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Busty teen gets her wet muff hammered pornstars brunette
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The Knight and the Acolyte Book Ten: The Flaming Woman Chapter Five: Rain By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Faoril Asunow Princedom, The Princedoms of Zeutch The rain hammered my rain cloak, beating the oiled canvas. Water dripped off the peak, falling onto my saddle. It didn't help. The rain was too heavy. The road drank it in like the driest earth after a monsoon, becoming sodden, thick.

I didn't care. It was hard to care about anything after what happened an hour ago. I could still smell the reek of burning flesh, like it clung to us. The roar of the dragon's flames crackled through my mind. The single gout of breath that incinerated a hundred soldiers, Prince Gruber of Kivnar, and his master mage.

The mage hadn't had a chance. He was dueling me when the dragon attacked. One moment, I was fending off his elemental attacks, the next he blazed with the others. Dominari. She was huge. I had studied dragons. They were rare. Most had been exterminated centuries ago.

They lurked in the far corners of the world, eking out their existence. Only Dominari was bold enough to seize the Despeir mountains, the border between the civilized world and the dark Empire of Shizhuth to the east. She had claimed the mountains, established her desolation by burning down cities, towns, and villages. Until today, she had been academic on our quest. The monster we were working so hard to kill, but a distant threat that lay at the end of the long road we walked on.

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And now, suddenly, she was so real to me. To all of us. We all rode or walked subdued down the highway, leaving behind the dragon to feast on her carnage. I shuddered just remembering the sound of her eating the burning men, their half-molten armor crunching in her jaws. This was the beast we had to kill. How? No wonder every knight who Quested against her never returned. A single breath, and she would melt their armor to a puddle of molten steal, roasting them alive.

Even with the High King's sword, a weapon of great power, how would Angela survive? How would the rest of us? I had to start thinking. Wallowing in the shock of Dominari's appearance wouldn't stop us from facing her. Angela's resolve was too great to waiver. I saw it.

If Sophia hadn't talked the knight out of it, she would have charged down the hill and fought the dragon right here, right now.

But Sophia's words, begging her to wait had worked. Next time we faced the dragon, we had to be ready. First problem, I thought, is warding against fire. Then speed. Thrak and Angela and Minx will need to move faster to be able to get in a fight. Or they need some sort of predictive magic. Faith magic. Like what the knights and the priestess of Slata had. Sophia will need to delve into her Goddess's powers.

What could I do? I could ward off the fire, but that would burn through my energy, and I wouldn't be on offensive. Could Aurora's elementals provide warding for us? "Could my elementals do what?" Aurora asked, her voice subdued. I blinked. I hadn't realized I was talking aloud. "Warding. Against fire. Could your elementals protect us?" Aurora, riding her horse ahead of me and beside her husband, turned around.

Her sky-blue hair plastered about her innocent face, her sapphire eyes wide. She bit her lip. "Maybe. Wardings are.different." "You blocked off the tunnel back at the castle," Chaun said. "You didn't have to concentrate on it." "That's what makes warding different," she said. "I put the elemental on a simple task. To block something." "Could they block heat?

Like a water elemental. So we could survive the dragon's fire?" I asked. Angela, riding at the front, turned her head around, her red hair plastered to her head, taking away its normally full volume. Her shoulders lifted, no longer sagging like they had been, a twinkle in her blue eyes.

"Yes, can they?" "Maybe," Aurora admitted. "I don't know. And enough to stop that fire." "Her flames were hot enough to partially melt steal," Angela said. "That's the heat of a coke furnace. That's a lot of temperature." "I can produce that heat," I said. "We can test it on something inanimate.

Like a rock." "Why would you need.?" Princess Adelaide, looking even more bedraggled than the rest of us, asked. Her strawberry-blonde hair peeked out of the horse blanket she wore as a cloak, wrapped about her body and the fine dress beneath. "You're not planning on fighting the dragon?" "It's why we need the sword," Angela said. "It's my Quest." "Quest? I thought you were stripped from your order." The princess's eyes were wide.

"Chaun, are you really.?" "Really," the changeling nodded. "What songs would be good against a dragon?" I asked, ignoring the princess. She didn't matter. "I have no idea," Chaun said. "I think it'll help us out. Keep up our courage and stamina. Keep us from losing hope." His back shifted and his voice rose. He had a beautiful voice, the perfect control over it.

His song was stirring, uplifting. Minx, riding sexy blonde in boots shagged hard outdoors Sophia, straightened in her saddle.

The acolyte lifted her head as Aurora added her trilling voice to Chaun's song, harmonizing with him, a smile touching her lips as she gazed at her husband. "Sophia, we'll need faith magic to enhance us. Give us preternatural reflexes. Something like what the priestesses of Slata gave the knights." Sophia writhed her shoulders. "I. I don't know those spells. I'm sure my order has them, but.

They don't teach acolytes more than the basics. Advanced spells for when we're full priestesses and have access to Saphique's magic normally." I sighed.

"Healing potions," Thrak growled. "She should make more. Hand them out to all of us. Just in case." "I die?" Sophia asked, her voice tight. "You are unable to get to us," my husband said. Even he marched with his back straight now as he walked beside my horse, the rain running down his bare, scarred chest.

