Tamanna without dress sex images

Tamanna without dress sex images
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I am Ashema Bajpai, now known by name of Ashema Darling. I am a 31 year old married gal working as the chair woman and the top boss of an MNC group adorable chicks know how to satisfy every other lesbian dildo India. Having done my MBA, I am a glamour model and a highly successful and respected business woman. I am an extremely attractive woman, cute, very beautiful, sexy and gorgeous. My height is 172 cm and a soft velvety skin with a milky fair complexion.

My vital statistics are outstanding at 37 25 37. In fact, I am proud of my bottom assets; having a glorious and gorgeous juicy curvy pear shaped ass. Being a glamour model, I have to take care of my body and make it hot and seductive. I believe men will drool when I wear a tight dress or jeans or expose my hot body or assets.

My long legs look gorgeous in skinny or super tight joggings, denims or suit pants and I know all the tricks to make a man notice me and trap them. In fact my boobs are worth watching and remain swollen and hard with big nipples (when fully hard my erect nipples stand out at a length of 1.5 inches), which are almost always erect and hard. Wearing tight dresses and denims, I can walk in the most killer way when I swing my ass and buttocks up and down as I sashay down. I have the most sexy and gorgeous gait.

I use my buttocks most voluptuously to catch attention of greedy dog like males and cause them extreme erections, which I know.

Further, I sport a shoulder length hair style combing them back, and from the back of the sides of my hair I comb them forward and thick locks of hair kiss my cheeks as they swing freely on my rosy cheeks.

I also like to keep my finger amateur teen couple strip fuck on webcam well maintained and normally up to a length of an inch; the sharp long nails when painted red or other color make my fingers look extremely beautiful. I can use my physical assets to my advantage. I am a highly ambitious gal and have achieved whatever I want in my life. Continuing my first story, the client returns after getting clean, he sits on sofa besides me.

Lighting a cigarette and having a sip of wine, I come on his lap and rub my butts on his thighs and crotch.

I pull him by his hair and plant a passionate and wet kiss on his mouth and then kiss and bite his cheeks and pull his lips between my teeth, as he moans loudly. Sucking his lips with my hot lips, I grind my ass on his crotch area. I take his hands and put them on my tits and ask him to rub them fast and pull my nipples between his fingers. Being normally semi erect or erect, my nipples harden quickly and get fully erect and extremely hard like red grapes of large size.

Soon, I can feel hardness under my butts as I grind my ass fast. My nipples are boiling with passion as their sexy legal age teenager awesome cutie keeps is visible against the tight fabric of my micro mini. Finally, after half an hour of this, the client has difficulty in controlling his rock hard erection that was getting visible and harder and harder every minute.

Seeing his quality of erection and the speed with which he has got so hard makes me believe that he is a virgin. My blood began to race in my body making me hotter; fucking a virgin is so exciting and fulfilling.

I turned towards him and hugged him tight rubbing my boobs on his chest and French kissing him hard. He was rubbing my ass and caressing all over my buttocks area. I took his hand and asked him to rub my ass and the area around asshole. Being pleased, my asshole blasts suddenly in a loud nasty gas blow pppoo poooo. I was getting very horny and facing him I climbed on his shoulders and pulled his head under my dress.

He just sucked, kissed and licked my upper inner thighs with his long tongue. As his tongue moved over my fevered flesh, digging its way deep into my hot waiting slit, sliding back and forth over my hardened clit (my clit had enlarged and was erect and hard like a small cock), and poking its way into my tight love hole, I started moaning.

The touch of a man's tongue was most pleasant on my pussy lips and I became wet almost instantaneously.

He looked up at me as he was doing this and watched as my beautiful eyes rolled to the back of my head. I just licked my lips and winked at him. As he continued licking and sucking, my head rolled backwards and a loud moan escaped my lips. I then clamped his head against my cunt and again moaned softly, bucking my hot and lovely slender hips into his face. I bent myself down as his hands reached up and started to knead my breasts.

My nipples went ultra hard to his touch and I pressed his hands with mine to increase the pressure. He gently inserted one finger into my well-lubed vagina and I began fucking his innocent kitten stretches tight cunt and gets deflorated fingers with my pussy, as I moved slowly and evenly, he was concentrating his mouth on my clit.

Soon I was coming, an incredible orgasm wracking my body and I screamed out. A steady stream of cunt juice like a fountain ran into his waiting mouth as I climaxed against him. As he was drinking my hot, fresh and spicy cream of pussy juices smelling the intoxicating spicy hot smell of my private parts, I rubbed my puss fast and ground my puss hole on his face; he was amazed and was feeling the sticky pussy juices coming out; I could feel the stickiness of my hot juices on his face and mouth as well as my upper thighs and my ass and asshole.

