and she was pleasant and seemed very intelligent. But I had not noticed even the slightest flirt from her yet. This came out of no-where. "I like to do swinging and partner swapping once in a while," she told me, the look on her face very serious.

I was just about to leave but then decided to wait just a minute or two. My attractive subletter was a redhead with a slender body, probably about 25 years old, had very nice face, a great medium sized round butt, and had a cute, smart personality that I was really starting to like. The first time I met her I entertained thoughts of licking honey off her pussy lips, but I assumed I would never actually get the chance.

"I've done it a few times with my boyfriend. It's really fun. But we were always with each other. So I don't know how he would react, basically catching me cheating on him. I love trying to make him jealous." She stopped speaking and trailed off looking contemplative.

I gazed back at the big nipple pointing off of her perky, round little breast, just visible inside her tee shirt. She was sitting on the floor, leaning forward on her legs. The view of her legs coming out of her little shorts was turning me on, but her shirt was also hanging open enough for me to see her little tits and one of her nipples.

I wasn't going to just walk out without taking in the view for at least a minute or two. I had already been checking her out more than I meant to that morning. She was bringing boxes of her stuff in, and I still had a few of my belongings that I had to take out. As we walked back and forth with our stuff, I was constantly checking her out. I didn't really mean to look so much but she was hot and I really liked her, mommyblowsbest horniest milf teaches burglar a lesson when she put her box on the floor I got a good view of the top of her delicious chest.

At that point there was already no doubt that she had noticed that I was repeatedly enjoying the view of a very attractive woman. I have to assume that she gets the same thing with most other men all the time. I had a great girlfriend and was jealous of anyone who got to so much as to see my sexy subletter's ass naked even once, I thought to myself as I stared at her legs and tried to keep a sober face.

Now she's announcing to me that she's a swinger and wants to get a little kinky with me. "Well I." I opened my mouth to speak but she interrupted me. "Well at least your girlfriend won't mind." I went from dreamily gazing at her body to looking up at her face in a surprised flash. "Um, well, how do you know that?" I didn't think she even knew I had a girlfriend. "Your girlfriend's name is Sunny right?" she asked. "Yes," I responded. "Well, my friend Tom has sex with her sometimes.

Just last week he had sex with her. He was telling me about it, that she had a boyfriend named Brian and that the relationship was open to sex with other people, and that her boyfriend is about to move in with her.

I figured out that it was you." "What did he tell you about the sex he had with Sunny?" I asked. I hadn't heard of any guy named Tom, I would definitely be asking Sunny about this. Jen answered, "Tom just tells me that Sunny always wants to have anal sex with him, and that's basically all they do, sometimes for a whole day." My girlfriend certainly enjoyed anal sex, but it was only one of the things we did.

I replied to Jen, "Well it's true that it wouldn't be a problem for me and Sunny, but it's not worth it if it's going to cause problems with your boyfriend." She asked anri okita gets fuck in heels, "What if we get Sunny to come here to have sex with him, he can't really be too mad then can he?" "I don't know," I answered, "He's your boyfriend. But Sunny can probably come over, she's probably just jerking off right now anyway." I rubbed my chin and added, "Unless she's getting her ass reamed by Tom.

Anyway, I'll give her a call if you want." "Yeah, call her," Jen answered excitedly.

So I called Sunny, "Hi Sunny, the woman who is subletting my apartment is waiting for her boyfriend to arrive, she wants him to walk in while I'm having sex with her. But we wanted to know if you can come over here so that he has someone to fuck too." Soon I was finished talking to Sunny mom sex ten girl school I said to Jen, "Sunny thought the idea was great and said she will be right over." Jen responded excitedly, 'Great, get naked, he'll be here soon and I want you to be balls deep in my pussy when he walks in." Her pussy had just come into view, as she unbuckled and lowered her shorts while she was talking.

Her perfect pussy was covered by a thin and nicely trimmed bit of pubic hair just one shade browner than the hair on her head. I couldn't wait to slide my tongue, as well as some other things, inside.

Soon she was naked and went to the door and opened it. As she walked to the door and back completely bare, I got to see that her whole body was just a totally tight, sexy package.

The way her smooth buns looked as she walked to the door would have hypnotized me if the door had been any more than several steps away. When she turned around and walked back to me I could see that every inch of the front, sides and back of her birthday suit was designed for maximum sex appeal with smooth skin, firm curves and perky tits. She explained in contained excitement, "I want him to just walk in, we'll leave the door open like we were in the middle of moving stuff and then just started having sex.

Come on get naked, he'll be here soon." I finished removing my shoes as she walked up to me. She gently curled her hands around my balls and lead me behind her. She ran her hand up and down my dick a couple times, which was 100% erect. "Great your cock is ready," she said. She squatted down in front of me and sank her warm wet mouth on my dick and moved up and down a couple times, swishing her tongue around, making my dick soaking wet and danejones creampie for cute young black girl. Then she stood up and turned her back to me with her hands against the wall and her butt sticking out.

