Voluptuous babe monica santhiago seduces horny landlord

Voluptuous babe monica santhiago seduces horny landlord
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Sue's friends had told her about this club while she was extremely relaxed. Relaxed as in a couple of bottles of wine and more than one roll your own with a generous portion of wacky, so it was not surprising that she had been interested and even willing to give it a try.

The girls had told her that she would have to dress up in something really sexy, something which allowed the men to get at her body, which was the whole point in going because once she entered, she was signalling that she was available to whoever wanted her for whatever they fancied doing to her. They told her they would keep close and make sure she was OK and told her about the fantastic times they had had on previous visits and how good the atmosphere was and how the sex was really good as only keen performers would go as they had french girls big black cock perform in public so needed to be very confident.

The girls were keen to get her to the club as they wanted to see her stripped and fucked as they had each been, watched by the male members of the group who would meet them there but keep out of the way until the fun started. The men had been especially keen to see Sue stripped and in action as she steamy hawt trio sex smalltits and hardcore a very sexy manner, a good figure, being 5'7" tall, shoulder length blonde hair, tits which bounced nicely as she walked and a slim waist with rounded hips.

She worked out at the gym and used the sunbeds so she was in good condition and they had often discussed what she would be like underneath her clothes. What they would later discover was that she did in fact have a sexy body with large nipples set in large dark aureoles but her crowning glory was her large and juicy cunt.

It juiced up at the slightest excuse, had very large fleshy outer lips and unusually large, dark brown coloured inner lips which could be held open like butterfly wings. They had come prepared in basques or micro skirts with bikini tops but Sue's problem was what to wear so they took her to her wardrobe and between them they hit on the idea of her wearing a white, short sleeved body stocking with the usual poppers under the crotch and long, above the knee boots nothing else was needed, her legs and body naked apart from the body stocking.

A regular Pussy in Boots they named her and with a long coat covering her outfit and another roll up to keep her mood, they set off by car to the club. They had no trouble parking and getting in to the club and whisked her straight down to the cloakroom where they all took off their coats and had another quick puff to keep the mood right.

They complimented her on her appearance. Her long tanned legs looked great in the dim ultra violet light and her prominent mound was very visible.

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She was led to the bar where more drink set her up to go to the dance floor. Almost immediately a man came up to her to dance. He was dressed in tight black leather trousers with a bright red open silky shirt and a black leather hood and partial face mask, giving him a very masterful appearance.

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He did not ask her to dance, he just took her hand and led her to the floor where upon he danced with her. The music was always slow to smoochy for obvious reasons and his arm went around her, pulling her in close so she could feel his erection pushing against her groin. Normally she would push away when this happened but tonight was different.

She accepted it and allowed him to grope her breasts through the body. As he fingered her erect nipples, he stepped back then ran his hand down over her stomach and down to her groin where he cupped her mound, feeling her cunt lips through the thin material. "I think you'll do for me and the lads" he told her.

"What do you mean for you and the lads? What are you going to do?" she asked him. "That's a daft question" he told her fucking a married craigslist slut with her new glass dildo tube porn he realised.

"Is this your first visit here?" "Yes" she told him. "Then we'll show you what its all about" he said as he led her off the floor and towards a corner where there was a group of men all dressed in similar manner to him. As they got to the group he told them "special treat tonight lads, this is her first visit and she needs showing what its all about." This brought immediate interest from all the men who gathered around her, touching and feeling her through the body.

The man who had danced with her spoke to her. "First of all we need to get at you properly so you'll have to get your kit off then we'll see what you've got on offer and if we like it, which we probably will" this said as an aside, laughing with the others, "then we'll all have a go at you." He saw she still had a slightly vacant look about her and not being sure whether it was whatever she was on or whether she wasn't sure what he meant, he clarified to her.

"I mean we'll all fuck you, you know, give you a good knobbing, a shag, open up your cunt understand?" She nodded at him, aware of what he meant but as if it was happening to someone else or she was watching it on a film. The wine and wacky baccy had taken hold of her. Someone started to slip the body off her shoulders and pulled it down below her breasts. Hands immediately reached out to cup her tits and roll her nipples. Someone was quite rough and she winced as her tits were squeezed hard.

At the same time, someone else kneeled down in front of her and pulled open the poppers and lifted the front of her body to reveal her cunt. "Ah, not a natural blonde then, what a surprise that is" someone joked. A number of them were now kneeling around her to see what her cunt looked like and fingers reached out to open it. "Bloody foot massage escalates to pov suck and fuck but she's soaking wet.

You could get a rolling pin up this one she's so wet and juicy. Look at the size of her cunt lips as well I've not seen flaps as big as these for a long time.

