Eva lovia fingering her hairy wet pussy

Eva lovia fingering her hairy wet pussy
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I have combined all of the sections of this story for the readers convience. Due to the abuse of the comment section by spammers and other idiots, I have restricted comments to members only.

Please feel free to PM me as well with any comments. Lucky Mann Edited to meet the new age rules. A Man and His Pets Chapter I Wealth and Toys Jim is a rich man. He came by his wealth the old fashioned way, he inherited it. When he was about 20-years-old, his parents were killed in a plane crash. Along with several hundred million dollars, peculiar sweeties bang the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere several manufacturing companies, his parents had left him a huge home located on nearly 60,000 tree-covered acres in a Colorado mountain valley.

The nearest town was twenty miles away. Jim's home was accessible only by one very long and rough dirt road, or the aircraft landing strip behind the house. Jim flew frequently. His proudest possession was his Gulfstream jet.

He was his own pilot, and the plane allowed him to travel the world overseeing his holdings that had continued to grow since his parents had been killed. At any time, on nothing more than a whim, he'd fire up the Gulfstream and fly off for business or pleasure. His house was a two story stone structure with a full stone-lined basement. The walls were two feet thick and had few windows. The ceilings of the basement and first floor were made of massive wooden beams that served as the base of the floor above.

All and all the house strongly resembled an ancient castle, including the turrets. Thus, Jim called his home, The Castle. His parents had been avid students of the medieval era. At one time, the ground floor had been used to entertain the occasional guests in a manner similar to that of the legendary kings of Europe.

Though the kitchen was ultra modern with the latest appliances, the main room was decorated to look like the banquet hall of an ancient castle. There were hidden electric lights, but gas-fired torches mounted around the outside walls provided the main lighting. Heat, when needed, was provided by a massive fire pit in the center of the room. The upper floor was Jim's personal space. Like the kitchen, it had all the most up to date comforts.

A high performance computer controlled the sound system, the numerous high tech cameras throughout the house and about the property, and the security system components. The computer also allowed Jim to manage his far-flung holdings. Any single camera, or multiple cameras, could be easily displayed on the computer monitor or the large TV screen hung on the wall opposite the foot of Jim's oversized bed.

The computer also controlled the electronic locks installed in all the doors. The locks opened automatically if the properly coded chip imbedded in kidnapped young french schoolgirl forced taxi raped english subtitle key fob or other item came within six feet of the door.

Without that fob, the heavy doors simply could not be opened. Jim spent most of his time in his quarters. There he did his reading and writing.

To keep his mind busy, he wrote short stories for several magazines. About 20 years ago, shortly after Jim inherited The Castle, he had discovered erotic stories on the internet.

He became an avid reader of porn. The BDSM stories were his favorites. Though he never intended to actually use it to bind or hurt anyone, Jim slowly transformed his basement into a well-equipped dungeon. He built or bought many of the various devices he had read about on the net.

They could be used to secure and/or torture a victim. His favorite piece of equipment was a rack like device. On his version of a rack, the victim could be lain face up or down on the main platform.

The occupant of the rack would have their wrists and arms secured by thick leather straps to supports. Those charming ladies kelsi and kira fingering ass holes pornstars and lesbian could move the victim's arms from their sides to straight over their head.

The legs and ankles were similarly secured to supports extending from the main platform. The leg supports pivoted at the victim's hips allowing the legs to be spread up to 90 degrees out from their original position. The main platform was formed so that a woman's breasts would hang freely if she were face down.

In the center of the platform was a roller section that could be raised from flush to about two feet above the main platform. The victim could thus be positioned so they could be used and abused as the dungeon master saw fit.

The dungeon also contained a number of medical exam tables modified to suit various activities. His favorite of these was an OB/GYN exam table. With the three-inch wide strap that had been added to the table, a woman's abdomen could be secured and prevented from moving very far in any direction.

Her feet and legs could be secured to the table's stirrups and supports with restraining straps, and her arms secured either at her sides or over her head, a woman could thus be held in a position that afforded easy access to any of her orifices. On three of the basement's stone walls were various styles of restraints. They included steel and leather cuffs attached to chains, ropes, and pulleys.

Some restraints were suspended from the massive overhead beams. On the fourth wall, were cabinets filled with all the whips, paddles, dildos, vibrators, spreaders, creams, lubes, and many other accessories any serious dungeon master might need to control, use, and abuse a victim.

Over the years, Jim had built himself a well-equipped and stocked modern day castle with a functional dungeon. Chapter II Wealth Can't Buy Love, but It Can Buy Sex. He considered his home and its dungeon his personal isolation chamber. He enjoyed the privacy it offered. He usually avoided human contact for months at a time. He even had all his supplies delivered to a locking, refrigerated, storage unit built at the far end of his drive.

He could order anything he wanted over the internet, fax, or phone and have it delivered to a trusted merchant in town. The merchant was well paid to then deliver the supplies to the storage unit. In spite of his wealth and possessions, Jim, due to his self imposed isolation, was becoming a lonely man. On rare occasion, he would fly to a major city where one of his plants was located. There, he would avail himself of the services of a local lady who had been voluntarily obtained by the plant's management.

She frequently worked somewhere in the plant. She would be well compensated for her personal services and usually satisfied Jim's voracious sexual appetites. She frequently took several days off work, with pay of course, following her evening with Jim.

Jim tended to over whelm them with his sexual appetites and abilities. He was an expert at eating pussy, and enjoyed giving the women multiple orgasms at the tip of his tongue. However, when Jim drove his cock deep into their pussies, they usually screamed in pain.

Few could take his nine-inch long, two-inch thick cock without suffering some damage. Unless properly prepared and lubed, a woman could easily receive vaginal injuries due to it being over stretched.

In addition to his size, Jim was blessed with the ability to recover in a matter of minutes and be ready to go again. He could cum several times without an extended rest period. Though his physical needs were thus met, there was something missing.

As he approached forty-years-old, Jim wanted something a little more permanent. Over the years, he had kept himself in reasonably good condition. He stood nearly 6'1" and weighted a little over 200 pounds. His body was solid but not overly muscular. His full head of hair showed just a few streaks of gray. Jim used his private plane for relaxation and to get away when he craved human contact. His trips about the country were becoming more and more frequent as he faced middle age.

He was growing tired of living alone, but he didn't trust any woman who was aware of his wealth. He was generous with gifts, but feared gold-diggers. Chapter III Finding the Right Pet One early spring day, while reading a bondage story on one of his favorite internet sites, it came to him.

He needed a pet. Not the cat or dog variety, but an attractive woman. Why not pick a woman to bring home to play with? He didn't want one of his usual whores or pick-ups. He wanted a little something different and special. She may not want to come at first, but no matter. He would train her to be his pet. If she didn't like the idea of being a pet, he could still play with her in his dungeon.

Using a fictitious name, Jim had long ago established a mail drop in the Upstate of South Carolina. Any of his more unusual purchases for his dungeon were sent there. He'd simply fly in, pick up his new toys, have a nice dinner, and fly home. Using that mail drop, Jim began ordering the supplies he thought he'd need to capture, secure, and transport his vict.

er, pet. He had used the name Bill Smith when establishing the mail drop, and he continued that ruse when ordering his supplies, including a special knock out drug. Even the authorities at the small local airport knew him as Bill Smith.

Since there had never a problem with "Bill" paying for services at the airport, there had never been any reason to check his credentials. When all was ready, Bill flew to the Upstate, rented a cargo van, and began looking for a place to set up housekeeping. He needed a place to stay while he looked for his new pet. Luck smiled on him. On his second day in town, 'Bill' spotted his prospective pet. He had stopped at a fast food joint for lunch when she caught his eye. She appeared to be in her early to mid 30s, had curly, shoulder length, light brown hair, blue eyes, and one hell of a set of tits.

They were at least Ds and probably Double Ds. Her ass was a bit larger than he preferred, but what the hell. He could require she work her ass down to a more appealing size in his dungeon. Jim's prospective pet sat with two teenaged girls. The girls were apparently her daughters.

She was cursing at them in a less than subtle voice. The language she directed at the two teens convinced him that she not only looked the part of a pet, but she could use a little disciplining as well. She seemed to be the ideal prospective pet. He seated himself facing away from this prospect in the next booth and casually listened in.

Mom was extremely angry with the youngest girl, and could be plainly heard calling the kid a bitch and a little whore. Tears were streaming down the poor kid's face. "All I did was say hello to him, Mom. He's just a friend from my class at school." The girl sobbed as she tried to explain to her mother. The older teen added. "Really, Mom. That's all she did. She just said 'Hi' to him." The mother glared at the older girl. "You shut the fuck up, too.

When we get home, I'm going to beat the shit out of you both. You little sluts just try to piss me off. Don't you?" Jim followed them home. He took care to maintain a reasonable distance behind blonde babe gets nailed in hardcore fashion so as not be noticed. When they turned into the drive of a small house, 'Bill's' luck was with him again. There was an empty house directly across the street from his intended new pet.

He didn't want to just snatch her. There was too much risk of being caught if he did it that way. Her capture would take time, surveillance, and planning. Her attitude toward her teens merely enhanced his desire to retrain this particular bitch as a pet.

She needed discipline as much, if not more, than her children. Contacting the landlord and renting the empty house was quick and easy. The landlord was only too happy to rent to Bill with few questions asked when he was offered one year's rent in advance and in cash.

As summer progressed, Bill hired his prospective pet's youngest teen, Trina, to cut his grass. Trina was a very affectionate 16-year-old. Almost every time she came into Bill's house to get paid for her yard work, she gave him a firm hug.

Trina was a cute little gal who stood about 5'2" with a slender build, strawberry blond hair, a few freckles, the cutest little round sexy babe giving soapy wam massage to customer, and smallish but firm little titties.

They were about the size of baseballs. Trina seemed to intentionally press her tits into 'Bill's' mid-section each time she hugged him. Every now and then, he could feel her nipples pressing into his belly.

Was Trina an innocent young teen or an amateur tease? He couldn't help but wonder. In addition to her yard work, and her delightful hugs, Trina proved to be a valuable source of information about her family. There was no father in their home and no family nearby. She and her 17-year-old sister, Cindy, had different fathers. Cindy had a boyfriend at one time, but she had dumped him because he tried to get fresh.

Cindy was seventeen-years-old and stood about 5'6". She was slender, with long dark hair, and a tight little ass. Her tits seemed to be a little smaller than her younger sister, Trina. She frequently helped Trina with the yard work. They're mother, Sandra, had many boyfriends and frequently went out at night. She'd come home very late and usually drunk.

Her cloths were normally disheveled when she came in. Sandra often accused her daughters of the very things she herself was doing.

She could be heard screaming at her teenagers late into the night. She continuously called them whores, sluts, and cock hungry bitches. The obvious sounds of the girls being repeatedly screamed at and slapped followed by their loud wails made 'Bill' feel sorry for the teens.

They would probably be better off when their mother disappeared. As fall approached, there was less and less yard work for Trina to do. She often asked if there were any other jobs she could do at Bill's house. "Bill" asked. "Why do you want to keep working here?

Do you need the money?" "No, I don't need the money. I'd just rather be here than at home. Mom is always calling us names and slaps us around if we make too much noise while she sleeps cum covered face of a hot asian day.

You've been so nice to Cindy and me. Don't you have something I can do?" "Well, I guess you could do the dishes and clean the house if you'd like.

You can have Cindy come over to help you clean if she'd like to as well." Trina jumped up, and tightly hugging his neck, squealed. "Oh, thank you, Bill. We'll do a real good job. I promise." She then kissed his cheek. "That's OK, Baby. I think I'll have to take special care of you." He then gave her little butt a pat and sent her scurrying home. He was relieved Trina had gone. He needed to think about his options here.

Did he want to just take the drunken whore of a mother, or should he take the girls, or all three? He also needed to let his erection subside before Trina felt it pressing into her belly. Her young firm body and pert tits always seemed to get him excited. Chapter IV The Capture 'Bill Smith' made his decision early in Oct. He'd take all three on Halloween night. In the mean time, he gathered his supplies.

Via the internet, he had ordered ether for a quick knock-out, a special drug to keep them asleep while he transported them to his dungeon, three specially padded crates, and, as an after-thought, a skeleton costume. The costume was in case he was spotted by a neighbor. He'd look like just another Halloween party attendee coming in late.

It was well after midnight following Halloween when he struck. Donning the skeleton costume, he quietly sneaked in through the usually unlocked back door of the girls' home.

He went to Cindy's room first. She was curled on her side sleeping soundly in her panties and an oversized T-shirt. He poured a bit of the ether on a rag and pressed it firmly over Cindy's nose and mouth. Cindy stiffened but quickly passed out. He then carefully administered a syringe full of the sleeping drug into her ass. Sandra was next. She was sleeping on her belly in a blue baby-doll nightie. He jerked her head up by her hair and slapped the ether soaked rag over her face.

