College teens first dick and takes cum in pussy sleepwalking stepbro

College teens first dick and takes cum in pussy sleepwalking stepbro
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It was a hot day October 17 in 2008 and I had just pulled on my board shorts.

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Ok I'll tell you a little bout myself. At fourteen I stood 5 foot 7 inches I ain't much to look at i have a small gut but muscular arms I have blue eyes and short to medium length browny red hair.

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I am second oldest in a family of eight kids my dad abandon us when I was only five. I've always been close to my two brothers not so much my sisters until this day.

As I walked outside to the pool I saw a sight and a half my youngest sister in a blue two piece swim suit (for privacy reasons ill call her casey) anyway she is only 10 but already stood 5 foot and mostly legs she had a firm ass and nice full a cup breasts. She has long strawberry blonde hair and green eyes.

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As I stood there looking at her I simply said to her " that swimsuit looks very nice". She looked at me and blushed so I simply smiled. I turned and dove head first into the pool and as I came up I felt two little arms wrap around my neck casey had jumped on my back "thank you and you look pretty spunky in your new board shorts" she whispered in my ear. I turned quickly flicking her round into my arms and kissed her cheeck "I got you now what" she quickly wriggled out of my arms jumped out and took of so I just relaxed in the pool on the step.

At around 3 in the afternoon my mum came out and said "me and Steven (my step dad) are going to ahotel for the night make sure you feed your brother and sister" I called back as I got out of the pool "ok ill clock early and is it ok if I watch a movie tonight?" Now my mum knows I mean a xxx movie and she simply nodded as she left. After hearing the car pull out I asked "hey what do you want for dinner guys?" With a ear piercing scream my siblings called out "pizza" I snuck into my mums room and pulled twenty dollars out of my private money stash from my birthday.

After the pizza arrived we all sat and had dinner by that time we had a movie on I think it was lion king so we sat eating our pizza having fun watching the movie. Then my brother went for a shower and headed to bed I started relaxing as I lay back on the lounge my sister cuddled into me.

It was about eight at night before my sister went to bed then I went in my room to watch my "movie" suddenly my door burst open and as I lay still holding my 7 inch hard cock in my hand she stares at me then looks at the tv. She looks back at me and says "I saw mum and daddy do that" then I tucked my dick away and said "ok ill do you a deal" she nodded "I said I'll allow you to watch a little but this stays between us ok?" She ran and jumped on my bed after closing my door and ilay there with her in my arms as she watched she wriggled her soft ass covered by just the soft material of her panties.

I started getting hard and she asked "is that what dad has to?" I quickly adjusted and said "yes" without hesitation she slid her hand in my pants grabbing my hard cock and asked "why is it hard?" I replied "because you keep rubbing against it". She turned pulling it limp bizkit groupie gets naughty chris charming and started teen anal orgy hd first time dont say you love me it softly.

As I opened my mouth to tell her to stop she started stroking faster then licked the tip she then looked at me and said "this is what mum does".

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As I look down she continues stroking so I pulled her up to me and pulled off her panties laying her on 10 small man got sex back I started to lick her pussy. As she bucked I saw her go weak and she asked "can you put your thing in me like dad did mum?" I leaned in and kissed her cheek and said "you'll have to wait till next time now off to bed and you need to be asleep when I come in".

Later that night I walk in her room to check if she is asleep I walked right over to her and leaned down to kiss her cheek as my mum has done any times and found a wet patch then saw her eyes flick open quickly.

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I lay down behind her as I removed my pants I realised she had stripped hers off so I rubbed my dick on her pussy lips and kissed prime cups big natural tits oiled and toyed neck then whispered "I guess I said I would".

Quickly she turn kissing my lips and warped her legs round me. I pushed the tip of my dick against her pussy finding the entry and with one steady thrust both our verginitys where gone I looked in her eyes and saw tears I kissed her cheek and told her "I'm sorry do you want to stop?" She layer back on her back pulling me on top of her my dick withdrew only for a second before landing balls deep in her tight pussy as she smiled.

In a subtle voice she whispered "that feels good please keep going" I gently thrust in and out as I kiss her neck she holds me tight against her.

As I start to thrust a bit faster and harder she moans and I feel her pussy clamp down on my dick before I feel a flood around my cock. Just as I felt that I plunged my dick deep into her letting off jet after jet of thick cum inside her.

As I pulled my dick out of her I wiped the little amount of blood of in a tissue then stood up I kissed her cheek once more and whispered "this stays between us it may happen again but for now sleep ok". She nodded and then I left for my room as I lay down my head spinning from what just happened I fell asleep dreams of us flew through my mind. This is my first story it is all true and I cannot tell you how shocked I was this went on for two years so if you want more please let me know.