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Blond college girl fucked and blonde granny a mother and cronys daughter who have been
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The story of Mai and Tayla. Mai was a quiet, shy girl that believed that no one felt anything for her. She didn't have much self-confidence and her body was not what most would have called beautiful. A tall girl since hitting puberty, she ballooned out in what she considered all the wrong places. Her breasts grew in too slow and stopped at B's, while her stomach, thighs, and ass kept going.

Eventually when her height stopped, so did everything else. But the damage was done. She was a forever chubby 6ft 3 girl. Eventually she recognized the one thing that gave her the tiny bit of self-confidence that everyone needs to survive in high school; she had a very beautiful face.

Deep-set eyes with long full lashes, cute nose with a smattering of adorable freckles across the bridge and her cheeks, with luscious plump lips to top it off. It made her hope that one day she would find someone that could see past what she couldn't about herself.

She had always had at least one best friend in her blowjob while wife sleeps redhead linda humped by dude, and always at least one crush. What had never happened before now though was that those two paths had crossed; her best friend was her crush. Mai never even saw it coming, they had been talking together, having some coffee when Tayla looked at her with her bright green eyes and perfect smile. It was an epiphany - all of a sudden she was outside of her body, telling herself, "You idiot, how did you not notice this before?".

She got a text from her sister asking for a ride home and she was able to excuse herself with the promise of calling Tayla later.

On the ride home with her sister she was deep in thought, almost running a red light. Her sister was fortunately absorbed with herself and chatted for the both of them, telling Mai about her day while she in turn pretended to nod and listen. Arriving at home she unlocked the door for the both of them, telling her sister to go do her homework while she did hers.

Her sister groaned and left. Mai got a chance to concentrate on something else for the first time in an hour. After she finished her homework she started on making dinner milf babe alexis licking teens asshole and tonguing her clit obscenely them both because their parents were out of town for the week for her Dad's "Getting back to nature" trip.

She settled on making mac and cheese, quick and easy. She scooped up a bowl for herself and settled down at her computer. Immediately she went to Tayla's Facebook page and looked at old pictures of them together. There were many, many photo's of them, and Mai quickly realized a pattern in all, she was always in some way touching Tayla, whether it was giving her a hug, arm wrestling, holding hands while they walked, having a laugh-your-pants-off tickle fight, they were always touching.

Mai thought back to earlier that day when they were having coffee, she had been holding Tayla's hand, playing with her fingers, pressing into her skin to make smiley faces.

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She was stunned with herself. To compare, she looked at other pictures of not just her and Tayla together, but also separate ones.

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In all of their pictures they had taken with different people, they hadn't been playfully touching anyone, they had tried to stay as least touched as possible it seemed. She wondered if Tayla realized this about the two of them, if she thought the two of them were dating or something. Mai knew she was bi for awhile now, she even told Tayla that, but that hadn't meant that she felt adultdailycare net japanese mom incest love with every single girl she saw.

She was so confused, she pulled out her journal and wrote everything she had realized down in it. When she looked at the clock she kept next to her bed, she saw it was almost 1AM.

She put her journal back, crawled under the covers, and dreamt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- She was laying on her bed, dreaming of something wonderful she supposed and Tayla was laying next to her, talking in her sleep.

Mal woke up enough to catch the last bit of what she muttered. "Mai. love. you". Her eyelids drooped shut and she fell back into her own dreams. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mai woke suddenly and quickly pulled out her journal, writing what she had seen in her dream down quickly before she forgot it.

Out of the corner of her eye the clock said 9:43AM. Her sister had already left for her friends annual weekend sleepover/party/movies thing. She stretched and cleared her head. Mai walked to the window and looked out, and saw it was a gray day. Tayla said she was weird because she liked gray days. After getting somewhat dressed in a dark green tank top and black flared jeans, she went downstairs to make herself a bowl of cereal.

The house was clean so she wouldn't have many chores to do, but clean her room up some.

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As she was about to go up the stairs, she heard a knock at the door. Peeking out the hole, she saw Tayla standing on the porch. Mai had an oh-my-god moment but it quickly passed. She took a deep breath to get her nerve back, and resolved to tell Tayla what she felt. Mai opened the door to let her in, and admired her stunning beauty for a few moments.

Tayla was everything Mai wished she could be, the reasonable height of 5ft 7, tight brown curls pulled back into a ponytail. Glowing ebony skin, green eyes, she too had freckles across her face making her look adorable, lips shiny with gloss, so lovely she needed no other makeup. Her lean frame had beautiful breasts were on the verge of being D's. In Mai's mind she was perfection. "Hey hun, whatcha up to?" Tayla asked as she stepped through the door, taking off her coat and placing it on the rack next to the door.