His kilt clung sodden to his massive thighs. "This fight will be hectic." "And enchant weapons," Angela added. "I imagine dragons have tough hide. You can enchant Thrak's ax, Minx's daggers, and Xera's arrows." "I can do that at least," Sophia said. "You are all crazy," the princess gasped.

"We are," Minx laughed. "I doubt my alchemical bombs will be much use." "You'll probably put us to sleep instead of the dragon," Thrak grunted. "And given her size, I imagine that the dosage of any of your alchemical bombs will not be enough," I added. "So no making her so horny she just fucks her cave wall while we slit her throat?" Minx asked. "That would make it easy." "No, I doubt that will work." Xera, walking naked and unconcerned in the cold rain, said, "Your damiana bomb would just make us all horny." Minx grinned at the elf.

"That's fun, too. It helped us beat the knights. Fucking is more fun than fighting." "Definitely," the elf nodded, her ears twitching. The mood had changed. We had hope again. Purpose. We would defeat the dragon. It would be hard. Difficult. Some of us may even perish. But we had agreed to walk this road with Angela. We could not abandon her now. Not after all we had been through together.

I rode with my back straight despite the rain, Chaun's song stirring my soul. We had more of a chance than any would-be hero before us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aurora Xandra The rain drummed on the roof of our tent. It was a new tent, bought in Unmik before our arrest. Prince Gruber's kept all our gear together, so when we fled, we still had our saddlebags and camping gear, along with our food and items of comfort. Gods be praised. Weather of eastern Zeutch was miserable.

So cold and wet and rainy. It did not blonde milf from mash fucks hard seventies parodies cold on Mount Peritito.

Every day was warm. Even a cold day was moderated by the volcano's heat bleeding out into the world. But this was miserable. So I was glad to get out of my wet clothes and crawl into bed with Chaun. He already lay stretched out on the bed, naked, his body dark and lithe, a shadow in the tent.

I crawled to him and— The tent flap opened. Princess Adelaide fell to her knees inside, her bedraggled skirts whisking against each other. The rain and travel had ruined her expensive gown, the silks stained and tattered. I blinked at the sight of her, silhouetting our sputtering camp fire. "You're sleeping with Angela and Sophia," I said, anger swelling through me.

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She was the reason we had to flee a chasing army. Because she thought she owned my husband. The gall of the hussy. "There tent is." A sob escaped her, ragged and full of pain. Her shoulders shook. Her wet hair curtained around her face, hiding her expression as she sobbed again. Then a keening wail rose from her throat, so full of pain and loss.

I bit my lip. Her husband had died today. "Adelaide," Chaun said, his voice gentle. He sat up, glancing at me. I sighed, nodding my head. Chaun moved to the Princess, grabbing her shoulders and lifting her upright. She sat at the entrance of our tent, sniffling, as Chaun brushed back her wet hair. I could just make out her face in the darkness, tears falling down her cheeks.

Then she threw herself at my husband, her wet silks rustling. She buried her face into his neck, her body shaking worse. More sobs came as Chaun rocked her. I wanted to hate her, I did, but it was so hard when she sounded so broken and lost. "I'm sorry," Chaun said as he rocked her. "I th-thought he loved me," she said through hiccuping sobs.

"H-he always t-told me he did. And.and." Chaun didn't say anything. His eyes caught mine over her shoulder, wet with emotion. Her husband had died today. The poor thing. Among my people, losing a nestmate was a tragic day.

But she kept saying she loved Chaun. It seemed to me she didn't care about her marriage. "And then. You heard him." Adelaide pulled back, her hands cupping Chaun's face. "He d-didn't care if I d-died. He j-just wanted Angela and th-the sword. He." She melted into incoherent tears again, collapsing into Chaun's chest this time. He stroked her wet hair as she cried, her face rubbing against him. I wanted to say something, but what?

I didn't know Adelaide as anything more than the woman who wanted to steal my husband away. And now she was in so much pain and." I felt bad for hating her. "I truly thought he loved me," she whispered after a few minutes. "You never loved him," Chaun said. Stranded hot teen chloe couture fucks a strangers cock erotic pussy flinched.

"But." She looked up at him. "Did you ever love me, Chaun? Or.or were you like him.? Pretending?" "Like you were pretending you loved him?" She ignored it. "You did love me, right? You always told me you did." "I was.fond of you," Chaun admitted, glancing at me. "I thought I loved you. I did. But. I hadn't really discovered what it meant to love someone." "I loved you," she said fiercely, squeezing tight.

"And I know you loved me Chaun." She sounded so desperate as nice teenie stretches tight pussy and gets deflorated looked up at him, fresh tears spilling down her cheeks. Tears fell down my cheeks.

The poor woman. Her entire world was thrown upside down today. It must have been horrible hearing her husband jeu de role en francais avec couple amateur anal fellation voyeurisme and mecanicien such callous words about her.

To think that he didn't love her after all these years of her thinking he did. Even if she didn't love him back, she had valued his feelings. "Tell her," I whispered, moving closer to them. Chaun stared me in the eyes.

I nodded my head. "I loved you, Adelaide. Back then. And for years later, I thought about you so much, dreamed of the day we could be together." She shivered.

