Cute college girl was tempted and banged by older tutor

Cute college girl was tempted and banged by older tutor
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This is the continuing saga of my activities with my two favorite neighbor kids. Complete fantasy, of course. Several days went by as life continued on its normal journey. Work, sleep, masturbation while I thought about those lovely kids, and so on. I had been thinking of a way to continue our lessons and was hoping I'd have a chance to invite Bobby and Susie on the journey with me this weekend. It was Friday afternoon and I had just gotten home from work. Susie was outside playing and she saw me drive up.

We waved at each other and I was pleased to see her in shorts and t shirt and barefoot. She had such pretty, sexy feet and the nicest long tan legs that went up into her perfect little tight ass!

Umm, I could stare at her lovely body all day. She ran up to my car as I opened the door and gave me a quick but nice hug. Hi Susie, that's so granny norma comes back more horny than ever of you to come and greet me!

She smiled at me and said she had missed me the last few days. I replied I had missed her as well. I asked her if she would like to go on a hike with me this weekend. She said it sounded like fun but she really just wanted to come and play in my apartment. I smiled and said I would like that very much, but the hike I have in mind will be another chance for us to play, I promise!

Her faced brightened up at this comment and she said all right! She asked if Bobby was invited and I asked her if she would like him to be there.

She said, I don't know, I suppose.

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Well, I think we should invite him. It would look very suspicious to your parents if it was just you coming with me on this hike. It would, she asked quizzically? Aaah such innocence. If Bobby or Susie's parents had lovely cutie cumcovered after sex hardcore and blowjob idea what I was teaching their kids, I'm sure I would be in jail for a very long time!

Yes Susie, any parent would wonder why a neighbor man was spending time alone with their child, at least if they were paying attention. Fortunately, I had met Susie's parents before and we were on good terms so I wasn't too worried about them giving their permission. Bobby's parents might take a little convincing. So Susie and I walked over to Susie's house to ask her parents' permission for her to go on a hike with Bobby and me.

Her mother answered the door and smiled at us. Susie couldn't wait and blurted out her question and asked if she could go on a hike with me.

Her mother laughed and said I suppose. Is anyone else going she sexy blonde patient in lingerie at doctors fuckhospital and fakehospital looking at me?

I was thinking no, I really just want to take Susie alone and fuck her like my own personal fuck toy, but instead I said we were going to invite Bobby too. She said good because I know how close those two are. Have a good time Susie! With that, we then walked down the street to Bobby's house.

The warm ground felt good underneath our bare feet. Susie even grabbed my hand and we walked happily together. I'm sure anyone who saw us probably thought we were related or at least that it was innocent enough. Little did they know that all I really wanted to do was get this cute girl next to me naked and start ravishing her lovely hot body! Soon we were at Bobby's door and Susie rang the door bell. Bobby opened the door and I was pleased to see he was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts.

He looked very comfortable standing there with his bare feet on the hardwood floors of the foyer. Bobby smiled at us and wondered what was up. Susie excitedly told him we were going on a hike and asked if he could come with us. Bobby yelled back toward the kitchen and asked his mother if he could go on a hike with Susie.

Bobby's mother walked up to the door and smiled at us. I extended my hand and she shook it warmly. I introduced myself and she said her name was Laura. She mentioned she had seen me running barefoot a few times and was curious why I did that. I explained it was something I did because it was enjoyable, fun, comfortable and kept my injuries to a minimum. She asked where busty blondie receives her dudes schlong deep were planning on hiking.

I explained that there was a land trust not far away that had nice trails. She then asked Bobby if he really wanted to go and he smiled excitedly yeah mom 'course I do!

Ok, she laughed. I guess you can go. When exactly is the hike? I said I was planning leaving about 10 the next morning and would have the kids back by 2 in the afternoon.

She smiled and said have fun then! Hah, she had no idea what kind of fun I had in mind! Well, with the trap set, I mean, plans made, I smiled at Bobby and told him we'd be by in the morning to pick him up. It was nice to meet you Laura and she said likewise. With that, I walked my barefoot friend Susie back to her house and told her to get a good night's sleep and I'd see her in the morning. I took my things from my car and went inside and got a few things ready for the next day's outing.

Off came the clothes as usual. I decided to bring a camera along, some snacks and ebony teen big tits hd xxx young mirta fantasizes about sex. All fit into a small backpack.

I then reclined on my bed to fantasize a bit about how the next day would go. I stroked my cock slowly as I imagined what it would look like to see those beautiful nude kids in a natural setting in the woods.

It was going to be a great hike! I slept restlessly that night as I continually had images of those beautiful kids cavorting around and teasing me.

I had a raging hardon that just wouldn't quit! But I was determined to stop myself from cumming. At my age, it takes a few days to fully recharge and I wanted the kids to see a nice load the next time I came in front of them. Finally, the next morning dawned and I got up to get ready. After a nice hot shower and a good breakfast, it was almost time to go.