After rubbing for 10 minutes, I came down and French kissed him again biting his lips hard, as I felt my sticky hot cream on his mouth. He says, "Oh my sex goddess, Ashema, you are a truly great woman.

I consider myself lucky to be fucked by you and loose my virginity to my sex goddess." I lovingly say, "Ya babe! I told you that. You should be obliged lifelong for getting the fuck of your life. You will soon know how hot and sexy I am and you would really relish a fuck from me." Now being extremely hot and horny, I pushed him on the sofa and ripped his shirt apart as it tore with a satisfying sound. I was now lying on him fully completely covering his topless body with my hot body.

I loosened his pants and pulled it down and I could now see his fascinating and gorgeous lovely 11 inch fully erect massive virgin rod. Licking my lips, I told him I liked his monster cock very much and expected him to satisfy my pussy. I massaged his cock with my hands and then rubbed his balls between my palms pinching them with my nails. He moaned loudly and begged me to do it to him and fuck him hard.

Seeing his lovely passionate cock, my pussy got red hot and was just getting impatient for a hard fuck. I hugged him hard holding him tight with my arms as I dug my 1 inch long sharp finger nails deep on his back and started moving my nails on the back of his body. Oiled up smoking hot slut does anal pornstars big tits was moaning and screaming loudly partly due to pleasure and partly due to pain of my sharp nails.

I told jayden starr fatty ass on cock pornstars hardcore to shut up and slapped him hard 4 times on his face; to shut him up I put my mouth on his mouth and started French kissing him. He was completely naked and I kinky trannies use their hard dicks hardcore and blowjob on top of him and raising my dress a little (micro mini dresses are so good always, you can fuck anywhere and anytime you or your pussy desires), I sat putting my buttocks on top of his hard cock and then taking his cock tight between my thighs.

His hard cock rubbed and kissed my thighs; as the way I swung and moved my buttocks ravishing blonde gets rammed in a threesome group sex and big tits touch of his cock extending up to my ass hole. He could feel the heat of my ass and asshole, as he was moaning.

I started moving up and down, and his cock moved right from my tight love hole (honey pot) between my thighs and buttocks under my anal area, in fact it was moving under and all along my ass crack. He was begging me to fuck him as he was feeling too horny and remarked on my horniness and amazing stamina for sex.

I moved a little and with my pussy hole on his cock tip, I suddenly thrust my pussy down on his hard cock. He screamed as his cock slid in my hot wet pussy and I moaned loudly. Another push down, it was full in my juicy creamy pussy as my hot honey pot swallowed his big rod completely.

My pussy was boiling with heat and steamy passion, I loved his hardness and the size of his cock as it filled my hot love pot fully and tightly. My pussy had clamped down on his cock gripping it tight and hard and he was moaning in ecstasy. I used my vagina muscles to squeeze his cock at the base of his penis and then gripping with my pussy muscles, I started to move up and down.

Meanwhile, as I was enjoying fucking and riding him, I put one of my tits in his mouth and ordered him to suck it hard. His other hand was rubbing my other hard boob. As he was sucking my tits, I started pumping up and down and he started moaning loudly as I was squeezing his cock with my vaginal muscles.

Initially, I was using long strokes on his cock as I moved up and down, my cunt was coming up to the base of his cock and then I took the full length out (except the cock knob.) I asked him to rub my buttocks with his free hand and finger my asshole area and put 3 fingers in and rub in out of my asshole.

Shortening my strokes, I pumped hard and fast increasing my speed; he was screaming loudly and as my pussy clenched hard at his cock rhythmically in and out and he ejaculated his cream hard in my pussy. My hot love hole had gripped his cock tightly as I moved up and down. As I started French kissing him again, his cock started shaking violently in my wet hot pussy as he came in thick creamy spurts; the ejaculation was very thick.

The quantity of cum was amazing; my pussy was gripping the cock still. I was French kissing him hard biting his lips and crushing my throbbing tits on his chest. I also came at the same time. My creamy juices came like a fountain as I was so horny now and it was flowing hard on his cock. Having my drinks and lighting a cigarette, I relaxed for 10 minutes with his cock inside my wet slippery hole; the cock was returning to normal size in my wet pussy.

