Mackenzee is on the sofa getting banged hard

Mackenzee is on the sofa getting banged hard
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It had been a week since the events of Prom and its after party had occurred. Jake and the rest of the senior class had been spending most of their time planning and conducting their pre-graduation shenanigans and getting ready for their finals.

With high school nearly over, the sudden realization of Jake's lack of forward planning hit him. He had all of his eggs into one basket, expecting an athletic scholarship, or getting selected in the MLB draft. With little interest from scouts and his baseball team's unceremonious end to the season, he no longer had the ability to showcase his talent in game situations.

With their first free weekend in three months, the senior players were all having a get together at the team's first basemen, Kevin Connor's house. His parents happened to be out of town for the week for their anniversary. This gave the teammates a perfect setting to hang out one last time before graduation; the fact there would be no adult supervision was just the icing on the cake. Early in the week the plan was for the team to kick back, watch some ESPN highlights, play some video games, and have a few beers.

Although Jake didn't get a chance to meet up with Katie and Chloe together during the week after prom, he was able to sneak off during lunch with Katie for a quickie one day and Chloe on another. The three teens promised to get together for lunch on Sunday, but nobody was sure if they would have time, or would be able to host for the sexual activities the three normally conducted, but vowed to make something work.

Emma, the hotel concierge, had written her number down, and Jake had texted Emma on a few occasions throughout the week. Their exchange quickly progressed from pleasantries to sexting and the two traded pictures with each other. They were unable to meet up due to Emma working the evening shift, but the two promised to work something out in the weeks after graduation. During the week, Jake reflected on the last few months and how sexual maturity he had gone through since his 18th birthday.

He rejoiced in knowing that his experiences likely far exceeded most of his classmates but he was also simultaneously saddened at the thought of losing the amount of sheer volume of women he had available to him after the summer. With the thought of Katie going to college, he started wondering how far his current relationship would truly go. New xxx sex stories porn story 2019 new would be going to a college in Texas next year, while he was likely going to have to get a job to be able to afford to go to the local community college which was only a few towns away.

Considering her lack of effort on maintaining a long term relationship when he was on spring break, he doubted it would last, but committed himself to living in the moment, figuring it out at the end of summer. It was Thursday evening when he received a text from his best friend and teammate Chris. "Hey bro, the plan for the weekend has changed slightly.

We are going to a strip club and see if we can try to get one or two of the strippers to head back to Kevin's with us. I heard a rumor that someone from the school is dancing there now too." "Strippers?" Jake thought to himself, "what amateurs." He momentarily considered Emma before recalling that her work schedule interfered. As Friday night came, Jake quickly realized it was his only day to study for finals, since the party was Saturday and his date with the girls was Sunday.

He secluded himself in his room, buckled down and started to study. An hour into it, he was momentarily interrupted by activity downstairs, hearing chatter coming from the living room. As he continued his bookwork, he faintly heard Alexis welcome Candice in, and he presumed that she would be in for the night as the two teens were probably studying together for finals the same as him.

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He just hoped they wouldn't get too loud, or barge in and interrupt him. He locked his door and put his headphones on just to be safe. By midnight, he had a warm and fuzzy on his study material. He headed down to the kitchen, grabbing a soda and heating some pizza rolls as a midnight snack.

As he walked down the hallway to his room, he could have sworn he heard soft moans emanating from his sister's room at the end of the hall. He froze and tried listening again, but heard nothing. He figured he was just imagining them due to the conversation playgirl acquires her cunt pounded at last overheard last weekend. He shook his head, clearing his mind of the thoughts and went back to his room. He turned the TV on, and watched an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 as he lay in bed and enjoyed his food.

He didn't even feel himself drift to sleep. Jake had been dreaming about diving in Mexico's clear blue waters with Valentina. Which brought his dream to the amazing sex they had together in the hotel, it was so realistic that he could even feel the warm, wet embrace of her mouth as it worked its way along his shaft."Oh fuck yeah, Valentina" He said as his hands instinctively reached down to hold excited gorgeous teen in a virgin sex act hardcore russian the back of Valentina's head .

It was when he grabbed a fistful of hair that things didn't add up. He wearily opened his eyes, and in the moonlight could see the blonde hair of Candice bobbing up and down on his cock.

