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Milf belly button lick we are the law my niggas and the law needs ebony cock
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THE LAST TO KNOW chapter one My name is Bobby. I have one sister, Tammy, 13 months than me and one sister, Beth, 11 months younger than me My Dad is a career Army Officer so that would make us what people call military brats.

No matter where Dad is stationed we have always lived off Post in mostly middle upper class neighborhoods. As long as I can remember we have always been a very close family.

Dad has to go TDY from time to time but when he is home he spends most of his time is with the family. We have always been very open and could talk about anything with our parents.

We were always taught to be respectful of others and wherever we lived we were well liked and thought of as being very friendly. That being said we did have a little family secret that most people wouldn't agree with.

We were nudist. That's right, when we were home we ar usually naked. I grew up seeing Mom, Dad and both my sisters naked most of the time at home. I ask Mon why she wore shorts sometimes.

She explained about her monthly period and that as Tammy and Beth go older the same would happen to them. Being naked around Mom and the girls was not a problem until I was about 9 years old. Then I started to notice from time to time Mom's nipples would get hard and stick out. I also noticed Tammy had started getting a little larger in the breast area, starting to lose her baby fat, had a smaller waist line and her ass was starting to feel out.

When I was twelve Dad was transferred to a large base in the south babes in catsuits catfighting in a ring box he was able to find us a nice home in the country on about five acres of land. The house was well off the road so we had lots of privacy. We also had a small pool and a hot tub out back all enclosed with a eight foot privacy fence.

We all took advantage of this and we were naked most of the time when we were at home. I really enjoyed the freedom of no clothes but the older I got the more it was bothering me to be around the other members of the family, even my little sister Beth was making my cock tingle when she was around.

I was jacking off three or four times a day. I had started sneaking a pair of Mom's or one of my sister's dirty panties out of the clothes hamper and smelling and sucking on them while I jerked off.

I would often think you sick bastard but that thought only seem to make me hotter and I would cum even harder. I had just turned fourteen and my mind was on sex and my cock was in my hand most of the time.

Dad had just left go to another unit to conduct a training class and was going to be gone for two weeks. It was just me, Mom and my sisters at home and it being the summer time, school was out so that meant I was around three naked females most of the time.

Mom had caught me several times masturbating in the past couple of weeks. She had would just smile and excuse herself from my room. It would embarrass the hell out of me but I would keep pumping just the same. The second morning after Dad left I got early, took my shower and of course jacked off. As I headed down stairs I could smell the bacon cooking so I headed to the kitchen. Mom was there at the stove cooking breakfast, kinky schoolgirl rides on a massive boner cheerleader and blonde only in an apron.

I could feel my cock starting to get hard just looking at her fine heart shaped ass. I quickly set down at the table so Mom couldn't see when she turned around. She spoke but didn't turn around. The more I looked the harder my cock got. When Mom did turn around one look at my face and she knew something was wrong.

I had my head down and could not look her in the face. She ask, Bobby, what in the world it the wrong.

I just set there for a couple of minutes them told her I guess I needed to talk to her. Mom stopped cooking and come set down at the table with me. I still couldn't look her in the eyes and I didn't know where to start. I thought for a minute then just blurted out Mom I'm such a bad person, I'm having some really sick, dirty thoughts and I'm so ashamed. Mom reached over and took my hands in hers and said my sweet son, tells me what is bothering you.

Mom it is about you and the girls. She patted my hands and said, well Bobby we need to talk about these bad thoughts you are having. I just set there trying to think what I should say first. Mom come to my aid and ask is it about sex. That surprised me so much I still couldn't dad jerking off in front family, I just nodded. You have been jacking off a lot more lately haven't you? When she said jacking off it just blew me away and I nodded again.

What do you think about when you jack off? I didn't answer but lifted my head enough to look at her hard nipples pushing against the top of her apron. Oh she said, you think about Mom's tits. Again I nodded and I could feel my face turning red. Mom stood and told me to stay there and she would be right back. I could here her talking on the phone and I wondered who the hell she was talking to.

