Sex with a dirty girl and rough hardcore hd threesome brittney white takes it hard

Sex with a dirty girl and rough hardcore hd threesome brittney white takes it hard
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Chapter 26 ANOTHER DINNER WITH KITTEN After work, she learned to her surprise that Slutkitten was coming over for dinner. Apparently Claire's father had called Claire's friend directly, and invited her over. She learned this from Slutkitten when the cute girl found Claire after work and said she would drive Claire home. Claire didn't know how she felt about this.

She liked Slutkitten and wanted to see her, but it was weird for her father to be arranging her social engagements. And she'd had such a terrible day she just wanted to fall in her bed and cry.

Slutkitten seemed to sense some of this, as she was especially kind to Claire. The two brunette slut getting pissed on tube porn just gotten into Slutkitten's car in the carpark, and Kitten was helping Claire to undress. Claire didn't want to be nude but it was Kitten's car and besides it was good to get out of the pissy clothes she was wearing.

Once she was nude, Kitten leaned over and began to lick Claire's face clean, lapping at her lips and cheeks to remove all the piss and semen and cunt juices. Claire sniffled, a delayed reaction to the misery of the day, and then kissed Kitten on the lips out of thanks. She knew men from work were walking past outside the car and some of them could almost certainly see the naked Claire, but she just didn't care. Her trauma maximum for the day had been reached, she felt.

"You have to degrade me, sugartits," Kitten reminded her as she finished the cleaning. Claire remembered her grade requirements. She smiled. "You use your mouth like a good slut," she said. Kitten beamed. "Thank you!" As they drove, Claire told Kitten everything that had happened recently. She told her about her parents splitting up, and her new rules at home.

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She told Kitten about being graded on her sexual performance, and she told her about being tasered. "Don't worry about that," said Kitten. "You can come with me tomorrow night. I have some male friends who are really nice about my work.

They'll let you seachsex xxx sex deshi com their cocks and give you an A grade no matter what. And you can be nude outside with them and get your other requirements for the week done." "Are they cute?" asked Claire hopefully. "Pretty cute," laughed Kitten. "And they taste lovely." That sounded better to Claire than sucking off men at work.

When they got to her house, Kitten wanted them both to just walk in naked, seeing as that was the rule now. But Claire insisted on re-dressing before crossing from the car to her house.

She didn't want her neighbours seeing her nude. When they got inside her father was waiting. He insisted on them both stripping immediately. Kitten stripped happily, showing off her cute tits and cunt. Claire was less enthusiastic. It always felt weird having her father see her boobs or pussy. But soon she was naked, and before she knew it she was receiving her nightly cunt spanking, as her friend watched.

Stephanie came down from upstairs, already naked, and also asian in stockings hot fellatio japanese and hardcore. Claire was at least happy that she didn't cum from the beating this time.

When it was done, she excused herself to go shower, without explaining exactly what she wanted to shower off. She left Steph and Kitten downstairs, and ran to the bathroom, where she showered while pissing and rubbing her cunt. When she came downstairs, she found Steph cooking lasagna, naked, in the kitchen.

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But Claire froze when she saw what Kitten and her father were doing. Kitten had her father's cock out and was idly pumping it while the two of them stared at Steph's naked body. Steph was blushing and trying to pretend nothing was happening.

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"I'm just helping your friend Kitten out," her father said. "She apparently finds her dinner much tastier when there's cum on it." He sighed gorgeous teen fantina prepares herself for a massage and gets fucked as Kitten rubbed his penis.

"And she's been telling me about some of the things your work wants you to do, to help you to be a better girl. Apparently you need to be doing your chores around the house nude? That shouldn't be a problem. And you need to spend an hour a week crawling on all fours? You can do that here around the house, honey." Claire went stiff. Had Kitten told her father everything? About how she had to piss?

And masturbate? And let a new man grope her every week? She looked for signs on her father's face that he knew these things, but all she could see was the pleasure of the handjob he was receiving. "These are good rules," he was saying. "You and your sister were always brats. Learning a bit of submission, and learning that things like your clothes are a privilege that you earn, should be good for you." The rest of the night was an exercise in humiliation for Claire.

When Steph finished the cooking, Kitten led Claire's father to Kitten's plate by his cock, and then finished jerking him off. Her father moaned happily and sprayed Kitten's plate with his cum. Claire had never seen her father orgasming before, and never seen him ejaculate; now she had, and she felt sluttier for the experience. Kitten poured a glass of wine for Claire's father, and then poured all the girls cordial.

Claire noted that Steph drank hers without comment. She wondered what Steph would say if she knew she was drinking piss and cunt juices. Claire sipped on hers eagerly. The nude girls ate their food mostly slutty interracial milf trio in moving truck silence. Claire watched Kitten eating her cum-soaked meal and apparently enjoying it.

When it came time for seconds, Claire's father had no more cum to flavour Kitten's second plate, so Kitten instead gave a repeat performance of her stunt from the last time she came for dinner. She scooped up portions of lasagna and then stuffed them into her cunt.

Then she rubbed her legs together to squish all the food in her pussy, and then she dug it out and ate it. As before, Claire's father had Kitten feed some of the cunty mess to Claire and Steph. When all the food was gone, Kitten's cunt was still messy from the mince and cheese, so Claire's father told Steph to clean it "since she was a lezbo anyway".

Steph eagerly knelt between Kitten's legs and licked Kitten's pussy clean, while Claire's father watched, his dick hardening again. After dinner Claire needed to piss, but her father wouldn't let her leave the table.

She ended up with Kitten kneeling between her legs, holding a glass to her pussy, while Claire, blushing furiously, urinated in front of her sister and father.

She filled the glass with her urine, then blushed further as Kitten licked the last drops of piss from her labia before returning to the table to sip at the glass of Claire's pee. The night ended the same way as Kitten's last visit, with Kitten noisily fucking Claire's father in his bedroom, while Claire and Steph slept naked in the next room. Both girls were deeply horny, and when Steph started to kiss Claire, Claire kissed back passionately. Both girls found themselves rubbing their pussies as they kissed, unable to control themselves, and before long Claire was moaning her orgasm into her sister's mouth as her body shook and shuddered in ecstasy.

And Claire's last thought before she fell asleep was that there hadn't been a waking moment today french brunette teen fucked by old man tube porn she hadn't been sexually degraded; that she couldn't remember how many cocks she'd sucked or how much piss she'd drunk; that she had kissed her sister while she orgasmed and urinated in front of her father; and that she couldn't control herself.

She was a slut, and she couldn't stop being a slut, and she hated herself. 'You are a slut,' said her earbuds. 'You are a dirty lezbo slut. You deserve to be raped.' (To be continued.)