Pretty bitch has discovered a consummate fuckmate hardcore and blowjob

Pretty bitch has discovered a consummate fuckmate hardcore and blowjob
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You show up to the hotel room, knowing only what was in a note you received. 'The HIlton saturday the 17th 8pm room 105' you knock gentilly on the door, not knowing what to expect. I open the door. You open your mouth to ask what is going on.

I stop you with a long slow kiss. my tongue running along the edges of yours. I aggressively pull your waist against my hips. I want to feel vanessa cage neighbour fuck me on trademill dick hardening again my clit. I pull you inside and slam the door behind you i shove you against the closed door pinning you against it with my body. i run the edge of my nose down the side of your neck, biting you when i get to where it meets your shoulder.

i start sucking and nipping as i grind my clit against your pants. feeling the bulge in your pants grow. you get a chance to notice i'm only wearing a black thong, lacy matching bra and a robe that's so short you can see just the edge of my ass cheeks poking out the bottom. I grab your shirt and pull you towards the bed. throwing you down onto your back. mount your hips and grind my clit against the bulge in your pants as i tear off your shirt you grab my ass as you sit up pulling my robe off me.

you pull my bra straps down causing my boobs to pop out. you start sucking and bitting my nipples while your hands undo the straps and throw the bra aside you feel the front of your pants getting wet, you stop and see that my thong is soaked in my excitement you toss me onto my back and tear them off me. you feel your dick throbbing against your pants and realize your still wearing them. you take them off as quickly as you can and climb on top of me you press your dick up against my clit.

i gasp for air i'm so wet your dick slides back and forth over my pussy sending me into a state. 'wait,wait, stop' i plead you look at me confused. i reach up under the pillow on the bed and pull out a glass butt plug and some lube you dick throbs in excitement you feel the cold glass press up against your ass hole.

you inhale in anticipation as the tip prys open your opening and the cold slips in. i push it so slowly you feel like your going to go insane waiting to feel the whole plug slip inside you. bigger and bigger your ass stretches. the sensation sends shivers down your body. until you feel the widest part slip in and your ass pulls the stem in. I look at and smile at you. delighting in your pleasure. i take your shaft press you head to my pussys lips and say 'pound me till i scream' obeying like a good little boy you thrust into me.

i groan with delight 'oh daddy your dick is so big, i can feel it stretching me. fuck he hard daddy i need it! i need your dick' you shift your weight pinning me to the bed.

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pounding my tight little pussy like i begged you too. i grab a hold of your ass and try to lift my hips up, your pelvis grinds against my clit. 'oh daddy that's is right there, right there daddy' you feel my cunt tighten around your dick as my orgasm builds 'don't stop daddy please don't stop, oh god daddy' you feel your own orgasm building with two gorgeous babes for one eyed monster homemade hardcore as my body goes rigid and i bite down on your neck trying so quiet my screams of pleasure.

a wave of ecstasy envelopes us both as your dick shoots out your load against my g spot and we cum together. you collapse on top of me exhausted and satisfied. we lay there trying to catch our breath for a while.

eventually i wriggle out from underneath you, put my robe back on and turn on the radio in the room. you hear the clatter of glasses and the sound of water running but you are too tired to stir. i get your attention by tapping the rim of a glass full of water gently against your head.

you gladly take it and down it in one go and resuming starfishing face down on the bed. satisfied and content you start replaying the chain of events from when you knocked on the door. you don't notice the sound of velcro ripping. i quickly secure a cloth cuff around your right wrist.

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still shattered you laugh and inspect the restrain assuming this is an attempt to spice things up in the bedroom. I yank the strap on the other side of the bed, forcing your arm to flop against the bed sheets and quickly secure your other arm. 'babe, what are you doing?' you ask as i pull a blind fold from out of the bedside table i smile at you and say, ' the safe word is beamer boy.

i hope your ready to eat some pussy' your world laure sinclair le prix de la luxure black as take away your sight. your hearing becomes restrained as i turn up the music. you feel my hands on your cheeks as i lift your head to kiss you softly then you feel my feet slip under your arms as i shimmy back underneath you.

You catch the sweet anyone can fuck and cum inside my wife on beach scent of my cunt. you lick you lips with anticipation. i guide your head towards my still dripping pussy. you smell your cum on me. i gently rest your nose against my clit. you feel my body twitch as you make contact. you gently start rubbing your nose up and down my already engorged clit.

you pause knowing that i am anticipating the warm soft feeling of your tongue. the air is tense. you know how much i love it I break easily. 'please daddy. let me have it. please don't be mean' you smile picturing my pleading face that you know so well.

i'm always begging for you to touch me you give my pussy a long, slow lick. you feel my body shiver as your tongue makes contact with my clit.

you put your lips to the top of my cunt, form a seal around my clit and start playing it with your tongue. my moaning begins instantly and i start gasping for breath. you are the master of oral and i am a slave to your tongue. you think for a moment that you heard the door, but the music is so loud you can't be sure. you shake off the idea and continue.

my tights tighten around your head. my moaning is getting louder now you know i'm getting closer. you feel a bit of heat warming your ass and thighs. you suddenly remember you're tie up face down on the edge of bed with little hearing and no sight. you stop and try to turn your head to hear whats behind you but i grab your head and push it hard into my pussy. i cry out something but you can't hear it you feel a pair of big hands on your ass big, warm, soft hands you start to panic.

you attempt to use the safe word but im pushing your head too hard up against my pussy and you can't utter a thing. you feel your butt cheek get spread apart. you start to pull and twist to try and get out of your restraints. the butt plug gets twisted to the left. to the right.

you tense up slowly you feel it get pulled out. you feel the thud as it gets dropped on the floor. warm hands spread your ass cheeks open again.

cold, wet, silky lube hits you just above your ass hole and slowly trickles down your crack, dripping onto your balls. you feel a dick hit your crack. it slides back and forth spreading the lube. it slides down and stops with the head resting against you hole. i let go of your head and let you come up for air.

we wait to see if your going to object.

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you realise your harder than you have ever been before it feels like an eternity. you can;t wait anymore, 'please' you whisper he pushes the head against your hole. slowly entering you. your hole stretches letting him in. his big shaft gently pushes its way into you stretching your ass wider than it has every been before.

you feel his big dick filling you up. you let out a involuntary moan of excitement as his head pushes up against your prostate. he stops, giving your hole time to adjust to his huge dick. you whole body trembles i run my fingers through your hair and gently push your head back to my start licking my clit as he start making small slow strokes into your ass. in and out in and out the lube making it glide effortlessly.

your ass hugging his shaft tightly he starts making bigger strokes. fucking you faster and harder. you match his pace with you tongue against my clit.

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you feel his balls hitting you. ecstasy rising with every thrust. he buries his dick deep in your ass as far in as it will go. filling you up with that big cock, making you tremble and moan.

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He starts to grunt your tight ass making it hard for him to not spill his load in you so quickly. i undo your restraints and quickly get underneath you. he grabs you tightly around the waist, ramming you has hard as he can.

you feel me slip a ring over your cock and turn the vibrations on. you can barely hold on anymore you feel your dick enter my tight little cunt. you start making little thrusts unto me the huge dick ramming your ass, your dick buried in my pussy, your start to cum he thrust into you as hard and as deep as he can, you feel his load shoot into your ass, filling you up with his hot cum as you let go and feel your whole body shake as you fill my cunt with your load.

you collapse onto of me pushing the vibrating ring against my clit sending me over the edge