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When she returns to the table the apron was gone and she was completely naked as I was. She set back down and took my hands in hers again. Okay Bobby, tell me what else is bothering you. I just set there trying to get my thoughts together and I was trying to talk but nothing was coming out. Mom asks if it would be okay if she tried to help me and again I nodded. Mom said Bobby I will get this started and I will speak very open and honest to you and you may call it dirty talk but I want you to talk to me the same way so that we understand completely what we are talking about.

Again I nodded not knowing what she might say next. She started by saying you are getting older, you are no longer a child but a young man. You branquinha gostosa dando o cuzinho pro namorado gordo been raised different from most young men your age and it is only natural that you would have sexual thoughts.

I would like for you to share those thoughts with me. We both just set there for a couple of minutes then Mom smiled and ask if it would be okay if she ask me questions about my thoughts and I could just nod yes or no. I nodded yes and she told me to feel free to fill in the blanks any time I wanted. I nodded again and Mom started rubbing my hands with hers. I could tell she was looking straight at me when she said, well I know you think about my tits when you are jacking off and just so you know I'm also aware that you are using our dirty panties most of the time when you are doing this.

So, what do you think about doing with my tits, just looking, sucking them, rubbing your cock over them or all of the above.

My face was so red and my cock was so hard I thought they were both going to burst. I managed to say the one word "ALL". Mom smiled again and said OKAY, any thing else besides my tits. I nodded yes and Mom ask, my mouth, I nodded, my ass, I nodded and I guess my pussy. To my surprise and hers I said OH YES. I raised my head and managed to look her in the eyes. To my surprise I not only saw a Mothers love but also lust. I set for a minute then the words just started flowing out of me.

I felt like I could tell her any thing and it would be alright. Yes Mom, I thing about suck you tits and get them all wet then slide my cock between them and Cumming in your mouth then kiss you and share my own cum with you. I think about sticking my tongue in your pussy and your ass and the most evil thing of all I think about fuck you in you pussy and your ass. I was expecting a slap across my mouth any second but instead Mom was still rubbing my hands and smiling. I thought what the fuck, I might as well go for broke.

I said just so you know, I think about doing the same to both my sisters too. I didn't get the reaction I was expecting from that, Mom started laughing.

She could see I was confused by her laughter and said, well you will have to wait a while before you can tit fuck Beth. It took a second for that to sink in then I laughed also. Mom said your poor Dad and smiled at me. I ask what she was talking about. She said well you have told me all of these wonderful things you would like to do to me and the girls but you have not included you Dad in any of it. I just looked at her and didn't know what to say.

She ask, Bobby when you are jerking off you don't ever think about your Dad having your cock in his mouth sucking on it or you sucking on his. I didn't say a word but Mom could tell by the look on my face that it had crossed my mind. Mom ask if I heard her talking on the phone earlier. I told her yes but I didn't know who she was talking to.

She told me she had called my Dad to talk to him before he had to leave for his class. She said she wanted to let him know that I had finally started asking questions about family sexual desires and if it would be alright for me to talk with you even though he was not here.

He said by all means that it was long over due. My heart jumped when I heard my oldest erotic joy with males beef bayonet deepthroat blowjob Tammy's voice behind me asking, who or what is over due. Mom just cracked up laughing. She said come on in girls, Bobby and I have been talking about family sex and we were just talking about some of the things he would like to do to the two of you. Slutty blonde is down for some dp couldn't believe my ears.

Then I felt four arms around my neck and a kiss in the cheek from both of my sisters. I ask WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE. Mom told me, cool your jets young man and we will fill you in on all the details.

Mom put her apron back on and started back with breakfast. My two naked sisters come around to set down at the table.

As Tammy walked by she leaned down and kissed me on the lips and I felt just a little flick of her tongue. I knew I was beet red but I think I may have returned her kiss just a little.

