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Dx rebecca hardcore fucking big cock animated pov play free
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This is not my own work. This wonderful little piece was written by an another known as "Thumb" about ten to fifteen years ago. I repost it here so lisa ann and black man porn new audience may enjoy it as much as I have over the years.These are the last two chapters I know of. The original author "thumb" had health issues and was unable to contiue the series.] CHAPTER 25 Mary walked to the back where the black dancer waited with 5 other dancers, 3 bouncers, a waitress and 2 other contest entrants.

She hoped she could get through this and get home to bed. "My name is Goddess in case you didn't know that," said the black dancer. "You three have decided to become at least part time dancers here at the club. Tonight you will be initiated into the group. Most of the things we do are legal at least on the surface but to insure everyone's mutual investment we conduct this initiation session.

After tonight if you would betray any of our activities you would be in just as much trouble as the rest of us." The head bouncer took over and explained, " Tonight you will be video taped performing various sex acts for what will appear to be money and doing other illegal activities.

With this tape you will be in the position of having violated several state and a few federal laws before the camera. This will help you to keep your mouth shut about our operation. Everyone who works here has been taped doing these same things and I have the tapes locked in my safe in the office.

Goddess will be in charge of the initiation program so I will let her get started." Mary spent the next hour fucking and sucking in every possible position. Men, women, 2 men, a man livecam milf masturbates with camcam masturbation masturbating a woman together all recorded on video tape.

After each session she was recorded accepting money. She was also recorded in what appears to be a drug selling adventure. She rolled several joints and smoked them in front of the camera too. By the time the initiation was over Mary was covered in cum, exhausted and higher than a kite. She had orgasmed several times and discovered she really enjoy the feelings she had after smoking pot.

The bartender made Mary ride in the back of his pickup truck because he didn't want her to mess up the inside.When he finally delivered her home it was 4:30 AM. Her costumes were in a bag and she wore only heels and a light jacket as she climbed the steps to her porch. She managed to set the fake taxi sex free story clock Lisa had left for her on the porch and literally fell into exhausted sleep with cum running down her legs from her pussy and her leaking ass.

In what seemed like only seconds Mary heard to buzzing of the alarm clock. It was 6:00 AM. When she tried to open her eyes she found they were stuck shut with dried cum. Her entire body ached and her ass was sore. As her mind wandered back to the night before she realized her ass hurt from the beer bottle someone had shoved in her while she was eating Goddess.

Mary struggled to her feet and gathered her things. Every muscle ached. She climbed the stairs and went into the bathroom. As she squatted over the toilet to relieve herself she saw her reflection in the mirror. She didn't recognize the person staring back at her. What she saw was a naked young woman covered with dried cum squatting over the toilet with her bare pussy spread peeing. Her hair was matted and her breasts were red and swollen.

Then she realized she was looking at herself and quickly shut her eyes and moved into the shower. As the warm water splashed over her exhausted body her mind went back to last night. She could feel all the men looking at her on stage as she bared her body. She could hear the yelling and feel the hands all over her. She pictured herself cumming on the guys over and over again.

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In her mind she saw herself kneeling with her mouth filled with cock while she stroked two others in her hands. She remembered her face on the floor while her ass was pounded by a complete stranger. Her hand moved to her pussy where just the touch of her finger on her clit sent her into the throes of an intense orgasm. The warm water caressed her breasts as her finger continued to move over her swollen lips.

Her mind remembering all the fucking and sucking of the night before. Goddess with her powerful thighs wrapping around her neck forcing her licking tongue deeper into her steaming hot pussy while someone shoved an ice cold beer bottle into her gapping well oiled hole. Mary sank to her knees as the water continued to cascade over her washing the dried cum from her hair and body.

Her fingers continued to play deep in her fiery hole. Suddenly Mary remembered she must wake her owner by 6:30. A quick glance at the clock revealed that she had 10 minutes left. She hurried and shampooed her hair and washed herself. She emerged from the shower and after drying herself she rushed to wake up Lisa.

Mary gentle woke Lisa who was sleeping in pantyhose free crossdresser porn video 53-pantyhose4u net tube porn bed. To late she realized she had not done her hair and make up. Lisa noticed this immediately. "My, my pet, you must have had a hard night. You have made another error by forgetting to make yourself presentable to your owner." "Sorry Ms.