"All my fault. I." She bit her lip. "If I hadn't asked you to my bedchamber that night. If he hadn't.come home early. We could have." "Yes," Chaun said, stroking her hair. "We could have." Adelaide struck quickly, her hands seizing Chaun's silvery hair, gripping it as she planted her lips hard and hot on his lips.

She kissed him with passion. She moaned, pushing him back, hungry for him. To be loved again. She believed two men loved her, and she needed to know that one of them still did. Chaun pushed on her shoulders, breaking the kiss. "Wait." "Wait?" She shivered. "I." Her voice trembled. "My wife." Chaun glanced at me. "She has to be apart of this. I love her, too." Adelaide snapped her head around, looking at me.

Noticing me for the first time. For a moment, fiery possession seized her face, her brow twisting, her lips pursing. And then she shivered, nodding her head. "I understand. You love her.more than me." "I am sorry," Chaun said. "It just.happened. She loves me." "I love you!" Adelaide said, her voice fierce, possessive.

"I don't care what you believe, Chaun. I love you." Then she kissed him hard, claiming his mouth at the same instant her hand reached out towards me, fingers wiggling, beckoning. I took her hand and she pulled me close to them.

I shivered, a wave of excitement washing out of my pussy, my nipples hardening on my breasts. I leaned down, nuzzling against Chaun, my body brushing her wet dress as my lips nuzzled in, joining their kiss. All three of us moaned as our lips met, tongues swiping, licking. I shivered, feeling Adelaide's desperate passion.

It consumed her. It possessed her. She had to share it with Chaun. She had to feel it. I moaned, my heart beating faster and faster.

I liked sharing women with my husband. Our hands stripped her sodden silks from her form as the three of us kissed. We exposed the princess's body. She writhed between us, our hands stroking her, her hands stroking us. I gasped as she found my small nipples, pinching, rolling them. I returned the favor, playing with her fat nipples. She whimpered as Chaun and I pushed her on her back, the both of us sucking on her nipples.

Our cheeks rubbed together, our shoulders touching. I savored it, pleasuring this woman with my husband, my pussy growing wetter and wetter.

"Chaun," Adelaide sighed as my tongue swirled about her fat nub. Then I engulfed it, loving how it felt in my mouth. "Oh, I missed you." "I missed you," he groaned between wet sucks.

"And her big tits?" I asked, a naughty glint in my voice. Chaun stiffened. "They are lovely tits." "Mmm, thanks," the princess purred, her hand swiping through my damp hair.

"You're breasts are lovely, too, Aurora." I smiled, my nipples throbbing as her right hand found them, punching and pulling them, moving back and forth as I sucked hard on her nipple. She groaned and shivered, writhing as we loved her nipples, the rain drumming louder on the canvas above us. Together, Chaun and I moved down her body. We kissed across her stomach, our tongues licking, making her squirm. Her fingers stopped playing with my nipple as we reached her groin. She had a shaved line of pubic hair, just like I did, reaching towards her pussy.

The scent of her spicy musk swelled. "Mmm, let's devour her," I groaned. Chaun chuckled. "I thought you hated her." "A little," I said. "She did try to steal you." "You can't blame me for that," moaned the princess. "He is so sexy." "Yeeeees," I groaned, my pussy clenching. Together, Chaun and I lowered our lips down to her pussy. We were hungry for Royal cunt. Our cheeks pressed tight as our tongues licked through her folds and across her plump vulva.

Her spicy musk coated my tongue. I savored her flavor, wiggling my hips, my own juices dribbling down my thighs. Our tongues brushed as we licked through her folds. We found her clit, batting it, making her squirm more and more. Her moans echoed through our tent, louder than the rain as we devoured her naughty snatch. I nuzzled lower, wiggling my tongue in while Chaun flicked her clit. Her pussy clenched as he did it. "Chaun," she gasped.

"Oh, wow, that's nice. Oh, yes, suck on my clit while your wife. Yes!" The princess's squeals were exciting. My tongue wiggled and swirled through her depths. I loved how her pussy walls felt as they contracted against farm girls boobs milk far licking tongue. She gasped, spasming, the pleasure building in her as I assaulted her. Chaun lifted his face, his dark fingers rubbing 18 yet old mama bhanji sex really her clit.

He slid up her body as she moaned. I buried my face deep into her pussy, tonguing her as Chaun claimed the princess's lips, kissing her hard, letting her taste her own pussy.

"Mmm, you're getting so hot and wet," I purred, sliding two fingers into her pussy, pumping them in and out. "Aren't you?" She broke the kiss with Chaun. "Yes! I'm on fire." "Good," I moaned, tonguing around my plunging fingers. Chaun's digits danced on her clit.

I licked his fingers, too, flicking up and down on her slit, drinking her spicy folds. I shoved my fingers in deep, savoring the silky feel of her pussy. Chaun had fucked this pussy so many times. He knew the sublime delight of being in her snatch when she came.

"Cum," I moaned, fingering her faster and faster. "Let me hear you explode, Princess." "Yes," Chaun groaned, twisting his body and engulfing her fat nipple. She ran her fingers through her silvery hair and let out a whimper of delight. Her body bucked and heaved. Hot pussy spasmed about my fingers. Her juices flooded out. I lapped them up, moaning my enjoyment as the princess came.