Then Beth come around, put one arm around my neck and kissed me on the lips, pushing her tongue against my lips until I open my mouth and sucked her tongue deep in my mouth.

She then took her other hand and reached under the table and took a firm grip on my hard cock. I almost jumped out of my chair. Tammy laughed and said Beth, you little perve. Leave him alone until we finish talking. Everyone was quite until Mom had breakfast on the table. When she set down and we started eating Beth ask Mom, how much does he know?

Mom laughed and said only that he is horny. The three of them laughed but I didn't really see the hummer. Mom took a sip of her coffee then looked at me and smiled. Okay Bobby, here's the deal. You know your Dad and I don't volunteer information. When you are old enough to ask then we tell you the truth. So, here are the facts. You kids have asked both of us about where we were raised up and any family we might have.

As soon as your Dad gets home we will all set down and we will tell you anything you want to know including the reason we don't have any contact with them. I can tell you now it had to do with sexual domination but that is all I will tell you for now. Your Dad and I have always been very open about sex and we understand what incest is but don't see anything wrong with all of us enjoying sex as long as everyone involved agrees and no one is forced to do anything they don't want to do.

Mom told me believe it or not Beth was the first on to ask if we would teach her about sex. We had always thought it would be you Bobby or Tammy. Then Beth and Tammy started having sex with each other and Beth slipped up and mentioned something to Tammy about Dad's cock. So, then Tammy had a talk with us and for about six months the four of us have been have sex.

We have been very discreet about it because we didn't want to push you into anything until you were ready. I was trying to digest all this and I ask Mom just what am I allowed to do and what am I not allowed to do. She told me I was not allowed to force anyone to do anything they didn't want to do and to start with everyone would tell me what they would like to do with me and I should do the same in return.

I ask when all this would start and Mom said, well I guess it already has. I thought for a minute and decided I would go for something big to start with and see what their reaction would be. Okay Mom, what if I said I would like to set here on the edge of the table and have the three of you take turns sucking my cock until I cum in one of your mouth's then hold it there and kiss each of us sharing my cum busty housewife yanking off her hubbys stiff dick the four of us.

Beth clapped her hands and said Oh goody-goody, I just know I'm going to love your cum. Mom said, well I think breakfast can wait, up on the table young man.

I couldn't believe this was happening to me. I was shaking all over and I was afraid I was going to cum before any of them touched it. I set on the edge of the table with my hard cock sticking out like an iron rod. Mom and both the girls got up and walked around in front of me. Mom stepped up first, give me a passionate kiss on the lips with lots of tongue. She reached down and started stroking my cock nice and easy. Then she dropped to her knees and run her tongue around the head of my cock.

Tammy was standing behind Mom and she smiled at me and said you're gonna love this. Then Mom took my cock in her mouth and didn't stop until her chin was against my balls and the head of my cock was in daughter father big cock incest throat. Tammy stepped up beside Mom and kissed me hard on the lips with lots of tongue. Then she pulled my mouth down to her developing breast.

I licked her hard nipples then sucked it into my mouth. Beth stepped up on british 3some pornstar in pussy with other side of Mom and touched my nipple and asks do you mind if I suck on this. I just grunted and pulled her mouth to my chest. Oh SHIT, my baby sister had a hot mouth. Mom used her throat to fuck my cock for a short time then told Tammy to trade places with her that she didn't think I would last long.

I had to agree as Tammy took my cock in her mouth. She sucked cock different from Mom but whatever she was doing with her mouth was really great. She was not there long and she moved back and let Beth take over. Mom told me not to hold back that Beth would really love to be the first to suck me off Beth started by licking up and down the underside of my cock several times. Then she spit on my balls and used her tongue to spread it around.

This little vixen was making me so hot I knew I could last much longer. She took one ball at a time in her mouth and sucked it gently while stroking my slick cock with her small hand.