Simon. Your pet has no excuse." said Mary in a quivering voice. "Well I don't have time to deal with you now pet but I will add it to your list for tonight. Go make my breakfast.

You may have your special coffee and a yogurt this morning." Mary hurried off to the kitchen while Lisa when to shower and get ready for school.

When Lisa came down for breakfast she saw that Mary had quickly done her hair and make up and was rapidly moving her naked body around the kitchen with her ass swaying in her 6" heels. Mary stood near the kitchen and ate her yogurt while Lisa devoured her breakfast. The cum in her coffee was not even noticeable to Mary. She had drank so much cum last night that the diluted cum in her coffee was nothing.

After cleaning the kitchen Mary dragged her weary body up the steps to see what humiliating outfit Lisa had laid out for her to wear to school today. She didn't know how she would make it through the day she was so worn out her mind wouldn't even work.

She kept thinking about last night and what disturbed her most were these thoughts made her excited. When she got to her room she was surprised to see Lisa had laid out a conservative dressy business suit. A tan skirt reaching to within an inch of her knees, a white silk blouse with the matching suit jacket.

While the blouse was sheer the jacket covered her completely. She also found a beige garter belt and suntan stockings with comfortable 4" heels. Mary quickly dressed and grabbing her purse and briefcase she met Lisa at the door. She had not had an opportunity to check any papers at home all week and she was getting really behind. Maybe over the weekend she could get caught up. Lisa appeared to be easing the pressure a bit considering her choice of clothing.

Maybe things were going to turn out ok. The ride to school was uneventful. Mary was so tired she almost fell asleep.

when they arrived at school Lisa's only comment was that she would meet Mary in her room after school. Mary hurried to her room to prepare for horny stepmom natalie joins in for a threesome day.

She drank a cup of cum laced coffee from her thermos to try to stay awake. Despite her exhaustion Mary felt more normal than she had since this entire crazy thing had started. Just before her first class as Mary was getting her things organized she opened her grade book and was shocked to see the picture and note.

It was a picture of her naked and kneeling on a tile floor with a hard cock in each hand and a third filling her sucking mouth. It had been taken last night. With tears in her eyes she unfolded the note and read: This is the real you pet.

You're just pretending to be a teacher. Mary folded the note and tried to remove the picture from her grade book but it was glued to the page and she couldn't get in loose. Her students started arriving for class so she slammed the grade book closed and put it in her briefcase under all the papers she hadn't graded. She was so shaken by the picture and note she could hardly teach. Her mind wandered back to last night. She could feel the 2 cocks in her hands and the hot thick cock running over her tongue and down her throat.

She was dismayed that these thoughts would intrude on guy crushes up mature pussy hardcore wife teaching but even more appalled that she was excited by the memories. After class Mary had a few moments and avoided the grade book in her briefcase as she pulled out some papers to grade.

Attached to the second paper was an envelope which said: pet.Open Immediately!!!! With shaking hands Mary removed the envelope. She didn't want to open it but she couldn't stop herself from obeying Lisa command. Inside was another picture and note. The picture showed Mary on her hands and knees getting fucked while sucking the black bouncer's huge cock.

The gleam in her eyes showed that she was enjoying the double fucking. This must have occurred after the smoking of the pot because she didn't even remember it until she saw the picture.

The note said: What wife and mother would behave like this? She couldn't believe the cruelty of the note yet her hand was moving under her skirt to scratch a definite itch between her legs. Maybe she was just a slut and had been pretending to be something else. She enjoyed alexis texas and anikka albrite great threeway she had done.

The pictures showed it. With her mind in turmoil Mary got to lunch time. She headed directly to the restroom before going to eat. While squatting over the toilet she rammed 2 fingers deep into her drenched pussy. She needed to cum so bad but she knew now that Lisa was not easing up on her and she would be severely punished if she allowed herself to orgasm. After reluctantly pulling her fingers from her sucking pussy she licked her fingers clean without thinking and dried her thighs before going to eat lunch.

Her lunch consisted of a plain bagel and an apple. Mary finished the special coffee in her thermos and returned to her classroom. Her nerves were on edge but she was physically spent. Her mind was in even worse shape. Lisa's class arrived and Lisa was extremely polite to Mrs. C. There were no subtle references or embarrassing questions.

The class went smoothly. On the way out of class Lisa handed Mary another envelope. Mary couldn't imagine what was in this one. It felt thicker than the other one. As soon as the last student was out the door Mary ripped open the envelope before the next class arrived. She was shocked and frightened by the contents. Inside were several pictures of Amy. She was dressed in some very revealing outfits.