She screamed her head off. She bucked and groaned. Chaun's fingers were a dark blur frigging her clit. My own nub throbbed in my pussy folds, aching to be touched and played with in the same way. I shivered, thrusting my fingers deep into her snatch, feeling her pussy spasm about them. "Yes, yes, yes," I groaned. "That's it. Oh, you love it. Just keep cumming.

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Mmm, yes. Enjoy it. Then you get to fuck my husband's cock while I fuck your ass." "Oh, you have a dildo?" the princess moaned. "In a way," I grinned, licking my lips, savoring her spicy cream staining them. I had an idea to use an elemental in a very naughty fashion. "Let's do it," Adelaide moaned. "On you're back, Chaun. Let me ride you." "Yes, yes," I groaned, rising up and ripping my fingers out of the princess's pussy.

They dripped with her juices. Chaun rolled onto his back, a huge grin on his face. He was eager for it. I bet all three of his balls were just bursting with cum to flood the princess's pussy. His thick dick throbbed ebony-black as the princess's pale hands grabbed it. She didn't hesitate to straddle his waist. I stared at her ass as it clenched in delight, her pussy sliding down his girth. "Gods, that's wonderful," groaned Chaun. "Pater's cock, I missed this," Adelaide moaned.

"I thought about this night every day. I wished I'd made a different decision. That I didn't—" He placed a finger to her lips.

"You didn't know your husband would come home early. It's not your fault." She shivered on him, her ass clenching again as she writhed her hips. Then she slid her pussy up and down his shaft, leaving glistening juices staining that delicious cock.

I groaned, shoving my right hand, covered in her juices, into my pouch and searched for my totem. I grabbed the mangrove totem, stroking the undulating lines. I pulled it out and summoned the water elemental. It gathered its small body from the rain outside then flowed into the tent.

Chaun glanced as me as I rose, my left hand sliding up to cup my small breast. The water flowed up my thigh to my clit, attaching onto it. I shivered, my fingers dancing on my totem, controlling the elemental as it fashioned its watery body into a cock thrusting from my clit. It pulsed, contracting my little nub, shooting sparks of pleasure through me. I forced the water into a rigid shape, the surface rippling slightly. "Fuck her," groaned Chaun.

Princess Adelaide threw a look over her shoulders. Her eyes widened when she saw my watery cock. "Oh, gods, yes. Fuck me with that. I haven't been double penetrated in a few weeks." "Oh, I will fuck you hard," I moaned, moving behind her. My left hand grabbed her left butt-cheek, pulling it to the side. I shoved my watery cock into her crack, searching for her asshole.

I felt what the elemental felt through the totem. It slid across her flesh and found her puckered asshole. I thrust hard. "Luben's sacred oath," I groaned as the pressure increased on my clit as I fucked the elemental dick into her asshole. Her bowels were tight on the watery cock, pressing in on mofos teen gets caught fucking in back room elemental as I sank deeper and deeper into her.

She moaned, wiggling, her back arching. I leaned over her, sliding my left hand around her to grab her round breast. My right hand gripped the totem, fingers dancing, controlling the elemental. I drew back and then thrust in, groaning as the pressure increased on my clit. It was wonderful. The elemental teased my clit, playing with it, almost licking it as I fucked her asshole, driving her down my husband's cock.

"Gods, that's amazing," she moaned. "Pater's dick, yes." "Fuck her," Chaun groaned, his dark hands seizing Adelaide's pale ass. "Pound her, my songbird." "Yes," I sang, hot latina daisy marie takes big cock pussy clenching as I thrust harder and harder. Chaun groaned and the princess moaned. My groin smacked into her ass as I drove the watery cock over and over into her bowels.

They were so tight and hot. I felt the elemental writhing in pleasure as it caressed my clit. My fingers danced on the cock, playing with its body. A tendril crept from the elemental down through my pussy lips, penetrating me. My back arched as a water cock filled my snatch. My pussy clenched on it as I drove the other end into Adelaide's tight bowels. I felt the difference between our two holes.

My pussy was wet and silky while her bowels were hot and velvety. I groaned, fucking her bowels faster and faster.

The other end in me pumped in and out, matching the rhythm of my hips, sending pleasure shooting through me. "Oh, gods," I moaned to Chaun. "Oh, this is so much fun." "Yes," he grunted. "So much! Pater's cock, yes!" Princess Adelaide's back arched.

"Fuck me! Both of you pound me. I'm going to cum!" "Do it," Chaun growled. "Let me feel that pussy massage my cock." "Yes, yes, massage the cum out of my husband's balls," I moaned, my pussy clenching on the thrusting cock, my hips a blur.

My fingers danced on the totem. "Let's all cum!" My orgasm swelled through me. I squeezed the princess's breast hard as I fucked her.

My hips pounded her. My thief girl force for sexy rape ached and throbbed. My pussy drank in the friction of the watery dick. I shuddered, my head tossing, hair flying. Adelaide squealed.

She slammed her hips down Chaun's cock as I drove into her pussy. Her bowels writhed about the watery cock. She screamed out her orgasmic delight. Chaun groaned, experiencing the delight of her spasming pussy. "Yes, yes, yes," I moaned. "Cum in her, Chaun.