I quickly lined my dick up against her pussy, then sent it home. It may have been some other man's home, but I was taking a visit and intended to get a very good tour.

I started thrusting into her at a healthy medium pace, in quickly and out a little slower. She arched her back a bit more positioning her pussy just right for my dick, and pushing back a bit in time with my rhythm. She murmured, "Yeah that's good, fuck me like that." After several minutes both of us were breathing pretty hard. Then we heard a noise behind us. I stopped and turned my head.

There was Sunny behind us removing her clothes. "Sunny this is Jen, Jen this is Sunny behind us," I introduced them. They said hello to each other. When she was naked, Sunny got down with her head close to the floor in front of Jen, then slowly brought her head up until I briefly felt her tongue on my dick. Then she brought her mouth to Jen's and from what I could see from my angle Jen accepted a wet open mouth kiss from my girlfriend.

When they were finished with their kiss I asked, "So, what was that, british punishment cummie the painal cum cat you getting down close to floor?" "I was catching the drop of pussy juice that was dangling two feet down off of your cock," Sunny answered. "Oh," I laughed in response. Jen took one hand off the wall and rubbed her pussy, then my balls. Then Jen said, "Sunny you have to hide." She was out of breath.

"My boyfriend will be here soon, I want it to look like Brian and I just spontaneously started fucking, but then we'll tell him you're here so he has someone to fuck." Sunny went to an adjacent room and watched us, ready to move out of sight when Jen's boyfriend came.

Jen said, "Do you want to lie down and have me ride you cowgirl?" "Yeah sure," I answered. I lay down on the floor, and she spread her sexy legs wide over me and lowered her pussy onto my dick.

Her pussy was hot and clamped tight on my dick as she steadily moved her hips up and down, using my dick to work her pussy. I was thoroughly enjoying the view of her legs and crotch spread out in front of me.

Then I watched as behind her, a man walked from the street up to the door with a curious look on his face, and then walked in to the wide open door. He didn't make any noise, he and I just looked at each other. I was struggling not to laugh, as his hot sex package of a girlfriend had her pussy lips spread wide around my -dick as she rode up and down, making sure to go the full length on each stroke.

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His face was pretty blank. Then he spoke, "You know Jen if you're going to act like a slut then I sure hope you're prepared to be treated like one." Jen jumped a bit in surprise, but recovered her composure.

She turned her head and looked at him. "Oh, Randy. I was going to wait for you, but I was just really horny, and Brian was here. I couldn't wait." "Well that's fine Jen, I guess I just didn't realize just how much of a tramp you really are. I don't have a problem with that but don't expect to be treated like some kind of princess anymore," he answered. "Randy it's not like we just forgot about you. We called Brian's girlfriend, you can have sex with her if you want," Jen told him. Sunny appeared out of nowhere, and walked up to him naked.

She put her hands against his chest and looked up at him with her beautiful eyes and said softly, "Don't let that bitch make you angry Randy.

Take it out on me, it's only fair." My girlfriend Sunny is a slender but healthy young black haired nymph several years younger than me. She has a perfect smooth pair of buns for an ass, and small smooth tits on her chest that are just right to bat around with your tongue.

A yummy pussy with nicely trimmed hair just on her pussy lips. But the feature about her that can make anyone stop in the tracks is her gorgeous, soothing eyes. I don't think she's even aware of it. "Well I guess I'm going to have to!" Randy responded, gazing back into those eyes of hers. He abruptly pushed her against a wall and pinned his mouth against hers. I saw Sunny's hands first gripping his back as she kissed him back, then her hands started working on loosening up his clothes.

After she got done removing Randy's clothes, Sunny got on her knees and took his cock in her hands. It looked like his erection was at about 50%. His cock quickly disappeared completely from sight as Sunny took it into her throat. Jen was awkwardly trying to watch them and fuck me at the same time. "Let's do it doggy-style," I suggested to Jen. She got on all fours. Her ass looked great, so I stuck my tongue right on her hole and tickled her there a bit, then licked her whole crack clean a few times over while she watched my girlfriend deepthroating Jen's boyfriend.

Japanese young girls old mane fucking I eased my dick back into Jen's dripping wet pussy and started pumping her.

I heard Randy murmuring to Sunny, "Oh yeah girl, just like that." There was a small but growing puddle of Sunny's throat juice on the floor between her legs as she expertly worked Randy's cock with her throat, ignoring the throat juice that trickled from his cock on every stroke, her pretty tear filled eyes looking up at him the way she hot ass blondie naomi woods gets pussy banged by big dick with me so many times.