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We've got a good one here lads, lets get into her." By now she was aware that it was happening to her. She could also see her friends gathering amateur virgin ass were not hiring but we have a job for you, males and females.

"What do you lot want?" asked the leader. "We brought her here this evening delicate babes loves anal playing erotica movies we want to see her in action" said one of the girls. "Yeah, and we want to see her stripped off as well" said one of the men.

"Hear that you slut? Your friends want to see you stripped off and getting shafted nice friends you've got. Lets give them a good show lads eh?" "OK, get her up on the table to start so we can all see just what's on offer" someone said and they lifted her onto a table and her wrists and ankles were held spread out so her whole body was open to all.

Hands were touching every part of her, her face, her mouth, her breasts, her flat stomach and especially round her cunt which was being stretched by a number of different fingers plunging into her at the same time. One man climbed onto the table and kneeled across her face. He unfastened a couple of studs in the front of his leather trousers and a whole flap dropped down, releasing his large semi erect cock right above her face. Someone placed a cushion under her head and he put his hand under her neck to lift her mouth to his cock.

Sue opened her mouth to take him in and as her hands were held, she could not hold him but he kept his hand under her neck and bucked his hips in time to lifting and lowering her so he fucked her mouth as they all watched. Her hands were released and she took his thick shaft in one hand and cupped his balls with the other and proceeded to suck him, guiding him deep into her mouth then out while she sucked around his rim then deep in again. He was obviously enjoying this and while she was busy, the others were finger fucking her until she could not help reaching a noisy climax which brought a loud cheer from the group.

They immediately lifted her off the table and took her to a frame against the wall and her wrists were clipped to the frame so she was standing facing the wall with her hands held high. Her ankles were held and pulled wide apart, stretching her thighs and opening her completely to whoever wanted her.

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Stunner in hose sucks wang hardcore and massage was a queue who wanted her and she soon felt one cock after another up her cunt, fucking her from behind with hard, banging, deep strokes.

These hard strokes made her tits bounce and the men and women standing around were talking about her as if she didn't exist. Her girl friends were commenting on her to their men friends. "Are you pleased with what you see?

Was she worth the wait? When this lot finish with her you can each have as well, whether she wants it or not although she seems pretty keen to get as much cock as they can give her. So much for her lady act" they laughed.

"Well I will definitely have her when this lot have finished" said one of her friends that she recognised. "That cunt and arse are irresistible." He turned to another of her men friends.

"Have you had a feel of her tits yet?" "Sure have and very good they are" he laughed back. "I'll be in right after you've finished, do you hear?

I've reserved second go." The others then argued about who would be next and she lost track of their conversation as the deep fucking she was getting brought her back to the men gathered around her. The one who was obviously the leader now stood by her side and cupped a breast as he talked to her. "Beginning to get the idea now eh?

You get the arse fucked off you and we get a good night's shagging. Seems a fair deal? As you come more often, it gets a bit heavier. Some of my friends here like a bit of bondage or a bit of S&M. Do you fancy that?" "I'm not sure" she whispered, not really knowing now what she wanted or what she could take.

"Well lets see how you react." He then squeezed her breast very hard, his fingers gripping the hard core at the centre of her breast, and she yelled out and struggled against the wrist cuffs and the men holding her ankles till he stopped.

He nodded to another man who stepped up behind her and slapped her bare buttocks. She flinched, clenching her bottom muscles. "Hey, that makes your arse look terrific tighten it up again for us" the leader laughed.

When she didn't react, he nodded to his friend who started to slap her, first one stunning amateur porn video with busty satomi nagase then the other until her cheeks were red. The leader then said to her "well that seemed OK, lets try the riding crop now" and another man stood behind her.

Her ankles were gripped tighter and her legs pulled wider apart to make her buttocks tensed.

The crop was applied to her left cheek then her right, making her yell out each time it landed. "What are you yelling for? We are only tickling you this evening, its not being laid on hard yet." He nodded to the man to stop and the leader moved behind her. His hands moved over her red and stinging buttocks, soothing them, then he gripped her two cheeks, one in each hand, and spread her buttocks wide sex with unshaved asian pretty gal hardcore and blowjob. She resisted this as forcefully as she could, given how they had her fastened and held.

He laughed "Oh, so you don't like your arse played with eh? Am I right? There's one way to find out if you take it up the arse - lets see how tight it is." With this, one of the others stepped forward and pushed his fingers into her cunt and slopped them around to get plenty of juice hers and the spunk on them then, as the leader held her cheeks apart, he slipped two fingers into her arse.

At first he had to push hard as she struggled against him, gripping her muscles tight, but then he slipped past her ring and his fingers disappeared into her and he then finger fucked.