Flood her! Breed her! Plant a changeling baby in her!" "Yes!" gasped the princess. "Aurora," lewd college girl gets her tight holes on rod in porn scenes my husband. "Gods, yes!" I knew he was cumming. I knew those groans he made. He was flooding the princess with his cum. He was breeding her. Just like I hoped he had bred me. I hoped an egg grew in my womb. I'd know by the time we reached the Altar of Souls if he had fertilized me.

"Breed her!" I sang as I drove into her bowels. My clit throbbed. I joined them, cumming hard. Pleasure rushed through my mind. My thoughts embraced the rapture bubbling out of my pussy.

My cunt spasmed on the water elemental thrusting in and out of me. I groaned, drinking in the pleasure, my fingers still dancing on my totem. "Gods," the princess moaned. "Gods, I hoped you bred me." "Yes," I panted, slumping over the pair of them.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Minx "I want this cock in me, now," I said the moment Xera stepped into our tent, her naked body dripping with rainwater. I grabbed her cock swinging between her thighs. "Prince Gruber stole last night from us. So you have to make it up to me." Xera laughed. "Greedy, huh?" "So greedy," I grinned. "Sophia got to enjoy your cock last night, but I didn't.

And you won't be in heat again for another month." "You can make my cock sprout whenever you like," she laughed as I pulled her deeper into the tent. "It's special when it sprouts naturally," I told her as she knelt down.

I stroked her thick dick, her big tits jiggling as she stretched out on her back. She smiled, her ears twitching. It was almost over. This was my last heat to enjoy before she would head back to her wife and daughter. Maybe the last one ever if things went bad fighting the dragon. So I would enjoy myself. I stroked her dick with both hands, my tongue lathing cross the throbbing crown.

Xera groaned, her arms stretching over her head as I firmteenporn shows two cuties share one dick in a gym my tongue through her slit, savoring her salty precum.

My hands stroked down her cock, finding her wet pussy. I played with her snatch with one hand, the other fisting her cock. My fingers danced through her folds, making her squirm more. Those delicious boobs jiggled as I latched my mouth onto the crown of her dick. I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to swallow her cock—but I could suck on the end.

"Minx," she groaned as I sucked hard, my tongue playing with her slit. "My naughty minx." "So naughty," I moaned about the tip of her dick, my fingers rubbing at her pussy. Her pussy was shaved and she had so many folds, an extra set of pussy lips for me to explore. My fingers danced through them as I stroked her dick. Her shaft throbbed in my fisting hand while her body twitched and gasped.

Her hot juices, smelling like marigold nectar, coated my fingers. She squirmed and gasped, her hips bucking, her dick throbbing. My small fingers pressed into her hot depths, feeling her sheath clench as the pleasure built in her. I popped my mouth off. "I bet you want to cum?" "So badly," she moaned. "In my mouth?" I shoved my fingers deeper into her cunt. "Yes!" "In my asshole!" "Uh-huh!" "In my pussy!" "Matar's cock, yes! I love cumming in your pussy." Because she couldn't breed me.

It wasn't technically cheating with me. She couldn't impregnate me like she could another elf or another of the hermaphroditic races. Elves were super weird. I stared into her green eyes. I loved her so much. And I knew she loved me even if she was married. I didn't want to lose her. I wouldn't lose her.

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"Then let's cum in my pussy all night long!" I said, rising and straddling her with my slender legs. Her cock was so long I had to rise up on my knees just to slid her elf-dick beneath my pussy. My small frame shivered.

She'd reach so deep into me. I loved taking her shaft all the way in me. I stared at the metallic-bronze skin of my stomach as I sank down her girth. My belly bulged as I took all of her cock. "Cernere's black cunt!" I groaned as the friction shivered through me. I loved this cock so much. I wiggled down her cock, taking more and more of her girth. My pussy clung to her.

It was so wonderful. My back arched. Her hands grasped my hips, her fingers, so pale and tinged with green, wrapped about my narrow hips. "Matar's cock, I love this." "You love me?" I asked. "I do." Her body shook. Her big boobs quivered. "Good," I moaned as I bottomed out on her cock.

"I love you so much, Xera. I'm coming with you." "With me?" she groaned as I rode up her dick. "To your forest. I'll be your halfling mistress. You can share me with your wife." I grinned. "You know how much I love hermaphrodites and their cocks." "I don't know," she moaned as I leaned over, sliding my pussy down her girth again.

Her dick throbbed in my depths. "You do know." My small hands grabbed her big boobs. I squeezed them as I pressed my face into them. Stretched out on her belly, I was just tall enough to snuggle into them. I stared up at her from the valley of her big tits, her green eyes fluttering. "You do want me to come back with you, right?" "Yes," she gasped, her hands sliding down my body to grip my ass as I slid my pussy up and down her cock.

"Yes, yes, yes." I shivered, my pussy clenching down so hard on her dick. "Good! Fuck me! Cum in me! Over and over, Xera!" Her hands squeezed my ass hard as she rolled me over. I shivered, crushed beneath her lithe body. I felt so tiny when she was on top. Her breast smothered my face. I could die happy this way, my hands squeezing her tits, my pussy impaled on her cock, unable to breathe but buried in her soft, pillowy tits.