I had my hands full of Mom's 36 C tits while she and I were locked in a passionate tongue lashing, spit swapping kiss. Tammy sany layon fucking story sex stories sucking on my nipples and from time to time Mom would break our kiss so Tammy could take turns swapping spit with Mom or me Beth run her tongue down to the back side of my balls then looked up at me and ask if she could have it all.

I was not sure what she was talking about and give Mom a questioning look. Mom laughed and told me Beth wants to know if she can have your cock, balls and ass. I was not sure what Beth had in mind but I said SURE baby sister, do anything you want, if I don't like it I'll tell you, okay.

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Okay-dokey she said with a big smile. She ask Mom and Tammy to help her. Mom took hold one of my legs and Tammy took the other and lifted them together allowing easy hot babe in stockings seduce her man to my asshole. Beth wasted no time. She first took my cock as far as she could get it in her mouth allowed her spit to run out of her mouth as she moved up and down on my shaft.

I could feel the warm spit running down across my balls and on down across my ass hole. Beth then runs her lips along the bottom of my shaft down to my balls. She used her tongue to lick my balls then she gently lifted my balls and licked across my asshole.

I jumped and a loud moan come from deep in my throat. All three of them laughed at that but I was more prepared the next time she licked me. Then she took her hands and pulled my ass cheeks apart and pushed the tip of her tongue into my asshole. It was all I could do not to cum when she did that. She pushed a little deeper in my ass and I though it was a strange feeling but it was very exciting and I loved everything that was happening. Beth worked her way back up to my cock and took it in her mouth and started doing something with her mouth and tongue that was different from anything Mom or Tammy had done.

I could tell I was about to cum and I think Beth knew too because whatever she was doing with her mouth and tongue she started doing it faster and faster. I could hear weird noises coming from someone but I was burmese xnxx moe hay koo such a state I didn't realize it was coming from me.

I was still kissing Mom and Tammy was sucking my nipples and they were still holding my legs. I had let go of Mom's tits and was bracing myself with my hands on the table.

My first shot of cum into Beth's mouth was with such force it actually hurt, then there was a second shot and a third and it felt like a river flowing into my sweet baby sister's mouth. She kept it in her mouth until there was nothing left and my cock started getting a little soft.

Beth stood up with a big smile on her face. I could see a small bit of cum running out of each side of her mouth and I though I had never seen any thing so sexy. Tammy let go of my leg and said Me First, PLEASE. Beth turned and Tammy started to kiss her on the lips but Beth held her back, took Tammy's face in her hands and pulled her face just below hers and pulled down on her chin causing her mouth to open a little. Beth moved her head close to Tammy's mouth but didn't touch it.

Then open her mouth just a little and eased her tongue out and let my cum drip off the end. Tammy gaping asshole milf cherie deville fucked deep anal her mouth wide and caught every drop. When Beth stood up again Tammy stuck her cum covered tongue out and licked her lips a couple of time then swallowed.

Needless to say my cock was rock hard again and my heart was beating so hard I thought it would burst. Mom dropped to her knees as Beth walked over to her. She opened her mouth wide and Beth did the same thing with her. Mom held her head back and swallowed then licked her lips and said YUM, YUM what good cum you have my sweet son. I was next and as Beth turned to me I open my mouth wide expecting her to do the same with me.

Instead she gathered the remaining cum in her mouth and spit it in my mouth. Before I could react Beth covered my mouth with hers and pushed her tongue into my mouth as far as she could and started tongue fucking my mouth.

I took her face in both of my hands and started sliding her tongue in and out of my mouth like a small cock. I had never been so hot and excited in my life. Beth finally pulled away and with an ear to ear grin ask, So how do you like the family secrete now big brother.

I smiled and told her I loved it and I had a lot of catching up to do. Mom said well Bobby you can continue right now if you like.

Breakfast is cold now but we do need to eat so I can do bacon and egg sandwiches in the microwave and you can play with your sisters in the meantime. Tammy said you can have me any way big tits amateur teen strip hot gonzo nymphs at college the goods would like but you can only have Beth's ass and mouth.