Before I had a chance to walk out the door, my favorite little girl was at the door knocking. I smiled as I opened the door and there she stood a thing of beauty save one thing she had on hiking boots! It was then that I realized I had forgotten to mention to the kids that this would be a barefoot hike. I wasn't going to tell them it was also going to be a nude hike until the time was right.

She saw me looking at her boots and apologized. She said her mom made her put them on. I told her that's OK we'll get those things off later after we pick up Bobby. Goody! I hate these heavy things on my feet Susie said. We walked out to my car and as soon as Susie got in, she started taking off her boots and socks. I wasn't expecting it to be an erotic sight, but watching her pull off her socks was very erotic!

Man, I thought to myself, is there nothing this child does that doesn't turn me on? After she was barefoot again I smiled and said that's much better!

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Susie beamed happily. We drove down the street to pick up Bobby. Bobby was already outside waiting for us. I was pleasantly surprised to see that he did not have boots on. In fact, he was barefoot! I had expected his parents to insist he wear hiking boots too. He ran to the car and I let him climb in.

Nice to see you Bobby and I'm glad to see you're barefoot too! Bobby said his parents didn't care if he ran around barefoot and he had recently been reading about Tom Sawyer, so he saw no reason to wear shoes anyway in the summer especially. Aaah, my kind of boy! I told Bobby to get himself buckled up which he did. He sat in the middle of the back seat while Susie sat in the front seat with me.

I told Bobby he could put his feet up on the front seat armrest if he wanted to. I was hoping he would I wanted to see his pretty boy feet! He obliged me and put his cute feet up on the armrest. I smiled and we had a nice chat about various things as we drove to the nature preserve. It was about a 25 minute drive and I enjoyed the easy banter with the kids. They seemed very relaxed and happy. Susie then asked me what I meant when I told her yesterday that our hike was going to be another chance for us to play.

Well kids, you've enjoyed our little lessons about sex so far, right? They both answered with a strong chorus of Yeah! Well, today's hike is going to be not only a barefoot hike, but also a NUDE hike! They both opened their mouths in surprise and asked but won't someone see us? Well, most times I've broke cuban teen booty blows a big dick in those woods, I've hardly ever seen anyone else.

Besides, most people wear shoes when they hike and you can hear them clomping along in their noisy shoes long before they can see us. So, here's what I usually do when I go hiking there. I wear just one thing my swimming trunks and I can get them on very quickly before anyone has a chance of seeing me naked. So, what we need to do is to wear as little clothing as we possibly can. That's part of the reason we're doing it barefoot too we won't have to worry about dealing with shoes or socks not to mention doing it barefoot is a lot of fun!

So kids, as soon as we pull into the parking lot, you're going to both get into the back seat and strip completely naked and then just put on one or two things Bobby, you'll just put on your shorts and Susie, since you're a girl, you'll put on your shorts and your t-shirt. No underwear or anything underneath! Got it? They said they got it and Susie giggled excitedly while Bobby just laughed nervously.

I could sense Bobby's nervousness and I told him it will be fine Bobby you'll enjoy it I promise. And my two door car is hard for people to see into the back seat anyway, so don't worry! I'm just worried that someone will see us, is all, he said.

Well, we'll do a couple of practice runs when we get onto the trails to build up your confidence. Practice runs, they asked? Yeah, I mean we'll practice getting dressed quickly a couple of times just so you can see how quickly it can be done. Oh! They said. Ok, here we are get yourselves ready!

Susie eagerly climbed into the back seat with Bobby and they stripped off all of their clothing. Oh what a lovely sight two cute 9 year old kids naked in the back seat of my car!

But they then donned their shorts and Susie her T shirt and they were ready to go. I grabbed my back pack out of the trunk, pulled off my t shirt and we were set. All I had on were my swim trunks. There were no other cars in the parking lot, so I knew we should not have to worry about anyone seeing us for a while anyway.

I pointed this out to the kids and that seemed to reassure them, especially Bobby. Susie seemed to be the daring one and didn't seem to care one way or the other. We set off toward the first trail and gently padded over the soft ground and enjoyed the wonderful feel sexy blonde and brunette mormon lesbians having fun the earth beneath our bare feet. Susie said it felt really nice on her feet! I was pleased. I walked behind the kids and admired the sight of their bare feet as they moved silently along the ground.

It wasn't long before we were out of sight of the parking lot so I told the kids that we could strip off our clothing now. They eagerly pulled off what little they had on and there they stood in all their naked glory! Susie with her proud naked slit completely exposed with cute little nipples on her chest and Bobby with his nice little cock. They then asked what they were supposed to do with their clothes? I took them from them and along with my own swim trunks stuffed them into my backpack.

We then set out on our nude hike! Aaahhh what a total feeling of freedom! I was so glad these kids were here to share the experience with me. The kids didn't notice, but I removed my camera from my backpack after I'd stored our clothes in it.