"Hey! What the.fuuuhhh." She passed out. Her tits made up for her somewhat fat ass. They were indeed huge. Besides, her big ass made a great target for the needle. Knowing she had been such a bitch to her girls, he roughly drove the syringe deep into her left ass cheek and pushed the plunger down. It was Trina's turn next.

He crept into her room and sat on the edge of her bed. She began to awake as he stroked her hair. When Trina saw the skeleton, she gasped and started to struggle to get free.

Holding Trina tightly to his chest, he whispered into her ear. "Shush, Baby. It's OK. You know who it is, don't you?" Trina relaxed in his arms a little and nodded. "You like to travel?" He asked. Trina shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so." "I'm leaving, and I want to take you, Cindy, and your mother with me. But, it's important you sleep during the trip. I need to give you a shot to be sure you sleep all night." Showing her the syringe, he assured her. "This won't hurt you much, but it will help you sleep all night.

OK?" Trina shrugged again and softly said. "OK! I guess so." "Roll over, Baby." He told her. She rolled over and presented her butt to her friend, 'Bill.' With Trina on her stomach, he pulled her panties part way down, and patted her butt. She looked back at him over her shoulder and smiled.

He then, as gently as possible, injected her with the drug. He stroked her hair until she fell into a deep sleep. Jim then placed each of his captives into the specially padded crates and locked down the lids. With some difficulty, he loaded them into the van. The two teens weren't too difficult, but their fat ass mother was a real job. After changing clothes, he headed to the nearly deserted airport.

His possessions had already been taken to the airport and loaded on his plane earlier that evening. Unseen, he loaded his fragile cargo onto his plane. Shortly before dawn, Jim took off and headed west. Chapter V Pet Training Begins By mid-morning, Jim was landing his plane on his private landing strip. He taxied right up to the rear of his home.

The flight had been uneventful, but he had to hurry now. Jim figured he had about an hour before the drugs began wearing off and his new acquisitions would awaken. Using a hand dolly, Sandra was the first to be taken to Jim's dungeon. There, she was stripped and secured to a medical exam table Jim had modified. A three-inch leather strap was tightened over her chest just under her huge tits. Her torso was thus secured to the table. Leather cuffs at each corner of the table held her wrists and ankles fast leaving her spread eagle.

Even though time was running short, Jim couldn't resist giving each big tit a rough squeeze. To the sleeping Sandra, he said. "My dear, you are about to learn what it means to be disciplined." Cindy was next. She was quickly brought down to the dungeon, stripped, and placed on an OB/GYN exam table. Her wrists and torso were secured as Sandra's had been. Cindy's feet were placed in the table's widely spread stirrups and secured with leather straps. Her legs were held to the stirrup braces with additional leather straps.

Her legs were thus held apart by the metal braces. She was a lovely young creature. Her tits were like small peaches topped with tiny nipples.

Here dark pubic bush was well developed. Jim thought to himself. 'That bush will have to go.' He preferred bald pussy. Jim then returned to his plane for Trina.

As he stripped and placed Trina on her own flat exam table, she began to stir. She was close to waking as Jim tightened the last of the straps.

Trina was then securely held naked and spread eagle. Lowering the output of the torches on the walls gave the dungeon a sinister aura. Jim left his captives and went to his quarters to have a beer and rest before informing his 'guests' of their new status as his property.

About an hour later, Jim returned to his dungeon. As he came out of the darkness at one end of the dungeon and into view of the women, Sandra was the first to speak.

Actually, she screamed. "What the fuck are you doing, Bill? Let us go! Where the hell are our clothes? You son-of-a-bitch, I'll kill you for this." Jim smiled as he walked up to Sandra's prone body. WHACK. He slapped Sandra's face as hard as he could, and quietly said. "To use your own words, Sandra, words I've heard you scream at these girls too many times, shut the fuck up!

You will be told everything you need to know in just a minute." Sandra shut up. Cindy was softly sobbing when Jim came to her. He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. "It'll be OK, Cindy. It might not be as bad as you think. Shusssh." Trina hadn't made a sound, but looked scared. Jim Walked over to her, kissed her forehead, and stroked her cheek. She quietly begged her captor. "Bill, please don't hurt us." Patting Trina's bare belly, Jim told her, "Relax, Baby. I will explain everything." Jim stood in the middle of the dungeon and spoke firmly.

"Ladies, my name is Jim, not Bill. You are now my property. I own you! I will do with and to you as I please. Please me, and you will be treated quite well. Displease me, and punishment will be swift, certain, and severe.

I would like to make you all my pets. If you are not trainable as pets, I will make you my cunts. I will use and abuse you as I wish with no consideration for your pleasure or comfort. Eventually, I will dispose of any bitches that are not trainable. In the mean time, you will obey my every command immediately and completely.

You must address me as Sir or Master. There will be no questions unless I give you permission to ask them. The exception to that rule is when you are in your own quarters. Otherwise, you may speak to me only if you address me properly and ask permission first.

Do you all understand?" Cindy, still sobbing, nodded. Trina softly replied. "Yes, Sir!" Sandra just glared at Jim. Jim returned to Sandra. WHACK. He slapped her left tit violently. "Do you understand, bitch?" She howled in pain. "Yes damn it!" WHACK. The crack from the right tit echoed through the dungeon. "Yes what, bitch?" "Yes, Sir. I understand." She continued to glare at him. "Good! That's better.

Cindy, knock off the bawling and answer me properly." Cindy, through her sobs, softly said. "Yyyyyes Sir." Now, Sandra and Cindy, you two rest while I have a chat with little Trina here." Sandra protested. "No, not my baby. Please don't hurt my baby." Jim wheeled and backhanded Sandra across her face. A trickle of blood began to seep from the corner of her lip. "Bitch, shut the fuck up! You no longer have any daughters. They no longer have a mother. You are all my property and nothing more." Jim then returned to Trina and released her restraints.

He took her firmly, but not painfully, by her upper arm and led her out of the dungeon. He led her past a large shower room, and stopped at a door marked 'The Kennel.' Stepping into the dimly lit 'Kennel' he allowed Trina to look around. She saw touch on the train xnxx comfortable looking single bunks.

A nightstand next sat next to each bunk. An open toilet and sink area, which provided no privacy at all, was located at the far end of the room. "Trina, this is where the pets will stay." Without saying another word, Jim led Trina out of 'The Kennel' and to the next door marked, 'Special Pet.' This room was a well lit and equipped bedroom. There was a double bed, a nightstand, and a dresser with a mirror. In a small attached room, there was a sink and toilet.

Trina stood naked before Jim. Her arms were crossed over her chest, and her head bowed. "Trina, stand up straight and look at me." "Yes, Sir." Trina slowly straightened her back and lifted her face to Jim. She held one arm over her chest and her other hand covered her pubic mound. "Trina, you are a young and very pretty girl. Don't try to hide yourself from me. Put your hands down to your side." Trina slowly lowered her arms. She gasped as Jim reached out and gave both tits a gentle squeeze.

As he continued to massage her tits, he spoke to her again. "Trina, I've wanted to feel these tits all summer." He then released them. Jim continued. "You have been a sweet young friend this past summer.

Many times, I wanted to take you in my arms and fuck you silly, but I dared not. Now, I would like to make you my special pet. That would mean this room would be your quarters. Otherwise, you will stay in the kennel.

You will be well cared for so long excited beautiful chicks have a fun having sex you please me as a pet. If you agree to be my special pet, you must still do everything I tell you to do immediately and without question. You must still address me properly. However, you will enjoy better living conditions and a few other privileges the other pets won't have. You will be expected to help with the training of any other pets, including Cindy and Sandra.

There may be other pets as well, and jealousy will not be tolerated. As long as you please me, you will remain my special pet if you so choose. Do you understand so far?" "Yes, Sir." She responded quietly. Please me well, and you may even become my house pet. The house pet will have access to the rest of the house as well as the dungeon." "Now, for your duties, some of which may be shocking to you. All pets, including you, will be required to fuck, suck cock, and any other sexual activity I may order you to do.

I may even fuck you in the ass and have my pets pleasure each other. Do you understand?" With a bit quiver in her voice, Trina responded. "Yes, Sir." "Trina, do you want to be my pet. Or, would you like trying to be my special pet?" Without hesitation, Trina looked up at Jim and, with a smile, said. "Yes, Skinny black babe rides a white boner Sir, what?" Jim firmly asked.

"Yes, Sir. I want to be your special pet." "Very well. Trina, have you ever been fucked?" Her voice still shaking, Trina said. "Nnnno." Instantly, smack. Trina had been lightly slapped. "No, what?" "No, Sir. I've never been fucked. I'm a virgin, Sir." Trina replied. "Good!" Jim continued. "Is Cindy a virgin too?" "Yes, Sir. I think so." "Good! This is my lucky day. Two sweet young cherry pussies all mine to break-in and train. I think she can be trained as an excellent pet as well.

That's enough about Cindy for now. Have you ever seen or touched a cock?" "No, Sir." Jim lowered his pants. Trina stare wide-eyed at his cock for what seemed like several minutes. It was actually only a matter of seconds. Jim's cock was erect from the anticipation of playing with his new pets. Though his was just a little thicker than the normal cock, it was nearly nine inches long.

Since Trina had never seen a cock before, the size of the weapon in front of her didn't scare her as much as it should have.

Breaking the silence and Trina's stare, Jim asked. "Do you want to touch it?" Trina tentatively reached out to feel her first cock.

Smack. "That was a question, not a command. Trina, as a pet, you will only do what you are told to do, when you're told to do it. Do you understand?" Rubbing her cheek, Trina replied.

"Yes, Sir." "Good. Now do you want to touch my cock? "Yes, Sir. May I touch your cock?" "Very well, go ahead." Jim told her. Trina again tentatively reached out and gently grasps the first cock she had ever seen.

Slowly, she felt its hard core and soft exterior covering of skin along its length. She stared intently as she felt every inch of Jim's cock. She eventually took Jim's balls in one hand as she slowly stroked his shaft with the other. "On your knees, Trina." Jim ordered. "Yes, Sir." She immediately sank to her knees without losing her grip on Jim's cock. "What do you see?" Jim asked. "There's a drop of pee coming out of the end." "That's not pee.

It's known as precum. Gently kiss the end of my cock and lick the precum off." "Yes, Sir." Trina did as instructed. Growing up with a whore for a mother must have made her curious about and unafraid of sex. "Good. Now stand up, my pet." Jim hugged her close.

Trina could feel Jim's cock pressing into her soft belly. Jim kissed her forehead, gently patted her ass, and told her. "You will make a wonderful special pet, Trina. I have something for you." Giving both of her tennis ball sized tits another squeeze brought another gasp from Trina. She also giggled just a bit. Jim pulled his pants up and led Trina to the cabinet next to the bed. There he retrieved an inch wide leather collar with a lambskin lining. It had a large diamond on each side of a blank nameplate.

He placed it around Trina's neck and buckled it in place. A small pad lock was attached to prevent its removal. "What do you think of your new collar, my pet? When activated, it has a chip in it that will open all the dungeon doors for you.

If you meet my expectations, I'll activate it as soon as I get up to my quarters. I'll have your name engraved on it as soon as I get the time." Trina looked in the mirror over the dresser. She rubbed the collar and the stones. She smiled and responded. "Sir, I think I'll like being your special pet." "I hope so, Trina.

I hope so." Jim then attached a four-foot long leash to the collar and led his new pet out of her quarters and back toward the dungeon. As they slowly walked, Jim asked Trina what she thought. "Pet, what shall we do with Sandra and Cindy?" After some consideration, Trina emphatically said, "Fuck 'em, Sir! Well, just fuck Sandra. I don't think she can be trained. Cindy can probably be trained to be a good pet if you're gentle with her." Jim thought that last comment was as much for her own benefit as well as Cindy's.

"OK! We'll do just that!" Jim said as they reentered the dungeon. Leading Trina by her leash to the center of the dungeon, Jim said. "Ladies, Trina here has consented to being my first and special pet." He patted her little ass for emphasis.

"I hope to make you pets as well. However, you know the consequences if you refuse to be trained. Trina will assist me in your training. I will see to her training myself. You will do as she tells you as though I had told you myself." Leading Trina to Sandra's side, Jim ordered her.

"Stay." Trina stood still as ordered. "Now, Sandra, you will demonstrate to my pets the proper way to suck a cock." "Fuck you! I will not do that in front of my daughters!

What have you done to Trina?" Sandra hissed at him. WHACK. Another trickle of blood came from Sandra's mouth. Jim then walked to the nearest cabinet and brought back a heavy chain about four feet long. On one end was a pair of handcuffs. On the other end was a padlock. "Trina, lock this chain to the loop at the head of Sandra's table. Then put the cuffs on her wrists.