She looked her friend straight in the eyes, "We need to talk." Mai spoke in such grave voice that Tayla just nodded and let Mai take her into the living room to sit on the couch.

Thoughts were rushing through her mind on what to say to the girl that had been her friend for so long, the girl that she was having these strange new feelings for.

Going slowly she asked, "Tay, you remember how I told you that I'm bi?" Tayla smiled, "Of course I do". Her eyes went wide and she exclaimed, "Oooh!

Do you have a new girlfriend? When can I meet her? What does she look like?". The questions poured out of her like a forgotten faucet. Before another question could escape her lips Mai threw leaned forward and kissed her. For a few moments it felt like she was kissing back until Tay pulled away suddenly, and stared at her friend. "What were you thinking?!" Her eyes were hard, and anger was in her voice, Mai didn't understand what was happening.

It had felt like such a wonderful kiss, her lips had been soft but firm and made her feel wonderful. She could have sworn Tayla had been kissing back, why was she so angry? She didn't like her? She ran to her room and slammed the door. Sitting on lesbian hairy armpits kissing spit dirty scat group bed with her head in her hands, Mai sobbed.

How could she be so stupid? To believe that her friend could like her like she liked her. Just because they were close didn't mean that she had liked her, or even loved her. Maybe she had just deluded herself into believing something that wasn't real because she was so lonely.

Maybe she was just so desperate to feeling something. Mai sobbed more and buried herself under her blankets. The volume of her sobs masked the noise of her once-friend coming into the room and sitting on the floor next to her bed. When her sobs had died down enough that she could hear outside her cocoon of blankets.

Tayla spoke softly, "Please stop crying Mai, please stop crying so we can talk." Mai tried to stop sobbing, and managed to a mere sniffle after a few minuets. When she had wiped away her tears with the blanket she lowered the blanket to below her eyes to see her friend sitting on the ground before her.

"Are you mad at me?" she asked in a small voice. "I'm not four sexy lesbian honeys lick and finger each other tube porn, I'm not angry, I'm happy Mai." When the look of confusion appeared in her eyes, Tayla explained, "I was never mad at you, you just took me by surprise, and when you ran from me I couldn't explain what I was feeling". "What were you feeling?" Tayla took a deep breath, "I've had my true feelings for you buried for the past 3 years, ever since we hit puberty together I've had to hide them for you.

When you first told me you were bi, I had thought that you were going to tell me that you loved me too, but when I asked who you liked that was a girl, all you could do was shrug and say some girl that I didn't even know's name," Tay took a breath, "When you said her name I realized it wasn't me you had fallen for, because you only saw us as friends, when I saw you as so much more.

I saw you as my girl, I saw you as someone I could grow old and screw the consequences with. I saw you as a girl I loved." Mai relished in the wonderful things her friend was saying. She was the someone who saw past what she thought of herself, someone who she connected with on multiple levels. Tears crept back into her eyes, except tears of happiness felt so much sweeter. "Mai, please stop crying, please say something, anything, please." Tayla grew concerned as she saw the tears sliding down her friends face.

What she could not see was the large smile hidden by the cocoon of blankets. She slipped down off the bed onto her knees, taking the blanket with her. She grabbed her friend's head, and softly, ever so softly, kissed her lips.

She kissed her cheeks, her forehead, even her eyelids. Finally she pulled away, seeing the trails of tears that had fallen onto Tayla's face from her own, she smiled in joy and spoke, "I love you, do you love me?" Joy was in her eyes as she answered, "Of course I love you." Then, they kissed each other with passion, Tayla parting first only to spread kisses along Mai's neck while attempting to pull both of their shirts off at once.

It wasn't working, she laughed and pulled her own shirt off, and when she put her hands on the bottom of Mal's tank top, she was hindered by a pair of hands on hers.

"You love me right?" Mai asked with some concern. Tayla smiled, "I will always love you, you don't need to be afraid". The look of concern on her face was removed with another passionate kiss, distracting her when Tayla removed her shirt, revealing everything Mai had attempted to keep hidden.

Her heavy torso was exposed, but both of them hardly noticed, far too wrapped up in one another. They whispered sweet nothings into each other's ears while they explored each others bodies. Tayla had large, warm breasts. Fun to squeeze, even more fun to lick. Mai had her lay back while she hovered over her, licking and nipping at her nipples, making her squeal in pleasure.

She focused on the left for a moment while pinching the right with her hand, switching back and forth. Continuing to tweak her nipples with her hands she slowly moved down, leaving kisses all the way. When she reached her jeans, she looked up to her friend, leaning on her elbows she nodded. First the buckle, the the button, and finally the zipper.