"Who's Valentina?" She asked inquisitively, stopping her sucking to ask the question. "A girl I met in Mexico." Jake responded sleepily "Keep going, please don't stop" Candice obliged and slowly and steadily slurped on Jake's cock for a few minutes before the warmth stopped. "Alright, my turn," Candice said. She stood up and in the moonlight Jake looked over at her as she pulled up her t-shirt and pulled down her shorts. She wasn't wearing anything underneath, Jake's eyes were drawn to her full breasts as they would rise and fall in sync with her breathing.

She climbed on his bed and straddled over his face, allowing Jake to make out the outline of a landing strip above her slit, which was not something he had not noticed in his previous encounters with Candice. "I've wanted to sit on your face ever since I sucked you off downstairs" She said softly as she lowered her hips onto her mark.

Jake, still in a sleepy stupor, did his best and let his tongue roam around Candice's slit. He gently licked her inner thighs, before working his way in towards her folds, until he his tongue probed into her pussy. He let his tongue lap at her interior walls for a minute before continuing to explore her.

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He licked his way up to her clit and started licking and sucking on it. Candice made it hard for Jake to keep his mouth latched onto one area of her pussy, since Candice's hips were rocking and rolling in delight on his face. He alternated his method up slightly, and used his chin to apply pressure across her clit which caused her hips to gyrate in approval.

Candice recovered from the clitoral play and was leaning backwards with her hands on her ankles. This position gave Jake access to her rosebud, and after passing the sniff test, he stuck his tongue out and licked his tongue along her asshole.

"Oh that tickles" She shrieked as her body jumped in reaction. "I'm not sure if I like that yet" She said, taking a moment to think as she changed the subject. "I want you to fuck me now."She said passionately. Jake was ready to get his dick wet, and that was perfect news for this situation.

"Do you have a condom?" She asked as she repositioned herself over his waist, thrusting her slit over his shaft, coating it with her juices. "Yeah," he said, as he reached over to nannyspy lonely dad seduces busty brunette nanny amia miley nightstand and grabbed one from the top drawer.

"Do you know how to put one on?" Jake asked, as he offered her the wrapper.

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Candice nodded in silence as she took the wrapper. Tearing it open, she took the condom and rolled down Jake's shaft. "Ribbed for your pleasure" Jake joked as Candice shifted her weight on the bed to allow the now shielded cock to enter her depths. She lowered her body weight onto Jake, and elicited a moan as his girth filled her pussy. Even though Jake had been close to cumming when Candice was blowing nasty and wet japanese oral stimulation hardcore blowjob in his sleep, the time licking Candice's pussy delayed his own orgasm.

Jake was now fully awake, and he reached up to hold onto each of Candice's' globes that were swaying above him while she bounced her hips up and down on him.

Jake lifted his head up and sucked on each of her nipples, wetting them with his saliva and then blowing on them, which caused her nipples to stand erect. She leaned forward and kissed Jake passionately, "I want you to fuck me as hard as you can." Jake cupped her kinky teen rachael madori pussy slammed by throbbing cock fingering pornstar and started thrusting into her as fast as his hips would allow.

"Come on, you have to be able to fuck me better than that" She said lightheartedly. Jake took one of his fingers and ran it along the base of his cock, getting it slick with her juices that were running down the condom.

He continued thrusting into her pussy with reckless abandon, while his freshly coated finger made its way to her puckered asshole and applied pressure to it as she slid down his cock. He pressed his digit in until his first knuckle before she softly told him to stop. He dutifully did, and started to withdraw his digit. "I didn't say you had to take it out, just don't go any further" She whispered in his ear, and then smiled at him in the moonlight.

Jake wiggled his finger to further stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in her ass, which resulted in moans of encouragement from the busty blonde on top of him. Jake's digit remained emplaced to the first knuckle as Candice rocked her hips on his cock, reveling in the pleasure of her pussy stretched by Jake's fat cock and a finger in her ass. Jake withdrew his finger from her ass, which resulted in a discontented sigh from Candice before his hand cracked across her before he instructed her to get on her belly so he can finish.

Once in position Jake found her hole and slid in. He used all of his weight and began to plow into her at breakneck speeds, despite the dulled senses from the condom he was starting to push him close. "Put a finger back in my ass" Candice said over her shoulder. Ever the gentleman, Jake obliged and after licking his thumb, pressed it against her asshole until it was in. He left it there as he continued to pound away at her snatch for the next few minutes before he felt that oh so familiar feeling between his legs.

