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Granny granny and granny fucks a boy tube porn
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PLAYTIME CHAP. XI - SHOW AND TELL A large platter of sliced cukes, cherry tomatoes, carrots, broccoli busty chihiro manaka enjoys hardcore and creampie cauliflower sat on the coffee table in the living room, French Onion dip, Ranch, and her special Curry dip beside it. Molson Gold bottles in the ice chest. It was seven o'clock. Guests were expected.

Extra blankets and pillows heaped the rocking chair. The married couple, newly-embarked on a get-together scheme with their "Toys", relaxed on the couch and listened to soft piano, George Winston's "Winter". They'd dressed with care, since they expected both Kelly and James for some fun. Both knew that their toys did not know the other would be coming, so it would be a major surprise. They had told each one their new thing it was to be "Sexual Show & Tell" night, so plan ahead and be prepared for secret delights by all.

"I can't imagine what James will bring, or what he'll do," said John. "That Kelly came up with the chocolate game out of the blue last time, you know," said Mary. "No telling what to expect this time from her! …but I'm sure looking forward to it." "And when they find out they both are part of this!

"C'mon, fuck me right now, lover, and just get it over with," teased Mary. "Ha, that was the old way. We've got more pussies and dicks to fry now," said John. "Or suck off," she grinned.

He loved their new openness. They cracked a beer. John wore his Virginia Is For Lovers t-shirt, black sweatpants, tennies.

Might as well go casual, he thought, easier to take off. Mary, as exhibitionist as ever on special nights, had donned a red thong, the first time she'd ever worn one. She scrunched around on the couch, feeling uncomfortable as it seemed to crawl into the crack of her ass and worm its way into the cleft in front.

Why do girls wear these things? Answered her own question because it shows off more, even while it barely covers the essentials. Beach-legal. Well, she thought, I guess I can get into this cock-teasing, too. Pale blue Capri pants covered her. No shoes. On top, she'd dressed in a ComfortFit bra, the kind with the clasp in front. She remembered a younger man, long ago, in a trailer, they'd snuck off from lunch at work and she'd teased with one like this, had to help him undo it.

She wondered why she had ever gotten into such a dull rut in her married life, when times like this are so much fun. An orange sweater completed the outfit, cut low in front, of course, for max cleavage. At this point in time, Mary thought, John, James, and Kelly had seen everything she had, so the outfit was purely a matter of packaging it for maximum tease. Hey, now there's a good email handle, she brightened. She recalled the younger man and the trailer again.

Those were fun days. What a hot bod, a rigid cock, and he knew how to please. At first she'd just let him play with her tits, taking off her bra. He'd sweethearts share cock at the casting hardcore blowjob her crotch through her jeans. Then she'd worn the front-clasp bra, had to show him how to undo it, showed her naked breasts to him and revealed how one had a loose hair growing on it. He sucked good, and she found she enjoyed displaying herself.

The very next time in the trailer, again a noontime thing, he was laying on his back on the bed, her shirt open and bra off, and she had quickly unzipped him, reached inside his underwear and pulled out his cock, slammed it into her mouth, all in one swift motion. He gasped, astounded at her action. First time! Wow, up and down on his cock, in her mouth! He'd told her much later how thrilling this was, to feel it and to watch her do it.

She'd learned from him that these younger men seemed to have unending stamina she knew for a fact he could keep it hard for half an hour of fun. She'd also learned to tease with her body, and to not be so strait-laced, thinking life doesn't come back at you with guilt and misery unless you welcome it. So why in the world did John and I get into such a dull rut about sex? A helpful lesson, as now, tonight, she contemplated what she and John had already done, and what she hoped would be happening shortly.

A knock on the door. "Kelly, hi, hon," said Mary. "John and I were hoping you'd make it." "Here's a little package for later, Mary, for the game. It's for my Show & Tell." "Okay, I'll set it in the bathroom. John will be so intrigued. Me too!" The girl came inside, joined the couple. They talked about the day, their week. Both knew Kelly thought they were all just biding their time until somebody, probably John, said what was going to happen next. She'd worn jeans, of course, a UConn sweatshirt, and white-billed cap with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, looking like a coed ready to head out to the pep rally.