The pants were gone and all that was left were a pair of lacy black underwear with a tiny pink bow at the top. Mai grinned, "Pretty undies you got on." "I'd like them better on the floor." They said together, and laughed at the stupid pick-up line that many a boy had used on Tayla.

Mai slowly pulled off the undies, revealing her friend's glistening shaved pussy. The smell of her arousal filled the air, so she leaned in deep, her nose practically touching and took a deep whiff.

"Now that, is a delicious smell." Both smiled. Mai put a finger on her outer lips, dipping in a tiny bit, feeling her wetness, she moved down until she was at the entrance. Slowly she stuck in one finger, and heard a tiny whimper. She rocked her finger back and forth until she had elicited a decent moan. Then, and only then while she still moved her finger, did she give a small lick to her friend's engorged clit.

A small moan came from her and gave Mai the encouragement she needed to go all out. Another finger was stuck in, moving twice as fast as she attacked her clit. Tayla grabbed her head and pulled it further into her sopping wet cunt. Mal curled her fingers in Tay's depths to rub against her g-spot while sucking on her clit.

She froze for a second before arching her back in pleasure moaning "Mal," and "Don't stop" over and over again. Mal pulled out her fingers when Tayla's excitement had died down some. A rush of liquid followed, she leaned down to taste it and discovered it was very sweet. She moved up to where Tay lay with her eyes closed and her mouth open panting slightly. "So I take it you enjoyed that?" she teased. "Mmm, more than enjoyed," she opened her eyes and Mal saw fire in them, "Now it's your turn." She grinned wickedly and straddled Mai.

She leaned down and kissed her roughly, tasting Mal's mouth while squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Mai was surprised with her ferocity but found it exhilarating. "Mmm, my baby likes that? Let's see if she likes this," she matchmaker mix up remy lacroix alli rae masturbation pornstars as she slid down Mai's body until her breasts were directly in front of her face. Tay took Mai's nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard.

She sucked for at least a minute and then switched to the other giving it the same treatment, with some added bitting. Mai felt as if she were in heaven, Tay's rough treatment turned her on so much that alexis loves lexingtons big cock inside her tight pussy reached down and started playing with her clit with her right hand and grabbing Tayla's breast with her left. "Bad girl!" Tayla exclaimed.

She slapped Mal's right arm, "That's MY job." she purred seductively.

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Mai had to let go of her breast as Tay moved down but started rubbing her own breasts instead. Tayla didn't even need to move her head in or sniff deeply to smell Mai's horniness. She took her tongue and did one long lick of her friend's pussy before plunging her tongue into Mai's depths.

Mai tasted pretty good, slightly tangy with a hint of saltiness. She inserted two fingers and discovered she was tight, very tight. She doubted Mai had ever had sex, or used anything bigger than a sharpie to masturbate. She moved her fingers slowly at first to get her used to the feeling. Soon she sensed Mai's real need and added another finger with little trouble, moving faster and faster, and started to do what she had done to Mai's nipples to her clit. Mai couldn't keep her head straight, she felt so good, so blissfully good.

Fast, she felt as if she was about to cum. Her moans which had mostly been in her head started to come out, and they came out loud. Tayla could feel that Mai was about to cum, so Tayla pushed in all three of her fingers, gnashed on her clit, and slipped the tip of her pinky finger into her friend/lover's ass. As she predicted, it sent her over the edge and she began screaming in pleasure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mom make me pregnant son Mai woke a few minutes later to Tayla's worried face leaning over her own.

"Are you okay?" Her eyebrows were scrunched in concern and she looked a little. sad. "I shouldn't have done that, I didn't know it would hurt you so bad, I'm so sorry, I -" she stopped short when Mai put her finger over her lips.

Mai smiled, "The only way you could ever hurt me, would be you leaving my life," she kissed Tayla in reassurance, "I love you, you just gave me a mind-shattering orgasm, and you are the most wonderful person I know, you know that now, right?". Tay smiled, "I know it now, I love you Mai." The two kissed and went back to their lives, they both told their parents that they were gay for each other, and were going to live with each other.

Their parents were both happy for them and wished them luck, they even helped buy the couple an apartment to live in. They lived with each other for several years with Mai eventually proposing to Tayla on their 5th anniversary in front of their friends and family.

She said yes of course and got married. When they were both in their late twenties they adopted baby twins, a boy and a girl and named them Sasha and Morgan. They lived a long happy life together, and died on the same day when they were very old, and still very much in love. They went to heaven and decided to horny doctor sucks and squeezes kenna tits reincarnated together.

The whole thing started right over, and they found each other. Every. Single. Time.