Ebony minx sucks on a white cock

Ebony minx sucks on a white cock
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OPEN WINDOW When Erin turned sixteen, she was still a virgin. That didn't last long though because her boyfriend, Sam, finally convinced her to go all the way one hot summer night a few months after her sixteenth birthday. They had been out on a brunette teen joseline kelly gets fucked for money, going to a party, dancing for a while and drinking several strong drinks, before finding a private space to make out.

As usual, Erin let Sam feel her up and suck her tits, and she even rubbed Sam's dick through his jeans, but that was it. This particular night was a little different though because somehow Sam got a finger into Erin's cunt, and it was driving her wild. He kissed her and sucked her tits while he fingered her relentlessly, begging her for more, to let him in or to at least suck him off.

Erin didn't want to suck Sam's or anyone else's dick. She wasn't even sure she wanted to go all the way and she ended up having a big fight with Sam, who got really pissed off and took her home early, leaving her standing in front of her house alone and upset, afraid she'd lost Sam forever.

It was a very hot summer night when Erin took all of her clothes off and went to bed.

A small breeze blew in from the one wide open window in her room. She was still sweating though and still upset that Sam was so pissed off. Gradually, she drifted off to a fitful sleep where she dreamed mia kalifa lesbian fucked storys Sam, about making out with him, about feeling his finger deep inside her, making her want so much more. Erin was deep into this romantic dream when she started to wake, slowly, still feeling Sam's finger inside her.

Strangely, the feeling got stronger the more she woke up. Erin moaned as she felt her legs being spread wide apart. The finger was still in her, but now she felt something much larger at her opening and when that something, Sam's hard dick, pushed into her cunt, Erin woke all the way up to find Sam on top of her with his dick now pumping deeply into her. She heard him groan and mumble something about how good it was, and how he could tell she loved it, she was so wet, and then Sam started moving in and out, slowly at first until he got into a faster rhythm as he pushed over and over again into Erin's wet cunt.

When she opened her eyes for real, she gasped and Sam told her to be quiet or she'd wake her parents. He sucked on her tits while he fucked her, then told her how great it was and that he was close, and it felt so good, and she was such a great girl to finally let him in, and God her cunt felt good.

He started fucking her harder and deeper then, making deep, low groans in her ear as he got closer to getting off. Sam had waited so long and tried to make it last but finally he couldn't wait any longer, so he grabbed onto Erin's hips and fucked in hard a few more times before stilling, saying only, "Oh, fuck," while his dick twitched as his cum pumped deep into Erin.

Erin felt his body still, heard him gasp and then felt his dick stutter and knew he was coming. So this was what it felt like, not really feeling it, but knowing that his cum was pouring into her.

Erin moaned because she loved that idea and couldn't get enough really. She spread her legs as wide as she could to get as much of Sam as she could. When he was done, Sam lay on top of Erin for a few moments before pulling out.

Erin felt the cum then, wet and sticky, and dripping out of her and onto the hot sheets beneath her, leaving a large wet spot, a slimy wet spot that she now lay in. Sam was already up and zipping up the jeans he'd never taken all the way off. He'd wanted to get into Erin so much, he hadn't bothered with undressing. Just fucking her was enough, and a lot easier now when he wanted to get the hell out of there now that he was done with her.

When he moved to the window to leave, she asked him where he was going, and he told her he had busty milf leeanna heart does her mature twat with a toy get home but that he'd see her again soon, that she should leave her window open so he could visit her again and wake her up the way he had tonight.

Erin had no choice but to say okay, and watched him leave. When Sam was gone she closed her eyes, and again drifted off the sleep. She dreamed that her tits were being squeezed and sucked, first one tit, then the other.

Something hard was poking between her legs, finally pushing into her then moving in and out, over and over, fucking her. Erin awoke slowly, gasped in shock then felt a hand over her mouth telling her to be quiet or she'd wake her parents and how would she explain this, the guy in her room, fucking her in the dark.

Erin recognized a classmate, she thought his name was Mike, and started to ask, how, why was he here? Mike kept fucking her, quietly, steadily, and told her that Sam said if her window was open that meant she wanted to be fucked, so here he was.

Erin brazzers brazzers house full episodes believe that Sam would do such a thing, but the proof was this guy on top of her, fucking her. The thing was, though, it felt really good.

Having a dick inside her felt good and she wanted more, in fact she moaned her encouragement as Mike started groaning and picked up the pace, fucking in short staccato-like motions, then going deeper as he got close to getting off. It only took a minute more and he was there, pumping into Erin's cunt erratically, then going balls deep to unload his cum as he growled lowly, whispering, "Fuck, oh fuck," over and over until he was done.

Erin pushed up into him when he came, spreading wide, wanting all of his dick, wanting it in deep to take his cum. She sighed a little when he pulled out, again feeling the cum drip out, hot and sticky.

He put his dick back in his jeans and asked her if she was up for more. Then he sucked a tit until she was breathless and said yes, she wanted more. Mike went out the window and another guy Erin didn't know climbed in through the window.

He immediately pulled out his dick and started stroking himself before settling between Erin's legs, pushing them wide apart, then lining up his dick with her cunt and pushing in. He groaned as he went in and then grabbed onto her tits, squeezing and pulling on them as he fucked into Erin.

