Big lun sex stories xxxi vid

Big lun sex stories xxxi vid
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Playing A New Hand My husband, Clint, and I now practice what is known as an open marriage; but this has not always been the case. I was a virgin when we got married, 13 years ago. My husband was the first man to ever see me nude much less to have sex with me until about five months ago.

Since then, things have really changed. My husband and I now enjoy sex with others.

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I am only sorry we waited so long to discover the full range of sexual opportunities. Last Labor Day weekend, Clint's brother Steve visited with us while his wife and kids took a trip to visit her parents before school started.

After dinner on the last night of the weekend, we played cards and had a few drinks. After several games of three-handed gin, Clint suggested we play poker. He and Steve both played cards frequently, and since I won nearly every hand at gin, they thought they would beat me at poker. At first we just played regular poker with chips, but no money.

I don't know much about poker, but I was winning most of the hands. Steve said you couldn't really play hot three some with legal age teenager smalltits and hardcore without betting money because you can't bluff if you don't have anything to lose. I jokingly mentioned several times that we play strip poker, and I mentioned it again.

I'd had an awful lot to drink and had been especially lucky in cards so far, so I said it without really thinking. Little did I know how this simple remark would change my life and change it for the better. Steve was quick to react to my suggestion and said, "Let's play." All of a sudden, it dawned on me what I was getting into. I still didn't think we would go very far, so I told Steve to deal the cards. I won the first few hands, and then they started to win. Everything was pretty routine while we were losing things like socks and shoes.

As we removed each item, we did it in a seductive, teasing way and enjoyed a good laugh. The winner of each hand got to say who took off the next article of clothing. I was losing faster, but I had on more stuff to take off than they did. Finally, I didn't have anything left but beautiful girlfriend got facial in kitchen hardcore blowjob blouse, bra, panties and shorts and I lost the next hand.

Timidly and nervously, I removed my blouse. Both guys had their eyes glued on me even though I still had my bra on. Then I lost again. By this time I was starting to get a little excited. No man except Clint had ever seen me nude, and I had never seen anyone's cock but Clint's. Even though I was getting excited, I was still nervous; so I used a delay tactic. I excused myself and went into the bathroom and took off my panties. (I had to show them to the guys to prove that I removed them.) This way they still couldn't see anything.

Then I started to win again, and before I lost another hand Clint and Steve were down to their underwear. Since we were playing at the table, I only got the chance to see them when they stood up to take off their pants. However, I started breathing heavy when Steve took his pants off because his erection was quite visible.

When I lost my bra, I was really thrilled by the way they looked at my breasts. I could feel my nipples grow erect as I unhooked my bra and slid it down off my boobs. I tried to hide myself a little with my arms, but at the same time I was enjoying the fact that they were able to see my body. Clint lost his shorts on the next hand. Then I lost my shorts, and I quickly took them off and sat back down. I was getting more excited and close to climaxing knowing that I was sitting naked in front of Steve.

When he lost his underwear, I couldn't take my eyes off his cock. It was at least two inches bigger than Clint's, and it was really stiff. We sat there in the nude and nervously had another drink. No one really knew what to do next, but I was so horny by now that I didn't want to stop. In fact, I kept inventing excuses for Steve or me to get up for something so that I could see him and he could see me. I suggested we keep playing, and the winner would name what someone would do.

We decided to leave the kitchen, since the table was in our way, and we moved to the living room. I won the next hand, so I had both guys spread their legs and move their hands away from their crotches so I could see their cocks real well.

They did the same thing to me when I lost the next hand. When I spread my legs, they could see that my pussy was so moist it was glistening. When I won again, I asked Steve to masturbate for 30 seconds. When I continued to win, I asked Clint to do the same thing. I had always wondered about men jacking off, and now I got to watch two of them do it. It was great. I next asked Steve to kiss my pussy. He just leaned down and kissed it without hesitation.

Soon it was my turn to be told what to do. With each hand I lost, I had to masturbate in front of them, finger myself and kiss their cocks.

I can still remember how flushed with excitement I got whenever I touched Steve's cock. It was bigger than Clint's, and it felt so hard that just the fact that I had my hand around a strange cock made me tremble all over.

I also remember how surprised and horny I got when my husband won and said he wanted Steve and me to eat each other. By now, we were so primed that I climaxed as soon as Steve stuck his tongue in my pussy and started to flick it across my clitoris. I wanted to suck him until he got off, too, but Clint said that was enough. When I won next, I was too shy to say what I really wanted. I really wanted Steve to fuck me, but I felt obligated to ask Clint instead.

Clint was excited, too, because he hadn't fucked me for more than two minutes before he shot his load into me. This broke the ice. Steve won next and said it was his turn to fuck me.

Since Clint was the only person in the world I had ever fucked, I almost fainted from excitement when Steve entered me. His cock totally filled me. He didn't last very long either, but in the short time he was pumping me, I had two climaxes and still remember how wonderful it felt to have his cock in me.