After she is secured with the chain, release her other bindings so she can get up." "Yes, Sir." Trina immediately did as she had been told. Sandra was quickly standing beside her table with her hands cuffed in front of her. Jim walked up to Sandra and gave her an order. "On your knees, bitch." Sandra didn't move.

Whomp! Jim's fist sunk deeply into Sandra's soft belly. As she doubled over gasping for breath, Jim loudly ordered again. "I said on your knees, bitch!" Sandra slowly sank to her knees. But, when Jim pushed his pants down and presented his cock for sucking, she gasped, clamped her mouth shut, and refused to suck him. Without a word, Jim returned to the cabinet and, out of Sandra's sight, pulled out a long, hard, dick-shaped dildo. It was only an inch or so thick, but it was twelve inches long.

If fully inserted into Sandra's cunt, it was certain to push past her cervix and painfully enter or at least distend her womb. As he lubricated the dildo, Jim called his special pet. "Trina, come here. I have a job for you." Trina hurried to Jim's side.

As she came up to him, he handed her the dildo and quietly told her what to do with it. She looked concerned until Jim reminded her of the name calling and beatings she and Cindy used to get from Sandra. "Pet, those beatings are over if you do as I tell you." Trina had a smirk on her face as she approached Sandra. Sandra's eyes widened as she saw Trina walk up behind her with the long dildo.

Jim showed Trina how to insert the first two or three inches of the dildo into Sandra's well used fuck hole, and stroke that small bit in and out. He then moved back in front of Sandra, yanked her head up by the hair, and pressed his cock to her clinched mouth. "Sandra are you going to show these girls how a pro like you sucks a cock?" Sandra shook her head and, through clinched teeth, hissed, "No!" "That's too bad.

Trina, now!" Trina swiftly rammed nearly ten inches of the hard plastic dildo deep into Sandra's cunt. When Sandra opened her mouth to scream, Jim was too quick for her. He immediately shoved nine inches of hard cock into her mouth and down her throat. Sandra began to cough and gag, but Jim held fast. After several seconds, Jim pulled out long enough for Sandra to gasp for a breath or two. He then shoved his cock deep into her throat again.

The next time Jim pulled back he kept his cock at the back of Sandra's mouth. Trina, pull that thing out of Sandra's cunt and shove it up her ass." Sandra began violently shaking her head no and trying to say something. "Wait, Trina." Jim pulled out of Sandra's mouth and asked her.

"Have you decided to give a good blow-job demo so these girls can learn from an expert how it's done." With tears flowing down her cheeks, Sandra nodded and opened her mouth to accept Jim's cock. She was soon licking and sucking Jim's oversized cock like a woman possessed. She seemed to have fallen in love with the large fuck stick in her throat.

Trina and Cindy watched in awe, their mouths gapping open, as Sandra sucked off Jim's nine inch cock. As it neared, Jim told Sandra of his impending old lady ass xxx would you poledance on my dick. "Take it all in your mouth, but don't swallow until I tell you to do so." Sandra nodded but kept sucking. Jim soon pumped a sizeable load of cum into Sandra's mouth.

When she had it all in her hardcore insane fuck compilation alex blake and xianna hill in five star sex for special, Sandra sat back on her heels and looked up at Jim.

He told her. "Now, show these girls what you have." Sandra opened her mouth to reveal the load of cum sitting on her tongue. "Trina, dip your finger in my cum and taste it. Then use your finger to give Cindy a taste." After Trina and Cindy had shared a taste of cum, Jim gave Sandra her orders.

"Swallow whore!" She did as told. Jim then told Sandra. "Very good whore, but your disobedience must be punished." Pulling a key from his pocket, Jim unlocked the chain from the table. He reattached Sandra's still cuffed hands high on the dungeon wall. Sandra had to stand as erect as possible to prevent severe pain to her arms. Then, without warning, Jim viciously slapped her large left tit.

Sandra howled at the sudden pain. "Trina, get over here and punish this uncooperative cunt." Jim ordered his pet. "Beat the shit out of her tits. Do a good job, or I will punish you.

Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir." Trina said enthusiastically as she walked up to Sandra. With tears flowing from the abuse she had already taken, Sandra begged Trina. "Please Baby, don't do this. I'm sorry I was mean to you. I promise it won't happen again." Trina appeared to consider Sandra's words for a few seconds. Then with an angry look on her face, Trina replied. "You're God damn right it won't happen again, you bitch.

You won't ever cuss or hit us again." She swung with all the strength her slender 16-year-old body could muster. She punched Sandra dead in the center of the right tit. Sandra howled. "That's for calling me a whore so many times." Trina then proceeded to pummel Sandra's tits and belly with a flurry of blows.

It was a good thing for Sandra that Trina was a small girl and lacked real strength. Trina tired and stopped punching. She told Sandra. "And this is for all the times you accused anal porn with teen mari moore runs wild first anal quest creampie anal sex of doing things I didn't do. You know you are the only whore in this damn family." She drew back and, with all she had left, hit Sandra square on her pubic mound.

Sandra jerked her knees up and screamed in pain as she hung by her shackled wrists. "OK, Trina. Good job. That's enough for now. Come over here." Jim ordered his pet to his side. Trina came to him grinning. During Sandra's punishment, Jim had been standing next to Cindy fondling her soft, peach sized, tits. Her nipples were standing taut and Jim enjoyed rolling them between his thumb and first finger. Jim said.

"Now, it's your turn, Cindy." Cindy, with fear in her eyes, replied. "OK, but I've never done that before. I don't know what to do." Cindy then turned her head to face Jim, closed her eyes, and opened her mouth.

Jim's cock had already fully recovered from the blowjob he had just gotten from Sandra. It was pointing at Cindy in all of its nine inches of glory.

He placed his cock in Cindy's willing mouth and told her. "Just lick and suck it until you get it all wet and slick." Cindy obeyed as much as she could. "Cindy, I understand you're a virgin?" Jim asked. Cindy, unable to talk with a cock in her mouth, simply nodded yes. "Well, my pet, that's about to change.

Trina, get between Cindy's legs and lick her pussy. Lick and suck her until she cums." "Aaw, do I have to?" Trina asked. Without a word, Jim jerked his cock out of Cindy's mouth, roughly grabbed Trina's upper arm, and gave her bare ass several hard swats.

Trina wailed loudly, but shed not a tear. "I'm sorry, Sir. It won't happen again." Jim replied. "OK! You'll learn soon enough.

Now get down there and lick that pussy. Make Cindy feel real good." He then put his cock back into Cindy's mouth and watched brunette girl gets fucked by a neighbor girls lick and suck vigorously.

Cindy soon had Jim's cock about to erupt. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and gently patted her cheek. Cindy was rapidly humping Trina's face and seemed near her own climax. Shortly after Jim pulled his cock out of her mouth, Cindy thrust her pussy up to Trina's tongue and began quivering. She cried out. "Aaaagh! Oh yes! Suck my pussy, Trina." In just a few seconds, Cindy lowered her ass and sighed heavily. "Very good, Trina. Let me see how wet you've gotten Cindy's pussy." Jim easily inserted two fingers into Cindy's tight hole.

Cindy moaned. "Excellent work Trina!" With two fingers in Cindy's pussy, his thumb caressing her clit, Jim asked. "Cindy, don't you think it only fair for you to return the favor to Trina?" Dreamily, Cindy answered. "Uh huh." WHACK! Jim gave Cindy a sharp swat on her ass. "What did you say, Cindy?" "I'm sorry, Sir. I'll do it, Sir." "Good. Trina, climb up on the table, face Cindy's feet, and sit on her face. Cindy, you make sure Trina cums like you just did.

If Trina doesn't cum, you will be punished. Now, hop to it, girls." Trina climbed up and carefully settled her virgin pussy over Cindy's mouth. She gasped and her eyes flew open wide when Cindy's tongue began licking at her pussy. As Cindy slurped away at Trina's pussy, Jim continued probing into her virgin hole with his fingers.

As Cindy climbed toward an orgasm from Jim's attentions, she was hungrily gobbling her sister's pussy and wiggling her ass on Jim's fingers.

You wonder why we go to the country to shoot sexy outdoor fuck vids there are a few reasons first th

Jim replaced the fingers in Cindy's pussy with his cock and shallowly stroked his member into her virgin hole. Trina was gasping for breath.

Rolling her head side to side, she firmly squeezed Cindy's tits. Trina pressed down hard on Cindy's face and pressed her pussy tightly to the mouth giving her so much pleasure. Jim reached up and gently squeezed and fondled Trina's tits. Trina groaned and arched her back to offer more of her tits hairy granny gets fucked by a younger cock Jim.

When he pinched her hard nipples, she gasped and shuddered as an orgasm washed over her. Jim fed his cock into Cindy until he was bumping into her hymen. As Trina squatted heavily on Cindy's mouth, and cried out in orgasm, Jim drove nine inches of hard cock through Cindy's hymen and into her depths. Cindy's cervix offered a little more resistance than her shattered hymen. Even so, the head of Jim's cock had penetrated Cindy's womb. Cindy's pained cry was muffled by Trina's cuming pussy.

Jim held still for a few seconds before continuing to fuck Cindy. He could feel her vaginal walls stretching to accommodate his long cock. With long slow strokes, he opened her fuck hole. As hot and tight as she was, it didn't take long for Jim to cum. With one final hard thrust, he buried himself in Cindy and bathed her womb with its first load of cum. Jim slowly pulled out of Cindy's raw cunt.

His cock was coated with pussy juice, cum, and a little blood. Cindy's pussy was leaking the same mixture. Jim ordered, "Trina, you can get down now.

Was that your first orgasm, pet?" "Hummm. Yes Sir." Trina was still in the afterglow of her orgasm as she climbed off Cindy. "What a mess you are, Cindy. You'll need that thing cleaned up." Jim told the deflowered teen. He then released Sandra from the wall and hooked her chain to a loop at foot of Cindy's exam table. "Sandra, Cindy is a mess. You will clean her pussy with your tongue. Leave not a trace of cum or blood on that lovely girl's pussy.

It would be nice if you helped her to another orgasm, as well." Sandra just sat on the floor below Cindy's leaking pussy. Jim became irate. Grabbing Sandra by a fist full of her hair, he shoved her face violently into Cindy's sloppy pussy. When Sandra resisted, Jim merely twisted her hair and shoved her screaming mouth tight into Cindy.

"Lick you cunt, you whore! You just don't learn, do you? I'm going to have to punish you again. Clean that pussy! NOW!" Sandra reluctantly began licking Cindy's sloppy pussy. Jim released her hair. "Don't stop until I tell you to stop, you whore." "Trina, pet, come here and clean my cock." "Yes, Sir." Trina responded quickly. She fell to her knees and immediately began licking the combined cum and blood from Jim's cock.

Almost lovingly, she licked every inch of his softening cock and balls like they were a lollipop. He was soon hard again. When his cock was shiny clean, he pointed his cock at Trina's mouth and touched its head to her lips. Trina never missed a beat.

She instantly opened her mouth and took Jim's cock in. She continued licking and sucking until Jim pulled back. By then it was nearly seven o'clock in the evening. Jim realized he hadn't been to sleep in over twenty-four hours. He picked up Trina's leash and led her out of the dungeon. Before leaving, he looked back and growled at the cunt lapping Sandra.

"Cunt, you better not stop cleaning that pussy until I tell you to stop." Jim led Trina out of the dungeon and down the long, dark, hall again.

They passed the nicely equipped shower room and 'The Kennel.' Finally, they entered the door to the special pet's room he had shown her earlier that afternoon. Jim stroked Trina's back and as he spoke to her. "Trina, my pet, this room is yours now.

As long as you please me, this room will be yours. Other comforts can be added at my pleasure to reward you for extra special behavior.

You are off to a very good start. Your assistance with, and punishment of, Sandra was excellent. I especially liked the way you quickly fell to your knees and cleaned my cock. But for now, rest. You have some exhausting times ahead of you.

I will return later tonight." Jim turned to leave, and Trina asked. "Sir, may I ask a question" "Yes, go on." He replied. "Sir, you've made Sandra suck you, and you fucked Cindy. Sir, you haven't done anything to me except have me lick you clean. Why? Are you mad at me?" "No, my pet. I'm not mad at you. Your time is very near.

Now, rest. The night's not over yet." Jim removed her leash, turned, and closed the huge door as he left. Trina heard the lock settle in place as the door closed with a bang. Returning to the dungeon, Jim found Cindy clean, but Sandra was just sitting on the floor.

She had stopped licking without permission. "You cunt! I don't think you'll ever school girl sex ebony me. Will you?" He unhooked her chain from the table and dragged her back to the wall. Her arms were again pulled high over her head babes in catsuits catfighting in a ring box secured to the wall. Her legs were spread wide and also secured to the wall.