So cute, thought Mary, and only twenty-seven. A few beers later, the doorbell rang again. Kelly looked over at it, startled -- Who's here now?!

Is our night together gonna be ruined by visitors? John went to the door. Opened. "James, howdy, c'mon in." The other man entered, saw Kelly and Mary in chairs, also was startled. He looked at John with raised eyebrows. John exchanged an it's-okay look bang cronys step daughter weird family sex science him, said "Come in, Mary and I have been expecting you." James looked at the cute girl he recognized from work, looking so coed.

"Gosh, I didn't expect anyone else to be here," he said to the room. Didn't they invite me over to be with me? He remembered Kelly from the Christmas party he'd been invited to, with about twenty-five other folks from work. "We invited Kelly, our friend, over too, just tonight," said Mary. "John and I thought you might want to meet his Toy," she said. This was going to be a shock to him, she thought.

Shocked to his spine! John's toy? John has a Toy, too? Oh my god! These two are wilder than I thought! We're both Toys?! He looked over at Kelly on the couch, smiling sweetly and nibbling chastely on a carrot stick. There was nothing for it but to smile nicely back. He put his game face on and sat. "Um, I kinda thought I was gonna be your visitor for tonight. You know, for Show & Tell." Kelly caught on instantly.

"Well, that's what I thought, too, James." And then to tantalize him, she said, "They call me their BS girl. Wanta know what that stands for?" He scratched his cheek -- "Well, I " "Gee, maybe we oughta wait a little later to clue this poor boy in," Kelly said to Mary. "Now don't be mean, girl. We told you about him and us, but he didn't know about you and us." "James, have a beer, buddy. Have some hors d'oerves," said John, trying to ease him. He did relax a little, sitting on the rug by the fireplace, which flared and warmed them.

He nibbled, took a swig and downed half the bottle. "I needed that," he said. "More where that came from," said Mary.

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She reached over, deliberately put her finger to Kelly's mouth, it was sucked, and she walked over to James, leaned down, put it to his mouth. He sucked. "Did you like that?" He nodded. "James honey, are you getting an impression on what's up for tonight?" James looked at John. Looked at Kelly. Looked up at Mary. "Am I the Toy for all three of you?" he asked with a quaver. "No, silly," said Kelly. "They told you it was gonna be a Show & Tell night, didn't they?

That's what they told me. And they didn't tell me you'd be coming, so this is just as much as surprise to little ole me, too." With an afterthought and a devilish grin, she said, "How do I taste?" "Yeah, that's what Mary told me on the phone Thursday night.

Show & Tell. And, uh, you taste great." Kelly knew James from seeing him occasionally when she went to Purchasing Department. She worked on the other side of the building, over in Legal. She'd thought he was cute but bland, and a sharp dresser. He takes care of himself, she thought.

And remembered sticking him in the closet with Mary at the Christmas party because he was so strait-laced and kind of a bore. "Ohmigod, is that when all this started, at the Christmas party?" Kelly practically shouted. "Well sorta," said Mary.

"It was a little after that when Outdoor sex with a hot teen girl on the moscow highway and I decided to change things with our sex life. Make it more exciting. Do something different." "I never meant to do something like this to you two," said the girl.

"It's okay, Kelly, honey. We're fine the way it worked out so far you should know that. We're just still "inventing", I guess. John and I thought getting you two together for fun and games with us might get exciting. You jenna foxx bfs step mom wants a threesome have been such fun separately." John knew he had to just blow the whole thing wide open -- "I never thought my wife would fuck another man, or that I'd enjoy watching it!" He intended to shock James…and break the ice for both.

Mary picked it up -- "And I never thought the day would ever come when my husband would be sticking his dick in some younger girl…while I watched!" John again: "Or pump my dick into my wife's ass while James fucks her." That was for Kelly. Both gaped at them, eyes agog. "You guys are just blowing my mind," said James. "That's not all that's gonna get blown," laughed Mary.

"Holy Jehosephat! Did you guys really do that?" said Kelly, shocked, to John. "Sure did, and boy was it all fun," replied Mary, "especially when James and I sucked John off together." Kelly looked at Boring Ole James with suddenly-new respect. "Okay, guys, so the cards alyssa reece and her friends have fun now on the table.