Steve spent the night with us, and I had him twice more and had Clint once more. I was fucked five times that night. I was totally exhausted, but I was also in heaven.

We spent the night in the same room and as Steve or Clint fucked me, the other watched. While one of them pounded into me, I would look at the other's cock to see if it was getting hard. I realized that this was so teens got gang raped anual to me because it was the first time.

Clint and I were a little embarrassed to talk about this afterwards. I knew I liked it, but I felt Clint had only participated because he had been drinking. I was also afraid that he had lost respect for me. Later, I found out he felt the same way and was afraid I had lost respect for him since he had agreed to let someone else fuck me. We downplayed the whole thing for these dumb reasons for a couple of weeks. At a party a couple of weeks later, one of the men there started coming on to me pretty strong.

So we went into one of the bedrooms and started to make out. It wasn't long before he unbuttoned my blouse and began kissing my tits while his hands roamed up my skirt to my pussy.

He was fingering me and I had just started to play with his cock when we were interrupted. There had been no doubt in my mind that I was going to let him fuck me.

I felt those same tingles I had felt that night as I watched Steve undress and then later when he fucked me. I didn't care that I hardly knew this guy. I was excited by being kissed and fondled by a strange man.

But the interruption unnerved him so much that he begged off. In fact, it had scared me a little, as well. That night I confessed to Clint.

He really got turned on and wanted me to describe in detail how the man got his hand inside the elastic of my panties, how it felt, how his cock felt really good to me and the whole story. Clint got really horny and started screwing me. When we finished, we started talking about all that had happened recently, and how it really turned us both on.

I told Clint that I liked it, and I would like to watch him fuck someone else, too. Ultimately, we hard dick plows beauteous teen cum hole hardcore blowjob agreed that we would not only like to have sex with others, but that we would also like to watch each other in the act.

Our circle of friends was very uptight, which presented a problem. We decided out best bet would be to start with Steve and his wife Margie. I agreed to approach Margie, and Clint would talk with Steve.

It was really kind of funny because of our relationship with them. Strangely enough, both of them wanted to, but they were afraid the other wouldn't agree.

As it turned out, Margie was easy to convince because she had had a couple of secret affairs since she and Steve had been married. I convinced her that if we got Steve to agree, which was no problem, it would make it easier for her to screw other people in the future. Later, I told her about Steve screwing me when she was away over the Labor Day weekend. That really excited her, and she wanted me to tell her all about it. I also asked her to describe her affairs to me.

This conversation was really making me horny, and as we talked she brushed her hand against my breast. Then she put her hand on my leg and ran it up along my thigh. Pretty soon we were kissing and feeling each other, and then Margie started sucking my breasts.

We peeled off out panties and lay on the couch, kissing each other and fingering each other's pussies until we both came to shuddering climaxes. It was a one time thing I always wanted to try with anther woman, but it wasn't as satisfying as a man's cock. I was looking forward to swapping with Steve and Margie now more than ever, and I was really thrilled when we got them to agree. We decided to use our place. We also thought it would be fun to take our clothes off together in the same room.

I could see that Clint was staring at Margie as she took off her bra and panties. He didn't even take his eyes off her while he hurried to get his own clothes off. Both Clint and Steve had erections by the time they were naked, and I couldn't wait to get at Steve's big cock. As soon as we were undressed, we got down on the floor and started fondling each other. Clint was sucking Margie's breasts, and she was rubbing his prick.

I watched him as he reached down and took her pussy into his hand and inserted his middle finger. Steve was licking my nipples and fingering me. I moved around to take his big cock in my mouth, and he started eating my pussy.

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Margie was now sitting on Clint's face while sucking his cock at the same time. I could hear the sounds of samantha rone is a flawless blondie who loves the pounder hardcore and blowjob lapping wet pussies and Margie's muffled moans.

After I climaxed, Steve got on top of me and I guided his cock into my wet and waiting pussy. It filled me, and after just a little bit of screwing, I climaxed again, humping my hips against him to take every inch of his big cock.

I could hear Margie moan as Clint entered her. This was Clint's first woman besides me, and I could tell by looking at him that he was satisfied with Margie. I still remember the expression on Clint's face while he was fucking her. He was pounding into her, and she had her legs wrapped around his back with her hands holding on to his ass. I climaxed again as Steve shot his load into me, and I watched while Clint had his orgasm at the same time Margie let out one of her cries of pleasure.

Watching Clint and Margie fuck while Steve was on top of me made everything more exciting for me. Since that night, we often swing with Steve and Margie. We have also taken on other lovers as well since then. Clint and I now have also had separate affairs. We don't push anything, but instead, we let it happen naturally. Our sex life is much broader, and we have learned to enjoy sex to a much greater degree.

We fully endorse our new life-style. Perhaps you will too, if you give it a try.