"I'm going to cum soon," he groaned. "Cum for me, I want to feel your cock throb inside me" Candice whimpered seductively over her shoulder. A few thrusts later and his balles boiled over, and he shot his load deep inside the condom. He knew it was a lot, and felt 6-7 thick spurts leave his cock.

Candice's walls clenched around his cock as she his penis pulsate inside her. "Oh fuck that was good" She said "Now I can see why everyone talks about letting a guy finish inside them" Jake slowly withdrew his finger from her ass, and could feel the walls of her pussy gripping tight on his member as he withdrew it, not wanting to let it go.

An audible pop was heard as the tip of his head exited her walls. She turned around almost immediately, pushed him on his back and grabbed the base of his deflating cock before pulling the condom off and spilling its contents over his groin.

She kneeled at the edge of the bed, and positioned him so he was sitting on the edge as well. She gently started kissing her way around his now deflated cock, and was mopping up the puddles of his cum with her tongue. "I didn't realize fully appreciate how good you cum tastes until last weekend" She said after she cleaned him up. Nothing else was said as Candice threw her t-shirt and shorts on and Jake's eyes were fixated on her ass swaying underneath her shorts as she left the room.

Jake didn't even bother putting anything back on and just went back to sleep. He awoke the next morning around 11am to an empty house. He washed up before getting dressed and making indian couple homemade sex bhabhi in bedroom with her hubby suck and fuck way to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat before continuing to study for the next few hours until he was due to meet with his teammates.

At 6pm, Jake made his way over to Kevin's house, and the seniors all jumped into a few cars and carpooled to a local burger joint. After the crew had chowed down, they all got back in their cars and headed to the strip club across town.

The teens made their way into the strip club and all got seating in the same area. Jake watched a few of the dancers as they were on stage, one or two looked familiar, but nobody really drew his interest too much. A few of the dancers came up and chatted with them for a little bit and offered a private dance. Jake politely declined but a few of his teammates, including Chris, readily agreed to. About 10 lesbian hairy armpits kissing spit dirty scat group later, Chris came out with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"She's the one bro!" "Dude, you're not marrying a stripper, what would your future children think?" Jake joked back. "Not talking about marriage dipshit, I'm talking about for tonight!" Chris said giddily. "She's going to ask to see if anybody else wants in. Talk about lucking out bro!" "More like fucking out!"One of the teammates said. "Touché" Chris replied as he took a seat and started telling everybody else the plan.

The current dance on the main stage had just ended, and the PA chimed in "Please put your hands together for Rebel!" Jake's eyes were brought to the stage as he feasted on the next girl sauntered out wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

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She was short, lean, and had a faux-hawk. "Wait, is that Dani from school?" Chris asked as he nudged Jake. "Yeah that's definitely her," Jake affirmed while the rest of the team nodded agreement. "I thought she was a dyke," One of the teammates commented. "Don't need to be into men to take your clothes off for money, I guess we know the rumors are true," another retorted. The team shrugged in agreement and came to a consensus they would leave after Dani's dance was over.

Dani took her time on stage, suggestively swinging her hips to the music. Jake could tell she didn't have the same kerala sex pine tihgt facking of experience or confidence that the other dancers had, but she had enthusiasm.

As her clothes came off, money started coming on stage, mostly from some of the 30-40 somethings in the crowd. As she got down to her panties, she bent over and pulled the fabric to the side, showing a butt-plug that had been hidden throughout her performance. Once the crowd saw this, the money really started flying until the dance was over, and Dani began to make her way off stage.

As she was walking towards the back, Jake saw her look at his group's direction and gave them a playful wink. With the dance over, and the entertainment for the night found, the team started getting ready to leave while Chris was dealing with the last minute details for the night's events.

"Alright gents, Roxy will get done in 30 minutes, I gave her the address, and she will meet us at Kevin's place" Chris informed his teammates as they walked through the parking lot.

Everyone got in their cars and drove back to Kevin's house and they all sat back and watched highlights on ESPN while they waited for the girls to arrive. Jake whipped out his phone and texted his teacher "Did you know Dani was a stripper?" The reply was almost instant "Yeah, how else do you think I got her wrapped around my finger?

She's not going to college; she just didn't want the word to get out" "Well secret is out now, the team knows at least" "What a shame, I was hoping to get her face between my legs once more before she graduated. But if secret's out I won't have much leverage anymore" Ms. Dyers responded. Damn, this bitch is manipulative as fuck. Jake thought to himself as he replied "I wouldn't mind seeing that." "What? This?" She responded followed by a picture of Dani lapping at Ms.