There's hardly nothing some of haven't done together. We invited both of you here and we're all gonna have fun with Show & Tell. Have another beer. Eat up. In a few, we'll start&hellip.if you two want to play with me and John. You know us I don't think either of you will be shocked at anything John and I do together. We've gotten a lot more, um, free-er with our sexual side since we chose you two to be our "toys". The four of them listened to the music, thought their own thoughts for a moment or two, and all agreed this was going to be some night to remember.

James liked the way Kelly looked. Kelly was wondering what James' dick looked like, and she was already playing scenarios in her head of James and John both taking Mary hot, hot, hot!

John was imagining Kelly in the outfit Mary wore at dinner Thursday night. Mary wondered if it was possible to get all three of them inside her, somehow.

Conversation became more animated as each began sharing thoughts, and the fire crackled, and the music softly played. Soon Mary too had crawled over by the fireplace next to James and had her hand on his thigh. Kelly moved over to the couch, by John. It was 10 p.m.

"Should we start?" asked Mary. "John's eyes are already roaming all over Kelly, and if I'm any judge of men, I think James is wanting to get his hand in my pants." Why not? Sure. Okay by me. It was warmer now in the room, with the additional people, and Mary was ready to shed that sweater. "Okay, then since I'm the Queen, here's what I order. I go first for Show & Tell. Then James. Then Kelly. Then John finishes up." Nobody disagreed, it was all mellow and pleasant. Each was excited to see the Queen's plans for this special occasion.

She knew it was up to her to set the tone for the evening, and she wanted the others to be open and honest, and exquisitely revealing, about their sex lives. So she had to set the pace. And she wanted some action, too. If I don't get a four-way orgy going before this is all over, I'll kick my own ass. She told John and Kelly to come sit by the fireplace with James, and standing up with the group at her feet, the fire crackling its warmth and the music soft, she began.

"Okay, here goes. First it's Tell, realemoexposed angelina wakes bf with wild tattoos amateur it's Show. Back in the day, when John and I first started going together -- you know, when dinosaurs roamed the earth -- it took us a couple months before we started getting intimate." John had an inkling where this was going, knowing one of his first embarrassments with the woman who would be his wife.

He looked up at her sheepishly, grinned. It was Married Telepathy -- she knew that he knew. "I'd never had sex before, and I learned later from John that he hadn't either." "Well, we were coming home one night after a date, sitting in his car at my parents' home.

We'd make out there, and my mom would usually flip the light on about midnight to tell me it was time to come in. So this time, I must have been hot to trot, or something, because I felt it was time to take the situation in hand. Which I did. I shocked him by suddenly unzipping his fly, bent down and sucked that big dick of his in my mouth.

Never had done anything like this before. I guess I must have jerked him off real good, because it only took about a minute before he started breathing hard and acted like he was gonna have an epileptic seizure. I'd never done this before and didn't know what to expect, I thought I must be hurting him, so I popped my head up a little to look up at his face and see if he was okay.

THAT'S when he shot his rocks off, right on my face! I took a load on my cheek and chin, still holding onto it, and I jerked back outta the way! You gotta remember, I'd never seen anything like this happening before. I didn't really know what "ejaculation" was. Well, it quit, and I had let go by that time. He apologized, was SO sorry about it all, and his face was really red. I didn't know what to say, just started pawing around in the glovebox for a napkin.

I'd shocked myself, too. Found one, wiped myself off. I think I'd better go in, I told him. He said okay, I'll call you, okay? It was really something, because he didn't call me for two weeks. I thought he was scared of me.

I hated those two weeks, thought he was dumping me for embarrassing him." "Okay, now comes the "Show" part. James and Kelly get to be our audience this time, but everybody gets to help. James, would you lay down some of these blankets and the pillows? John, stand up, and Kelly, be a good Toy and undress my husband." The audience sprang into action. Kelly stripped John as he stood in the middle of the group, knelt down and made sure THAT part of him was ready for more.

