Sami parkers pussy got stuffed by stepdad and pounded it hardcore

Sami parkers pussy got stuffed by stepdad and pounded it hardcore
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If anyone would mind telling me what I should work on/fix that would be greatly appreiated. Thanks! =^-^= A typical Friday. Taylor played counterstrike, Samira drew.

Led Zeppelin blasted so loud in the room they probably couldn't have heard each other even if they were screaming. When the CD was over Samira looked up from her artwork. "How long you gonna play that game Taylor-kun?" Taylor narrowed his eyes and look back at her "Another hour or two. Don't call me Taylor-kun." Samira pouted "You're so mean!!

Samira and Taylor were both 8th graders, they weren't related in any ways, but Samira had moved with Taylor's family after and accident with her own family. Samira was a small girl of 5'1", a lover of cats who wanted nothing more than to be an artist when she was older. She could spend hours daydreaming and had little common sense, often trying to twist reality into her own world.

Taylor on the other hand, was a master of computer games and a star debater, always showing Samira the flaws in her odd ideas. He listened to music like it was his life source. Not shitty new rock, the hardcore stuff. Dead Kennedys, Tool, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Jimmy Hendrix. But none of this had anything to do with the rest of the story. Background info is just fun. At around 2 A.M. Taylor finally got off the computer. "Good night Taylor-kun" "DON'T CALL ME THAT!!" Samira continued to draw, her mind wandering in her secret desire to get off of the top bunk or the bunk bed and sleep with Taylor.

But she was just too shy for something like that, teen anime tasting a cock and gets drilled though they'd snuggled together many times.

After sometime she closed up her sketch book and got under the covers. But it was nights like these Samira couldn't sleep. The rain poured outside, and the darkness seemed to envelope everything in the room.

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She had fallen asleep for a short time, but had woken up due to a scary dream. She couldn't remember it now, but it made little difference. She squeezed her stuffed bunny trying to get rid of bad thoughts. Finally she gave, going to her only solution. Quietly, she climbed down from the top bunk. "Taylor-kun? Taylor-kun!" She said as she poked him. "Eh? What the-?

Whaddya want?!" "Taylor-kun I had a scary dream and I can't sleep, can I sleep with you?" "I hate being called that" "But can I?! "…&hellip.sure." "Thank you!" He turned the other way and went back to sleep. Samira smiled. She could always count on Taylor. She snaked into the bed; she noticed he was sleeping naked again. "Goddam it!! Why does he do this?!?!" Unsure of whether it would be ok to get close to him she pondered.

"What the fuck are you standing there for? Come!" Taylor glared at her. "You're naked!!!" She cried swinging her arms about. "So? Jesus Christ I'm not gonna let you sleep with me!" Samira's eyes got big "Nyo!!!" She climbed under the covers clutching her bunny.

They snuggled close together. "So" he said "Scary dream? Whatever, you just wanted to sleep naked with me." She frowned "Nu-uh!! You meanie I was scared!!" "Whatever." "Do you have to sleep with that rabbit?!" "Yes, I do. I like my rabbit" He pulled her close and lifted up her nightshirt.

"I can't just let you sleep next me for free…" As an instant reaction she placed the bunny in front of her exposed chest "And this is my payment?" Taylor shrugged and pulled away the rabbit. Slowly he fondled her breast, watching her squirm.

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"You gonna use your tongue or what?" She asked running her fingers through his hair, as she often did. "I might." "Whatever that means!" She said between giggles.

Holding him down, she straddled herself on top of him and pulled off her shirt. Then she leaned down and embraced him, letting their soft flesh rub against each other. Taylor's hands roamed about, one going under her panties to rub her ass.

They kissed once, twice, three times, tongues exploring each others mouths. He looked up her erotically "What do you want me to do?" She blushed unsure of how to answer.

Of course she knew what she wanted, but she always had a hard time letting the words out. She pushed his hands away and turned around into a 69 position. "Lick me" She said softly. Taylor grinned; he always liked eating her out. He inserted a finger and slowly began to finger fuck her making her wetter and wetter by the second. Bringing his mouth up, he licked big circles around her pussy, teasing her body.

"Ahh!! Wha- stop teasing!" She cried. "Sorry, couldn't help it!" He put in two fingers, then three, which were more then enough for her small entrance.

Once his fingers were wet enough, he rubbed her cilt, while his tongue licked and sucked her pussy.

Going in and out, tasting all he could. In the meantime, Samira was doing some licking and sucking of her own. Gently she stroked him, taking her time. She put both hands on him and moved up and down, beating him off harder and harder and harder. When he got close to cumming she slowed down. She swirled her tongue around his dick, licking up and down the shaft. Putting her whole mouth around his erect tool, she sucked, moving her head up and down.

"Uhh!! Suck me faster!" Taylor stopped licking, his whole body going ridged from pleasure. extreme bondage sex first time analmal training, I think, ahh! I'm-!! AHH!!" Taylor held his breath as grabbed her ass, hardly able to contain himself as he came in Samira's mouth. Surprised at the sudden fluid in her mouth, she drew back, only to get squirted in the face. As she listened to Taylor's breathing slow down she wiped her face.

She turned her head and smiled "Having fun?" He brought his fingers back into her pussy and began finger fucking her again "Obviously". He shaped his fingers into a hook fashion, rubbing her inside walls, listening to the slurp noise all that liquid was making.

He licked her cilt again, using his free hand to touch her asshole. "Ahh, Taylor-kun!! Uhh, touch me just like that!!" Her breathing got heavier. Taylor now had three fingers inside her and was pumping away with all he had.

Samira grabbed the sheets and squeezed them lightly "UHHH!!! AHHH!!!" She screamed in orgasm, letting the pleasure shock through her body. When it was over the pulled together all her energy, turned herself around and lay on Taylor.

"We had fun" "Hell yeah" They lay with their arms wrapped around each other. "Can I fuck your ass?" Taylor asked. "CAN YOU WHAT?!??!?!?!" Samira cried, looking at him.

"C'mon, you know you want it" Samira snuggled her face next to his, embarrassed. They both wanted it, but they'd only done it once before. She sighed, letting go of him. "Fine, let's do it" She sunny leone big cook sax help but laugh as they got up and positioned themselves. "You gotta go slow though, cuz it kinda hurts" She told him with a hot mature babe sharing her experiences at realityswing scared look.

He smiled and nodded "I'll be careful" Sitting on her knees, she put her head on the bed, ass in the air, and spread apart her ass cheeks. Very slowly Taylor moved inside her. Once he got the signal that she was Ok, he slowly moved in and out, watching as she clutched the sheets and whimpered.

As they got more and more comfortable he got faster and harder, "uhh!! Uhhh!! Fuck me harder Taylor!!" There were tears in Samira's eyes as she cried out to him. "Ooh, ahh, I love your tight little ass!!" He exhaled as he spanked her lightly. "Ow hey!!" It didn't take long before they were both close to cumming "AHH!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

TTTTTAAAAYYYYLLLLOOOOORRRRR-KKUUUUUUUUUUNNNN!!!!!!" She yelled as his thrusts got frantic and fast as they could go. "Mmmmmm!! Ahh!!" With a shuddering orgasm he came in her ass, the sudden liquid triggering her own love juice to flow. Panting and sweating, they lay close to each other once again.

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Samira grabbed her bunny and hugged it tight, moving as close as possible to her love. "Ok, we're do this again sometime" "Sure" "I wonder how squids fuck." ".Just go to sleep" "It's probably very squishy!" "GO.TO.SLEEP!!" "Alright alright already!!" Sorry for the sloppiness and the shortness of the writing/story!

I tried.kinda.