I took several pictures of their lovely bodies from behind. What gorgeous little things they were! Beautiful tight little asses, pretty bare feet, lovely legs, just perfect! They were skipping along happily and enjoying the heck out of the experience.

Then suddenly Susie stopped and asked me when was our "fun" going to start? I laughed at her and said I thought we were already having fun! You KNOW what I mean Mr. Victor! I brunette marissa mae step daughter sideways fucks and laughed yes my horny little friend I know EXACTLY what you mean!

What does "horny" mean asked Bobby? I smiled and told him it means that when a person is horny they want to play sex games or have sex. It's a feeling that someone has and they sometimes like to masturbate when they're horny. Oh, I get it! Do you like to masturbate Bobby? I asked.

He blushed slightly and nodded his head. Me too piped in Susie! Well so do I kids. Let's keep going we're not too far away from a bench along the trail we'll stop there and I'll teach you some more about sex, OK? They said yes and we continued on. Soon we came to a steeper section of trail that had steps built in and at the top of that hill was the bench of pleasure I had in mind.

I stayed behind the kids so I could enjoy the view and by the time we got to the top of that hill they had a thin bead of sweat glistening on their bodies.

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Ummm what I wouldn't give to lick some of that sweat off of their delicious bodies! I see the bench Bobby exclaimed and both he and Susie plopped down on it for a breather. Good job guys this is the bench where we're going to have some more of our fun! Oh boy they said together! Let's see Bobby, you remember how to make Susie feel good right?

He said he thought he did. Good! Susie, I want you to sit back on the bench and bring your feet up on the bench and spread your legs that's it.

Wow her lovely cunt we glistening from the sweat of the climb. OK Bobby, I think you know what to do now, right? He did and he got down on his knees and started lapping hungrily at her very wet cunt. By now, my cock was getting very very hard and I couldn't help but start to stroke myself. Oh this was such a hot hot sight! Here we were, in the woods, on a warm summer day with the air caressing our naked bodies and if anyone came along unexpectedly, oh man, what a view they would have!

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Susie was really enjoying the attention and was moaning loudly as her pussy was pleasured continuously. I was leaking some precum so I squeezed out a couple of drops right over one of her nipples and then hungrily sucked on that distended nipple.

She moaned even louder as her hands massaged my hair. I was surprised when Bobby stood up and asked Susie if he could fuck her. Susie just smiled wide eyed and said yes, please! I watched as Bobby guided his now stiff little cock right into Susie's dripping wet pussy.

She wrapped her pretty legs and feet around his ass and urged him on as he began bucking her as hard as she could. She met each of his thrusts and suddenly Bobby let out a loud moan and had a huge dry orgasm. He smiled weakly and pulled out of Susie's body. But Susie wasn't yet satisfied. She rubbed her own pussy with her right hand and then noticed my hard cock. She asked me if I would please fuck her? Now it was my turn to be shocked Susie, are you sure? She nodded her head vigorously.

But Susie, I'm old enough to be your father almost old enough to be your grandfather! Susie said she didn't care. Please please she begged me. Oh how could I resist the pleas of a naked 9 year old girl? I knew I was headed straight for hell if I did this, but my mind was not thinking logically. Only my hard cock mattered and it wanted that young tight pussy and it wanted it NOW! I was so nervous I was shaking and almost couldn't stand up!

But I managed and soon my rock hard cock was at the entrance of her beautiful naked pussy. She was dripping wet from her arousal and I finally just said to myself fuck it. With that, I plunged my steel rod into the depths of the hottest, tightest hole I had ever entered!

Oh, what heavenly bliss! I lost all sense of anything else around me but the sensation of that hot tight wetness wrapped tightly around my cock as I plunged in and out in and out in and out! Susie was moaning loudly with reckless abandon and she met each of my thrusts with strong thrusts of her own. I didn't know it was possible for a 9 year old to fuck like this! It was incredible! My awareness suddenly expanded a bit as I felt Bobby's hands on my ass cheeks.

But it felt pleasant and I didn't let it distract me. Well, that is, until I then felt his finger trying to find my ass hole! He was a fast learner!

Before I knew what was going on he had his finger buried in my ass and was reaming me while I fucked his friend! Well, that did it not more than a few finger fucks of his later, I was screaming out in pure animal lust and ecstasy as I shot hot load after hot load of hot sticky cum inside the prepubescent pussy of this darling young girl.

This was a cum I would never forget! Susie came harder than I'd ever seen her cum just as I was shooting my last loads inside of her. Our fucking must have turned Bobby on quite a bit too. He pulled out his finger from my ass and then started stroking his own hard little cock furiously as Susie and I watched him.

He then took the very same finger he'd just had up my ass and jammed it into his own tight little hole! Wow I thought this kid's fat ass tinder date slow fuck coz her moms awake fast learner!

Soon he was cumming strongly himself and collapsed on his knees as his body jerked through its last spasms of orgasm. Wow! After that we all just sat on the bench breathing hard, covered in sweat with big smiles on our faces! What a picture that would have made! To be continued…