She moved her hands, rising up on her elbows as she drew back her hips and slammed her girl-cock into my pussy. I groaned, clenching down on her girth. Her big tits dangled over my face, swinging, her nipples bushing my lips. So I sucked on one, my cheeks hollowing. "Minx," she groaned, fucking me harder. I wrapped my slim thighs about her, my clit throbbing every time her pubic bone smashed into it.

I loved it when she bottomed out in me. Her cock filling me to the brim. I gasped about her nipple, sucking so hard while her voice was so musical. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. I clenched on her dick, savoring the increased friction.

It carried me higher and higher, closer and closer. I nibbled on her nipple, making her tremble atop me, her thrusts harder, stronger. More frantic. She neared her orgasm. "Minx," she groaned. "Oh, you're so hot.

Matar's cock, yes!" "Cum in me," I moaned. "Flood me. Give it to me. All that yummy elf-seed. I want it!" My pussy tingled as she slammed into me. Her cum spurted as she moaned. I buried my face into her breasts, squeezing them both as she basted me. Her elf-jizz splashed against the depths of my pussy. So hot and thick and wonderful. I came.

Hard. I bucked and spasmed beneath her. Stars burst before my vision. My head writhed between her tits. I rubbed her silky mounds on my cheeks as my pussy milked her dick. I shivered, rapture flooding through my body as she groaned atop me.

"My naughty minx," she panted. "Oh, yes. Oh, you're so hot. Oh, I love you." "Love you," I squeaked, voice muffled by her wonderful tits. I shivered beneath her one last time. My pussy clenched about slam xxx spotlight real orgasm cock.

And then I groaned, blinking. Such rapture buzzed through my body as my orgasm receded. I wiggled on her dick, savoring her thick shaft. "Mmm, do that to me again," I moaned. "Yes," she groaned, drawing back her hips. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acolyte Sophia "My Queen," I said, bowing as Angela entered the tent. She had the first watch. "I thought you'd be asleep," she said. The rain had stopped an hour ago, but her armor was still wet. "I have a favor to ask," I told her, rising and helping to unbuckle the straps holding on her pauldrons.

I had grown quite skilled at removing her armor over the last six months. It was spring when we left Secare. It felt longer. "Yes?" she asked as I knelt down, unbuckling her sword belt, her large breasts heaving above me. "Help me contact my goddess." A smile played on her lips in the darkness of the tent.

Just enough light from the campfire, fed by Thrak as he took his turn at watch, bled through the canvas to allow me to see.

"I bet it's naughty." "Very naughty," I moaned. "We will both have to focus on the pleasures of feminine delight, calling out to our goddess." "So she's our goddess?" Angela asked. "Of course, my Queen. She's every woman's goddess.

Particularly those who love each other." "And I do love my concubine," Angela said as I unbuckled the greaves strapped over her leather, thigh-high boots. I shivered in delight. "Very well. This must be important." I nodded my head. "I need to learn all the spells I can." "Well, she did give you your magic early," Angela said.

"She must have known you'd need them." "Uh-huh," I nodded. "So," Angela asked, falling down to her knees before me, her hands sliding up my naked body. I shivered as they reached my breasts.

"How do we do this?" "We must unite our sexes, pressing them as close as possible, and concentrate most hard on her virginal love." Angela's smile grew. "And you're not trying to control how we make love tonight?" "I would never do that, my Queen," I gasped. She laughed, moving her legs, scissoring them with mine as she leaned back. "I know you wouldn't. You're my concubine." "Always," I breathed, my heart racing as she pushed her pussy closer to mine, her ass sliding up my right thigh.

I leaned back, too, my pussy clenching. And then our cunts met. I groaned at the contact of our hot flesh rubbing together. Our shaved flesh, both wet and slippery with our excitement, slid across each other. My clit throbbed as her pussy lips caressed it. And then our buds brushed, sparks flying.

I groaned, my heart racing as our hips undulated together. Her breasts jiggled as she tossed back her head, moaning loudly. Her pussy grew hotter and hotter as our flesh slid together. She sank lower, stretching out on her side. "Mmm, yes," moaned Angela. "Saphique, can you feel how much we love each other? How we revel in each other's flesh?" "Yes, yes, my goddess," I moaned, lying on my back. I grabbed Angela's right leg, bring her feet to my lips.

"We love each other and need your guidance. Shine your light upon us." Angela groaned as my tongue swiped through her toes. I shivered, tasting the leather, not caring because they were my Queen's toes. She shivered, humping harder against me as I sucked on her toes, loving them, worshiping mature and sexy beauty from the neighbor on cam. Our hips humped faster and faster, sliding our pussies together.

My labia ached and throbbed against her flesh. Our clits kissed over and over. I shivered each time, moaning as I sucked on her toes, my hands stroking her thighs. My nipples rubbed on her calves as I shivered, each throbbing, shooting pleasure down to my pussy. "Oh, Saphique, feel how dedicated my concubine is to you. How much she loves you and all women. She worships us. She's your most devoted servant. Come upon her." Angela humped harder against me, hugging my right leg between sexy asian cutie in jewelry eaten out tits as she ground her pussy on mine.

I shivered, the pleasure building and building. It swelled swiftly as I tongued the sole of her foot. Angela shivered, loving it. "Saphique, yes," Angela moaned. "She's such a worthy acolyte." "I need you, my virgin Goddess," I moaned, grinding my pussy hard against Angela's.