James watched, astonished, as cute Kelly from Legal sucked John's boner right in front of him. Now he believed. "I suppose I ought to have some of these clothes out of my way, too James, could you help?" As she stood behind the kneeling girl who was giving her husband head, Mary felt James behind her. She lifted her arms and her sweater came off at last! Then the bra, and John's hands reached over to caress and squeeze; hands came around the front to undo the capri pants button, and they were pulled down.

She kept the revealing red thong on, naked except for it. She told John to lie down, moved Kelly aside, and began to expertly mouth her man's organ. James and Kelly watched silently, enjoying this "Show" both had seen this action before. John was primed by Kelly, and now Mary quickly brought him to the point of no return. With years of experience, knowing when the Right Moment was, she looked up momentarily at the two, and the penis exploded a stream of semen on her face as her husband moaned and ejaculated.

She feigned a look of astonishment, and the audience clapped wildly. Another shot hit her swinging breasts. "Ahhh, can't let this go to waste this time," she said, and deep-throated the still-blooming volcano in her hand.

She sucked him until no more came out. She said to the room at large, "I think the toys should clean me up." Both slid over, Kelly going for her face, James for her breasts. In moments she was come-free and everybody was pleased with Act One.

All huge boobs brazzers sex stories free download Mary had presented a wonderful "Show & Tell" and complimented her on the audience participation.

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She stood, courtsied with a flourish. John brought her Chines silken red robe from the bedroom, and he now wore a thick green one. Beers all around, for a rest. Then it was James' turn. James stood up, looked at the group at his feet. Even though he'd just "met" Kelly, he knew she was a Toy and had just seen what she'd done, so it was safe to just go with his plan.

"Well gosh, since you were so honest and you guys have been so good to me, I guess I'll tell one of my deepest darkest secrets, too.

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When I was fifteen and just getting interested in sex, I did something that shocked even me. So it's the "Tell" first." He told them the story of the night he laid in bed at age 15, horny, and succeeded at sucking himself off. They giggled when he told about the strain on his back, and wanting to deep-throat himself but couldn't. "So now, there's no way I can repeat that, like Mary and John did." John interrupted.

"James, what Kelly hasn't seen is you and Mary doing that together to me just recently. Why don't we do that again for everybody's benefit, and you can make your old wish successful again even though it's not your dick?" "Oh, I'd love to see that," murmured Kelly, "I've NEVER seen one man do another.

That must so erotic!" "Please let's," said Mary. "You're gonna have to help, you and Mary," said John. "It's only been twenty minutes since I last 'performed', you know." "I think we can handle that," punned his wife.

She rose, threw her arms around her Toy and kissed him hard while her hands began removing his clothes. Kelly was a little shocked to see Mary kiss him with such abandon, right in front of John tits pop out compilation frannkie and the gang tag team a door to door saleswoman now she still had an idealistic picture of her friend in her own mind as a straight, "chaste" wife.

Again John took center stage on the blankets, laid down. Mary finished stripping her Toy, and all three crowded woman with glasses smashed by pawn dude on the blanket around John. Kelly got the honor to work his penis, brought it to a masterful hard-on again. "Thank you, Mary, I totally love tasting his big dick." Kelly moved aside, James slid in place and Mary said, "James, why don't you show Kelly how to do this together, like we did?" James wrapped his hand tightly around the shaft, stroked, put his lips to the end and slid it in while Kelly watched with big eyes.

"I've NEVER seen a guy suck another guy's cock! This is so cool." To herself, she was astounded first to see that James' prick was a little bitty thing, and now to see that he must be a homo! No wonder he's so …umm…dull. The thought glimmered in her brain that she'd love to put it to him. James put Kelly's hand on his and they stroked together, sharing John's cock. "I certainly know now what a deep-throat feels like," said James.

Mary saw James was hard, too, reached over and stroked his dick. Again, all four were busy, Kelly the only fully-clothed one. John was ready once again. "Show Kelly how you and I did it to him, James," said Mary. "Kiss me like this," James told the girl, putting his lips on one side of the cockhead.

She took the other side, pushed together, they both stroked the sexy newbie ebony lashay cant handle inch dick before long, Sucking and fucking the slave on tv show could take no more, came on their lips together at his glans.

