Extreme rough orgy xxx of course this assfuck therapy session also has slew of booty to

Extreme rough orgy xxx of course this assfuck therapy session also has slew of booty to
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Mick fucked me repeatedly over and over. His huge cock going in and out in a rapid pace. "You like that, faggot? You like my big juicy cock in your tiny hole?" He demanded. I couldn't answer. My mind was consumed with his cock filling me in and out like a pistol.

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My hole feels full and empty again and yearning for me. It feels so good! "Tell me! Tell me you love my cock!" he barked and his paced had gotten faster even more. "Yeeeesssss," I hissed, baby moist pussy licked hardcore and massage feels so fucking good! I love your cock! Harder! Please! Give me more! I want more of you big juicy cock! "Then get ready for more, you slut " and with that, his giant cock rammed into me even faster than before.

I couldn't believe it! "YES! YES! YES!" I cried. "I'm gonna cum!" he said, "I'm gonna feel your nasty hole with my cum until it leaks out if ya, slut!" Mick pumped even faster and then shuddered. His seed bursted inside of me. It felt warm and delicious and I felt my hole squeezing everything right out of his delicious dick. "Aaahhhhhh!" I screamed as I also felt my cock orgasming in a high sensation.

My seed landed on the white sheets and I feel right into them. My arms and legs couldn't support me anymore and so I gave in. Mick landed right with me, his semi - flaccid cock still inside of me. He held me tight with his arms around me. I wanted to sleep and pass out when I felt Mick's right arm move and swiped into my spunk where I ejaculated. He moved his hands covered with my seed to my mouth.

"Taste yourself. Lick it." He commanded and forced his hand into my mouth. There was nothing I could do but swirl my tongue on his fingers covered with my sperm.

I couldn't help myself wanting more.

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It was so sweat and salty and the musk on his fingers just added to the flavor. I could already feel my spent sick hardening again. Myself craving more of him. "Looks like my pet wants more. ", he whispered to my ear as he glazed into my now rock hard penis. "Tell me, pet, do you want more of my cock?" Mick pinched my left nipple and I suddenly couldn't breathe as the pain rocked my whole body. I can't even comprehend how horny I am right now. "Do you want me to destroy you but hole and until you can't sit for days?" he twisted my nipped and Tiny titted teen livia hardcore fucked tube porn couldn't help but hiss.

"Please!" I cried. "Stand up." He commanded. I immediately did what I was told. It was extremely hard to control myself from jumping right on top of him and ride him like a horn fucking cowboy. Standing up, the cold air brushed through my skin and made my hair stand.

Mick just stared over my body, taking my nudity in and planning on what he'd do to me next. "Crawl," he said and I dropped into my knees like an obedient puppy, "come to me, my pet." I crawled all the way to him as he sat at the bottom edge of the bed.

Mick's cock was standing upright, all hard and waiting to plunge into my mouth or anus. I reached his lap and faced him. His was cold and unreadable. He only stared me right on the eye as if looking right inside of my soul and reading my deepest desires and fantasies which all came down to his cock. "You want my cock, don't you?" he guessed, and he guessed right.

I simply nodded and before I knew, he grabbed hold of my hair hard and pulled my head right into his cock. Mick was huge. His dick was about 10 inches tall and it's almost as thick as my arm. I had a hard time sucking him when we first met and even now it was still hard to take him all the way down my throat. Deep throat fucking me, I had to hold my breath and try my best not to gag.

I couldn't breathe with his dick right inside my through rubbing in and out. "Take it! Take it all!" He shouted and pulled my head up and down, his cock meeting me every landing, forcing it to even go deeper down my throat. "Yeeeaaahhh. You poke man go cosplay fuck foursome hardcore and big dick that. Don't you!?!" I could do a little moaning sound because I couldn't speak.

I know he wouldn't even stop fucking my mouth for just a second so I could tell him. I could feel the tip of his cock hardening, signaling me that he's almost going to cum. I moaned even louder. I want to taste him in my mouth! I want to drink all of him! He suddenly pulled his cock out of my throat and pushed me off from sucking me.

I got annoyed and whimpered. Mick slapped my cheek and I stopped whimpering. "Shut up, faggot." He grabbed hold of my shoulders, lifted me up and threw me on the bed.

Just when I landed, Mick held down my back and slapped my butt. *SLAP!* "Who's your master!?!?" I lost my breath and couldn't answer. *SLAP!* "I said, WHO.

IS. YOUR. MASTER?!?!" he grunted. "YOU! YOU'RE MY MASTER!" I cried. My butt cheeks were burning and I couldn't stand anymore slaps. *SLAP* "Aaaaaaahhhh!!!!", I finally screamed. Mick instantly covered my mouth to stop me from screaming again.

"Shhhh… Shhhh…" he shushed me. "It's okay, baby. You're okay. Relax. Trust me." he turned my face towards his and kissed me. Mick controlled the kiss. He is always the one in real patient pumped full of doctors cum and I love it.

He pressed his aching erection with mine and I moaned again. "Turn around. Now." Mick growled. I turned around slowly but it wasn't enough for him.

He grabbed my hips and rolled me flat on my stomach. "Raise your ass up high, pet. Show me what's mine." He said. "Now get ready cuz I'm gonna fuck deep and hard." Mick struck my ass with his huge cock in one thrust and I couldn't help but make a sound of what I think was a moan and cry at the same time.

It hurt and it felt so good. My hole was obliterated by Micks constant thrusting. My ass only kept meeting me every thrust.

His cock pumped in and out with a rapid pace with the sperm he already shot inside of me earlier. I was in heaven. "I'm gonna cum, you bitch! I'm gonna fill your insides with my cum again! You like that, don't ya?! Don't you like my cum filling you up and leaking when I'm finished with you?" He panted as he kept thrusting inside of me back and forth.

"YESSSSS!!!! Cum! Cum inside of me please! I want your fucking cum!" I begged. Mick shot his load inside of me and I felt fuller than I was earlier. I could feel the cum inside of me looking for a way out or some space.

Mick pulled out of me and I wasn't surprised when his cum leaked out of my hole. He grabbed my butt cheeks and pushed them apart. His tongue suddenly lapped the cum leaking out of me. He growled and kept lapping at single mom begs son make me orgasm cum and it was fucking hot! Mick reached up to me face to face and kissed me. His cum was still inside his mouth and he pushed them inside of mine. Our tongues collided and danced with his cum being pushed into my mouth.

"Take your master's cum." he commanded and I obeyed.