Let me rub on out for you with a pov handjob

Let me rub on out for you with a pov handjob
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I thought I had already posted this but it seems not to exist on the site. If it does and I just can't find it then please ignore this reposting. Any way this story is best read after the rest of the series, though any of them work as stand alone pieces so it doesn't really matter.

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Comments and criticisms are welcome. The first mixed class Cassandra sat patiently at her desk, watching as the boys, very nearly men so far as their bodies were concerned, filed in. Once all ten had taken their seats she stood up, grasping their attention. "I am sure you will all be pleased to hear that this week we are moving on to the next part of our course," some of the boys looked pleased, others less so; but one and all their faces lit up as she added "Let me introduce my assistants for this lesson," walking back behind her desk Cassandra opened the adjoining door to her office, "Please come out girls," Now the grins were wide, and they grew wider still as the four young women glided out to form a line facing the on looking class "This is Maria," Cassandra laid a gentle hand on the shoulder of the nearest girl, petite, shapely and erotically exotic the dark haired French girl wore only a white silken dressing gown to hide her charms "Honey," she indicated the next girl along, long legged and athletic the golden haired beauty wore no more than Maria.

Walking round the back of her four assistants Cassandra said "And this is Anna," a cute little red head, her surprisingly bountiful bosom almost bursting out of the tight lace dressing gown she wore "and Charlotte," she finished with the youngest girl, dark haired and dressed in a gown of silk so fine it did little to hide her well developed figure.

Though they must have guessed she purpose of her 'assistants' by now there were still exited mutterings and a loud wolf whistle as she added "They are here for you to make them cum." After the commotion had settled down Cassandra suppressed an unprofessional giggle and made sure to present a serious face to the class; this would require very careful handling if it was not to descend into a farce.

" You have all been working on your oral technique, and so far as I can tell you have all made good progress; but only as far as I can tell.

Now we can see how good you really are. Girls would you get some chairs for your selves please? And black guy boy xxx story sex stories them up where you are standing." The four school girls did as they were told and soon stood by their chairs, "Now if you could strip and sit down please girls, we can begin." There was utter silence as, with the odd faint blush, all four girls cast off their scanty clothes to reveal themselves naked underneath; draping the gowns over the backs of their chairs they sat down, exposed to the lascivious eyes of ten teenage boys.

"Right, you, you, you and. you Martin; come up to the front of the class." Somewhat stiffly the boys rose, very obvious erections causing some discomfort as they made their way to the front, each instinctively standing in front of one of the school girls "Open your legs girls, let's not make this too tricky," She said with a smile as all four spread their legs wide, some with a blush and others with a grin, to reveal their tight little pussies to the world.

"Well then gentlemen, remember everything you have been taught, you can begin." Two of the young men hardly needed telling twice, Jacob making straight for Maria's neatly trimmed hedge while Henry had both hands and tongue busily at work in Charlotte's welcoming slit almost before she had finished talking.

James was not far behind and Cassandra watched with pride as Honey's eyes opened wider with pleasant surprise as his brunette marissa mae step daughter sideways fucks flickered over her clit.

Only Martin hesitated, the good looking young man had always seemed a little shy and that was why Cassandra had chosen him to go first, he would need to get past it and she doubted there was a better way. The teenager stood there, unsure until with a giggle and a smile Anna spoke for the first time "Come on, I haven't cum for days," with a blush that made his friends laugh in the back of the class he got to his knees and started working her with his fingers and tongue.

For several minutes the class watched on as four guys went down on four gorgeous girls while Cassandra wandered in-between offering helpful hints and reminders.

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A bead of her own juice ran down the inside of Cassandra's thigh as the first of the girls came, Honey gasping and moaning with ecstasy as her pussy bathed both the chair and James' smirking face. Licking his lips the boy stood back. Turning her attention to the boy Cassandra said "Well done, now take your seat.

Robert." She turned to another of the boys "you're next," Robert had no sooner begun work on exiting the already soaking and delighted Honey again when Anna came with her characteristic shuddering moan; Cassandra smiled to herself, she had taught them well.

Forty minutes later all ten boys had had their turn; eight had succeeded in bringing their partner to the verge of Eden and pushed them over the edge. Over on the chairs the four girls lounged, slicked from head to toe in sex sweat and pussy juices with their legs still hanging wide open.

"Well gentlemen I have to say that I am impressed at your skill. Duncan and Luke, you still need more practice, you are almost there." The eight remaining boys looked pleased at her comments "I am also impressed at your self control, no one has mentioned a thing despite having large erections," None of the boys were embarrassed by this; she had seen them all naked in lessons past.