Returning to Cindy, Jim gently fondled her tits and quietly spoke to her. "You've seen a little of the difference between being a pet and a cunt. Trina is my pet, Sandra a cunt. So, answer me now! Pet or cunt, which will you be?" Cindy thought very briefly before answering. "Pet Sir. I want to be your pet." Almost as an after thought, she added. "Please, Sir, make me your pet." As Jim released Cindy from the OB/GYN table, he told her.

"Very well, pet it is. Trina is my special pet. She will be in charge of you and any other pets, but you will be treated well as long as you please me. Do you agree?" "Yes, Sir." Giving Cindy a firm hug, Jim told her, "Good!

Your first duty will be to punish Sandra for her disobedience. Grab the dildo Trina used earlier and take it over to Sandra." "Yes, Sir." Cindy obeyed quickly. She picked up the hard plastic twelve inch dildo and approached Sandra while Jim locked the cabinets.

Due to the wide spread of Sandra's legs, her cunt was gapped partially open. Jim told Cindy to slowly insert the dildo into Sandra's cunt. Sandra began pleading with Cindy. "Please Baby, no! Don't put that thing in me again." Cindy hesitated, and Jim whispered in her ear.

"Pet or cunt? Do you remember the name calling and beatings? Those things are over, but you must obey me. Tease her a bit, if you like." "Yes, Sir, I remember, and I want to be your pet." Cindy then rammed about six inches of the hard plastic cock into Sandra's cunt and stroked it in and out.

Sandra began to moan and thrust her cunt out from the wall. She wanted Cindy to give her more of the dildo. Noticing Sandra's reaction, Jim commented to Cindy. "What a whore she is. A little harder, honey." Cindy said, "Ok, Sir! How's this?" She pulled the dildo nearly out of Sandra's horny cunt. Sandra arched her back and followed the fake dick wanting it back in her horny hole. "Oh Baby, put it back in.

Please." Sandra begged. "OK! You want it in? Here it comes." Cindy then violently shoved nearly ten inches of dildo into Sandra.

Sandra screamed! "NOOOOOOOOOO! Cindy, take it out! That's too much! Please take it out. It hurts!" Jim again whispered to Cindy, "All of it, pet." Cindy stood, looked Sandra in the eyes, and said, "You're the whore, not us." Cindy then sharply brought her knee up to the cunt's crotch.

The last of the dildo disappeared into the screaming Sandra's well worn fuck hole. A trickle of blood oozed out from around the dildo's barely visible base. It appeared her cervix or womb had suffered some damage.

"Very good, Cindy. Now let's be sure this whore can't work her new lover out while we rest. Jim then released Sandra's legs from the wall, and shackled them tightly together. He then turned to Cindy and said. "Time to rest for a while, but I have a little gift for you first. From the cabinet, Jim pulled a plain black leather collar. This one was also lambskin lined like Trina's, but it had no decorations.

He placed it on Cindy's neck, locked it in place, jerk off to feet hd punish my nineteen yearold culo and mouth led her by a leash to 'The Kennel.' Cindy saw the 'Kennel' had a nightstand and mirror, sink, toilet, and four comfortable looking bunks.

"These will be your quarters. Rest now. You've had a long and trying day and there's more ahead of you." Jim then kissed Cindy's lips, patted her bare ass, dropped the sexy babe kitchen fucked in lingerie elena koshka brunette big dick, and left the room.

Like Trina, Cindy heard the door lock as it was closed. Chapter VI Trina's Turn Jim then headed up to his private quarters. As he passed the kitchen on the ground floor, he remembered neither he nor his 'guests' had eaten since some time the night before he captured them. Pets must be fed, groomed, and played with on a regular basis. Even whore cunts must be fed and watered. After he had taken a nap, showered, and put on his silk robe, Jim checked on his pets and cunt using the hidden cameras.

He activated Trina's collar as he watched her lying on her back gently massaging her tits. Cindy was dozing peacefully. Sandra, on the other hand, was not fairing as well. She seemed to be struggling against her chained wrists and legs. Zooming in, Jim could see a small trickle of blood continued to flow from her cunt down her legs.

He then went to the kitchen. There he made hamburgers, fries, and a salad for everyone. Strong birth control pills ground into a powder were mixed with his pet's burgers. The addition of the powder would become a regular routine. He didn't want his pets having pups, at least not right away. After eating his dinner, his pets' dinners were put on paper plates and placed on a tray along with large glasses of milk. Sandra's meal was crumbled into a steel mixing bowl.

A second steel bowl was filled with water. Jim them carried the food down to the dungeon. He fed Sandra first. He released the shackles around her legs, and she immediately spread them as wide as she could and appeared to be trying to push the dildo out with her pussy's muscles. The dildo protruded a couple of inches from her cunt, but it refused to move any further. The chain attached to her hands was then released from the wall and attached to her exam table. Her wrists were briefly released.

They were immediately secured behind her back. She would have to eat her dinner without using her hands. Her food and water bowls were placed on the floor next to the table. "This is how cunts are fed and watered. Enjoy, and have a good night." He turned the torches down to their minimum and left Sandra to her dinner and an uncomfortable night.

He then went to feed his pets. Unlocking Trina's door, she sat up anxiously. "It's OK, my pet. Relax. Dinner is here. I'll bet you're starved." "Yes, Sir." Jim set Trina's dinner on her nightstand and told her.

"Eat up. I'll be back in a few minutes." Jim left Trina and went to the Kennel. Cindy was still dozing. She had rolled onto her back, and Jim gently stroked her pussy's bush until she stirred. "How are you feeling, Cindy?" He asked. "I'm hurting, but I think I'll be all right, Sir." "Good! Here's your dinner. Eat up. You will need your strength. I'll be back soon." Jim then left Cindy and returned to Trina's quarters.

When he returned to Trina, she had finished eating. He attached her leash led her to he Kennel. Cindy's leash was attached, he led them both to the shower room. "My pets, in here you will find everything you need to keep yourselves properly cleaned. I want you clean at all times. You have one hour to shower. Thoroughly clean yourselves everywhere, and I mean everywhere." He reached down, stroked both teens' bushes, and told them.

"This will have to go. I prefer bald pussy. Take turns shaving your pussies completely bald. I better not find so much as one hair on either pussy, or you will both be punished." Jim then removed their collars and left them alone in the shower room. The shower room also had a massive door that locked as it closed.

The teens found the brightly illuminated shower room had six showerheads in a three sided enclosure. Off to one side of the room was a whirlpool tub large enough for six to eight adults. The sink shelves held all sorts of shampoos, conditioners, disposable razors, shave cream, brushes and combs, blow dryers, curling irons, and several expensive perfumes.

Any girl would be ecstatic to have the use of such facilities. After leaving his pets in the shower room, Jim rapidly headed to his quarters to watch the fun on his camera system. Sandra was still trying to eat out of her bowl. Her face and hair were a mess. 'Tough shit!' He thought to himself. 'That bitch won't be here very long anyway.' He had made the decision to only take teens as pets in the future. Older bitches just weren't worth the trouble. The teens were busily scrubbing each other.

They each took special care step dad and playmate patrons daughter home alone parents fuck money hungry patrons clean their pussies and assholes inside and out. They knew that's what Jim had meant when he had emphasized the 'everywhere.' They then proceeded to shave each other's pussies. Cindy made quick work of Trina's sparse growth, but was careful to get every hair.

She even checked Trina's asshole for any stray hairs she may have missed there. Trina had a much harder job with Cindy's fully formed bush.

Cindy even had a little hair growing near her asshole. It took Trina several batches of lather to be certain she had Cindy's pussy completely bald. Enjoying the show on closed circuit, Jim gave them a little extra time before returning. After pleasuring each other earlier that evening, Trina and Cindy seemed to be enjoying the intimate cleaning process. The girls were drying each other with large fluffy towels when Jim walked in. He replaced their collars and leashes and led them to their quarters.

Cindy was taken to her room first. Jim said to her. "I'll bet you're tired and sore tonight. Get a good nights sleep, and we'll continue your training tomorrow." He kissed her full on the lips and squeezed her ass as he hugged her close.

"Good night my pet." He then dimmed the kennel lights and left her alone, the door locking behind him as he exited. Jim then led Trina to her room. He kissed her lips, hugged her closely, and squeezed both ass cheeks. He then removed her leash and headed for the door. Trina turned to get in bed. She sighed when her lights dimmed and she heard the door close and lock. She drew a gasping breath when she heard Jim say, "Why the sigh, my little pet?" He hadn't left her, but merely closed the door.

"Sir? I'm sorry, Sir." She said as she leapt to her feet in front of Jim. Jim opened his robe and pulled her nude body to his. She felt soft, warm, and cuddly against his body. She smelled delicious. Without knowing, she had used Jim's favorite perfume, Obsession. "You may speak freely in your own quarters. What's on your mind, Trina?" "Really? OK then. I just thought you might want to do something with me. At least hug a little longer.

I like hugging you. I mean, except for cleaning you, you haven't made me do anything." Jim looked down on her upturned face, and said.

"I did tell you your time was near, didn't I?" She slowly nodded. "Well my little pet, your time is here. You are about to learn a few lessons on being a good pet and pleasing your master. Are you ready for that?" In rapid succession, Trina said.

"I think so. I don't know. What do you want me to do? I know so little. I'm a little scared." "Shush, my pet. Calm down. We will take all night if we need to. Some things will hurt a little. Some may be disgusting to you. But, you will soon learn all you need to know to please me. Then you can teach Cindy and any other pets I may obtain what to expect.

Now, let's get in the bed." With his arm over threesome dirty whores show to each other how to squirt a lot shoulder, Jim led the teen to her bed. He laid her down and crawled in next to her. Supporting her head on his right arm, Jim kissed her. When he pressed his tongue to her lips, she opened her mouth just a bit. Jim slipped his tongue in. His left hand caressed and squeezed her tits.

He gently pinched her stiffening nipples and rolled them between his thumb and index finger. Trina began moaning as he pinched her nipples a little harder. Sliding down a little, Jim began sucking Trina's hard nipples.

Alternating between the two, Jim sucked both nipples until Trina was arching her back to offer him more of her firm but pliable tits. Since she was only sixteen and her tits had mother son xxx hot movi fully developed, Jim could suck nearly an entire tit into his mouth.

He delighted in sucking a tit into his mouth and flicking his hollywood actress eva green sex vedihardcore best over her excited nipple. Jim slid his hand down Trina's belly to her bald pussy. "Spread your legs, Trina." Her legs slowly opened, and Jim let his anal gaping teenager small tits and pornstars drift down to cover her snugly closed slit.

With just a little effort, Jim used two fingers to slightly open Trina's virginal slit. She began breathing in gasps as he gently stroked her outer lips. He used his fingers to gently pry them open. He softly told her. "Now you're going to see why I wanted you girls shaved." Jim then slid down the bed and crawled up between Trina's legs.

Taking her knees in his hands, he spread her legs wide enough for him to lie between them. When Jim gave Trina a long pussy lip parting lick, she jerked her hips away.

"Oh my God!" She gasped. Jim placed Trina's knees over his shoulders, firmly gripped her thighs, and drove his face tightly to her pussy.

With Jim's tongue busily burrowing into Trina's virgin pussy, her initial shock quickly turned to strange and exciting sensations. In a short time, she was humping Jim's face and cooing. A step son on mom youjizz sex stories more licking and she began shaking. When Jim firmly sucked her clit into his mouth and sucked hard, Trina wrapped her legs around his neck and squeezed as she quivered from the new sensation of an orgasm washing through her body.

As Trina calmed down, Jim crawled up her body and placed his hard cock at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. Trina's eyes widened when she realized what was about to happen to her. "You're going to fuck me now, aren't you, Sir?" "Yes, my pet!" Jim answered. "Will it hurt?" "Yes, my pet! It will hurt. Are you ready?" "I don't know. I'm scared." She said. "Trina, I've cared for you for months. I intend to make full use of your sexy young body. But, I will do so as gently as I can.

If you'll relax, it won't hurt quite so much, but it will hurt." Jim slowly pushed his cock forward. His cock's head pried open Trina's pussy's lips. They spread to accept him and she gasp. He slowly stroked deeper into Trina's virgin hole. She gasped again when Jim's cock started bumping into her hymen. Her well lubricated pussy was snugly wrapping itself around his cock.

"I don't know if I can do this, Sir. I want to, but I'm afraid." Trina spoke in a plaintive voice. Jim hugged her firmly and pulled his cock almost out of her pussy. When she relaxed a bit, Jim again hugged her tightly and shoved his cock forward. He blew through her hymen and drove about half his nine inches into the tightest pussy he'd ever had. Trina howled loudly as the pain of her destroyed cherry shot through her core. Her scream had been loud enough that Cindy and Sandra both knew something bad must have happened to Trina.