My cunt was still sizzling with heat and required a hard fuck still; it had to be satisfied. As my passion subsided, I climbed up and sat on his mouth telling him to kiss, lick and suck my pussy hard and fast and lit another cigarette. I required full satisfaction now as my pussy was getting very steamy and burning with excitement. As he was licking and sucking my insatiable puss, the naughty love hole again started flowing like a fountain and thick juices were flowing freely on his face and his mouth.

In fact, the flow from my cunt was so much; my hot cream had filled up his nose also. I asked him to lick my pussy dry and drink in all the juices. He was surprised with the amount of cum juices I was producing and was licking my hot pussy like a greedy dog. My pussy flow was not decreasing and I wanted some hard fucking and decided to fuck his face and mouth.

I told him that I will be fucking his mouth and face now and he must drink in the cock tail of all my juices and cream flowing out. I opened my pussy lips apart and put his nose in my wet and steaming cunt hole. I fucked his nose for 10 minutes; he was screaming; I ejaculated my juicy cream inside his nose. Then I sat on his mouth and started rubbing and grinding my cunt on his mouth; I told him to taste and drink all my hot cream.

I turned around and then put my ass hole on his face; asking him to spread my ass cheeks and kiss and lick all over my ass and asshole.

Then I forced open his mouth and thrust my wet asshole in his mouth and with full force and power, I released a flurry of full blooded farts in his mouth and on his face, ppppoo ppppoo pppppoo. He was smelling and inhaling the nasty farts which were so spicy and intoxicating. I then told him to put his tongue in my asshole and lick inside my ass. Spreading my ass cheeks apart, I made him do this for 10 minutes, as he lick inside my asshole tasting my shit inside my ass hole.

After about 75 minutes my pussy got satisfied partly and the flow lessened, although juices were still coming they were at least not pouring from my hot hole.

I lit a cigarette sitting on his mouth and exploded another big gas fart; my asshole was hissing and whistling, poooo ppooo. My hot body and both of my hot holes (ass hole and pussy hole) were feeling better; the juice flow had lessened as he kept on licking and sucking my cunt for about 20 more minutes. As I relaxed, my expert hands found his tool inside his shorts and I started to massage its head. I was standing in front of him in a micro mini, with one leg on the sofa; the dress had naturally risen up and he could see my hot holes; I stood a less than half nude in front of him.

With my back towards him, I deliberately dropped my lighter down; I was close to his face, as I bent down to pick it up my mini raised up further, as my ass stared straight on his face; I love his gesture as he could not resist planting small kisses all over my ass, buttocks, hips and my asshole.

In fact, he started tonguing my ass hole right up to the vaginal pussy area.

Soft perfect feet and legs are worshiped

Before he could reach for me again, I pushed the copy of the final one page stamped document of the final portfolio agreement to him and told him to sign it, as I French kissed him again while I relaxed sitting on his lap and having my drinks and cigarette. He would have signed his own death warrant to see my semi naked body.

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To change things a little and to relax, I allowed him to be more active. The next minute he violently grabbed me and pulled me to him kissing my lips and kneading the swelled hard semi naked breasts. He grabbed me and holding my buttocks in his hands started to kiss me. I responded to his kiss and inserted my tongue in his mouth. He inhaled the scent of me deeply and pressed a kiss to my most intimate spot through the material of my micro mini dress.

When he saw my smooth fully shaven half naked cunt lips he went wild. Sitting on his knees, he knead it and then sucked at it. He used his teeth to bite me gently while I oohed and aaaaaahed. He hurriedly did as he was told, burying his face into my naked, fully shaven cunt. As he said, I was delicious, my sexiness was hot and wet, and the smell was intoxicating and incredibly sweet.

Hearing my praise from him, I deliberately blew my ass loudly ppppppooo as he smelt a hot powerful blow of stormy gas coming out of my naughty ass hole. Now we must play water sports.

Kissing him once more, I held his cock and pulled his cock taking him to the natural titted asian takes one in the face pompie. Sitting on the toilet seat, I asked him to kneel down on the floor and keep his mouth close to my bottoms, right in front of my love hole.

I raised my dress and moved ahead on the edge of the toilet seat. Pulling him by his hair, I told him to make his mouth level with my pussy opening. I pulled him again and when his mouth was about 2 inches away from my vagina, I let go off my golden showers (peed). Initially pissing on his face, I told him to open his mouth and pissed inside his mouth till his mouth was full of my golden liquid.

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I told him to taste and drink my golden liquid and he was telling me it is hot and good smelling. I ordered him to lie on the floor of bathroom. I climbed over his face and ebony hottie in neck trap and chains my asshole on his mouth.

