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Ebony cutie xianna hill blows hung bartender
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When he graduated high school he chose to stay in the community and attend the local college. He had the grades and intelligence to have gone to an Ivy league college on a fully scholarship - but he wasn't really interested in College. He already had more than enough money to live in style for the rest of his life.

What need did he have for a career? He had started his career a long long time ago. He continued to baby sit for the local church families, and enjoyed the opportunity to add to his collection. But he often missed Emma as she was too old now to need a babysitter. Looking for an opportunity to continue his association with her, he moved into his own flat at the start of his second college year. He decided to major in photography and used part of his loft as a studio.

This gave him an opportunity to invite Emma to act as his model. Her parents never questioned his request as he had practically raised Emma with them. The first day she came over she was so excited to see him, Hugging him hard and telling him how much she had missed him and their time together. She smiled mischievously at him and asked him if he would pretty please check and make sure there were no snakes in her. He laughed with joy, hugging her in return and telling her that he dad jerking off in front family indeed missed her as well.

Emma was eager to undress and present herself for inspection but he cautioned her that they needed to take some "legitimate" photos first so he would have something to show for their time together.

They began with poses of her in her cut offs and tank top. He noticed all the changes in her body that time had wrought. " I see you have grown into your woman hood, " he told her, pausing to caress her newly formed breasts.

She purred with pleasure at his touch and leaned forward, pressing herself more firmly into his hands. Finally satisfied with the "legitimate" photos, he started posing her more provocatively, having her straddle the bench, opening her legs wide, leaning back and thrusting her chest forward, slowly pulling the middle of her top up until the underside of her breasts were exposed, sucking hard on her nipples through the top until they stood at attention through the wet circles on the shirt and showed in the photos, her cuts offs unbuttoned and pulled slightly open, bent over, her legs spread, presenting her rounded ass to the camera, and then he started undressing her, playing out their original meeting so many years ago, unwrapping his present in utter contentment.

"Tell me Emma," he asked, smiling at her " are you still so open as I left you? Can you still take everything and anything I can give you little girl?" Emma giggled and blushed, unsure how to answer. "well I guess we will have to see then, won't we girl" he mused. He laid her back on the bed, completely naked and encouraged her to spread her legs wide. " do you remember when I first pulled the snake from you Emma?

I still do! Of all the girls I have ever helped, you were the best. So brave and trustingholding so still as I split you open with my fingers even though I knew it blonde pornstar squirts solo old john firm bang youthfull anastaisa you.

I often remember that night and re-live it in my dreams. I have missed you" he whispered softly to her as he began sliding his fingers up and down her slit. "I am 12 now you know" she tells him, " I know all about sex and what a man does with a woman. I am sure I am old enough now to be able to accept your manhood all the way - not like when I was small and you could only hold the head of your cock tight against my secrete female space as you gave me your gift. " He smiled at her and began working his finger deep in her familiar hole as he listened to her talk.

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" we will see I suppose, but no big rush, " he told her, "stay there and I will be right back" He walked into the kitchen and dug in the crisper until he found the cucumber that he had purchased earlier in the week for his salad.

He crossed the room to her, where she waited just as she had been told, spread wide open for him. he paused and took several photos of her in that position to add to his site and then kneeled down between her legs, leaning forward to taste her,licking and kissing her female form. She sighed in pleasure, having missed the feel of his mouth against her.

He noticed that she was instantly wet and he smiled at her training. "well, lets see how open you are still" He chanell fires off a few questions about carters sexuality interracial and pornstars her, showing her the cucumber before beginning to slide the cold vegetable up and down her slit, covering it in her juices. The cucumber was fairly large for her size but he knew she had taken bigger in the past when she was smaller.

He has to push hard at first to get it started, she had definitely lost some of her flexibility over the past year. But she kept her legs spread wide and did not fight him. Finally he was able to work the top portion of the cucumber into her tight hole and he paused to take several close up pictures. He then began working the cucumber deeper into her small body, enjoying listening to the sounds of discomfort she was making, "well you have definitely lost some of your flexibility your naughty girl!

Perhaps I will have to punish you" he teased her playfully as he continued to work it deeper and deeper into her body. " do you remember the night you told me no? That night I only had a little pickle.

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Imagine how silly you were telling me it was too big! And now here i am spreading you open with this big cucumber! But that's ok, because you learned an important lesson that night didn't you Emma?

When your parents got home I told them that you had been very disrespectful and refused to listen to me and that I was not sure I could take care of you anymore. Your parents were so afraid of losing me as your babysitter that your dad drug you out of your bed right then and there and threw you over his knee and spanked you until your bare bottom was red right in front of me. And then he made you stand there and apologize to me, tears streaming down your face, and promise to never defy me again.

And from that time on you never have my good girl!" She continued to moan and pant, trying to relax so that she could more easily accept the large invader. "good girl Emma, almost there. I see we are going to have to work harder at getting you back to where you were.

There is no way you could accept me today." Finally he felt the cucumber bottom out against her cervix and she gasped at the sudden pain. He continued to talk soothingly to her as he took several more photos of her stuffed full of the cucumber.

" ok Emma, lets see if you remember how to make yourself feel good.

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Lets see you reach down and make yourself cum for me Emma" Obediently Emma reached for her clit and began stroking it while she held her lips wide open with her other hand so he could get couple sarah amp alex fuck innocent penny pictures of her feminine pleasures.

After a bit he reached out and began playing with her blooming tits, pushing her along towards the orgasm she was racing towards. He timed it well and got several good shots of her as her body spiraled out of control riding her self induced orgasm. Satisfied with the shots of the day he lay down next to her, caressing her body as she floated back to earth.

"I am so glad we can spend time together Emma. I have missed you so much. When you are older we will live together and I will take the best care of you.

I already have more than enough money to keep you in style for the rest of your life. But I think we can do more, and together we can do a lot more. I will continue my photography waiting for you. " Emma glowed with pleasure at the words accompanying his caresses.

She had always loved him and knew she would do anything for him, follow him anywhere, do anything he asked. "You are babysitting now aren't you Emma? " he asked the girl and she dreamily nodded her head. " I thought so. And that is good. I want you to bring the girls to me. You know how to work them so that they come willingly, you have been doing it almost your entire life. Tell their parents that I need subjects to photograph and in exchange I will give them a free set of the prints.

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You know what I prefer Emma, as old as possible but still untouched, unopened. " He reached down between her legs and began pumping the cucumber in and out of her stretched womanhood, " you will do this for me wont you Emma? It is for our future and will make me jeu de role en francais avec couple amateur anal fellation voyeurisme and mecanicien happy" Emma sighed as the cucumber began to waken her to more pleasure and told him that of course she would.

"That is my girl" he told her, reaching down to unzip his pants, " now lets see if you remember how to thank me for opening you up" Emma eagerly reached into his pants wrapping her hands around his hard cock and drawing it out so that she could lick and suck it deep into her throat. She had missed this and was eager to draw his seed from deep in his balls. He leaned back and let her work her throat on the head of his cock, enjoying her efforts.

After a time he knew he was close and would not be able to last much longer so he pulled her off his cock and pushed her back down onto the bed. He kneeled again between her spread legs and slid the heated cucumber from her stretched cunt. He lined the head of his cock up with her exposed hole and forced the head inside her hot sheath. Then he pumped his cock three, four times and once again exploded inside his Emma. After she left, he spent time comparing the day's photos to her earlier shoots and marking the changes in her body.

She was definitely growing into her womanhood but at the same time she had retained much of her childish charms.

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He was confident that he would make a nice sum of money for today's photos as soon as he uploaded them.