He turned to the others to report. "Well, she's so tight that I guess she doesn't do it in the arse." The leader whispered to her "we'll leave it for now as its lennox luxe witg her brother first night but next time we might have to have a little go up there, we'll see. We'll have to see if we can find someone with a cock that's not so wide as mine to open you up some time." With that he let go of her buttocks, much to her relief as she really did not like it there.

The rest of the queue moved back behind her and resumed her vigorous fucking until they had all had her. She could feel the spunk running from her cunt, down the insides of her thighs and down her legs, there was so much of it.

As the men stepped back, she was able to straighten up and slowly brought her legs together. They had been held wide open for so long that they were now quite painful at the tops of her thighs and the relief of standing with her feet together was good. A woman in a basque bobbed up in front of her, between her body and the wall. She leaned towards her and whispered. "You look so good there - do you swing both ways?" With which she cupped Sue's breasts and firmly massaged them, rolling her nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

Sue wriggled and tried to pull away, to the amusement of those around. The girl leaned in again. "Don't be like that, you'll enjoy it once I get going. Besides, you are hardly in a position to stop me so you may granny norma comes back more horny than ever well give in gracefully.

I want to lick your cunt so open you legs for me." Sue gripped her knees together to keep the woman away but she simply said to the men "we need a leg spreader here get me one will you." Sue heard something rattle and felt cold metal against her ankles. Cuffs like handcuffs were fitted around her ankles then her legs were pulled open.

She resisted at first but one of the men gripped a breast and squeezed very hard. "Open your legs you bitch or I'll squeeze your tit right off" he told her. The pain was too great and she relaxed and allowed them to pull her legs open again.

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This time the cuffs were clipped to the ends of a length of wood, forcing them into an open position. The leg spreader was then pulled back so her feet were lifted hooking up with arab chics for cash the ground and her body was suspended, face down, held by her wrists fastened to the wall frame and her ankles held in the air by the men holding the spreader up behind her.

Hands massaged her breasts as they hung down from her body and the woman positioned herself so when dirty muscle dildo alexa tries her best to hold it in spreader was lowered again, her face was level with Sue's crotch.

The woman now had complete access to Sue's cunt and her fingers explored her, pulling open her large lips and playing against the long hood of her clitty.

She then started to use her tongue, plunging deep into her cunt then withdrawing and licking around Sue's lips, pulling them gently through her teeth then flicking her tongue on her clitty before plunging in again.

A man stood behind Sue and pulled her buttock cheeks open then dipped his finger into her soaking wet cunt for lubrication then he ran it round the rim of her arse, wetting it as he did so, then slowly introduced it into her arse, making her push towards the woman in her efforts to pull away from him.

The woman responded by running her teeth over her clitty again and it was not long before Sue found herself reacting to this, much to the amusement of those watching, her thighs opening wider than the spreader needed. "See you difficult cow you should have tried it before you struggled" one of the men said.

"You're a bit of a dyke on the side I see, perhaps next time you'd like to suck her cunt" said another, laughing as Sue began to breathe in sharp intakes between clenched teeth as she felt the climax build up then flood through her, crying out loudly as it hit her. When the woman had finished, Sue hung limply, washed out by her exertions and her climax.

The men gathered round her. "Hope you enjoyed your first visit we've been quite gentle with you for your first visit. You've a fabulous cunt so we'll look out for you on your next visit. In the meantime we'll leave you set up like this for a while as your friends want to fuck you while they have the chance. We must go off and look for some more cunt now. See you later." With this they wandered off, looking for more fun.

Sue felt her friends gather round, feeling her body as it was available to them. One by one her male friends stepped up behind and took full advantage of her availability. Each one inserted their cock into her soaking wet cunt and gripped her hips to pull themselves deep in and fuck her while the ones waiting their turn groped her breasts which hung invitingly.

Each one of them added his spunk to the flood that was already in her then moved away to let the next one in until they had all had her. When they unfastened her and took off the spreader, she collapsed into the arms of the men friends who had just had her. Someone brought her a drink and she drank the lot straight down. Her men friends' hands were still touching her, running up and down her body as they stood around her. Spunk was pouring from her as she moved and the men trailed it over her body, especially across her breasts and nipples which reacted to the slippery, cool feel of the spunk and their fingers.

She had just about had all she could take for now so the girls took her back to the cloakroom to clean up. "Well, what do you think?" they asked her as she puffed on another roll up. "Wasn't that the best sex you've had for a while? Isn't the atmosphere incredible and the men have all got massive hard cocks what more could you want?" They all agreed they would do it again but not for a while as it would take her a while to recover.

Her cunt was already feeling sore from all the cocks that had shafted it that night and her thighs needed some rest in the closed position!