Pulling back a few inches before thrusting forward again, Jim then buried himself in Trina's tight, hot, hole. He stopped when he felt his cock hit her cervix.

He held his cock there while Trina's speared pussy slowly became accustomed to a cock filling its depths. The johny sins hard boob suck of her pussy seemed to be massaging his cock as they adjusted to the invader in its midst. As Trina began to relax, she had tears streaming down her cheeks. "Damn! That hurt!" She whimpered. Jim kissed her and said, "I know, my pet." He then started slowly stroking in and out of her.

The tight pussy of his sixteen-year-old pet quickly had him on the edge of orgasm. As his cock erupted deep in Trina's aching pussy, Trina's eyes flashed wide open. Trina had stopped crying and had begun to enjoy her first fuck.

With wide eyed wonder, she felt Jim cuming inside her body. "Oh Sir! You're putting your stuff in me, aren't you?" "Yes, my pet. This is just the first of much more in the days, weeks, months, and years to come." Trina cooed and hugged Jim tightly. Jim pulled his blood and cum covered cock out of her sore pussy. He then told her. "Now, my pet, you're going to give me a blowjob.

Get down there and suck me off." Without hesitation or question, Trina turned in the bed and began licking Jim's long cock clean before sucking it into her mouth.

When Jim pushed on the back of her head, she opened her mouth and took as much of him in as she could without gagging. She sucked hard and swirled her tongue around Jim's cock as she bobbed her head up and down.

After a while, Jim felt his balls stirring again. "I'm about to cum, my pet. Take it deep and swallow it all." Jim instructed her. Trina pushed Jim's cock to the back of her mouth. As Jim's first spurt of cum erupted, he shoved Trina's head down a little more. His cock's head popped into her throat and spit a wad of cum down her gullet.

She gagged, but had no choice but to swallow. He let her up a little and continued to dump a load of cum in Trina's young mouth. Like a good pet, Trina swallowed every drop of cum she was given. She continued sucking and licking even after he had stopped cuming. As Trina continued to suck Jim's cock, he patted and stroked her ass.

Spreading her cheeks with his hand, he teased her asshole with his middle finger. Lubricating his finger with her pussy's juices, Jim began popping his finger into Trina's ass to his first knuckle. Soon, Trina was wiggling her ass and sucking hard on Jim's quickly reawakening cock. Jim drove his finger fully into her asshole and she pushed back. "On your knees, my pet. Time for your last hole to be opened." Trina turned on the bed and got on her hands and knees. "I don't know if I can take you there, Sir." He just patted her ass and came up behind her.

He continued fingering her asshole, and she soon responded by pushing back with each penetration of his finger. Reaching into the nightstand, he found the tube of anal lubricant he had left in all the nightstand drawers. He liberally greased Trina's asshole with the gel. He soon pushed a second finger into her ass. After putting a little lube on his hard cock, they were ready. Jim placed his cock's head at Trina's tight virgin asshole.

With a short quick shove, his cock's head popped past her sphincter. Trina gasped but said nothing, nor did she move. Jim grabbed Trina by her slender hips and pushed three or four inches of cock into her chisa kirishima sexy mature asian redtube free japanese porn videos asian movies mature clips tube p. She whimpered but continued to hold still.

Jim slowly but steadily pushed forward. The deeper in Trina's ass Jim went, the louder her protest got. When he had five or six inches in her ass, Trina was ready to stop. "No, no! NO more! Please Sir, take it out. It hurts." She begged. "I know, my pet." Jim said as he patted her ass. He reached under Trina, and took a tit in each hand.

Squeezing her tits firmly, and using them for leverage, Jim drove the last several inches of his nine inch cock deep into Trina's bowels. "OOOOOOOOWW! God damn that hurts. Take it out." Trina howled louder than when her pussy's cherry had been popped.

Again, as he had with her pussy, Jim held still to let her ass get used to the invader. "No, my pet. I will be using your ass frequently. Remember, I told you I might fuck you in your ass. Well, baby, you've just been butt fucked.

So, shut mother puts her mouth on my cock and take it." Trina lowered her head, dropped her shoulders to the bed, and sobbed as Jim reamed her ass. After a little while it didn't hurt so much.

She even thought she felt a tingle of pleasure as Jim stroked in and out of her stretched asshole. Jim began to speed up his thrusts as he neared his orgasm. With one last, deep, hard thrust, he slammed into Trina's depths and pumped his load of cum into her bowels.

When he finished cuming, Jim patted her ass and pulled out. "Trina, my pet, turn around here and clean me." Trina, remembering what happened to Sandra when she had disobeyed, turned quickly and licked the shit, cum, and blood from Jim's softening cock.

When she finished cleaning Jim's cock, Trina crawled up to lay on Jim's arm. "I'm sorry, Sir. I didn't mean to make so much noise and resist giving you what you wanted. I promise I'll try to do better from now on. Can I still be your special pet?" "Of course you can still be my special pet. Trina, you're young, and breaking in new pussies and assholes is always painful." To take her mind off her pained ass and pussy, Jim asked Trina.

"Do you think Cindy will make a good pet?" "Yes, Sir. I think Cindy will be fine. She sure took to licking my pussy in a hurry." "What about Sandra? Will she ever make a good pet?" Jim asked. "I'm afraid not. I think she will continue to be a whore and a bitch." Trina answered.

"OK, pet. I feel the same way about them. Now go to sleep. We have a long day of training for Cindy and Sandra tomorrow." Jim kissed Trina and headed for his quarters. From there he checked his pets with camera system.

Trina was already curled up on her side and fast asleep. Cindy appeared to be asleep as well, but she was on her back with her legs spread. She had one hand cupping her recently deflowered pussy and the other hand lying on a tit.

Zooming in, Jim could see her breathing was deep and regular. She was sound asleep. Sandra was curled up on the exam table to which she was chained. The twelve inch dildo still buried eight inches deep in her cunt. Once in bed, it didn't take Jim long to fall asleep either.

He had just finished a very long and strenuous day. Chapter VII Training and Discipline Continue Jim awoke early the next morning. He took a quick shower and checked on his pets. Sandra was awake and on the floor lapping up a drink of water. Jim made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. He again ate alone while watching his pets stir. Both Trina and Cindy had gotten up, used the toilet, and brushed their hair. What a cute pair of pets they made. Jim put his pets breakfast plates on a tray and kimberly brix in petite babe fucking her bfs best friend glasses of orange juice.

Sandra's breakfast was again put into a metal mixing bowl. He then carried the tray of food to the dungeon. Sandra started cussing Jim as soon as she became aware of his presence. "What did you do to Trina last night? I heard her scream twice. If you hurt her, I'll kill you, you son-of-a-bitch." Smiling, Jim avoided her questions. "Good morning, whore.

And how are you today?" With numerous expletives, she told him how stiff she was and how badly she had to use the toilet. With a smirk, Jim told her to be patient. "I have just the exercise machine to work out the stiffness, and bitches like you just shit and piss on the floor." She was still cussing after he slid her food bowl to her and left.

"Good morning, Cindy. You slept well I trust. Are you ready for a hard day of training?" Jim asked. Cindy nodded and said, "Yes, Sir. I guess so, but I'm still a little sore between my legs." "You mean your pussy hurts from the fucking it got yesterday?" "Yes, Sir.

My pussy is hurts." Cindy said with a shy grin. "You'll get to feeling better soon, my pet. Now eat up. You have a big day to look forward to. Trina will be here soon to give you some instructions." Jim then went to Trina's room.

She smiled as he entered the room. "Here's your breakfast. How's my favorite pet this morning, Trina?" Grinning, she responded, "Sore! My pussy hurts and is bleeding a little. My ass hurts worse, but I think I'll live." "Good girl! I'd sure hate to loose my favorite pet so soon. Now eat up. We have a busy day today.

After breakfast, I want you to go to Cindy and tell her all that happened to you last night. Prepare her as best you can, because she will be butt fucked and swallow my cock later today. I think we'll leave her pussy alone for a day or two. We'll leave your pussy and ass alone as well. I really don't want to inflict any unnecessary pain on my pets.

Also, we'll need to work on you taking my cock down your throat. As you saw, Sandra did it with just a little difficulty. I'm sure you and Cindy can do much better than that cunt." "Yes, Sir." Trina smiled up at her master.

She was relieved her sore ass and pussy wouldn't be fucked again right away. After breakfast, Trina was led on leash to The Kennel. Cindy was waiting for her. As Jim left them, his pets were chatting away like the pair teenagers they were. Jim returned to Sandra. She had biscuits and gravy all over her face. He noticed the dildo lying on the floor next to her table. She must have finally worked it out. As Jim walked up to her, she began ranting again. She demanded to know what had happened to Trina.

CRACK! Jim had heard enough. A right cross to her left cheek silenced her. "Now, cunt, if I thought it was any of your business what I do with, or to, my pets, I would have told you. Just what is your major complaint this morning?" Sandra quieted, and said, "I really have to use the restroom, and I'm really stiff and sore all over." "Very well. I'll take you to the toilet. After that, I have a machine that is perfect for stretching out those stiff muscles.

Now, come with me." Jim unlocked her chain from the table and led her by it to the shower room. She used the toilet then was chained under a masturbation in the bathroom 4 tube porn head. Jim turned on the water to a nice warm temperature and let her rinse off. While Sandra stood under the shower, Jim brought Trina and Cindy into the shower room. When they saw Sandra chained under a showerhead, he told them, "Clean that whore up.

Remember pets, I don't like furry cunts." Jim sex appeal legal age teenager sweetheart kneels homemade and hardcore his pets to their own devises. They were unleashed and unattended. He knew there was no way for them to get out. Trina's collar would only open doors in the dungeon area, and he wanted them to feel a little better about their loss of freedom.

In the mean time, he went to the main dungeon room to prepare the toys he wanted to use. When he returned to the shower room, he found the girls drying Sandra. The older woman was standing very quiet and still. Trina said. "She's ready, Sir." "Very well. You have done well, my pets." He unlocked Sandra's chain from the wall and had Trina lead her back to the main room. Once there, he told Sandra, "We're going to stretch out those kinks now.

Hop up on this bench." Sandra did as told for a change. Groaning from her stiff muscles as she climbed onto what she thought was a massage/exercise table. Jim strapped her ankles and knees to the leg supports with the leather straps there. He then released her cuffed hands and pulled her arms over her head. They were attached to the arm supports with leather straps at the elbows and wrists. The torso belt was placed under Sandra's big tits and tightly secured. Jim patted her newly bald pussy and looked at Trina and Cindy.

"Good job girls. How did you get this cunt to hold still for the shower and shave?" Trina giggled. "I threatened to shove that big plastic dick up her ass if she didn't cooperate." Jim smiled at Trina's initiative and told her, "Excellent job. Now, pets, let's see how good a shave you gave this cunt. Each of you take hold of one of her feet." The girls did as told, and when Jim released the locking pin, they pulled the leg supports apart about a foot.

"Wider girls. I want to see all of this cunt." Jim ordered. The girls pulled Sandra's legs to an angle of about sixty degrees before she began groaning. "Not so wide, damn it! That hurts, you little bitches!" "Not good enough, pets.

Wider." Jim instructed. The girls moved to the inside of Sandra's legs and, at the same time, shoved her ankles out as wide as they could. Sandra screamed in pain as her legs were each locked in place at about an eighty degree angle to her torso.

"That's good, my pets. Now to stretch those muscles out." Jim began cranking on the lever that raised the center roller. Sandra screamed and cried with each turn of the crank. He maxed out the roller at about two feet above the flat bed. Sandra looked like a strung longbow. The helpless Sandra was cussing and screaming.

She was demanding to be let loose. Jim went to a cabinet and brought back a black bag. "Time to inspect your work girls." He then carefully inspected Sandra's pussy and ass for any remaining hair. "Oops! I found a few around her asshole." Both girls bowed their heads.

Trina said. "We're sorry. Sir." Cindy followed, "Please, Sir, don't be mad at us." "It's OK pets. You did your best, and I'm sure Sandra wasn't all that cooperative while you shaved around her ass. Besides, I've got a little tool here just for such occasions." Jim then reached into the black bag and brought out a pair of needle nose pliers.

He showed them to Sandra who started screaming at him again. "Damn, that's a lot of noise coming from that hole." Jim growled. He went to the bag again and brought out a large ball gag. Jim moved around to Sandra's head to insert the gag.

She clamped her teeth together. Jim simply pinched Sandra's nose, and when she opened her mouth to gasp for a breath, he slammed the ball gag home and secured its leather straps behind her head. Returning to Sandra's cunt, he said, "Now, where were we? Oh yeah, stray fur. Taking the pliers, he latched onto a hair and jerked. It, of course, popped right out. Sandra groaned but the gag prevented her from making any real noise.

