I guess im gonna fuck him jorani james at a gloryhole

I guess im gonna fuck him jorani james at a gloryhole
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So here I was, on my way to a second rendezvous with a strange guy within 24 hours of my first gay experience. I wasn't feeling super horny yet after having got off within the last hour, but I could feel some stirring going on down below after I received the text from the garage head guy on Craigslist. I knew by tonight I would be rock hard and ready for what was going to happen. I had been planning something like this for awhile, but I was kind of paranoid about being caught.

I wasn't sure if anyone could trace everybody who looked at the personals sunny lione sex stories xxx 2019 Craigslist, but I was sure that phone records would be checked if someone went missing. In this case, the phone they traced it to would be to some homeless guy that had no connection to me. I was also not sure if authorities had the means to trace the location of this phone when texts were sent, but I didn't think so unless they were specifically tracking someone.

Just to be safe though, I turned the phone off for now. Fast forward to later that night. Driving down the dark road just outside of town, I scanned the mailboxes for the address I was looking for. As I had turned onto this road, I had turned on my new cell phone. I didn't want it to be on too long, and I didn't want to have to wait for it to boot up when I arrived at the destination.

Sure enough, as the guy said he lived on road where houses weren't real close together Perfect! I turned off my lights as I pulled into the driveway. It was almost 10:30 PM as I turned off the ignition. I sent a text to the garage head guy. "I'm here in ur driveway". He texted me right back, "OK, go to the side door, it's open". I responded with a "K" and got out of my SUV. I walked to the side door, and entered the garage. There was a night light plugged in over a work bench, dimly illuminating the garage interior.

It was a typical 2 car garage with a workbench near the front. My new "friend" was leaning against his car. He was about 5' 9" with a little pudge going on. As I approached him, I saw he was wearing a T-shirt, Pajama pants, and slippers. It was kind of cold in the garage, but not enough to see my breath yet. He said "Hi", and I responded back "Hi". He then said "Mind going first?" as he pulled his waistband down exposing himself. "Sure" I responded as I knelt down on one knee in front of him.

I pulled his pajamas down to his ankles with my right hand, and gripped his cock with my left. I began to gently pull back and forth. He was getting hard quickly.

His cock wasn't huge maybe 5 ½ inches, but he had some pretty big balls. Maybe they just looked bigger because of his small tool? I caressed his balls with the fingertips of my right hand as I stroked his throbbing member. Then as I placed my mouth over the head of his cock, he inhaled sharply.

I drew my head back and forth as I stroked him slowly. I could feel his balls moving, and he was breathing more rapidly now. I thought he was probably getting close. I withdrew my mouth from his cock, leaned back and said "slow down and relax. Let's make this last longer".

He nodded reluctantly and said "OK". I stroked him very slowly with my left hand and grasped his balls. I asked "can you put your feet wider?" He shuffled his feet outward. I said "a little more, so I can hold your caress your balls better". He shuffled his feet out some more, and now I had him where I wanted him.

Still on one knee, I stroked his cock upward slowly completely exposing his package. I withdrew my fingers from his balls and balled my right hand into a fist. I lowered my right arm, and with a swift upward motion punched him hard in the nuts, and quickly removed my hand from his cock. He let out a big "OOF" sound and immediately doubled over grabbing for his groin. I had already planned my next move. I throat punched him next, and he made some sort of sound I can't really describe as he moved his hands to his throat area.

I stood up quickly, and as he was partially bent over holding his throat, I brought my knee up like a mixed martial arts fighter into his stomach.

He staggered against the car and went down groaning. He curled up in the fetal position moaning and groaning. As I mentioned in a previous story, I'm 6' 2" and about 200 pounds. Although I don't work out, I'm pretty strong from the farm work I do. I also had done some wresting in school, so I decided to try something Charming latina girl sucking dick and screwed hardcore and blowjob had contemplated earlier in the day with another guy.

I got down behind him and punched him in the side. He cried out and I forced him onto his front; then, I wrapped my arm around his neck. I used my other arm to push his head downward. If you are a wrestling fan, you would recognize this as a sleeper hold, and it really does work. He flailed about, but was already pretty hurt, so couldn't do much about his situation.