Open your mouth, you stupid, I shouted. With my asshole 2 inches away from his mouth, I started to shit on his face. As I applied pressure, a large golden yellow turd descended slowly and seductively between my thighs and from my asshole in his mouth. I told him to taste it and finish it off.

Then again I pushed my asshole and another large turd came out from my asshole; along with my turds of shit, my gases were flowing out freely and nicely.

I told him to finish it and then lick and clean my ass hole. Till he finished off eating my kitty core cant get enough of an insane fucking, I went on the toilet and emptied the remaining asshole shit in the toilet shit. Then I ordered him to clean his mouth and then come to me.

After cleaning his mouth, I pushed him on the floor and got my asshole licked, sucked and cleaned. I warned him to clean it very carefully and no smell should come from my butts and asshole later. He had to watch carefully if any small speck of shit had stuck to my upper thighs, buttocks or my asshole. Then I asked him to lick my asshole very clean and I grinded my ass hole on his mouth. Convinced that my ass was now sparkling clean, I told him that I wanted a champagne bath. I asked him to order for 15 bottles of champagne, and fill ½ of the tub with water.

As he got the champagne, I told him to empty all of them in the bath tub. As he completed it, I told his sex goddess and his queen of sex was requiring a freshening bath. I took out my micro mini and he was amazed to see the most beautiful creation of god, so sexy and seductive.

He showered praises on my voluptuous body looking so hot. He said he never imagined a girl could be so sexy, hot and beautiful at the same time. I entered the tub and lay there for some time may be about 15 minutes.

I deliberately farted in the champagne and called him to join me now, bubbles of gas moved up from between my ass. We were now lying side by side in the tub and had hugged each other tight and glued our mouths tight. I pushed him down a little so his mouth was on my tits and asked him to suck them to make them swell more and harden. I was now playing with his hard cock; seeing me naked he had already got a massive erection.

I was rubbing his cock moving my hands up and down and he was moaning loudly. Sucking my boobs, he got my nipples very hard poking out like stone structures, my nipples are too big and when full erect become 1.5 inches in length. He was enamored by the hardness of my breasts and the size of my nipples and kept on sucking them hard.

After we were both hot, we turned a little and I was on top of amateur slut babe smoking cigarette while masturbating on the floor covering him with my naked body.

I hugged him hard digging my sharp claws on his back and moving the pointed nails on his back, he was groaning with the pain of my nails. I kissed him again French kissing him hard biting his lips and cheeks. I pulled his hairs and bit 3-4 times on his neck; he screamed in pain. I then used my sharp nails hard on his chest area, and I could see the clear marks of nails on him making me so happy and fully satisfied.

With my pussy already now wet due to extreme horniness and his cock like iron rod, I mounted on his cock and pushed my wet juicy puss hole on his cock tip. He moaned loudly, " Oh! Ashema babe, please. I pushed hard and thrust my pussy down and he screamed in pleasure. Gripping his cock tightly with my strong cunt muscles, I squeezed his cock with my cunt muscles and started moving up and down pumping and riding on his cock.

Gradually, I increased my speed and he my wife fantasises about others tube porn moaning aaahhhhhhh.

I was also moaning and felt coming any time. aaaaahhhhhh, I said and my pussy ejaculated hard on his cock and began to flow its juices thick and cream on his cock and in the tub. Pumping his cock hard up and down fast and deep, after 5 minutes, he unloaded a heavy load of thick cream in my hot honey pot, as he was unloading and ejaculating, I increased my speed and kept on fucking him; he was screaming aahhhhh, please Ashema, please Ashema stop aaaaaaa.

I kept on pumping, my pussy was boiling with heat and passion and flowed heavily, after 15 minutes fucking him hard, I was satisfied for the moment and moved up sitting on his face asking him to lick my pussy dry. He licked my steaming sizzling pussy for 15 minutes and licked it till it stopped flowing its cream and juices.

Coming out of the tub, I took a glass filled it half with champagne water of the tub, just bent forward and pissed in the glass; turning around, I used all my force to drop and ejaculate 2 turds of fresh shit in the glass. I got up and asked him to drink two glasses of it. "Oh! my darling sex goddess. You are really too hot. I have had the best moments of my life.

Really darling, I cannot live with you now and am your fully fledged slave Now he was completely in my clutches, I realized. "Sweet heart order for a full course dinner now. I am very hungry," I asked him. Also, ask the waiter to bring one pack of Marlboro and B&H each with on bottle of red wine." Ya babe!" he said, "your slave always at your service, my sweetie pie."