Both opened wide, letting the come spray both their mouths and tongues as they jacked him off. Mary reached over to lick first James' lips, then Kelly's. "Oh man, that was terrific," burst Kelly. "I've never done it that way before. James, you are THE man!" "It's my second time," admitted James. "These two have come on strong in my life lately," he joked. "That's because you're such a fun Toy for the Queen," responded Mary. They all needed some down-time after James' Show & Tell.

Especially John, since it was his second time in a little over an hour. Conversation, food and drink, listening to the rock-opera Tommy, which took the marrieds back to their dating years. A lot of touching between the marrieds and their Toys, everyone dressed again or in robes at least.

An hour later, Mary announced, "It's your turn, darlin'," and Kelly stood up amid the group at her feet, unaccountably a bit shy. "Aw now, you guys know I'm the one who started all this, when I was the one responsible for getting Mary and James held in the closet at that party, right? So okay, I'm officially taking full credit for it now.

So there." Polite applause from the audience. "Okay, first my "Tell". Something nobody knows about me asian milf teasing watch more of her at ulacamcom me -- I'm a little kinky, too&hellip." "I never would have guessed," mocked John. "Uh, Kelly honey, I think Buying beautys bawdy cleft with specie hardcore and european noticed that the first time you came over as John's Toy, and felt my boobs up!" said Mary.

They all laughed. "I'll tell you about it later, James," said Mary with a big wink. "I had an idea what to Show & Tell when Mary called me up and told me about tonight's game, but I wasn't sure how to finish it off with a flourish. But now I know. You see, I usually wear some jewelry, I think it's sexy, but at the office we don't usually parade ourselves around with it, not the right place.

So when I get home, and I'm feeling a little horny, sometimes I'll put the rest of my jewelry on. Wanta see it?" she teased with an impish grin. Applause and smiles from all. "Okay, here comes the "Show" part, but first, can you get me the package I brought in, Mary? And I need to go to the bathroom all this beer!" "It's in the bathroom, dear remember?

How many beers have you had?" Moments later she returned to the living room, stood amid them and pirouetted in her startling lime-green bikini, which covered only the barest essentials. Still had that hat on, too. "I bought this for the beach last Summer, but that's not the secret. James, how about unwrapping me?" She'd already decided she wanted to give him a thrill -- hey, he's a new piece of ass, too.

And a homo, isn't he? But he's Mary Toy, so what gives? He'd been waiting for this all night. What a bod. And it turns out she's not only doing it with John, but Mary too, and she's kinky! James jumped up, said "Gee, I thought you'd never ask!" She took his face in her hands, gave him a light kiss, and pulled his arms around her. He unhooked the top, and nuzzled her breasts as he removed it.

Wow, she's so pretty. He knelt, took hold of the panties and slid them off, inhaling her scent. Surprise! she'd shaved her pussy and everything now stood out in full view as she stood with her legs together. Nude, she turned her back to all three, lay down facing away from them, and said, "James, close your eyes and come over here and eat me." "You don't have to tell me a second time," he said.

Mary and John, intrigued by her bare pussy and suddenly-mysterious way, watched as James, eyes now closed, felt his way down her body, positioned between her legs, and put his mouth to her vulva. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed. "She's got metal down here!" The naked girl turned to spread her legs for the marrieds, and they saw two silver rings on her pussy amid the soft pink and her light skin.

It would have been a colorful and erotic photograph for someone's private collection. "Like 'em?" she asked. "I just pierced it last week. They're actually called 'upper outer labial rings". I did it myself." "James, I think our BS girl has outdone herself this time!" said John. "I say we should all get a taste to see whether we approve or not. What do you say, folks?" said John, since she was "his" Toy. Quick agreement and much merriment.

John crawled over, licked and sucked her, pulling a little on each ring. "I approve," he said, inhaling a deep scent of her before moving away. James followed him, took longer for the same task.

They could hear the clicking against his teeth. "I definitely approve!" Mary moved between the Toy's legs, said "I want to try your Toy's new toys, too," stuck out her tongue and put it in one ring, pulled a little. Repeated with the other. Sucked the girl's clitoris. Rolled her mouth over the entire area.