I kept the pressure on, and could feel him getting weaker as the seconds went by. Finally he stopped struggling. I held on for an additional 10 seconds, then let him slump to the floor. Reaching in my coat pocket, I pulled out my hand cuffs, and cuffed his hands behind his back.

Then I pulled a roll of duct tape in my pocket that was almost used up. It had enough for a couple of wraps around his head. I wrapped it so his mouth was covered, but his nostrils were still exposed. I also had some long zip ties curled up in my pocket, and I zip tied his legs together after pulling up his pajamas. I had enough zip ties to also connect his ankles to his cuffed wrists. So there he was, laying on his garage floor trussed up like a Christmas goose.

I went back outside to my SUV and opened the cargo hatch. I went back in the garage and he was still laying there unconscious. I grabbed him by the arm and wrangled him into a position where I had him under his arms with my fingers locked, then I dragged him to my SUV. I had to move quickly in case somebody drove by. I hefted him into the back and shut the door. Then I went back into the garage, pulled a small flashlight from my pocket, and shined it over the scene, carefully looking for hairs or any other eveidence.

Because it was getting cold at night, it didn't look strange that I was wearing a knit hat when I arrived. I did this on purpose so I wouldn't leave any hairs on the scene (I hoped). I saw his slippers and a cell phone on the floor. It must have been in his pajamas pocket, and I didn't hear it fall out in the commotion. Lucky I went back and checked. There was no blood on the floor, but there was a small spot of his saliva on the floor where his face had been laying. I had a folded paper towel in lick and fuck mama hot horney pussy pocket that I wiped this up with.

I scanned the floor, and didn't see anything else. I picked up the phone and pocketed it. I also picked up his slippers, then pulled my other hand up into my coat sleeve, and pulled the garage door closed. He did wake up and made some noise on the way home, which was about a 20 minute drive. I thought about pulling over and punching him a few times, but didn't want to risk a car driving by and seeing me. I finally made it to my house and pulled around by the barn. I got out and opened up the back.

He looked up at me with wild eyes yelling something into the tape. I slapped my palm hard on his one ear, and said "Shut up!" He let out a scream, and I saw some tears in his eyes. I yanked him out and let him fall to the ground from the back of my SUV. He landed hard, and I could heard him howling some more into the duct tape.

I told him I would be right back, and that he shouldn't go anywhere.

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I laughed as I said it, because we both knew he wasn't going anywhere. I retrieved the baggy with the Methyl Ethyl Ketone and a rag from the barn. I knelt on his shoulder and pushed the MEK soaked rag against his nose.

He resisted and hollered into his duct tape gag, but like my earlier friend, he passed out eventually. Since it was dark out, I went into the barn and turned on a battery operated lantern. I hung it from a nail on a support post, and it put out a soft glow how romantic!

I returned to my new friend, dragged him into the barn and removed his cuffs. I rolled him onto his back and re-cuffed him so that his arms were outstretched and 10 syal xxx storys sex stories around a pole.

Then with some more duct tape I had left nearby, I taped around his hands and the handcuffs. I cut the zip ties from his ankles, and maneuvered him so I could shove several empty paper grain bags under his lower back. His ass was now elevated to a good fucking height.

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Then, using baling string, I tied it around his knees so they were pulled back towards his head. I wrapped the other end around his neck, and under his arms. Essentially he was in a harness that would allow me to penetrate him in a missionary position.

He definitely wasn't going anywhere. He was still passed out, so I went to the machine shed for our cattle prod. When I came back he was starting to wake up. He was sniffing loudly and moaning into the gag. He was rolling his head back and forth looking around trying to figure out where he was and what was happening to exquisite blonde milf cums forever on a monster dildo I guessed.

I said "hello again" pleasantly. He said something into his gag, but I was pretty sure it wasn't hello. I said "I'll bet this isn't exactly what you had in mind when you advertised swapping loads on craigslist?" He muttered something in his gag, and wriggled around trying to break his bonds. I kicked off my shoes and removed my pants and underwear. I was very hard now, and my 7" tool was standing at attention. He looked at it with wide eyes.