Dyer's pussy. "Exactly that," Jake said as he remembered the orgy he had at his teachers' house. *ding dong* The sound of the doorbell alerted the teens to the arrival of the nights entertainment. "I skinny beauty with long legs gets laid tho, party with a few friends" Jake replied as he put his phone in his pocket.

Commotion had filled the air as a few of the teammates went to the front door to let the girls in. When they entered the living room, Jake recognized both of them immediately.

He didn't get a good look at Chris' dancer at the club, but once she stood in Kevin's living room he immediately remembered her from his freshman year of high school. Michelle had been a Senior during his freshman year, and was easily the hottest girl in school at that point. She was a charismatic, natural redhead, and was on both the cheerleading and gymnastic teams. He, along with every other warm blooded male in the school, had spent a few nights fantasizing about her as he first started to find the joys of masturbation.

The other was Dani, who turned out to be Michelle's plus one. They each stood in front of the group of seven teenage boys in regular street clothes. Michelle had a pair of tight jeans and a tank top, which revealed a pair of tits about the size of a C-cup. Dani was in a pair of combat boots, leggings, and a baggy hoodie. "So how do we do this?" Chris opened with, "Money now or after?" "After is fine," Michelle replied, "Where is the bathroom?

We need to freshen up." "Down the hall and second door on the left," Kevin informed while Chris started collecting money from the teammates. Jake wasn't happy paying for something he could get readily from a number of sources, but Michelle was one of his fantasies growing up, and he couldn't pass up blond asian fisher girl is fucking fun chance, paid or free.

"Wait, I thought Dani didn't like guys, are we only getting one?" One of the teammates asked before handing his money over. "She wouldn't be here if she didn't want cock, anyways even if she didn't we get to see her lez out with Michelle, and that would still be worth the money," their right fielder said.

"A valid point! besides, it's Michelle fucking Miller! Stop complaining and pay up" Chris said as layla london laying layla london collected the remaining cash and set it on the counter. It only took a few minutes after the money was collected for the girls to come back out. They stood in the middle of the living room and Michelle began kissing Dani. They shared a few tender kisses to start with, but it quickly became very aggressive, and they were soon running their hands over each other's bodies and started taking each other's clothes off.

As each of their bras came off and their breasts came into view, Jake's previous estimate was correct, and he could see their tits were about the same size.

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Dani broke the kiss and started kissing her way down Michelle's body, stopping at her exposed nipples for a moment before working her way down her belly. Dani dropped to her knees and started to undue Michelle's jeans, and pulled them down. This brought her thong clad butt into Jake's view, it was exactly what he envisioned it would be.

Dani pulled down the thong and Michelle stepped out of it, kicking it across the room and landing at one of the boy's feet, who picked it up and sniffed it. By now all the guys had their cocks in their hands, each in a varying state of hardness. Michelle had dropped to her knees as well, and gave Dani a kiss before whispering something to her. Dani nodded in understanding, and lay down on her back. Michelle straddled her face and lowered her hips so she was resting on Dani's mouth.

"Oh fuck yes, eat that cunt" Michelle screamed out as Dani lapped at her pussy. "Now someone give me some cock!" Three of the boys immediately stood up and made their way to Michelle, cocks pointed at her face, waiting eagerly for attention.

Michelle did her best, and grabbed two of the cocks and placed her mouth on the third. Michelle started going to town on the three cocks in front of her, and within minutes one of them had already blown their load.

Michelle's tits were covered in cum as it ran down her body while she continued to work on the other two. "Get out from under there, I think I'll need some help here in a second" Michelle instructed to Dani. Dani followed Michelle's lead and slid out from underneath her and kissed her way up Michelle's body, lapping at the cum that drizzled down it.

Dani crawled towards Chris and Kevin, who were sitting next to each other on the couch, and started sucking their cocks. Meanwhile, Michelle had finished up her second cock, and was ferociously blowing the last cock in front of her. Kevin had gotten up, leaving Dani to solely pay attention to Jake's best friend. Kevin grabbed an ottoman from the next room, and slid it in the middle of the living room.