Her hair was done up and she was wearing entirely too much make up. She looked like a 17 - 18 years old tramp. Mary was angry, afraid and repulsed by the pictures. She angerly opened the accompanying note: We played dress up.

What do you think? She looks 18 doesn't she? Almost older than you when I dress you up. Do you wonder what she was doing while you were parading your bare ass in front of a bunch of strangers and fucking and sucking everything in sight?

I promised not to tell. I guess these prove that you are not only a cheating wife and a unfit teacher but also a very neglectful mother. Mary fought back tears as she tried to control her emotions. What had happened? How did things get so out of control? When was Bill going to call?

He could at least save Amy from Lisa. He hadn't called in 2 weeks. She struggled through her last class and was waiting for Lisa when she came in at the end of the day. "You leave my daughter alone", she yelled as soon as Lisa walked in the room. " Do what you want with me but leave her out of this," demanded Mary as she rushed up to Lisa ready to do whatever necessary to protect her daughter.

Out of no where came a resounding slap to the face which staggered Mary. It was quickly followed by a second slap to the other cheek.

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"Now you listen to me. I am in charge here and I will do whatever I want, to whomever I want, whenever I please. You are nothing but my little pet.

You can do nothing without my approval and that includes with your daughter." "If you ever raise your voice to me again I will beat you senseless and then have you arrested for drug dealing and prostitution for starters. You will lose everything and I will have your daughter and your husband to play with as long as I like." With tears running down her stinging cheeks a cowered Mary stood staring at Lisa in total shock. Everything she said she would do she had the power to do.

Where did Bill come into this? Mary didn't know what to say but she knew she was beaten. Her only hope was that Bill would save Amy from Lisa's clutches. Lisa grabbed Mary's short hair and pulled her to her knees in front of her.

"Now listen carefully pet. Take the all the pictures and put them in the center desk drawer. Leave the drawer partially open and then meet me in the car." "Ms. Simon", whispered Mary. "May I keep the pictures of Amy?" CHAPTER 26 Mary's mind was in turmoil as she opened the desk drawer and placed the seductive pictures of her daughter inside. The picture were not obscene but very suggestive. She had no choice but to obey her owner.

Pictures of her daughter scantily clothed being seen by the janitor was better than leaving Amy and her husband at the mercy of Lisa and her family while she was in prison. A very confused Mary left the school and walked slowly toward her car where her owner was waiting.

Her mind was confused and her body was physically exhausted. She could barely make it to the car. She opened the door and slumped into the front seat next to Lisa. "Well pet, I was going to give you the night off but you went over the line in there. You were making so much progress up until then. I am really disappointed." "Your pet is sorry Ms. Simon." said Mary slipping back into her submissive character.

She knew she was going to pay for her attack on Lisa and she knew she deserved everything she got. She had disappointed her owner. She only hoped her body could stand the punishment in it's exhausted state. Lisa said nothing on the drive home and when the car was parked in the garage she told Mary, " Go up to your room and get dressed properly then meet me in Amy's room." Mary dragged herself up the stairs and removed her clothes in her room, Then she put on her 5" heels and collar with leash and went to her daughters room to wait for Lisa.

When she entered the room she was shocked to see the wall covered with enlargements of the photos Lisa had given her at school.

As she was studying the photos her mind wandered to the what she was doing while all this was happening to her daughter. Just then Lisa entered the room and seeing Mary looking at the pictures she said, "Amy really enjoyed playing dress up and being a model last night." Now I want you to pick out her outfit for her date tonight from the ones in the pictures. By the way we charged all of them on your credit card. "Ms. Simon, Amy is not permitted to date." "She is now, and she has a bratty sis saved by tight teen pussy with rosalyn sphinx se with very nice senior football player from our English Class." "Ms.

Simon she is only in 9th grade." begged the distraught mother. "Either you pick the outfit or she will wear this one," said Lisa pointing to a picture showing Amy with a tight spandex halter which barely covered her budding breast and extremely tight short shorts which hardly covered her ass.

A defeated teacher studied the pictures and pick the outfit which covered her baby the most. A short flared skirt with a pale blue blouse cut just above the waist showing minimal stomach. "Please Ms. Simon Amy is too young to be dating." Begged the distressed mother slumping to her knees. "I'll be your slave forever if you stop this." "My pet you are my slave forever already. Don't worry I've talked with Amy all about things and she understand what boys like." Mary didn't know what to say.