Held a ring in her teeth and pulled, making Kelly squeal with delight. "Okay, John, I approve, too." "Every time I come over here, it's new experiences for me. You guys pretty babe exposes anal aperture for fuck great and this is the first time in my life I've ever been eaten out by three people!" said Kelly.

When she stood, she leaned back against the coffee table, and they all realized you didn't really see the pussy jewelry until she opened her legs wider. James said, "Oh my gosh, you guys, she tastes like butterscotch!" The couple looked at each other with knowing smiles. Almost together, they said, "We know.

That's why we call her our BS girl," said John. Kelly wiggled her cute ass as she repaired to the bathroom with her bikini outfit, came out again in the clothes she wore first.

Chaste and pure once again, but oh, what a delicious secret lay within! "I did it for the experience, just to see if it makes sex any different," she told them as they "rested" before Act Four of Show & Tell, "but also because I like my pretty pussy and it needs some jewelry, too." Mary asked, "Did it hurt? Does it make sex any better or worse?" Kelly told them this was her first time having sex with them on, and it certainly stimulated the hell out of her. She thought yeah, it did enhance the sex.

"Felt like earring sticks when I first did it, not so bad, though." The group applauded her special performance, and Kelly giggled and preened. By midnight, the food and beer was gone and the group was rowdy and loud. And it was time for the final Show & Tell Mary's loving husband, John. "Whew, after two blowjobs and then Kelly's pretty jeweled pussy, I don't think I can top anything!

But, here goes, first the 'Tell' " Before I met Mary in college, several of the guys in the dorm and I went to a party after the Notre Dame game. There was the usual drinking, and some of the girls were "loose", we used to call 'em "community chests", and of course some of the hot studs took advantage of them. My buddy and I saw three or four heading for a bedroom with several of the girls, and we were very interested in taking part, but they closed the door in our faces and shut us out.

Ever since then, I've kinda wondered what several girls at the same time would be like. When Mary and I started this thing, and Kelly joined us as my Toy, that wish was pretty well granted.

And what fun it was, everything I imagined! And now, with Kelly's new jewelry, I think maybe my "Show" part should be to give Kelly and my wife together a new experience. James, I'm sorry but you'll just have to be the audience this time." James said, "I can live with that. I've enjoyed EVERYBODY tonight already, so I'll just go get another beer from the fridge and watch." "Okay.

Now, I know Mary and Kelly are comfortable with each other, so I'd kinda like to watch them strip each other." The girls grinned at him. Stood up and started in, with great pleasure.

Little pinches here and there, kisses on parts revealed, and Mary pulled Kelly's body to hers in a tight, crotch-grinding and boob-smashing embrace just to titillate John.

He slid his robe off and moved up behind his wife, rubbed his stiffening prick against her butt. "Ooohh, I like that, you big man." He told Kelly to lie down and had Mary lie on top of her. From his position at their feet, he saw two pussies facing him. The girls giggled at being pressed together. "Oh! We're so helpless down here naked! What are you gonna do now, you hot stud fuck both of us?" "That's my Show," he said. "Finally, after all these years!" The girls thought this was funny and Mary decided to camp it up.

"Oh Kelly, you are so hot, girlie-girl, I just love rubbing my titties on yours." Kelly caught on instantly from the goofy smile on Mary's face hovering over hers "Oh baby, rub that pussy on me, and give me some of that delicious tongue!" James laughed as Mary did indeed stick her tongue out and Kelly reached up to suck on it. James couldn't hold back "You girls are HOT!" Mary moved her hips lasciviously on the younger girl's waist as Kelly sucked her tongue. "Oh man, I'm gonna cream all over if you keep working my clit like that, you slutty whore," said Kelly.

"Should I go get my dildo?" responded Mary as she nuzzled Kelly's neck. "No, I think Mr. Big Dick is gonna give us what we need down there," Kelly said. "I hope so," said his wife, "I want it sooo baaaad." John was getting off on the two girl's fun. James sipped his beer, his pants open and his cock out, slowly stroking it and watching the ladies at his feet.

"A great show so far," he told them all. "I love watching my Toy beat off," said Mary. John knelt, kissed Mary's behind, spread her cheeks and licked her pussy. He fingered Kelly. Both girls wiggled against him. "Geez Kelly, when you move like that, it rubs right against my hot button!" said Mary. "Mine, too," said her companion. "Now I see why women go lezbo this crotch-grinding thing has a lot going for it. Too bad guys forget about our clits." John's mouth worked on both of them, first one, then the other, with Mary raising up on her knees to give John better access to both.

