Twistys sabrina maree starring at my boobs

Twistys sabrina maree starring at my boobs
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Kathy (white trash whore) part 2 Contains a mild scatology theme. If thats really not for you then please don't read. If you are my cock and cum for my redhead wife nola curious or just simply love it, then go ahead and hopefully enjoy.

Constructive criticism and comments would be gratefully accepted Kathy woke up and felt the empty space in the bed beside her, then heard the front door close as Jeff left to go to work. She pulled off the duvet and felt the chill autumn air from the open window cover her warm naked body.

She closed her eyes and lay spread-eagled on her back enjoying the invigorating cool air as it circulated around her. Glancing at the clock radio she saw that it was 11.30am. Her thoughts were torn between a few more minutes in bed, and the housework that she needed to complete before setting off for her 2pm shift at the hospital. She rolled over, reached down to the bottom drawer of her bedside cabinet, and opened it to retrieve her personal pleasure maker and a small towel.

She plumped up the pillows behind her, half sitting as she laid the towel and vibrator between her legs. Her sex was moist, which was no surprise to Kathy, and retained an even more pungent aroma than it had before she had come to bed. She dipped her fingers inside and then smelled them as she switched on the vibrator and held it at a 90 degree angle to her slit, parting her lips as it began to work its magic on her clitoris.

Within seconds her whole body started to tremor, her groin area becoming almost electric as she went into orgasm. As she reached her climax she plunged the whole length deep inside her, the plastic phallus sliding easily in her excessively lubricated cunt.

She fucked herself hard. Her cunt squelching, yousex fairy tales xnxxx sex vamvir vs dracula sex stories a flood of sex juice as the plastic penis pumped in and out of her. She was sweating. I know horses sweat, men perspire and women merely glow, but Kathy was sweating, although she also felt a warm glow over her entire body as the orgasm subsided. She pulled the toy from her flooded front passage and raised it to her face, tasting her juice on her tongue and smelling it before deciding she really was in desperate need of a shower……… The hot water felt good as it soaked her red hair and cascaded over her body.

She looked down at her slightly stubbly pubic area, then parted her legs and relieved herself. The golden water spraying her thighs and running down her legs before being washed away.

She was tempted to taste it, but resisted the impulse as she didn't have time to get herself aroused again. She applied a blob of shower gel to her stubble, massaging it into her mound and either side of the folds of her labia to her arsehole, and then reached for the razor.

She began to shave, inserting her index finger into her hole and clamping the fleshy hood of her clit between it and her thumb, being careful not to catch herself as she returned the appearance of her snatch to its pre-pubescent glory.

Pulling her pussy lips over her slit as she carefully shaved between it and her thighs and then squatting to give equal attention to her bumhole. She stood and admired her work and then felt the smoothness with her fingertips to satisfy herself that she had not missed anything. She stood out of the flow of water and squirted shower gel between her neck and firm boobs, watching the white cream slowly slide down her body and imagining how it will be when she has her encounter with Lenny and his friends…………………&hellip.

Suddenly she realised she was actually in a bit of a rush. Grabbing the sponge she quickly washed herself. Quickly drying herself she draped her gown over her, trying to ignore how wonderful the flimsy material felt as it fell lightly against the curves of her body. She almost ran downstairs.

Thank God! Jeff had already cleaned up, bless his heart, washed up, and tidied, and the clothes from the washing machine were now dry in the tumble dryer, ready to be folded and put away.

She poured herself a coffee and went into the living room and sat at the computer. She drained her cup as the computer booted up and logged in to messenger. Her friends list was fairly empty but her attention was drawn to an offline message from Lenny. MOVING THIS WEEKEND MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR SLUTTY ASS TO THE HOUSE-WARMING PARTY. Her heart was beating more quickly and the butterflies had returned to her stomach. It was Wednesday today, she would soon be realising her utmost fantasy.

She wanted to masturbate so badly, but decided to put it off until later, so she closed down the computer and went upstairs to dress in her nursing uniform. Kathy was feeling so sexy, so horny; she chose a black bra with matching lacy suspender belt.

Somehow tights did not fit with the mood she was in, and they were so much easier if she felt the need for some sexual relief when she was at work. She admired her figure in the bedroom mirror before pulling the lacy black thong up over her stocking clad legs and hiding her smooth soft mound. She slipped into her guy bangs mom jamie valentine and her daughter then pinned her name badge on after buttoning up her blouse.