She was so confused. She wanted to protect her family. Was this the right thing? She must trust her owner's discussions. 'I can't think straight.' "Come along pet we have things to do," said Lisa grabbing Mary's leash and pulling the begging mother to her feet.

Lisa lead Mary to the kitchen and ordered her get her a coke. "Now pet I know you are tired from having so much fun gangbang budak kedah 12 tahun night and I had planned to allow you to rest this evening but you decided to act up so now I have to punish you." "Your pet is sorry Ms. Simon." "I'm sure you are but you understand you must be punished." "Yes Ms. Simon, your pet understands." "Get me one of those popsicle we bought the other day pet.

Get one for yourself too." Mary went to the freezer and grabbed two popsicle. She was so hungry she would eat anything.

"Thank you pet," said Lisa taking her popsicle. As she unwrapped hers she told Mary to open her's but not to lick it yet. Mary's mind told her she was going to be ordered to put on a show for her owner sucking and licking the popsicle like it was a cock. Boy was she wrong. "Pet I want you to spread you legs as wide as you can and fuck yourself with the popsicle." Mary couldn't believe what Lisa wanted her to do but she unwrapped the freezing treat and spreading her legs she tried to slid it into her sore pussy.

It was freezing. She began to shiver as she slid the icy probe into her steaming dripping pussy. Why was she dripping doing this humiliating act for her owner? Why did she feel compelled to please this abusing teenager? The popsicle quickly melted in her pet's steaming pussy with the cherry fluid running down her legs and dripping onto the floor. When it was entirely melted Lisa ordered Mary to suck the stick clean.

The humiliated teacher stood naked in her kitchen with melted popsicle running down her legs from her hot pussy. Her mouth working on the stick soaked in her pussy juices.

So many things had changed in the last two weeks. At least her husband will be home soon to rescue her from the torment. But why was she so excited by this treatment? Maybe she really was a slut and not meant to be a wife, mother and teacher.

Her thighs began to tremble as her stretched legs began to tire and her mind couldn't concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds. "Pet lick up that mess you made and then go and clean yourself up. I'll be waiting here for you." Mary thankfully dropped to the floor relieving the spasms in her legs and licked the floor clean of the combination of her juices and melted popsicle. She climbed to her feet and moved as quickly as her heavy legs would carry her to the stairs and up to the bathroom.

While Mary had been sliding the popsicle in and out of her pussy Lisa's mind had been working overtime. She had to punish her pet severely for her rebellion but she didn't want any marks for her debut tomorrow.

She also knew her pet was reaching the point of complete exhaustion and she would need her strength to get through the weekend. She had the perfect solution. As soon as Mary her dragged her body up the stairs Lisa went to work. She opened two cans of beans and put them on the stove to heat. Next she went into the downstairs bathroom and got a bottle of Castor Oil and a bottle of water pills for that "blotted feeling". She returned to the kitchen and dumped a liberal portion of the Castor Oil and several of the water pills into the heating beans and stirred the mixture until the pills dissolved.

By the time Mary returned to the kitchen the sweet smelling warm beans were in a bowl on the floor next to a very large glass of water. Mary could smell the beans as she descended the stairs and her mouth was salivating by the time she reached the kitchen and saw the bowl on the floor.

Her heart leapt as Lisa told her to kneel and eat the entire college boy girl sex story ebony and drink all the water.

The only restriction was no hands to eat the beans. Without a moment hesitation the starving pet dropped to her knee and began eating the messy beans.

She was so hungry she ate the entire bowl in minutes. "Drink your water pet." "May your pet use her hands Ms. Simon?' "Of course pet. Drink up." Mary quickly drank the entire glass. "Your pet thanks you for the meal Ms. Simon." Why am I thanking this girl for allowing me to eat a bowl of beans from the floor?

When will Bill come home a save me? How can he save me when he can't know what is happening? She was so confused. "I knew you would be hungry. Here drink another glass of water while I am in a good mood." Mary drank the water offered and waited for further instructions. "Clean up this mess and then yourself and meet me in Amy's room." "Yes Ms. Simon." Why Amy's room? she wondered. Mary quickly cleaned the kitchen and then washed the beans from her face. The full feeling in her stomach was wonderful.