"Go ahead and lay down" He instructed to Michelle. Michelle stopped her fellatio and lay down on the ottoman, with her head at one end and her hips at another. The teammate who had just been in her mouth moved around and slid his cock in her pussy, while Kevin placed the tip of his dick was Michelle's mouth, which she eagerly began to suck.

Jake got up and stepped out of his pants, and walked behind Dani who was still in her leggings and combat boots. He peeled down her leggings revealing a lack of underwear, and the butt-plug she had in from her time on stage was still in. "I wonder if she is just as depraved as Katie is?" Jake thought to himself as he stroked his cock and lined it up with Dani's pussy.

As he entered her, she stopped sucking on Chris' cock and looked over her shoulder, wanting to see who was entering her. She gave him a knowing smile and resumed her oral assault on his best friend.

The two friends each held hawt sex with lovely pretty girl hardcore blowjob their hands as they Eiffel Towered the schools not so closeted lesbian. On the ottoman, Kevin continued to fuck Michelle's throat with little regard for her own well being. "Yeah, you like that don't you, you little slut. You used to be the prom queen, now you sell your body for money.

Suck my cock just like that you fucking whore." Kevin called out. Michelle had little to say besides moaning against the foreign invader in her throat. Craig, the right fielder, who was still fucking her pussy, started getting close to blowing his own load.

He pulled out of Michelle's snatch and painted his load over her belly, the mixed semen from the teens starting to look like an abstract painting on the former prom queen's body. Kevin stopped fucking her mouth, and moved to the other side of the ottoman, and settled between her legs.

He aimed his cock at her used pussy and started hammering away at it. Jake's cock was sliding in and out of Dani's cunt while Chris still getting head from their now bisexual classmate when Jake looked over his shoulder and noticed that Michelle had a hole available.

"Here you go bro, the pussy is all yours, I'm going to go get some dome from Miss Prom Queen over there" Jake said to his friend. He withdrew his cock, moved across the room, and wagged his cock which glistened with Dani's juices in the light over Michelle's face.

As he looked down, he saw her eyes widen in shock as she looked up at the thick cock above her. "Mmm, yes please" She muttered to herself before licking her lips in anticipation.

Michelle's mouth opened and invited Jake's cock into its warm embrace. She greedily slurped up her co-worker's juices from his cock as she took him down her throat. Jake let Michelle do the work, admiring her oral skills as he scanned the room. Dani had repositioned herself, and was riding Chris on the couch. Chris had a mouth on one of her tits while Dani sucked on the balls of one of guys. Kevin looked over and saw the Dani's ass riding on his teammate, which gave him a surge of inspiration.

He vacated Michelle's pussy, let his cock lead the way, and walked over to the action on the couch. Kevin's fingers caressed the crack of Dani's ass as they reached for the butt-plug to pull it out.

Dani sensed this and relaxed her sphincter as the toy in her ass was removed. She had a momentary feeling of emptiness until the toy was replaced with Kevin's cock. Dani now had a cock in each of her holes and she loved every minute of it. Michelle's moans echoed throughout the room as Jake pounded his hips into hers. Jake was finally living out one of his fantasies as he fucked the former state champion gymnast.

Michelle was writhing beneath him, as she neared her first orgasm. The first two boys that fucked her this evening were only in it for themselves, but the handsome stud currently plowing into her had not only a fantastic cock, but knew exactly what to do with it. Her legs shot in the air as the orgasm took over her body. "HOLY FUCK!" Michelle screamed out, causing everyone in the room to look over at her while she came.

"You fucked me so good! I haven't came like that in ages, I think you've earned my ass" She continued. Jake withdrew his cock from her pussy, aimed it at her backdoor, and pushed it in gently. After some adjustment he angelina castro amp virgo take yummy cumshot to the face buried to the hilt in her ass and rubbed her clit with one of his thumbs.

As he was fucking her ass, he looked over and noticed that Dani was now on all fours on the couch, with Kevin still in her ass, and Chris and a teammate jacking off on each side of her face. They soon spent their loads on each side of her face before she sucked the remaining load out of their spent cocks.

Most of the team had already gotten dressed and left, leaving Chris to recover while Jake and Kevin continued fucking each of the girls in their asses. Kevin was the next to shoot his load, firing it deep inside Dani's asshole. Jake followed a few minutes later and added his jizz to the mural of semen that coated Michelle's body. Once recovered Dani walked over and sat on Michelle's face, allowing the redhead to lick out the cum oozing out of the brunette's rectum.

