Two skinny sluts blow on a dick brunette cumshot

Two skinny sluts blow on a dick brunette cumshot
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-1Best in Show Sitting in the garden reading my book enjoying the beautiful day. Elise bringing the phone "Excuse me Mistress but Master Agnar is need of you."wondering why he is calling me so soon before our fall conclave which is never like him.

Listening to Agnar tell me about one of his clients who is in need of a slave for the weekend, "Agnar you know I don't have any in my clique" I told but he said he might have one for me this weekend for a particular client that shares the same interests as me.

I told him I would consider this and meet with his client to discuss this further at his Dungeon on Saturday. Saturday is here and I was feeling quite robust and looking forward to seeing some old friends.

Elise was going with me as my servant for the days event. Hailey was coming along quite fine in her training but she was no Niki whom I miss dearly. I have had many in clique and all very good at their specialty but I was looking for some new people and new interests, wanting my lair to be the most elite in the land.

Agnar has been the best for 3 years running and I wanted to be back on top so I had to make some changes and I knew what they were it was time to gather some new talent. Arriving at Agnar's a little early to meet his client and discuss her needs, had me a little irritated.

I normally don't bring in women like her but Agnar insisted that this time I would make an exception, will see. Inside Agnar's led by a overly dressed slaved poor specimen shouldn't even be seen but this is Agnar's. In his suite I waited for Agnar and his client, sensing my tension Elise rubbed my shoulders. Agnar entered and introduced his client "Bree Adams of Stratgroove" in his raspy voice.

As she explained her particular needs and wants I thought no way that I would help her, just then Agnar offered a gift to me. Curios I was at his offer I allowed to this to go further into discussion. Agnar stated "With this gift Mistress Nessa my debt is paid in full to you." glaring at him knowing that I have not forgave him for his past aggressions "This better be good and not another waste of my time" I said.

"This will be well worth it I assure you" Agnar insisted, I nodded in agreement and with a clap of his hands his slave entered pushing a cart. This cart had a cage on it and covered, the poor soul inside had to be very incompetent to be treated like this but I was still in a bad mood from John and his despicable behavior and as I was thinking about that Agnar removed the cover and there low and behold John, my anger, my rage not had the one key to be unleashed.

Bree seemed to be just as happy as I was and I knew this weekend my demonstration was going to be the Best of Show. "Agnar my tantamount, we have a deal" I stated and my tone seemed to be very unnerving for John. I walked Bree out to the arbor to discuss the arrangement. Bree filled me in on John and what his past wrongdoings and I could see the rage in her wanting to pay his debt but she wasn't one to do such tattooed teen wanted to feel a big cock in her asshole. Bree offered me a very ample amount of money to see him pay for his past.

Now with that out of the way I assured Bree that she would be satisfied who would be dealt with accordingly or her money back.

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With our agreement made and I told her that my demonstration would be tomorrow at 1pm sharply and she seemed very confident in my abilities to take care of the matter. Once inside Elise had my drink ready as we entered the auction and she guided me to my seat and there seated next to us was David and Niki. Was a very nice surprise to see them here and we chatted about the good ole days.

Curious as to why they came usually David does not attend these he simply writes a check to the cause and that's all.

David explained that Agnar had plans for a person that had done harm to more then good to Niki and myself and that we would not want to miss my segment. With my former pride of the stable in attendance I couldn't let her down.

As the auction commenced I let my rage power my decisions and collected a rather unique group of subs and slaves for my exhibition and the talk was intense on who would have the Best of Show and as usual it was down to Agnar and myself.

After the drinks and dining I collected my new subordinates and we made our way back to my lair. With plenty of time to think this through and 12 hours to go till show time I let my new subjects have free father and son mom daughter xxx story in the lair.

This would allow me to see who was the strongest and who had it in them to do what I needed. As they frolicked about I got to see who was in and who was out. I only kept 7 in my clique and there was 9 going for 5 spots, Elise was in and Hailey was too.

They knew 4 of them were not going to be in so they performed to their best and after 4 hours of watching this it was time to cut them down to my new clique. They made it very difficult but after my choice has been made I let the 4 that did not make it in as prime subs know that they still were in my pool of subs to use for future uses. I did not do that often but they were very good and I needed to have the talent that was going to get me back on top.

Looking at my new subjects and placing them in order, Elise is the number one and my sweet Hailey is number two and for the rest of you will be in order as follows; Mason, Alexi, Ben, Rich, and Kym. Now you all ready to do anything I ask to please me and in my scene this afternoon we will be the best now go get some rest. I went back to my room with Hailey as I needed to get a little better focus on my anger.

Having her strip down naked standing there not moving a muscle I circled her looking and thinking. Busty anissa kate prefers huge black cock could see the anticipation building in her and I knew what this slut liked and was going to give her just enough now to see her need everything later.

Using my crop I traced the end across her breast and some light swats on her ass too.

Her nipples hard and firm her perky breast just look so tempting but I xxx gril elsa sex story I had to restrain myselfI needed Hailey to perform at her best, pushing her onto the bed I put her in position. Up on her knees head down on the bed her pussy and ass exposed I gave her a some swats with my crop, with every hit on her pussy she moaned I could see her wetness and smell her excitement.

I moved in close and slid a finger in her pussy and she purred. I smacked her ass and worked her pussy and she was wetter then ever now and I could tell she was almost primed. I laid down in the bed I pulled her face to my pussy and the tighter I pulled her in the more she devoured my pussy.

Both hands full of her hair pulling it tightly now as she took care of me and when I came I held there to get every last drop. Laying there feeling better now I pulled her up and let her sleep in my bed.

I could feel her frustration but I knew this would put her in a sexual rampage later today.