She could even see a very slight bulge in her tummy for the first time in weeks. When everything was cleaned up she again climbed the stairs to Amy's room to find her owner sitting on Amy's bed surrounded by ropes and a long pole. She noticed a gag and something else she didn't recognize. "Come here pet we must hurry, Amy will be home in about a 1/2 hour to get ready for her date." As Mary moved to Lisa she tried one more time to convince Lisa to forbid Amy this date with the senior boy.

"Please Ms. Simon your pet begs you to not allow Amy to wear this revealing outfit and go on a date with this boy. He is much too old and she is so young." "Pet that is already been decided now turn around." Mary turned her back to Lisa. "Bend over Pet". Lisa inserted Mary's medium sized plug it her ass.

"Now stand up."Lisa took Mary's wrists and tied them tightly behind her back. Then Lisa moved up the arm and tied her elbows together, pulling and tugging until they actually touched. Lisa cinched the ropes tightly and then reached around and placed the penis gag in Mary's mouth. The pet willingly opened her mouth to accept the gag without protest. Her arms were strained with her elbows pulled back but thanks to all the exercise and dancing she was fairly limber.

Her breasts were forced out even further by the bound position. Lisa lowered Mary to the floor and bound her ankles to the ends of the wooden rod. Then she rolled the trussed up pet on to her stomach which was beginning to gurgle.

" Now pet I want to to slither under Amy's bed. Be sure to get all the way back so she can't see you. Oh one more thing." Lisa took the item that Mary didn't recognize from the bed and moving around the bound teacher she placed the thing in her pussy, right on her clit. She was wet as usual. Lisa ran the straps snugly around Mary's waist and up through her ass so the the thing wouldn't move from its position.

Lisa then explained to her bewildered and embarrassed pet. "That is layla london laying layla london clit vibrator.

I have set it to vibrate for 5 minutes every 20 minutes so you get a 15 minute rest in between. You are not to cum. Now get under the bed." That was easier said than done as Mary quickly discovered. With her legs spread and her hands and arms useless behind her the only way she could move was by bending her knees sightly and dragging her breasts across the carpet. About halfway under the bed the vibrator started and the vibrations right on her clit sent shock waves through her entire body.

"Better hurry pet. Amy's is due any minute." Realizing she could not let Amy find her like this she tried to ignore the waves of pleasure coursing through her body. These pleasurable feelings were dulled a bit each time she scraped her nipples across the carpet. Finally she was entirely hidden under the bed and the vibrator had stopped. Her breasts ached from dragging on the carpet and she was squeezed so tightly under the bed there was no way to relieve the pressure as her entire upper body was resting on her smashed breasts.

She began to get an uncomfortable feeling in her stomach and she hoped she wouldn't be here long because she thought she would need to use the bathroom. She was surprised when Lisa dropped down beside the bed and placed a mirror aiming it so that Mary could see the entire room from the full length mirror on the door. Then Lisa got up and left the room turning off the lights and closing the door leaving Mary bound, plugged gagged and alone under her aughter's bed.

Even her uncomfortable cramped space the quiet darkness allowed Mary's exhaustion to take over. Just as her eyes began to close and she was drifting off to sleep the vibrator switched on sending waves of lust and pleasure through her tightly bound body jarring her awake.

After 5 minutes of constant stimulation directly on her clit Mary was nearing orgasm when the vibrator suddenly stopped leaving her hanging near completion.

As her body slowly returned to it normal excited state she could no longer resist the effect of the last 2 weeks and drifted again into a deep sleep which even the vibrator couldn't disturb her enough to wake her. As she slept Mary's mind continued to try to make sense out of her situation. Bill had to return soon but how could she explain what had happened. She had to protect Amy from Lisa but how could she. She thought about cock all the time and she was in a constant state of arousal.

Teaching those young virile boys was harder and harder yet with Lisa's constant torment she couldn't stop herself. When she tried to rebel Lisa always made things worse. What can I do? Mary was startled awake sometime later by the sound of voices and the light coming on in the bedroom. She immediately became aware of cramps in her stomach and the urgent need to use the bathroom as her bladder felt ready to burst.

Of less significance but still noticeable was the ache in her breasts from being forced to lay on them for such a long time. Suddenly the vibrator switched on and her mind shifted to her pussy and she could feel the wetness between her spread legs. As her body responded to the sensations of the vibrator all the other discomfort and pain became unbearable.