I said "this is how it's going down. The only load tonight enticing and rowdy three some sex hardcore and reality be mine, and it will be in your ass comprende?" He shook his head and tried to say something in his gag. he was sniffing loudly, and because of his tears, snot was running out of his nose and down the sides of his face.

I said I think you need a short lesson about behaving before we start. He shook his head and body as I produced the cattle prod. I knelt down and touched it to his testicles and pulled the trigger. He screamed into his gag and arched his back, then slumped limply.

I said "now if you cooperate and move your hips with my thrusts like a good boy, I won't use this again do you understand?" He shook his head and wriggled around some more while yelling into his gag. I touched the prod to his balls again, and said "hey! You'll get this again if you don't knock it off right now!" He stopped struggling and moaned something, tears streaming from his eyes, his nostrils making loud sniffling sounds.

I said "okay, are you going to be a good bitch, and fuck me good?" I held up the prod as I said it. He nodded hesitantly. Since I had already taken a chance earlier, I decided to pass on wearing a condom.

I spit in my hand several times and rubbed it on the head of my cock. I knelt down and pushed the head against his bunghole. I could feel him tense up.

I steadied my cock with one hand, and pushed it inside him. I could feel his body stiffen with pain, and he yelped into his gag as I pushed myself inside him to the hilt. I said "now remember, you fuck me good, or I'll shock your balls all night" He nodded his head. I started pumping his asshole with my hard cock. He didn't really answer my thrusts, so I said "I'm warning you one last time. You answer my thrusts, or else!" He started moving his ass in time with my thrusts as best he could the way he was tied up.

Tears and snot running down the side of his face, he cried into his gag. I could feel myself getting close, so I slowed down. I had a piece of baling string lying within reach of my left hand.

I reached over and picked it up. The other end was tied to a blue plastic tarp. The kind of tarp you would use to cover a motorcycle to keep dust off it, or an air conditioner condenser in the winter, or something like that.

I pulled hard on the string and pulled the tarp off the something, or maybe I should say someone. I said to hot steamy threesome sex with big tits teacher in class room pornstars blowjob new friend, "hey, look over there" as I pointed.

He turned his head and tried to blink away his tears. I said "he's the guy who let me borrow the cell phone to text you, so police can't trace it back to me".

He screamed into his gag and started bucking and writhing hard. That was just what I wanted. I was already close, and his mad bucking was just the way I wanted to finish in him. I came hard and deep in him as he struggled. I have to say that the last 2 orgasms I had today were the most satisfying ones I ever had. I pulled out of him, wiped myself off with some wet wipes that were pretty darn cold by now. I Put my clothes back on, then pulled his cell phone from my pocket.

I held it up in front of him and said "I'm guessing your wife is either away tonight, or you're divorced, right?" he just looked at me. I continued, "I'm not going to do anything to her, but I think you would want her to know where to find you, yes?" He nodded slowly. I said, "is it wife, or ex-wife?

I'll say it again slowly, and you nod your head when I say the right one". He nodded when I said ex. I turned on the phone, and scrolled through the names. We played the nodding game to figure out which female name was his ex. I said "now I'm going to send her a text from you.

It's going to say Dear ****I'm sorry I never told you I was secretly gay. I have left on short notice with a guy I met online. You can have everything. I'll be in Latin America to start my new life by the time you get this. Take care" He tried to say something in his gag.

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I said "oh yeah; well, I wasn't really going to tell her where to find you. I just wanted to throw a wrench into any investigation that may occur later. Brrrit's getting kind of chilly out, and it's late. I have a lot of work tomorrow. My dad has been bugging me to take care of a bunch of stormed felled trees.

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Think I'll have me a full day burning tomorrow, so I better get to bed and get some rest. But I have one last thing I need to take care of before bed". Epilogue: The police never caught up with me over these incidents, but my conscious has.

These two guys have completed the circle of life, and the more I dwell on it, I think I will now also. As I submit this piece to be read anonymously, some may want to notify the law to have it investigated.

I can assure you no evidence exists anymore, and I won't be around to prosecute anyway. While my parents are away, I'm going to go out to the garage, start the car and listen to some music until I fall asleep and complete the circle of life.