"Would you pets like to try this? After all, it was your job get rid of this fur in the first place." They both eagerly said they wanted to finish their job. They took turns removing the last of the hairs they had missed during the shave. They soon had every remaining stray hair south of Sandra's belly button yanked out.

Jim then brought another dildo out of the bag. This one was not nearly as long as the one Sandra had enjoyed the previous evening, but it had its own special attributes. It was eight inches long and tapered. Starting at the head, it went from gentle inch in diameter and widened along its length to almost three and a half inches wide near the top. Jim showed it to Sandra who vigorously shook her head no.

He told her. "Hell whore, you've had so many cocks in that cunt, this little thing will probably fit just right." He then proceeded to insert the dildo's small end into Sandra's cunt. The first couple of inches were rather easily inserted. When it reached a little less than two and a half inches in diameter Sandra began shaking her head again and emitting muffled screams. "Well, pets, do you think we should pull it out or finish putting it in. If we shove it in, we may permanently damage this cunt." The girls grinned at each other and, in unison, eagerly replied.

"Shove it in, Sir!" "OK, but you have to help." He handed them a rubber mallet and said, "Take turns and pound that monster into her cunt." Special Pet, Trina went first. She firmly swung the mallet and drove the dildo an inch deeper and it spread Sandra's cunt half an inch wider.

Cindy took her turn. Being bigger and stronger than Trina, she put more force behind the mallet. Cindy yelled.

"Take this you whore." Viciously the teen hit the dildo with the mallet. The dildo was driven fully into Sandra's extremely stretched and bleeding fuck hole. Sandra screamed behind her gag and passed out. The flow of blood from her abuse cunt seemed to increase. The girls high-fived each other. Both girls seemed to be repaying Sandra for the years of cruelty from their mother. Well pets, it seems Sandra has left the party for a while.

What say we go to the Kennel and entertain ourselves for a while until she returns? Follow me." Chapter VIII Cindy Gets Her Holes Filled Trina and Cindy obediently followed Jim to the Kennel. Once there, Jim undressed and hugged both of his pets. "Cindy, did Trina tell you what to expect today? Did she tell you about the blowjob and butt fucking?" With a bit of a fearful quiver in her voice, Cindy answered. "Yyyes, Sir. Wwwhat do you want me to ddo?" Why don't we start with a little blowjob.

Did Trina tell you I will be shoving my cock into your throat, and cuming in your mouth?" "Yes, Sir." Jim laid on the bed, his semi-erect cock trying to stand up for Cindy. "Good! Get on this bed and get busy. Trina, bring the lube from Cindy's nightstand." Both teens replied.

"Yes, Sir." Cindy got in bed sweet tiffany seduces her stud teacher with her teen tits school girl and schoolgirl Jim, turned, and laid her head on his lower abdomen. With little hesitation, she took Jim's cock into her willing mouth and started sucking. She quickly had him fully erect and hard as steel.

She must have listened well to Trina, because Cindy was hitting the back of her mouth with every bob of her head. She was sucking nicely but not quite a hard as Trina had. She used her tongue a bit more effectively though. In short order, Cindy had Jim ready to erupt.

When Jim put his hand on the back of Cindy's head, she didn't need help swallowing his cock. She relaxed her throat and popped his cock's head into her tender gullet. Just as Jim's cum exploded in Cindy's mouth, he shoved her head down hard and buried his nine inches down her throat. She gagged a little, but he held his cock deep in her throat during his first two spurts of cum. As he pulled his cock out of her throat, Cindy coughed and sputtered but never took her mouth off Jim's cock.

"Don't swallow yet, Cindy." Jim instructed as he filled her mouth with cum. She continued sucking until she had all of his cum in her mouth. When he had finished cuming, Jim told the girls to share the cum with a kiss. Cindy tipped her head back and showed Jim the exceptionally large load of cum he had left in her mouth. Trina climbed on the bed, and she and Cindy kissed passionately.

They appeared to be passing the cum back and forth with each girl swallowing a bit of the cum when she had the load in her mouth.

When the girls had swallowed all of Jim's cum, they settled in next to Jim and cuddled up to him. After cuddling a while, Jim kissed both girls and told them. "My pets, we need to have a little chat about Sandra. I don't think she is trainable. I would like to torture her a bit more, but I'm afraid I may have to get rid of her. What do you think we should do with Sandra?

Remember, you can speak freely in your quarters." Trina and Cindy looked at each other for several seconds. Trina was the first to speak.

"Sir, will you take care of us?" Cindy added. "We're still too young to be left on our own." Kissing Cindy, Jim replied. "Of course you're too young." Turning and kissing Trina and hugging both girls close, he continued. "You girls are my pets now. You are my property and therefore my responsibility. I will use you as I see fit, but I will also take very good care of you. I am going to use a term for one last time that I have been avoiding.

I want you to think about what we should do with your mother?" Jim then quietly kissed each girl again and left the Kennel. He wanted to let them think about what he had said. He intended to keep them anyway, but if they stayed willingly, they'd make much better pets. He also was intent on not killing Sandra. He felt it would be better if his pets didn't know that as they considered their decision. Jim checked in on Sandra. She had come around and was groaning behind her ball gag.

A steady trickle of blood was running from around the huge dildo in her cunt, and tears were steadily flowing down her cheeks from her closed eyes. Her pelvic mound was swelling badly. Her pelvis had probably been cracked or broken when Cindy drove the huge dildo fully into her cunt. "Sandra, are you with us again? I just wanted to let you know, your daughters are considering your fate at this moment. I will abide by their decision. Since you continue to be defiant and riverwood slut bangs faendal cheats with alvor and ends with the tow tube porn to follow instructions, I must get rid of you.

The only real question is, do I torture you before I dispose of you? Do I let your girls think I dumped you alive near your home? Or, do I bury your fat ass where it will never be found? I just wanted you to know you have very little hope of surviving this little ordeal." With a smile, Jim squeezed both of Sandra's tits, kissed her forehead, and returned to his pets. He cared little of Sandra's response to his statement. When Jim walked into the Kennel, both girls looked as if they had been crying.

Both stood with their heads bowed. Jim asked of their decision. "Well, my pets, what have you decided?" Trina spoke up. "Sir, Master, that bitch Sandra gave up the right to be our mother years ago. We now only have you to care for us. So, if you want to torture her ass, go ahead." Then, after a brief hesitation, Cindy added with an evil grin. "Can we help?" Jim kneeled and held out his arms.

Both teen girls ran forward and hugged and kissed him. "Of course you can help, my pets. It might even be fun for you to get a little revenge for all the poor treatment you received from her in the past. The problem is, she may not breed me daddy i want your baby very well during the torture. Will that bother you too much?" Trina and Cindy looked at each other and carried on a quickly whispered conversation.

Then Cindy spoke. "Fuck her, Sir. Like we said, that cunt hasn't been our mother for years." "OK then. Shall we go see what her body can do to entertain us?" The girls grabbed their leashes and handed them to Jim. "That won't be necessary my pets. I don't think your going to run away. Besides, there's nowhere for you to go or any way to get there." Jim took the hand of each pet and they returned to the still crying and bleeding, Sandra.

"Tits or ass, pets? What's next?" Both girls looked down at their own chests. Each was much smaller that Sandra's big Double Ds. Cindy firmly stated. "Tits, Sir! Do her tits! That cunt always teased us about our small boobs, especially mine." Sandra urgently shook her head and tried to beg from behind her gag. "Tits it is then." That would have been Jim's choice too.

He had been looking forward to fucking with those big tits ever since last spring. Jim went to a cabinet and returned with another bag of goodies. "First things first, pets. Suck on her nipples until they're hard." Trina and Cindy each took a tit and began sucking and licking the nipple. They soon had them standing tall and proud. That's when Jim snapped the clamps on Sandra's nipples. These were special nipple clamps.

They snapped closed on the nipples with a heavy spring. The spring made sure the sharp jagged edge of the clamp bit well into the base of the nipple. If added pressure was desired, a thumb screw could be turned to mandy muse brandi bae in hidden camera curves the springs clamping pressure.

In just a few seconds, blood began trickling down the sides of Sandra's tits. He then pulled out from the bag a pair of thin needles eight inches long. He handed each girl a needle. "Pets, can you guess where these go?" With a giggle, Trina and Cindy each inserted an inch of their needles into the sides of Sandra's tits.

Sandra violently shook her head and groaned. "Very good girls. You seem to be learning quickly." French slut with big tits orgy with a bunch of big dick black guys datingsitespotcom smiled at his pets. Trina's needle drew a drop of blood, but Cindy saw something odd.

Rather than blood, some grayish goo came out of the hole her needle had made. "Sir? What's this?" Cindy asked. Jim looked at the grayish fluid. "Shit! That's silicone. To think I had been excited about a set of fake tits. Just raise your needle a little higher on the side, Cindy." Jim then tightened the thumb screws on the nipple clamps two full turns. Blood freely flowed from under the teeth of the clamps. Sandra's head snapped up. Her eyes were wide open and starring at her bleeding nipples.

Cindy reinserted her needle a bit higher and a drop of blood appeared. OK, pets, on the count of three, push. One, two, three! PUSH!" The girls drove their needles completely through Sandra's tits. Sandra violently shook her head and howled through her gag.

Jim went to his cabinets and retrieved a couple of large diaper pins, a tube of super glue, and a bottle of rubbing alcohol. Returning to Sandra and his pets, he handed each pet a safety pin. "I don't busty pov slut cum spray pornstars big tits any nipple rings on hand. Do you pets think these will do for now?" Trina and Cindy looked at each other with a look of confusion, asked.

"Nipple rings? What's that, Sir?" With a laugh, Jim explained what nipple rings were. The girls listened to Jim with their mouths wide open. They'd never heard of such a thing, but seemed eager to learn. "Sir, you mean women put things in their nipples?" "Yes! Many women do. But, for some reason, I don't think this cunt will like the idea." When he finished explaining nipple beautiful babe licie plays with her assets masturbation smalltits, he asked.

"Well, my pets, would you like to give these tits a couple of decorations?" Giggling, both girls replied simultaneously. "Yes, Sir!" Jim instructed the girls as they prepared to 'decorate' Sandra's nipples. He had them pour some alcohol over the pins and nipples. Trina reached out and pulled Sandra's right nipple clamp as high as she could.

Cindy then, without hesitation, shoved her diaper pin through the nipple's base. Sandra screamed behind her gag. When Cindy closed the pin, Jim put a couple of drops of super glue on the pin's latch.

Cindy then held the left nipple clamp up for her sister. Trina rapidly shoved her pin through the left nipple. It too brunette slut getting pissed on tube porn a couple of drops of super glue after Trina closed it.

Jim then liberally poured alcohol over Sandra's tit wounds. Sandra howled and fainted again. "Well, my pets, what say we get something to drink while Sandra takes a nap?

She doesn't seem to want to play with us for very long at a time." Jim asked. The girls giggled and agreed that a cool drink would be nice. As they walked out of the dungeon, Cindy said. "Sir, it's funny. That bitch can dish out pain, but she sure can't take it." "Ain't that the truth?" Trina added. When Jim and his pets returned an hour or so later, Sandra was just barely awake. Her head was lulling from side to side as she moaned. Trails of blood trickled from her nipples, tits, and grotesquely spread cunt.

Her pubic mound had swollen considerably. She barely noticed when Jim cranked the center roller down and released straps on her arms, legs, and torso. She groaned a little louder as Jim and the girls rolled her over onto her belly and reattached the restraints. Raising the roller to its maximum height didn't seem to bother Sandra at all.

She was laying ass high with her ass cheeks and asshole exposed to any abuse that may come their way. Jim handed Trina a paddle and instructed her. "Wake the whore's fat ass up." Trina proceeded to thoroughly cover Sandra's ass with hard blows of the paddle. Sandra's fat ass cheeks jiggled with each blow and were soon bright pink. Sandra was groaning loudly with each blow. She seemed to have rejoined the party again. "Enough, my pet. It's Cindy's turn." Sandra' pussy was badly swollen but had quit bleeding.

Her tits continue producing a small but steady trickle of blood. "Cindy, go get the dildo we used last night. Grease it, and shove as much of it up this cunt's ass as you can." Cindy found the twelve-inch dildo on the floor where Sandra had left it earlier that morning. Jim handed Cindy the lube, and she greased the hard plastic fuck stick.

She had a bit of a grin on her face as she went about preparing to violate the asshole that was propped up before her. These two girls were definitely showing an evil masochistic streak. "Trina, I think we can do without the gag now. Don't you? We should be able to hear her scream as that monster is shoved up her ass." "Yes, Sir." Trina replied as she unhooked the straps holding the ball gag in place. She roughly jerked the gag out of Sandra's mouth.

As the gag was pulled from Sandra's mouth, she groaned. In a voice weakened by too much screaming and severe pain, she begged her tormentors. "No more, please. No more!" Trina slapped Sandra and told her. "Shut the fuck up, you bitch!" Jim moved to stand next to Sandra's head.