As Jen moaned quietly and panted, I could tell she was getting closer to orgasm. Just as she was on the brink of orgasm, Randy looked at Jen and said, "Jen do you see this?" He pointed at Sunny as she eased his cock down her throat for the umpteenth time and licked his balls.

"Yes I see it," Jen answered. Randy continued, "If you're going to act like a slut you better start learning how to suck cock like one." Jen's orgasm finally came, so her response was "Oh, fuck me, fuck me!" as her pelvis thrust against me and her pussy clenched hard on my dick. Randy looked like he was about to unload down my girlfriend's throat.

"Fuck!" he suddenly yelled.

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Sunny stopped moving, leaving his cock lodged firmly in her throat for a full minute, while he thrust playgirl demonstrates sex skills hardcore and blowjob her face, grabbing the wall to keep his balance. Finally he started to catch his breath again. Randy looked at me and said, "Man your girlfriend gives one hell of a blow job. I might need a few more like this until my girlfriend learns how to do it, is this slut available for the occasional blow job?" "Sure," I shrugged in response.

"As long as I'm not in the middle of fucking her you can have her any time you want." Jen had laid down on her back with her erect little tits reaching for the ceiling, and I was getting down on the floor to suck the pussy juice out of her pubic hair. Randy nodded at Jen and said to Sunny, why don't you get on the floor and spread your legs like that other slut, stick your pussy up so I can get a good taste of it." Sunny laid down next to Jen and Randy and we got a good taste of each other's girlfriends' pussies.

I like to take it leisurely when I'm eating out the pussy of a woman as hot as Jen, and Randy's boner came back fast and apparently he wanted to fuck Sunny. So I turned my head to watch as he penetrated my girlfriend. Sunny's legs were held tight against his chest, her ass lifted off the ground as he fucked her pussy deep.

Her little tits jiggled just a bit as he fucked her.

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"I love watching my girlfriend getting a good fucking," I told Randy. "Well you might as well fuck mine while you watch the show," he replied. I got up and slid my dick into Jen's ripe pussy, and fucked her similar to how Randy was fucking Sunny. It was fun hearing their rhythmic moans and watching their little tits jiggling each time we thrust our dicks into them. Jen's tits were slightly smaller so I had to fuck her a bit harder to get her tits to jiggle enough to really be noticeable.

Soon I felt Jen's pussy thrusting hard back on my dick with a small gush of pussy juice. With my dick still in her pussy I rubbed her clit as she caught her breath. Then she got up and sucked my dick again. She didn't have the deep throat skills that Sunny had but I'm not going to sexy amateur asian machine and dp fun down an average blow job from a woman who is otherwise a 10.

Her slutty tongue swished all over the place, it never stopped moving when she was sucking dick. Sunny got on her knees and did the same thing to Randy. Of course Sunny had to show off her deep-throating skills some more, and there was a steady trickle of her throat juice and saliva dripping off Randy's balls.

Suddenly Randy pushed Sunny off his dick and announced "Your slut is going to make me cum again." "We should go back to fucking them," I answered. "Let's stack the sluts," Randy suggested.

He looked at Sunny and said "Why don't you lie down on top of Jen." We had Jen lie on the floor on her back, and Sunny laid on top of her face down. Sunny immediately stuck her tongue deep into Jen's mouth. Their mouths open and pressed together hard, I thought Jen was going to try to escape as Sunny molested her orally. But Jen sensually moved her hands up and down Sunny's back and apparently was into it. I said, watching them kiss, "Well I did want to fuck them some more, but I could just watch this!" "Suit yourself," Randy said as he got behind them.

He stuck his dick down into his girlfriend's pussy and started fucking her. He fucked her hard a rough, but she just held on to Sunny and kept making out with her. I decided to interrupt their kissing and stuck my dick between their noses. Quickly their lips and tongues were wrapped around my cock and balls. I saw that they still also doing a lot of wet sloppy kissing. Sometimes they'd manage to include my dick in the kissing, and sometimes they would just forget about the cock all together and share a deep kiss.

Then Randy and I switched and I had two pussies right in front of me. I gave one pussy five strokes, than the other, back and forth. Randy announced that he had his cock down Sunny's throat while Jen sucked on his balls. I was in the middle of fucking Jen's tight sweaty twat when she moved out from underneath Sunny.

I karina white sex xxx pussymovies I know why. Her face and neck were glistening all over with Sunny's saliva from being underneath Sunny while she deep-throated Randy's cock.

Jen positioned her head underneath Sunny's pussy and put her hand's on Sunny's ass, guiding Sunny's twat into her mouth. She started eating Sunny out, her mouth open wide and sliding up and down the length of Sunny's slit. So now Randy fucked his girlfriend's pussy while I fucked mine, until we got up and switched places, and we did that a couple times while Sunny and Jen licked and sucked on each other's clits.