Dani cleaned the fresh and dried cum off of Michelle's body with siri big ass and titties white piece tongue as her co-worker's tongue was busy near her ass.

Once the two girls had their mouths loaded with the teen's seed, they kissed and shared the tastes on their tongues with each other. "Fuck that was hot," Chris said, breaking the silence. "Yeah it was," Michelle said "I haven't had a train run on me like that since high school. What did you think Dani?" "I didn't know what I was missing out on.

Pussy is great, but a real cock feels so much better than a fake one," Dani replied. "Mind if we clean up and use your shower?" Michelle added. "Yeah go for it, shower is upstairs" Kevin said as he regained his composure on the couch. The girls grabbed their clothes and made their way upstairs to the shower while the guys each threw on shorts and recollected their recent shared experience until the girls came back downstairs.

Michelle looked at her phone, "It's not even midnight, still early, still want to hang out? Or are you the ejaculate and evacuate type like the rest of your friends?" She added with a smile.

"I'm down to chill" Kevin added, "You can even crash here if you want, my folks won't be back for a few days." "Sound good to you Dani? I'll give you a ride back home in the morning." Michelle asked her fellow stripper. "Yeah I'm cool with that" Dani replied. "So do you think you can borrow us some clothes to sleep in? I don't feel like sleeping in jeans" Michelle asked the boys. "Yeah, give me a few minutes" Kevin said as he went to his room to grab some comfortable clothes for the ladies.

The five of them settled in and watched a movie to kill some time. Halfway through, the girls got bored and started making out, causing all attention to be shifted towards them.

In almost no time at all, they were all naked and the five of them were back at it again. Chris and Kevin were both getting pleased by Blonde beauty shakilla astti is picked up by a guy and fucked, while Dani turned her attentions towards Jake. "I know it was you in the mask at Ms. Dyers' house" She said as she began kissing his neck.

"What, how?" He asked, momentarily worried that his relationship with his teacher would be exposed. Sensing his anxiety, "relax, I won't tell anyone," She reassured "But seriously, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know you were on the baseball team.

That's actually part of the reason I'm here tonight, I wanted to figure out who it belonged too. Once I felt your cock enter my pussy, I knew it was you. You gave me a very memorable first time with a guy, and for that I thank you" Dani said before kissing her way down his chest, and taking his cock in her mouth. It wasn't great head, but head is head.

Jake knew she was very inexperienced with a real cock, she even admitted he took her virginity, but she was eager to please and Jake was telling her what to do. Over the next 10 minutes Jake had coached her to be a serviceable cock sucker. "You're a fast learner" he said. "Thanks, I've had a good teacher" She replied. "Who me or Ms. Dyers?" Jake joked causing the two of them to laugh. Dani got off her knees, straddled Jake's cock and lowered herself on it. She relished the feeling of fullness Jake's cock gave her as she rode it up and down.

The two shared a slow and sensual fuck as they bonded over their formerly anonymous sexual encounter at their teacher's house. Jake whispered in her when he was about to cum, she thanked him for the courtesy, and kept riding him at a faster pace. Jake warned her again before he shot his daddy knows better and while taking care of companion playfellows daughter first time deep in her pussy.

"Thank you for opening a new world to me Jake Stevens" She said passionately, before giving him a kiss on the lips. The two teens stayed as one as they both looked over while Chris and Kevin both shot their loads together into Michelle's open mouth.

Dani slowly raised herself off of Jake's cock, careful to keep all of his seed in her while she sat down next to him and beckoned Michelle over to clean her cunt out. Michelle mixed the three boy's loads together in Dani's snatch and her own mouth before swallowing them.

The entire group was utterly exhausted and readily agreed it was time for bed, crashing on whatever surface they were able to find. The next morning, Jake woke to both of the girls sucking him off. Michelle brought her finger to her lips, telling him to be silent and between the two of them; they gave him morning head to remember. He shot his load into Michelle's mouth before both of the girls thanked him for last night before they going their separate ways.

Jake left shortly afterwards, and headed home to wash the stench of sex off of him before his lunch date with the girls. Lunch was uneventful, and mostly consisted of small talk for finals week.

Afterwards, they drove off to a secluded spot outside of town and had a quickie in the car. Jake shot his load over Chloe's face, and Katie happily licked it up. After their quickie Jake bid the girls farewell, wished them luck with finals, and that he would see them at school.