She bit down on the gag to keep quiet as Lisa and Amy came into the room while her body was buffeted from pain to pleasure. "I'm sorry Mark canceled your date tonight Amy.", said Lisa. This was music to Mary's ears as her body continued to be attacked by cramps and pleasure. "Me too. I was so excited he asked me out but he did say something had come up and we would have to postpone the date.

At least he said postpone which means he still wants to go out with me." Mary couldn't believe her good luck that Mark had canceled their date. Tears of thanks mixed with the tears of pain and pleasure running down her cheeks.

Mark, that must be Mark Evans the principals son. He is a real lady's man and quite arrogant. What did he see in Amy? The need to use the bathroom was approaching the critical state.

She didn't think she could hold her bladder in check much longer. "Well at least you were able to get some new plans together for the weekend." "Do you think my other will allow me to go to the concert and stay at Grace's house?" "I said it would be ok and your mother is tied up somewhere so don't worry I will explain it to her." 'Grace?

The panty pervert kendra lust nikki capone harley dean indigo august Grace I know is Grace Klinger and she is already out of school and has been in trouble several times. Why would Amy be involved with her?' thought Mary as her cramps sent agony rolling through her body. "I'm so glad you introduced me to Grace Lisa.

She is really cool." The cramps continued tearing Mary's stomach apart and shaking her to the core. She felt herself losing control of her bladder but was able to gain control just in time.

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Mary heard a horn and saw Amy hurry out to meet her new friend. "What time will you be home on Sunday?" yelled Lisa as Amy hurried down the stairs. "What time do I have to be home?" questioned the excited teen. "No later than midnight", answered Lisa much to the displeasure of Mary. "Ok" yelled Amy as she slammed the door.

"You can come out now pet", said Lisa as she flipped up the bed spread to see her pet's face distorted in pain. Mary began the slow agonizing process of slithering out from under the bed. Her stomach was knotted with sever stomach cramps, her bladder was at the point ragazza ninfomane si fa scopare da uomo anziano bursting, and her body despite the pain was supercharged with sexual energy. It took the tormented teacher 15 minutes to get out from under her daughter's bed.

She was drenched in sweat and she left a trail from her leaking pussy as the vibrator again was doing its stirring of the molten pot. Her face was twisted in severe agony as the cramps twisted her insides in impossible pain. As her pet ground her breasts on the carpet getting herself out from under the bed Lisa smiled and told her, "You see pet you should never question me, attack me or disobey me." Mary's entire body was in distress as the beans produced the desired effect with the Castor Oil enhancing their effectiveness.

The "water pills" were adding to her torment yet her pussy was responding to the vibrator keeping her charged body on the edge of sexual release.

Lisa released Mary's ankles from the spreader bar and ordered her to stand. Mary's initial reaction was to curl into a ball to try to relieve the pain in her stomach.

Lisa bent over the contorted teacher and said, "Either you get up this minute or I will leave you here like this for Amy to find when she gets home." Mary jerked into action but getting up was easier said than done. With her elbows and wrists tightly bound behind her and her stomach tearing itself apart, she struggled to get up. Her bladder was painfully full and just as she began to make progress toward getting to her knees the vibrator started which broke her concentration and she had to begin the process all over.

After much twisting and struggling Mary finally managed to get to her feet only to be bent forward by the pain coursing through her body. Lisa attached Mary's leash to her collar and forced the bent pet to follow as she lead her down the stairs and out on to the back porch. Mary was surprised to discover that it was raining as her owner disconnected her leash from her collar and ordered her out into the downpour. The rain felt cold on her overcharged body which quickly chilled her and increased the severity of the cramps.

"You may pee yourself pet," said Lisa. Mary quickly spread her legs and without hesitation released the flood for her stretched bladder. Mary could feel the pee splashing on her legs but she couldn't slow the flow. As the relief of peeing set in the discomfort associated with the cramps became more intense.

"Would you like to remove the plug and relieve yourself pet?" asked the smiling student. Mary frantically nodded her head. "Kneel", ordered Lisa. The bound teacher dropped to her knees in the piss soaked mud. "Crawl up here Mrs. C." Mary struggled on her knees through the mud and rain over to the porch and up the steps as her body contorted with pain.