The guy hadn't said one word to Erin so she was quiet and raised her legs up a little, spreading them farther apart as the guys dick sunk into her over and over and she tried to be quiet. Her parents would not be forgiving if they found her this way. The guy fucked her hard, silently, only grunting as he pumped away, finally pushing in deep, dick pulsing cum into Erin. He stayed inside her for only a moment before pulling out and zipping up. He left without saying a word, taking one last look at Erin before he left, smiling a little seeing her legs spread wide and her cum filled cunt glistening in the dim light.

Almost immediately another guy was in her room, dick coming out, lining up and pushing in quickly. This guy put his hands under her ass, pulling her up for better access then started pounding into her cunt in fast, deep thrusts, groaning again and again as he quickly got off, fucking Erin for only a minute before dropping his cum load inside her, his balls slapping hard against her ass as he pumped his cum with a grunt. The guy pulled out right away and was gone through the window without a backward glance.

A minute passed and someone else climbed in and walked over to where Erin lay on the bed. He told to spread 'em wide while he pulled out his dick and pulled it a couple of times then put his hands on her thighs and shoved his dick deep into her cunt making an ahhing sound as he did so. The room was very quiet except for the sound of the guy's dick pushing in and out of Erin's cunt. There was a squishing sound because of all the cum in her cunt. The guy fucked Erin steadily for a couple of minutes then pushed her legs back so that her cunt was fully exposed, so that he could watch his dick fucking her.

He started breathing more heavily as he pumped in deeper and harder while the bed creaked a little and his balls slapped up against her ass, and cum kept dripping out of her cunt, displaced by the guy's dick. Erin's body rocked as the guy started fucking her really hard, relentlessly, doing what he needed to get off and spit his cum into her. He groaned over and over as he got closer, saying "Oh yeah, fuck, yeah, fucking great cunt," until he finally came, body still, dick balls deep, cum filling Erin's cunt.

Erin sighed and the guy quickly pulled out and zipped up. He gave one of her tits a hard pinch and a twist before climbing out the window with no further acknowledgment. Within a minute two more guys crawled into her room and walked over to Erin, still spread wide open, cum glistening on her body and in her cunt. Erin had no idea who these guys were, in fact she didn't know most of the guys who'd already fucked her.

She dared not make any noise though, still scared to death her parents might wake up and find her like this. Both guys had pulled their dicks out and one of them sat on her chest and told her to open.

Erin really didn't want to suck dick, but she really had no choice so she opened and let the guy shove his hardcore fuck with beautiful teenie blowjob bigcock deep in her mouth, gagging her as he pumped in and out. The other guy pushed Erin's legs back and shoved his dick in her cunt. They fucked her like that for several minutes, the guy in her mouth only letting up if she got too loud. He didn't want to wake her parents either.

The guy in her cunt came after a couple of minutes of hard, fast fucking, coming with a grunt, as he pumped out his cum then pulled out of Erin. He left and another guy climbed in the window and started fucking Erin while the guy sitting on her chest kept doing her mouth.

The guy fucking her mouth wasn't done for a while and kept on driving in and out for another couple of minutes before he got off, his cum flooding Erin's mouth, the guy holding his dick in her mouth until she swallowed all of it. When he was done, he told her to lick his dick clean, then he zipped up and climbed out the playing witht hat pussy sexy freaky ebony. At that moment, Erin learned that she also loved the feel and taste of dick in her mouth, loved how much the guys liked being sucked and decided that the taste of hot, salty cum was one of the wonders of the world.

The guy fucking her finished up, unloading with a long groan, and quickly pulled out and left the room. Several more guys climbed in Erin's window that night, keeping her awake until three, fucking her silently and as quickly as they could just to get off. When all of them had done her, Erin had been fucked by close to twenty guys, and she felt sated, her cunt perfectly fucked and filled with cum.

She decided that night that she didn't want sunny leone fucked hard her husband be a good girl anymore, that fucking was much more fun. Her boyfriend, Sam, liked that idea and he fucked Erin every chance he could.

He also kept sending his friends to her window with the understanding that she was fair game if it was open. The only rule was to be super quiet. Erin spent the rest of the summer with an open window. Sometimes she'd go to bed early so that the line of guys would be longer. Occasionally a few guys would be in her room at the same time. When that happened, she'd suck two of them while the other one fucked her. The only time her window was closed that summer was when she had her period and even that was only for the first couple of days.

When summer was over and it was cooler, the window was closed much more often, but that whole school year, even in the dead of winter, the window would sometimes be open for a little while when Erin really felt like taking some dick. The guys covering her with their hot bodies, with warm coats left on, and fucking her while they were fully clothed kept her warm in her cold room.

The guys cold hard dicks were warmed by Erin's hot cunt until they were done with the best little slut in town. During that time and for as long as she lived at home, Erin's window stayed mostly open as she took dick for as long as she wanted most nights.

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More than one young virgin boy learned the joys of eagerly fucking that hot cunt, their dicks twitching as they pumped their cum into Erin while she sighed softly in pleasure, looking toward the open window, already anticipating the next dick. A few older guys showed up, and if they were really old and kind of gross, Erin just closed her eyes.

All she cared about was how their dicks felt inside her anyway, that and loving the idea of having tons of cum inside. She also found that school time could be used for quickies in between classes and for fucking and sucking a line of guys during lunch hour.

Guys as young as twelve waited in line for her in the woods in back of the school. There were frequently far more guys than there was time.

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The rest were told about the open window. In the spring as she turned seventeen, Erin was a very popular girl and decided to branch out to college boys and frat house parties, the kind of parties where the guys appreciated a hot cunt that loved taking a lot of dick, and who could also suck a line of guys like a pro. But that's another story for another time.