Cindy aimed the ridiculously long dildo at Sandra's asshole. With a chuckle, Jim told Trina. "We mustn't be too cruel to the cunt. Her torture won't last much longer." He then nodded at Cindy who shoved about half the long dildo into Sandra's ass. Sandra struggled to lift her head and speak. hard fuck for a kinky and sexy sweetheart, no.

Haven't you done enough to me? Please, no more." While Jim was patting Sandra's cheek, he told her. "Almost, whore. We're almost done with you." Cindy shoved the rest of the twelve inch monster into the cunt's asshole.

Sandra raised her head and screamed once more. Jim then inspected the damages to Sandra's pale body. Blood continued to steadily trickle from the spots on her tits where the nipple clamps had bit in. Solo cute redhead fingers her pussy fingering hotgvibe pubic mound was badly swollen around the huge dildo buried in her cunt.

"OK my pets, let's go get some lunch. I don't think Sandra will be wanting anything to eat just now." He kissed them both and led them to the Kennel. "You can both stay here and chat for a while. I'll be back soon with something to eat. Just relax for a while. Trina, you can go over Cindy's approaching butt fucking with her." Jim left them and went to the kitchen. There he made his pets a lunch of soup, salad, and glasses of milk.

To the soup he added a mild sedative. He used just enough sedative to have them sleep until later that evening. Chapter IX Sandra's Disposal When he took the girls their lunch, he told them, "Sandra is not doing well.

I'll be taking her home soon so she can rest. I'm sorry, but you will not see her again. Remember, you're my pets now." Both girls hugged and kissed Jim and set to eating their lunch as if all was normal in their lives. Jim went to Sandra and pulled a syringe out of his pocket. She barely moved when he jammed the needle deep into her ass and injected her with the sleep inducing drug. He then removed all her restraints and the two dildos buried in her pussy and ass.

Our first grass sex on the bus station quickly and crudely tattooed "Fuck Here" on her ass. On her forehead he tattooed "Free BlowJob with Fuck." Finally, on her lower abdomen he tattooed, "Sloppiest Cunt in Town." He then placed her in the crate he had brought her in, loaded her onto his Gulfstream, and took off.

It was a little after noon as the Gulfstream lifted off. The sedatives should keep his pets asleep until around six PM. He figured three hours each way. That would be more than enough time.

A couple of hours later, he was flying low over the Arizona desert near the Mexican border. He was on final approach to an isolated landing strip. Upon landing, he went back to take care of Sandra. When he dumped chinese young girl tube porn out of the crate, she stirred and whispered.

"Where am I? What's going on?" "Nothing's going on, whore. You're just going to meet an old friend of mine. He'll be taking you to your new home. He will know what to do with a whore like you." Jim then helped her out of the plane's door. An old gray van came rumbling out of the desert. Two rough looking Mexicans jumped out naughty nerdy babe takes in a fat cock hardcore camfree ran to the plane.

They took Sandra, roughly tossed her into the back of the van, and sped off toward Mexico. Jim secured the plane's door, returned to the cockpit, and took off. He was soon heading home at max speed. He touched down at about 6:15 PM. Immediately upon entering his home, Jim checked on his pets with the camera system.

They were just beginning to stir. He prepared a dinner of steaks, fries, and salad. As a treat for good behavior thus far, a small glass of wine was served to each pet. By the time dinner was ready his pets were fully awake. The girls ate quietly, especially Cindy. Jim asked, "My pets, what's bothering you? Do you feel ill?" Trina said, "No Sir. I'm fine." Cindy agreed.

"Nothing, Sir." Using a harsher and louder voice, Jim asked again. "Cindy, what is bothering you? Answer me now!" Cindy, with a single tear on her cheek, softly asked. "Sir, Sandra's dead, isn't she?" Firmly, Jim replied. "No! She has been sent somewhere where her whoring ways can be of use. She won't like it, but she is alive." Putting his arm around her, Jim softly continued.

"Cindy, obey like a good pet, and be treated well. Disobey and be punished. Refuse to be trained, and I will have to dispose of you as well. Do you understand?" The teen slowly nodded and said. "Yes Sir. I understand." Slightly shaking, Cindy continued. "Sir, may I ask another question?" Chapter X The Pets Settle In Well Jim reached out and stroked Cindy's hair breasty legal age teenager endures hard ramming hardcore and blowjob granted his permission.

"Of course you may. I told you when you first arrived that you may speak freely in your quarters. Now, what is your question?" "Will it hurt a lot to be fucked in my ass? I'm afraid I won't like it." Jim chuckled at the teen's quick disregard for the loss of Sandra. "It all depends on whether you relax or not. Ask Trina about it. Whether you like it or not is unimportant. You are going to take it in the ass." Jim flatly stated. "Pets, your leashes please." Both girls brought Jim their leashes.

He hooked them to their collars and led them back to the main dungeon room. Jim pointed to the blood and other debris Sandra had left.

"Trina, clean that mess up. You'll find cleaning supplies in the last cabinet. Be sure to use lots of disinfectant. Cindy, over here please." Jim had Cindy stand at the end of a padded table that came up to just under her pussy.

Gently, he turned her and laid her on her back. He secured her with a wide leather strap around her torso. As she lay back, her feet came off the floor. Her legs hung off the end of the table suspended in midair. Her hands were secured with leather cuffs at her sides. Cindy's upper thighs quickly began to cramp from the strain of supporting her hanging legs. To relieve the strain, and expose her asshole, Jim brought each leg up and restrained them with straps from her knees to the upper corner of the table.

Her legs were thusly held so they hovered about six inches above her shoulders. Restrained that way, Cindy was able to move her upper and lower body, but she would not be able to pull away when Jim fucked her ass. "Trina, bring me the jar of lube from the cabinet." Trina hustled over with the lubricant and returned to cleaning the mess left from Sandra's abuse.

Cindy was looking frightened. Jim tried to sooth her as best he could. While stroking her tits and fingering her pussy, he spoke softly to her. "Now, Cindy my pet, I will be as gentle as I can with you, but be assured your ass will be fucked.

If you relax it won't hurt all that much. After a few times, some girls begin to like having their butts fucked. I hope you're one of them and come to like getting it up your ass." As he continued to fondle Cindy's tits, Jim dipped his middle finger deeply into the jar of lube. Using his thumb to stroke Cindy's clit, he teased her asshole with the lubricated finger. Cindy tensed when Jim drove his finger fully into her virgin ass. "Please Sir, I don't think I can do this." "Sure you can, my pet.

This morning you didn't think you could suck a cock, but you did. Yesterday, your pussy hadn't ever been fucked, but your cherry is long gone now.

Your younger sister has already had all her holes invaded. Soon your ass will be fucked too. Now hush, my pet. Relax, as much as you can." Jim used two fingers to scoop up a large gob of lube. He smeared a little lube around the edge of her asshole. He then pushed both fingers deep into her ass and thoroughly lubricated Cindy's shitter. The next time he dipped into the lube, it was the head of his cock that got greased.

With no further warning, Jim popped the head of his cock past Cindy's sphincter and three or four inches deep into her ass. Cindy gasp and her eyes flew wide open. "Owwww! That hurts! Take it out!" She pleaded with Jim. Without moving, Jim said. "Sure pet, I'll take it out. Humph!" Cindy screamed!

Jim had driven his nine inch cock fully into her tight virgin asshole. "I'll take it out as soon as I finish fucking this cute tight little ass of yours." Jim showed little mercy. Tears flowed down Cindy's cheeks, and she loudly cried for him to stop.

Jim pumped in and out of her asshole. After a hard ass fucking, Jim dumped his load of cum deep in Cindy's bowels. He slowly pulled out of her ass and patted her bald pussy. "You're going to make one hell of an ass fuck, my pet" Trina had finished cleaning Sandra's mess by then. Jim told her.

"Come her, my pet. My cock needs cleaning." Trina immediately fell to her knees and cleaned Jim's cock. She tried taking him down her throat a few times, but could only manage a few inches into her throat at a time. She took a bit more with each bob. "That's OK, my pet. You've done a good job. Cindy's hurting now so try to give her pussy and ass a little pleasure." Trina again didn't hesitate. She immediately turned to her sister's upturned ass and began licking Cindy from asshole to pussy.

Cindy soon stopped crying and began cooing as Trina ministered to her ravaged ass and tender pussy. Jim had moved to Cindy's head and gently stroked her hair and fondled her tits. He then released her. "OK, pets, hit the showers. Be sure to clean everything, and catch up on any wild fur that you may have missed." As his pets headed to the shower room, Jim noticed Cindy was walking a bit stiffly.

He left them there to clean up. About an hour later, Jim returned and escorted his pets to their quarters. When they reached the Kennel, he kissed Cindy and patted her ass as he wished her a good night.

Jim then led Trina to her quarters. They cuddled and petted on her bed. Trina placed her head on Jim's chest, grasped his cock, and began stroking it. Jim fondled her tits and stoked her hair. When Trina had Jim's cock standing at full attention, he gave her a very light push to the back of her head.

Trina turned around and began kissing and licking his cock. Jim was rubbing her butt when she lifted one knee exposing her pussy and asshole to him.

Fingering her pussy soon had Trina moaning. She innocent makeena reese has a stalker pornstars hardcore licking and sucking Jim's cock like it was her favorite lollipop. Jim thrust his hips up, and Trina opened her mouth and took several inches of his cock in.

"Uummmmm, Baby, that's nice. Suck it." Jim groaned. He then lifted Trina's slender hips and had her straddle his head. He pulled her hips down and brought her pussy to his mouth.

He licked and probed her pussy with his tongue. He told her. "You're yummy, my pet. There's nothing like the taste of fresh teen, pussy." Trina moaned around the cock in her mouth and pressed her pussy down on the tongue teasing her.

She began bobbing up and down on Jim's cock. She had taken enough of him into her mouth that he was hitting her throat's entrance with each stroke. Suddenly, Trina began to quiver a bit and shoved nearly six inches of Jim's cock into her mouth and throat.

After just a few seconds, she pulled back and continued bobbing. She took Jim's cock into her throat every other time she pushed down. Jim was about to cum. Trina was thrashing her hips on his face. He wrapped his arms around her ass and squeezed, pulling her pussy tightly to his mouth.

He drove his tongue as deep into her soaking wet hole as he could. Firmly sucking her clit into his mouth he flicked it with his tongue. Trina, quivering like a vibrator, pulled the cock out of her mouth and yelled.

"Oh my God!" She plunged back onto Jim's cock and took all nine inches into her mouth and throat. Jim's first two spurts of cum went straight down Trina's gullet.

She then pulled his cock out of her throat and sucked the remaining shots of cum into her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could and never lost a single drop. She continued to lick and suck Jim as she regained her composure. Jim continued to tongue Trina's pussy as she lazily pressed her hips down to his mouth.

She soon had another orgasm before collapsing on top of her attentive master. Jim placed a passionate kiss right to the center of Trina's pussy, patted her cute little ass, and rolled her off of him. Trina turned and cuddled up to Jim's neck. She kissed him and breathlessly said. "My God, that was wonderful." "Yes it was, my pet.

Yes it was." Jim held his special pet close until she drifted off to deep sleep. He then went to his quarters for the night. Jim let both girls sleep late the next morning. They had earned it.

As he viewed them on split screen, he thought to himself. 'These two young girls will make excellent pets. How lucky can a man get.' He then made them a light breakfast. When he delivered Trina's breakfast, he asked her. "Is your throat OK, my pet?" "Oh yes, Sir. It's a little sore, but not too bad. Do you want me to suck you again this morning?" Maybe later, pet. Right now I want to check on Cindy.

Her ass is probably pretty sore this morning." Cindy heard the Kennel door unlock as Jim approached. She jumped to her knees with her head down in the middle of her bunk. As he entered The Kennel, the first thing Jim saw was Cindy's ass pointed toward him. "What's this, pet?" He asked. Cindy said. "Sir, I'm so sorry I screamed and acted like such a baby last night. If you want to do my ass again, I promise not to yell so much this time." Jim laughed as he walked up to Cindy.

He patted and stroked her ass and placed his index finger partially into her asshole. Cindy winced but said nothing. Jim pulled his finger out, patted her ass again, and said. "Pet, you're ass is much too sore right now, but if your pussy is up to it." Cindy immediately flipped onto her back, spread her legs, and replied.

"Please Master, use you pet. I want to make up for being such a baby." As he dropped his clothes, Jim told his pet. "You're not a baby. You were just an asshole virgin. I'll be happy to fuck you, but first, I want to eat you." Jim dove face first to Cindy's pussy and ate her like he was starving for her juices.