"Now I was going to mom and san xxx com in the people who managed to successfully bring a girl to the world big cock sex move on today, to full penetrative sex," All of the boys straightened at that news, the two who had failed looking more than a little stricken, an expression, much like the rest of them when she added "But with eight, I am not sure we have time." A chorus of mumbled protests and groans was cut off when Charlotte piped up "But we could have time miss, if we each took two cocks." The tenth grader said it with such innocence and sincerity that Cassandra found pussy juices running down her thighs yet again.

"I don't know if that is a very good idea Charlotte," she said, her sensible self forcing down the part of her that wanted nothing more than to see this nubile teen spit roasted right in front of her eyes, she was about to say no when suddenly Maria joined her in her husky French purr "Oh please miss, they worked so hard; let us reward them," surprised and wavering Cassandra looked to the two other girls "Honey? Anna?" "Yes miss, I want to try it," Anna answered, ever curious "Me too miss, please.

I want to be fucked so badly!" Honey almost drowned out the red head with her pleas. "Well then," Cassandra turned back to ten seated teens who looked as if they had all just been told that Santa was real and bringing them a harem for Christmas "It seems we have no problem, find a partner, two boys to a girl. Turning a half sympathetic eye to Luke and Duncan she said "You may masturbate if you wish," the two boys nodded sullenly. It did not take long to sort out who would take who, all of the girls were both beautiful and more than willing, nor did it take long for all of the boys to strip themselves down.

As the last hard, throbbing cock was realised shivering from the tight fitting uniform underwear of Birchly Hall the orgy could begin.

Laying one man down Anna groaned as she sank slowly onto an upraised member, only when she had driven herself down to the hilt did she take the quivering cock in front of her face in one hand and begin to suck on the tip. Mere feet away Honey stood upright, shivering and panting in anticipation as two large cocks inched closer to her holes. Grasping her by the thighs Robert plunged half of his length straight inside of her with a gasp, holding still he took her buttocks in hand and pealed them apart, opening the way for James' dick, already slicked with pre-cum and the juices from the young girl's cunny, smoothed on by her own hand.

Closing vagina of adorable cutie drilled wild girlfriend and homemade eyes the sixteen year old bit her own lip and tightened her grip on Robert's shoulders as six inches of rock hard cock slowly wormed their way into her virgin ass.

Charlotte meanwhile found herself bent over by two older boys, sucking greedily at Martin's member as he sat in a chair covered in her juice and groaning as the eight inch cock of a boy named Thomas pounded in and out of her teeny tiny fuck hole and played with her small firm breasts. Nor was he the only one to be playing with tits, kneeling on the floor Maria let Jacob fuck her lily while breasts while another shaft impaled her hot, moist French pussy from bellow. With boys and girls alike hyped up to a state of near religious sexual tension it was not so very long before voices began to rise.

Cassandra had been teaching the boys all she could about staving off an orgasm as long as possible, and to her credit they lasted longer than almost any other boys could have in their position.

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Honey panted like a bitch in heat as thick cum shot through her ass hole, her two hole pounding bringing her to her second orgasm of the day even as her gaping pussy took its first load of seed. Anna's shuddering cries were muffled by seven inches of meat as string after string of warm seamen fired up through her cunt, soon to be joined as with a grunting cry of release she was allowed to swallow all the salty cum she could manage. Maria swallowed no cum, but as her firm breasts and succulent lips brought forth a geyser of sliver liquid she sighed with contentment; thick strings of it painting her face and hair.

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More rivers of cum exploded into a hole that had never before felt it's touch and she moaned contentedly as she thought how much better a real cock was compared to plastic. Charlotte was the last to finish; she came for a third time before Thomas pulled his massive member out of her tiny pussy and with a few last flicks of his wrist sent his seed cascading down her bare back and arse, dripping down into her sex while Martin lasted longest of all before finally firing the first of his strings down the young girl's fifteen year old throat and directing the rest down onto her face and pert breast.

Sitting back at her desk Cassandra forced herself sexy black lesbians strip and pleasure craving pussy in many ways fingering keep her hands away from her own dripping crotch, seeing that Duncan and Luke had not yet finished she decided to take a little pity on them, "Boys, you did well today. Why don't you spray your lode on the young ladies, I doubt that they will mind," With identical grins to two made their way over to where the four girls lay supine on the floor and added their own sheen of glistening liquid, pumping their hands faster to paint Honey all down her back while Duncan shot down onto the upturned face and ginger hair of cute little Anna.

Forcing away her own thoughts of lust Cassandra gave them all a moment before calling them to order once again, "That concludes the lesson everyone, get cleaned up and dressed."