Whenever I fucked Sunny, my balls were sliding up and down Jen's nose. Next we fucked them doggy-style with them facing each other and kissing. We took turns several times, fucking our own girlfriend then the other. Then we laid down and had them ride us. Once again I was treated to the view of Jen's wide open legs while she fucked me. Both sluts were fucking us hard, focusing on using our boners to get themselves off. But when Jen was fucking me I noticed she seemed to be looking at my face a lot and I sensed there was some lust in her eyes.

At one point while Jen was fucking me she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, "Thanks for the apartment." "No problem at all," I answered. She continued slowly rolling her hips on cock, and whispered, "Are you gonna cum all over my pretty face when we're done?" "I'd love to," I answered her. Then they switched again but when Sunny got on top of me she faced the opposite direction as she spread her legs over mine. She lowered her pussy onto my cock and then leaned back. As my cock reached the depths of her pussy her buns pressed against my stomach.

Her silky smooth hair hung down and brushed against my face as she put her hands behind her and thrust her sexy pelvis over me. Jen was about to get in the original position but saw what Sunny did and did the same thing with Randy.

After a few minutes Sunny got up and switched places with Jen. Jen spread her naked body over top of me and planted her hot little buns over my dick and sank her pussy down and started working my dick in her molten velvety interior.

"I'm about ready to spray my cum all over your girlfriend's face, if that's no problem," Randy told me. "No problem at all." I answered him and continued, "The only real way to make her face any prettier is to unload a bunch of cum onto it." Jen kneeled in front of me sucking my dick and balls, and Sunny kneeled in front of Randy doing the same thing.

Actually it was the first time she sucked his dick rather than reaming her throat with it. When I was about to cum I told Jen and held my dick next to her face. She angled her head up, I unloaded several ropes of thick white cum all over her face. She bbw ripen best eu solo gorgeous. Most of her face was glistening. There were a few globs of cum slowly oozing down her face. One dripped off and landed on her chest.

I'd say Sunny's face covered with cum is probably one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Jen's face covered with cum is probably one of the sexiest sights in the world. Randy then unleashed a torrent of cum on Sunny's face. His wasn't as thick as mine. It cascaded down her face and onto her tits, leaving her face glistening and her tits sprinkled all over with cum. Jen and Sunny carefully and romantically licked the cum off of each other's faces.

Sunny skillfulIy collected the globs from Jen's face onto her tongue, and gave Jen's face a kiss each time as she puckered her lips to make sure none of the cum escaped and to collect the coating that was all over Jen's face. I found that my dick was still mostly hard so I slid it back into Sunny's pussy as they cleaned each other up. Sunny guided Jen to tilt her head back with her mouth open, as she put naturally busty babe good fuck with a bigcock cum covered tongue into Jen's mouth and let the cum run into Jen' mouth.

Then Jen took Sunny's head into her hands and let the cum back into Sunny's mouth. Jen spent a minute licking Sunny's cum covered tits, and sucked on each nipple. When she was done she moved to Sunny's mouth. We watched as Jen shared the little bit of cum with Sunny, letting it ooze from her tongue into Sunny's waiting open mouth. Then before Jen was even finished, Sunny moved her head above Jen's and shared with Jen the much larger prize, sliding her tongue along side Jen's, and letting the cum slowly flow into Jen's mouth.

They took their time and kissed as they shared our cum, swapping it back and forth several times while we fucked them some more. Sunny was about to feed Jen both loads of cum from her own mouth when Randy got up and shot his second load into my girlfriend's mouth. Then just as he was finishing Jen took the head of my dick into her mouth and swirled her tongue all over it, quickly bringing another strong orgasm from me and I let my second load squirt into her mouth.

She then dipped her tongue into the pool of cum in Sunny's mouth and added that load to the three that were already in Sunny's mouth. Then Sunny locked her open mouth against Jen's and obviously let the cum flow into Jen's mouth.

They kept their mouths locked and Jen sort of wrestled Sunny a bit so that she was above Sunny and gravity let the cum go back into Sunny's mouth. After a couple minutes they weren't really swapping cum, they were just deep kissing and happened to have four loads of cum between them in their mouths. Eventually they pulled away, and Jen said to Sunny, "Wow I've never swapped that much cum before.

But I think you dick woods german brutal rape pussy licking more than I did." "That doesn't surprise me," I remarked. Jen was a great fuck and we had several more times when we had sex with Jen and Randy, until Randy didn't want to swap partners anymore. Jen and I had wanted to spend some time with each other alone but Randy wouldn't allow it.

I think Jen wanted to steal me from Sunny. Jen and I have had lots of pretty kinky online chats without Randy knowing. Sunny knows though, because she sucks my dick while I'm having the online chats, and I read the good stuff out loud to her.