She was singing to herself as she went downstairs to get her coat and go out to the car. She felt so happy…………&hellip. Her day at worked seemed to be passing more quickly than usual and several people remarked on how cheery she appeared to be. It was all pretty routine stuff. She had to give a guy an enema, which was something that Kathy actually enjoyed doing, although she preferred to administer it to slightly younger men, or women, than the octogenarian she encountered today.

Soon enough it was her lunch break, although it was actually 8 o'clock at night, and she went to the staff canteen where she enjoyed her meal that the newly employed cook had prepared for her. Taking a coffee with her she went into the lounge area to relax in the slightly more comfortable seats and picked up a magazine which she opened in front of her. She wasn't reading it. She had only put it there to discourage the other people from engaging her in conversation and allow her to wallow in her thoughts.

She sipped at her coffee as her mind had Lenny standing in front of her, his massive cock supported at the base by her hand, his foreskin rolled back exposing his thick, purple bell end. Pre-cum dripping invitingly from his pee hole; she licked her lips as she imagined them being stretched open to accommodate his swollen glans and how she would reach behind him to claw at his tight black buttocks to pull him into her.

She swallowed, then coughed, then sipped her coffee as her imagination had his cock exciting the gag reflex in her throat. She could feel wetness in her pussy and an urge that must be satisfied, so she gulped down the last of her drink, stood up, and went to visit the toilet. Closing the door behind her she slipped off her skirt and hung it on the back of the door and then removed her thong. She opened her legs and ran her hand over the wet folds of her vagina then reversed, squatting to sit on the toilet seat.

Her arse was taught as she sat, her rosebud poop hole stretching against her fingers as she felt between it and her clitoris. Her palm pushing against her smooth soft mound as she dipped one, then two, then three fingers into her sodden excited hole.

She was in her own world of sexual bliss as she lost control of her bladder, still fingering herself as she pissed into the toilet.

She pushed a wet finger, as far as it would go, into her arsehole, frigging herself with it has her palm pushed hard against her still peeing cunt. Her golden flow subsided as her orgasm began its steady rise to its climax.

Pulling the finger from her arse she filf hot asian milf sharon lee fucks to get a room her four fingers and thumb together and pushed them hard into her pisshole, enjoying the mildly painful sensation as her knuckles prized open the entrance to her twat. She pulled her feet towards the base of the toilet bowl and stretched her knees further apart as she forced her fist still further inside her slutty white bitch cunt hole.

She paused, with her whole fist inside her, and listened to the footsteps outside crossing the tiled toilet floor and the sliding of the bolt on the door of the cubicle next to her. Then to the soft hiss as the person began to relieve herself. She wondered, but doubted, if the girl next-door would use her visit to the toilet for the same purpose as she had, and found herself quite turned on at the thought.

Then cute blonde enjoys anal riding during some unknown neighbour farted……&hellip. It was definitely a fart, but sounded more like a squeak, but longer…&hellip.

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More akin to the creaking of a heavy oak door in an old house. Kathy smiled to herself and then impulsively chuckled, then wondered at the tightness of the arsehole that created it. She removed her fist from her cunt and licked at it, listening to the trickle of pee splashing in the water as the girl farted again. Kathy kissable schoolgirl gets seduced and reamed by older tutor hard; she was actually trying to communicate with the farter next door.

A small trickle of piss squirted out as her arse let go a rasping blast of wind. She heard a soft giggle from the occupant of the next cubicle, and then her curiosity started to burn inside her. She pulled a large wad of toilet tissue from the roll and quickly cleaned her self up. Slipping back into her skirt and stuffing her thong into her handbag she opened the door and walked to the washbasins, looking in the mirror to see her former neighbours cubicle door open and a young girl, dressed in the uniform of cleaning staff, walk over to stand next to her and wash her hands.

Kathy smiled at the girl's reflection in the mirror………&hellip. The girl blushed, but smiled back.

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She was extremely slim and a few inches shorter than the 5feet 10 inches that Kathy stood. Her straight shoulder length blonde hair framed her rounded face and her tiny nose and bright blue eyes were emphasized by brother and sister x story slightly pinkish and extremely high cheekbones.

"Haven't seen you around before" Kathy said, as she moved to the hand dryer. "I only started on Monday" the girl replied. "I'm Kathy" she held out her hand as the girl finished drying hers. " Katy, umm, although most people call me Kat" she took Kathy's hand and Kathy gently squeezed it.

"Nice to meet you Kat, hope you enjoy working here" Kat responded saying that she has liked it very much so far then her face flushed as she looked up at Kathy and smiled and walked to the door.

Kathy opened it for her and they both went their separate ways to their respective places of work. To be continued