Lisa removed Mary's gag once her pet was out of the rain. She looked so miserable it made Lisa smile. "Please Ms. Simon your pet is very sorry and will not question you ever again.Your pet will obey you and never attack you again. Please allow your pet to remove her ass plug and relieve her cramps." begged Mary as her body doubled over in pain. "Well pet I don't know that you have been punished enough for your behavior." "Please Ms.

Simon your pet will behave. Your pet will do anything to make up for her lack of respect and self control."pleaded the defeated teacher. " I will give you a test pet. If you pass the test I will permit you to remove the plug but if you fail the plug will stay in for the night." "Ms. Simon your pet will work to please you and pass your test." "Perhaps you should hear the test first my pet. I will release your wrists and elbows. You will then crawl back out bubble butt blondie whore pussy banged by huge hard dick the yard and fuck yourself to orgasm with your favorite black toy.

(Which Lisa throws on into the yard where Mary's pee had mixed with the rain and the mud). If you orgasm in 5 minutes I will permit your to remove the plug from your ass, put it in your mouth, squat with your ass on the ground and relieve yourself." Mary knew she had no choice but to try to please Lisa no matter how disgusting her requests.

She couldn't stand the cramps all night. "Your pet will try to meet your expectations." "You realize the penalty if you disappoint me again?" "Yes Ms. Simon your biggest bbc in beautiful ass understands." Her guts were twisted in pain and she had doubts about being able to cum in 5 minutes but she had to try.

Mary stood so Lisa could release her teacher's wrists and elbows from behind her back. "Go." Mary's arms and hands were stiff and useless until the blood circulation painfully returned to her limbs. Dropping to her knees she immediately crawled out into the pouring rain and mud.

She found the black monster her owner had tossed into the mud and jammed the filthy phallus into her sopping pussy. Despite her knotted insides and the humiliation, or maybe because of it, she was dripping and her clit was swollen and protruding from its protective cover. Mary felt the muddy black dildo slide over her clit and deep into her steaming slit until it bumped the plug wedged firmly in her ass sending shivers through her tormented body.

Mary found herself kneeling in the mud with her make-up and hair destroyed by the pouring rain, her insides stabbing her with constant jabs of pain, and thinking of nothing else other than achieving orgasm to please her owner, student, so that she can be free to stuff the shit covered plug in her ass into her mouth and be free of the pain encompassing her body.

Where will it end? Sliding the black rubber cock in and out of her spread pussy lips kneeling in the mud and filth Mary was quite a sight. Lisa knew she was close to having a very compliant little pet.

After tomorrow she will be totally beaten. With 30 seconds to spare the shivering drenched teacher succumbed to a powerful orgasm while kneeling in the rain in her back yard. She was overwhelmed by the intensity of her passion. When Lisa saw her pet thrashing in the mud in the unbridled passion of a powerful orgasm she smiled to herself and gave Mary permission to continue the test.

Mary understood what she had to do next and while repulsed at what she had to do she literally had no choice. Squatting in the mud she removed the plug and without hesitation shoved the smelly thing into her wide spread mouth. Dropping her ass to the mud there was an immediate explosion of liquid shit from her open ass. The shit had such force it splashed onto the ground and all over the relieved teacher. The shit kept coming and coming as her body relieved itself of the pressure that had been building for hours.

The exhausted teacher remained squatting in her own mess in her high heel shoes and collar as the rain beat on her spent body. She didn't have the strength to bombshell victoria june gets her pussy plowed hard. Lisa tossed her pet a small lounge cover from the porch and ordered her to sleep where she was for the night. "You are to sleep right there tonight pet. You are not to move from that spot or get up off the ground.

If you need to relieve yourself any further just do it there." Mary couldn't believe that Lisa expected her to sleep in the mess she had been forced to make.

It was raining and cold and the area where she was told to sleep was disgusting. She removed the filthy plug from her stretched mouth and was about to object when she came to the realization that to protest would only create further problems and pain.

"Yes Ms. Simon." the beaten teacher replied. "Put the plug back in your mouth until you are given permission to remove it. Good night pet." said Lisa as she turns and goes into the warm dry house not even looking back as Mary puts the plug back in her mouth and sinks into the smelly brown mess.

Mary tried to block her situation from her mind as she covered her abused body with the cover as best she could to try to get warm. The pills, beans and caster oil worked through the night as the once respected teacher wallowed in her own excrement dreaming about thick young cocks filling her every opening in her body as her body and mind continued to betray her.