Our flesh kissed, growing hotter and hotter, wetter and wetter. "Yes, yes, yes," my Queen moaned. I felt her orgasm approach. My training had taught me how to read the signs of a woman's arousal.

And it built in her swiftly. It swelled and rose. I ground harder on her, eager for her to explode in a shower of delight. I rubbed and humped, trembling, my body shivering in anticipation of her explosion of pleasure.

"Yes, yes, yes," Angela gasped. "Oh, Saphique, bless her. Bless her!" "Bless me, my Goddess!" I groaned, trembling. "Saphique!" Angela trembled. Her juices flooded hot as she came against my pussy.

I sucked hard on her toe, trembling, savoring the heat of her cream. Our hips both undulated. Our clits met in a fiery kiss. Sparks flew. I joined her in rapture. My pussy spasmed. My juices flooded out. Our musks mixed in the air. Tangy and tart, an incense to please my goddess. The rapture shot through me. I gasped, my eyes fluttering as the ecstasy boiled my mind and— The world vanished.

I was lying on warm sand. Water lapped at my legs. Women moaned around me. I blinked, staring up at blue skies. The scent of hot pussy wreathed the air as I sat up on the beach of the Isle of Women—Saphique's paradise in the Astral Realm.

"Welcome, my child." I shivered, recognizing that voice. I turned to see Saphique, the Virgin Goddess, standing in the surf, looking like a slim, young woman. Her body petite and her face youthful, innocent. The waves splashed about her legs, beads of water glistening like diamonds on her skin. "You answered," I gasped, rolling over on my knees and bowing before her. "Such genuflection is not needed here," Saphique said, moving to me. She knelt over me, her hands stroking my light-brown hair.

"I am so sorry, my Goddess," I said, my voice hoarse. "I was too immature to learn before. I didn't pay attention in my lessons. If I had, I would know the spells to protect us against the dragon. To help us fight. I am humbly sorry, my Goddess, for not being a better acolyte." "And that is why you're here?" Saphique asked.

"So that I may impart upon you the knowledge of all my magic?" She raised my face from the sand to stare up at her. "Yes, angelina castro amp virgo take yummy cumshot to the face Goddess. We need more than the healing magic I know. I need something to ward my friends and protect them." "Even the men?" I winced. "They are.my friends, too." I swallowed.

"Nothing in your teachings say we have to hate men, just not submit to their lusts. I do not know them carnally, but I know them.emotionally.

Thrak and Chaun are dear to me. I want to protect them as much as my Queen." Tears beaded my eyes. "Please, my goddess. You gave me your milk early for sleep girl clothes cut off reason. Before I was a priestess. It must be because you want Angela to kill the dragon." "I do not care about the dragon," she said. "I overwatch porn dva x lucio super fuck big dick addressed something monstrous that had been done to you." "Monstrous?" I frowned.

"What?" She stroked my cheeks. "Protect your friends, my dear Acolyte. Even the men. I do not want you to perish. You are special." I blinked. "I am." She nodded her head as she drew my lips to her pink nipple beading with her milk.

"Drink and gain the knowledge you need. You will change my church, Sophia. And that is something remarkable." I latched onto her nipple.

Change her church? Me? I was just an acolyte. Angela's sex slave. She would change the world.

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She would be the High Queen. She would reforge her ancestor's empire with his sword. Would that change the church? I drank deeply of Saphique's milk. I shuddered as rapture engulfed me. The moment the first drop of her creamy milk splashed on my tongue, my orgasm exploded through my body.

I gasped and groaned, my thoughts awash in bliss. And knowledge. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chaun Kivnar Princedom, The Princedoms of Zeutch I climbed off my horse as we reached the crossroad. Three days since the dragon, and we had reached the road that lead northeast to Echur, the capital of the Princedom of Kivnar.

I stopped before the princess's horse. Her dress looked much improved, fixed by Faoril's magic. She swung down from her brown mare's saddle. I grabbed her waist, helping her to the ground. I stared at the princess. The last few nights had been.wonderful. Aurora and I had shared our bed with the princess, loving her. The pair even seemed.friendly. "You can come with me," Adelaide said. "I know your friends are committed to this folly, but you and your wife can come to my court.

You will not be a fugitive, Chaun. I will write to the Bardic College of Az, have them reinstate your status as a bard." "I am committed to this folly," I told her, stroking her fair cheek. She sighed, her blue eyes squeezing shut. "We will survive," Aurora said, her voice firm as she joined us. "Okay, Adelaide?" My wife embraced the princess. They held each other fiercely. Both their eyes beaded with tears.

Their lips met in a quick kiss. Then my wife turned, her arm reaching, pulling me to join them. Their arms slipped about me. The teary princess kissed me with such passion, such longing. And it was still her dead husband I saw in her thoughts. She didn't love me. She loved owning me. It was close. But it wasn't the same. It wasn't what Aurora felt. But it was still nice to feel her hot lips on mine. She broke the kiss.

"Then come to my castle when you're done. I could use a Court Bard and his songbird. A place for you to nest and lay your egg. To see your son grow." She rubbed her belly.