She is saving her cherry for the time being. I didn't know where to start but never fear my sweet baby sister come up with an idea. She said how about if Tammy sets on the edge of the table and you and I eat her pussy a little then you fuck her pussy while I tongue your ass. Then we can eat a late breakfast and go from there.

I told the girls I thought that was a great idea, just remember I have never fucked or eat pussy so you may have to give me some instructions. Mom and the girls laughed and Mom said don't you worry sweetie you will be a natural. Tammy set on the edge of the table and Beth wasted no time dropping to her knees as Tammy spread her legs Beth started licking and sucking Tammy's pussy.

I watched as Beth used two fingers to pull Tammy's lips apart and starting at the bottom and licked all the way up to the top of her pussy. She licked several more time then told me look Bobby, see right here, this is her clit and she loves to have it licked and sucked and look here Bobby, see how wet she is, just waiting for you to lick and suck her pussy juice in your mouth. I was about to get my first taste of pussy as I followed Beth's lead and started licking at the bottom and pulled my tongue slowly up through Tammy's hot, wet pussy.

She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me so tight to her pussy I couldn't hardly breathe. Then she started humping back and forth on the table and I heard Mom say, Oh my, my, I do believe my sweet son is about to make his big sister cum. I could hear Tammy grunting and moaning then suddenly I felt hot fluid filling my mouth and running down my chin. Beth was shouting, LOOK,LOOK MOM BOBBY MADE TAMMY SQUIRT. As I was drinking in Tammy's hot juice I heard Mom say, Yep, that's my boy, like his Daddy, a pussy eating son-of-a-gun.

Tammy just went all limp and fell back on the table. Beth was pulling me up telling me, fuck her Bobby, fuck that hot pussy now. I was a little concerned about Tamm but she was smiling and said Hell Yes little brother pretty brunette girl teasing and seducing on webcam fuck me good.

I thought, damn I'm gonna lose my cherry to my sister. Is this fucked up or what? Then I thought Hell yes but I love it. I stepped up between my sister's legs as Beth reached in and guided my cock to Tammy's waiting lips.

I pushed and my cock head slipped just inside her pussy lips. Tammy moaned and said more Bobby, please. Beth was beside me rubbing the cheeks of my ass as I looked over at Mom who was busy putting the finishing touched on our sandwiches.

She looked back at me with a smile and said give it to her Bobby, she loves it hard and fast. I smiled down at Tammy and my next stop was ball deep in her pussy. Tammy Beth wasted no time parting my ass cheeps and started licking and tonguing my ass. She stayed right with me as I fucked hard into Tammy's pussy.

I knew I was not going to last long in that tight hot pussy but I was going to give it all I had. Tammy wrapped her legs around my hips and started meeting my every thrust. We were both making noises that sound like wild animals. Beth jammed her tongue deep into my ass and that was enough to carry me over the edge. As I shot the first load in Tammy's pussy her ass come off the table and I felt her hot fluid washing my cock and running down on my balls.

Beth was there to lick it up with such a hungry growl I was a little afraid she might hurt me. As the pussy juice stopped flowing Beth backed off a little and I started to help Tammy up off the table. Mom said just a minute young man, I get a little of that first. She walked around the table and proceeded to lick Tammy's pussy clean.

Then she turn to me and took my cum and pussy juice covered cock in her mouth and licked and sucked until I was all clean. Then she stood and said OKAY this is the absolute last call for breakfast. We all laugh as we all took out sandwiches juice and milk and settled in for a good late breakfast.

End of chapter one Oh yes there is more to come. We still have Dad to go and how about Dave and Kim, Mom and Dad's good friends and their four kids. Then there is Paul and Jan. They are related to Mon or Dad but we are not sure and what is the big dark secret with Mom and Dad's family.

Well all this and more will be reviled in the up coming chapters;