Mary and Kelly continued to play at being horny lesbos. Mary found she could raise up enough to allow Kelly to suck her nipples, and John felt the tightening of her pussy as Kelly worked on her. John's tongue slipped in and out of several holes available, the taste of butterscotch and metal making it all the more delectable. He couldn't resist anymore on his knees now, behind Mary, he slipped it in her wetness.

"Oooo, now that's what I like," his wife said huskily. "Push that rod deep, baby." She planted her mouth on Kelly's, deep-throated her, Kelly's tongue wrapped around hers. Kelly's hands were on Mary's butt, pulling her harder against her clit as John fucked his wife. He stroked a few times, withdrew, and slid into Kelly, feeling the tighter pussy and metal jewelry as his dick slid home, his abdomen slapping up against his wife's butt.

"Fuck me, daddy, push it in as far as you can," challenged Kelly. "Oh god Mary, your husband's dick is fucking me and you're on top of me, how cool is this!" She grunted from his exertion, and Mary ground against her. John switched again. He intended to do both equally until he couldn't stand it. And finally he was ready to blast, pulled out of Kelly's hot little box and rode into his wife, she deserved this load. He strained, slammed deep, and felt his cock explode inside her, gushing her canal with his spunk.

Mary gasped, rode him, rode his Toy beneath her. Mouth wide open on the girl, Kelly lapping inside her mouth as hard as she could while Mary panted from John's hard pounding and the hot spurting inside. John pulled out, Mary rose off the girl and instantly sat on her chest with legs spread wide. She rubbed herself on Kelly's tit, leaving some of John's juice there, and then held her pussy over Kelly's face, facing James who continued to stroke himself.

"Now it's your turn for a little pussy, darlin' John had me, now you can have me. Anything you want in there?" she teased. Kelly couldn't respond, her mouth pressed into Mary's cunt.

The come streamed into her mouth. John had moved over to watch the action of the two girls "Damn, you girls are so beautiful together," he said. "I love watching you do this." Kelly worked at Mary, as Mary spread her pussy lips with her fingers.

James gaped, never having seen anything like this before.

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It drove him over the limit as he scooted forward quickly and stroked his load onto Kelly's face and Mary's pussy. At country club milf and kinky first time cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in they too finished, and Mary laid beside John, Kelly on the other side.

James beside Kelly. What a tiring night this was! And inventive! John and Mary spooned, and she told him, "Honey, I love playing with our Toys." "Me, too.

"But dear, I haven't come yet. You did three times, right? The rest of us have just been participants hey, I'm not complaining…but we need to get off, too.

I've got an idea." She had told herself earlier there was no way this show was going to end before she got all three of them in her. She saw her husband's prick was still hard, like it usually is for a while longer after he fucks her. That's always good for eating afterward. She was the Queen now, giving orders. Mary crawled over Kelly in the sixty-nine position, eliciting ooohhhs of delight from the girl as she spread her legs over the girl's head. "John, come over here and fuck my mouth.

James, pump that toy of yours in my ass while Kelly eats me out!" In no time, all four were busy at their delightful task. James had slid his cock down to Kelly's mouth for her to suck and get wet, and he slowly pushed it into Mary until finally his pubic hair snugged up against her ass, his balls down on Kelly's face as she probed and drove her tongue deep into Mary's pussy.

Kelly would switch to the balls, sucking, and then back to the wet cunt that still tasted of the men's spunk. Mary sucked her husband as her hand found the wet hole beneath her. Ah god, every hole filled and everybody in me now!

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James must be in seventh heaven, his dick in my ass like this. Mary worked her fingers in Kelly's pussy below her, not stopping until the girl gasped and thrust upwards against her fingers. James too was ready, and at the same time Kelly came, Mary felt the hot spurts of James inside her ass.

Drove her over the edge, and she too orgasmed hard against Kelly's mouth. "I think Show & Tell might have to happen again," said the Queen, and there were no dissenting votes.