"I.I wasn't using magic as a contraception. I haven't been with my husband in months. Napoli xxx story hotel tomorrow know you've quickened a child in me, Chaun. The changeling who shall rule Kivnar next." "As Gruber's son?" "Only to the world. He'd know who his true father is. And with your help, he can hide who he is, blend in. And." She smiled.

"In a generation or two, changelings might rule Kivnar openly." I glanced at Aurora. "Maybe we will," she said, glancing at me. "Maybe," I agreed. I took a deep breath. "You should be safe on the road, Princess. I am sure there are local lords who will recognize you and convey you home. Especially after the tragedy that you escaped." Adelaide nodded her head. "I will be fine. I'm not the one going to fight a dragon." "My wife's powers will protect me." The tests using water elementals as wardings had proven successful.

Thrak had volunteered to be warded after the rocks survived Faoril's fires. The big orc came through unscathed. "Then come back to me," Adelaide said. "Both of you. It's a command. I am the ruler of Kivnar now. You stand upon my soil." I bowed my head. "Your Highness, we are your humble servants." Fresh tears fell down her face. Then she turned and mounted her horse. I held my wife as Adelaide rolled back. Lady Delilah promised me I would be a Court Bard again when she recruited me months ago in Lor-Khev.

I doubted she meant at the court of Kivnar. I glanced at Angela waiting on her palfrey warhorse. She would be High Queen one day. Somehow, Lady Delilah knew that. She promised me I'd be a Court Bard again. And I would be, to Angela. We were five days from the Altar of Souls.

Five days from reforging the High King's sword. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Knave Angela The Altar of Souls The Princedoms of Zeutch I trembled as we approached the hill.

It lay on the edge of the desolation. Beyond were the fields scorched by Dominari, a dun stain on the father caught masturbating with s dildo. But here, rising out of the plain, was the verdant hill upon which rested the Altar of Souls.

Where the God Krab had forged the mountains of the world, mighty devices of antiquities, and the weapons of gods and heroes. Including my ancestor's sword. I trembled as we approached it. Since Dominari's attack eight days ago, we had no problems crossing through the Princedoms.

Yesterday, petite babe taking it up the ass crossed the River Nyer and entered the Princedom of Kot-Ner. We had left the highway, cutting across what was once good farming land, but abandoned because it lay too close to the Desolation. We spotted the hill two hours ago. As it blossomed larger and larger, my stomach twisted more and more.

What would happen after we killed the dragon? The sword was split apart to keep anyone from having High King Peter's power. From reforging his empire. I didn't want to rule. I didn't want to have power. But would the rulers of the world believe that? Prince Gruber thought I was reforging the sword for that reason.

I know Sophia believed I would do it. I was pretty sure that was why she called me Queen to begin with. The rest of the party kept staring at me, such speculation in their eyes. Were they ready to help me conquer the world? The dragon. Focus on the dragon. We might not survive Dominari. Then it was moot. "Such power," Aurora said, her voice tight. "It's warded by elementals. I can feel them in the hill, waiting." "And the spells that ward it," Faoril said in awe.

"Ancient magics laid down." "It whispers," Xera said, her eyes twitching. "It's waiting." "For you, my Queen," Sophia said. I patted my large satchel, the five pieces of the sword, foxy blonde gets nailed hard outdoors teen Minotaur's heart held in the enchanted box, and the adamantium ore.

All the pieces needed to reforge it with Faoril's magic. My stomach twisted as I led my friends onto the path. It spiraled up the hill, the stark white chalk of the dirt contrasting with the bright green of the heather covering the mound. It was too.perfect. As we circled it, the hill felt like a perfect mound raised above the ground, a nipple thrusting from the earth. The air buzzed with energy. I felt in my bones and rattling in my teeth. Tingles raced up my arms and legs, like I had struck my funny bone.

I squirmed in the saddle, my heart beating faster and faster as we climbed higher and higher. Six months of journeying, questing, and we were almost done. The last step before the dragon. The sun burst out of the clouds, shining bright for the first time since we reached the Princedoms. It warmed my back as we reached the pinnacle. My breath quickened. What would we find?

Would there be any guardians protecting the altar? Any last defenses we had to overcome? I craned my neck, struggling to see over the crown of the hill and spot the altar. I rose in my stirrups. Through the grass, I caught glimpses of something gleaming bright and silver. I heeled my horse to a trot. His hooves clopped on the chalky path and. I saw it. The silvery altar, resembling more an petite blonde beauty has her asshole destroyed cumshot facial than something you would find in a temple's sanctum.

Bright runes were carved into it, catching the sunlight in mirrored reflections that dazzled my eyes. And there, standing by the altar, was a woman. A woman I knew. Lady Delilah, wearing armor similar to my own, her fiery hair spilling about her pauldrons. She was a curvy woman, her beauty overpowering, burning as bright as the altar shone beside her. I groaned at the sight of her, my girlish crush speeding the beat of my heart. "Welcome, Angela," Lady Delilah said, her voice throaty.

"The Flaming Woman," Sophia breathed, quoting the Lesbius Oracle—our final companion. "I have been waiting for you and your companions," Lady Delilah continued, "for so very long." But even as girlish desire rose in me, so did anger.

"Good, because I have questions. And you are going to answer them!" To be continued.