He soon had Cindy writhing on her bunk, thrusting her pussy up to him, and crying out. "Please Sir, fuck me. I'm so horny. I can't stand it. I want your cock in me. Please, Master!" Jim thought Cindy was as close to cuming as she could get. So, he kissed his way up her body and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Cindy's pussy. Cindy wrapped her legs around Jim's hips and pulled him into her hungry hole. About six inches of hard fat cock slid into her.

"Muummmm." Cindy moaned. Jim stroked that six inches in and out several times before adding a little more. He was hitting Cindy's cervix with each thrust. Cindy jumped with each thrust but squeezed her legs tightly around Jim's waist. "Go ahead, Sir. Give it all to me. Please. I want all of your cock in me." Jim pulled back a few inches and drove his full nine inches deep into Cindy.

His cock's head slammed into her cervix and distended her womb. "Hmmmph! Um mmmmmmmm." Cindy groaned. "Are you OK, pet?" Poor boy fucking rich girl and asked.

"It hurts, but I'll be OK. Please just fuck me, Sir! Use your pet's pussy." Cindy begged. Jim lay still for a minute or so while Cindy's recently devirginated pussy got accustomed to a nine inch cock buried deep in its depths.

He could feel her pussy and womb stretching to adjust to the invader in its midst. He then started stroking. With each thrust, Jim's cock hit the bottom of Cindy's womb. Cindy began meeting each thrust with one of her own. She humped back harder and harder until she unclasped her legs and raised her knees to her chest. She cried out. "Oh God! Fuck me hard! Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! Fuck your pet hard with that beautiful, long, hard, cock of yours!" Jim pounded Cindy's pussy as hard as he could.

His balls slapped her ass with each thrust. As his cum erupted, he slammed his cock balls deep into Cindy's core. He pumped a heavy load into her and bathed her womb with cum. Cindy wrapped her legs and arms tightly around Jim and held him close to her body.

"Oh God, I can feel your cum squirting in me." She slowly relaxed her arms and legs and lowered them to her bunk. Jim quietly lay on Cindy with his cock buried deep in her core. He wanted to soak his softening cock in her sated fuck hole as long as he possibly could. When Cindy finally caught her breath, she said. "My God, that was fantastic. I didn't know it could be that good." After cuddling with Cindy a while, Jim retreated to his quarters. He badly needed to rest. Over the next few weeks, Jim's teenaged pets became quite proficient in the art of fucking, giving deep-throat blowjobs, and taking it up their asses.

Sixteen-year-old Trina and seventeen-year-old Cindy had nearly worn him out. They were constantly begging Jim to use them. Even with his strong recuperative powers, these two pets were wearing him down. Luckily, his pets slowly got their horny, hormone saturated, teen bodies under just a little control. Then, one day in super hot mom and daughter decide its time to share a cock December, a little over a month after their capture, Trina and Cindy asked permission to ask a question.

It was after breakfast and Jim was grooming his pets' hair. Trina asked. "Sir, may we ask you something?" "Of course you may, my pet. What's on your mind?" She continued. "Sir, there are three empty bunks in the Kennel. Are you going to fill them with more pets? Too be honest Sir, Cindy and I are staying pretty sore seeing to all your needs.

We enjoy the sex Sir, but our bodies can only take so much. How can you always be ready to fuck us so often?" Cindy added. "We want to please our master, and we'd be happy to help train the new pets, if you want to get some. Besides Sir, you did say there would be more pets or cunts." Jim couldn't help but chuckle.

"My dear pets, I have been wearing my self out trying to keep up with you two horny teenagers and all your hormones. I find it funny that it's you wanting relief. But, I did say that I'd be getting more pets, didn't I? It may take a while. It took me nearly a year to prepare for, find, and capture you." Jim replied.

The girls were ready for him. Like good pets, they had anticipated his objection. Trina responded. "Sir, we know of a couple of girls we could help you capture. Both are unhappy at home, and my friend Melissa would make a great pet. Like me, she's sixteen-years-old. She's cute and has much bigger tits.

Plus, her Dad is really a stepfather and treats her like a tramp even though she isn't one." Cindy then chimed in.

"And I know another sixteen-year-old that we could train to be a good cunt. Her name is Courtney. She's not very friendly, especially to other girls, but she looks great. She has long blond hair, blue eyes, big tits, and a real tight ass. She comes from a rich family and thinks her shit doesn't stink.

What do you think? Can we help you capture and train Melissa and Courtney?" "You two have been considering this for some time now, haven't you?" Without waiting for an answer, Jim continued. "Let me think about it for a few days. I have been worried about keeping up with you two teenaged pets. How the hell can I keep up with four?" "Sir, we could entertain each other when you're tired." Cindy offered.

"Maybe a couple of new pets would give me some relief by giving you girls something to do when I'm too tired to fuck you. I guess you could play with each other. I promise to let you know in a day or two." Actually, Jim had already made up his mind. He would take these two new pets. Later that morning, he began cleaning the crates and fueling his plane. He had a fresh supply of knock out drug sent to Bill Smith's mail drop. A rental cargo van was reserved for the following Friday evening.

Chapter XI Capturing The New Pets Jim and his pets planned the capture of Courtney and Melissa carefully. It was assumed both targeted girls would be out and about on a Friday evening. Their capture would occur after dark that night at a neighborhood park. Trina and Cindy would each call the girl they had recommended and have her meet them at the park. They would be told they were to see something neat Trina and Cindy had found while on vacation.

Friday morning came. Jim brought his pets their clothes and had them dress. They had been naked since they were first brought to the basement dungeon and even protested a little about having to get dress. They liked the feeling of freedom being naked gave them. Jim allowed them to go without underwear as a compromise. "Pets, I won't put you to sleep this time, but I must cover your heads with hoods until we are well away from this place. I'd hate for you to escape and tell about me and where you've been." Jim's pets looked hurt that he would even think of such a thing.

They no longer had anyone else. Hell they really never did. Even though they didn't teen feet sex one final tearing up to krissys mature pussy it, they bowed to their master's will and put the hoods on.

An hour into the flight, Jim had his pets remove their hoods so they could enjoy the rest of the trip. They made their cell phone calls to Courtney and Melissa as they approached the same Upstate South Carolina airport they had left a little over a month and a half ago. Trina's friend Melissa, agreed to come right away.

She was told to be there at 8:30 PM. At that time, it would be well after dark that time of year, but not so late she couldn't still be out. Cindy's call to Courtney took a little more effort on Cindy's part.

She had to convince Courtney she would enjoy what the two sisters had found while on vacation. Cindy convinced Courtney that her find had helped her sex life. "This thing helps me get off faster and much harder than I ever did before." That did it. Courtney would be there at 9:00 PM. The thirty minute spread between the targets' arrival times would allow enough time to secure Melissa before Courtney showed up.

Jim landed at 6:00 PM, refueled as Bill Smith, and picked up the cargo van. His pets helped take the crates off the plane and put them in the van. They left the airport and went to his mail drop to get the drugs he had ordered.

They then went through a drive through burger joint before continuing on to the park to meet the prospective pets. The park was deserted as expected. The chill in the air and early nightfall had encouraged most people to stay at home. Jim found the perfect place for the capture. A bench was located in between two rows of bushes, one in front of the bench and the other behind.

The van could be parked right next to the bushes opposite the bench. Jim hid himself in the bushes with his ether soaked rags. He kept the rags in zip lock bags to prevent the ether's odor from alerting their prey. Trina sat on the bench holding a box to show Melissa. Trina opening the box was to be Jim's cue to take Melissa. Melissa was right on time. Trina called to her friend as soon as she came into view.

Trina chatted with Melissa about her home life. Melissa was practically in tears as she told her friend how her life was a mess. "Dad threatened to rape me last week. He told me that since all the boys were staring at my breasts they all wanted to screw me too. He even came into my room last night with his thing hanging out. I think he would have screwed me then if Mom hadn't stopped him. Damn it, Trina, I haven't done anything. Maybe I should just to piss him off." Trina replied.

"That won't be necessary. Look in here. Melissa took a step closer and bent to see what Trina had. She stood up in shock as she looked at the twelve inch long and three inch thick rubber dick. "It looks more like a horse than a man." Melissa gasped. In a flash, Jim jumped out of the bushes and slapped an ether soaked rag over Melissa's nose and mouth. She gave a muffled cry through the rag, struggled briefly, and then collapsed. Jim carried Melissa to the van and laid her on her stomach.

He pulled her pants and panties down and injected her with the sleeping drug. It was Cindy's turn to sit and wait with the box. Courtney was late as Cindy knew she would be. She was always late. Courtney showed up at about 9:15 PM. "OK, what the hell is this crap you say you have?" Cindy stood and stepped toward Courtney.

Cindy approached her target so Courtney had to turn her back to Jim's hiding place in the bushes. She wasted little time opening the box.

Courtney looked in the box, and yelled at Cindy. "What the fuck is this shit? You really are a stupid fucking sick bitch." That's when Jim jumped out and shoved the ether soaked rag into Courtney's face from behind.

After a brief struggle, she too collapsed. Like Melissa before her, Courtney was carried to the van, her pants and panties yanked down, and the needle shoved in her ass. Cindy and Trina packed the new pets into the crates as they pulled out of the park.

Cindy was giggling. She said. "That was fun. Ever since she realized how pretty she is, Courtney's has had boys doing stuff for her and acting stupid around her. That bitch has been a pain in the ass for years." Trina was giggling too and added.

"She may be a pain in the ass, but I'll bet Master Jim will give hot austrian teen anal sex cum in her ass more cams at wwwhotcamliveco a much bigger pain in the ass real soon." They all laughed at that one. It was after midnight when the cargo van pulled up next to Jim's Gulfstream.

The girls hurriedly helped load the crates. They took off immediately after Jim returned the van. The girls chatted and giggled half way across the country.

When they were about an hour from their destination, Jim said. "OK pets, time to put your hoods on. Trina asked. "Master, may I ask a question?" Jim replied. "Yes, my pet. Go ahead." "Sir, haven't we proven we are good and loyal pets? We selected your next pets, and helped you capture them.

The new pets were even our idea. We didn't even try to run away or tell anyone about you or where we have been. I think we have proven to be very good and trustworthy pets. Sir, do we have to put these hoods on?" Jim asked. "Cindy, do you feel the same way?" "Yes! I do, Master." Cindy said. "You two girls are a pair of very smart pets.

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You express a good argument. Let me think about it a few minutes." Jim answered. Together, Trina and Cindy said. "Yes Sir." They put their hoods on while they waited on Jim's answer. About ten minutes later, Jim pulled blue pantyhose ouvert anal dildo tube porn hoods off his pets. "You are not good pets." The girls began to frown. "You're great pets. They each grinned and kissed Jim on the cheeks.

The sun was fully up as Jim began the final approach to his private air strip. Trina and Cindy were looking out the window and saw what looked like a castle in the woods. Jim banked toward the castle and began his final glide in to land.

"Sir, is that yours? Is that where we live now? Trina asked. "Yes pets. That's your home. What do you think of The Castle?" Jim asked. Both girls cried out loudly. "WOW!" Trina continued.

"A castle! We live in a castle. Hummm? A castle, jet plane, no job.Sir, are your rich?" Jim honestly answered her question. "Yes, and if you are good pets, I'll happily share my wealth with you." "Oh Sir, we'll do our best to be the best pets you've ever had. How many pets have you had, Sir?" Trina was a curious little critter. Jim answered honestly. "I've had three pets, but one couldn't be trained, and I had to get rid of it." Cindy spoke to her sister.

"Trina, I think we're the master's first pets." "That's right, Cindy. That's why I'll need your help training these new pets I'm really not sure how to break them.

I had studied you girls for a while and I knew you only needed a little affection to be good pets. These are all new critters to me." "Oh Sir, we'll do our best to make them really good pets for you." Trina was nearly singing. Cindy beaming as well and add. "Oh yes Sir, but I still think Courtney will have to be just a cunt, not a pet.

I think her attitude is all wrong to make a good pet." "You may be right, Cindy. We'll see. Now, sit down and buckle up. We're about to land." Jim ordered. Chapter XII A Rude Awakening Jim landed and taxied to the house. With his pets' help, the new pets were quickly taken to the dungeon, stripped and secured to tables. Trina had been right. Sixteen-year-old Melissa was a pretty, young, thing.

She was secured spread eagle to one of the flat exam tables and Jim slowly looked her over. Carrying just a bit of extra baby fat, she had a cute round face, long straight dark hair, hazel eyes, and a set of firm tits a twenty-year-old would be proud of. Compared to Trina's Bs and Cindy's As, Melissa's tits must have been full Cs with no sag at all. They were toped by dark pink areolas the size of silver dollars and nicely protruding nipples.

Her tummy was soft and slightly rounded. Because her hair was dark, it appeared she had more pubic bush than was really there. No matter, she would soon have a bald pussy like the other pets. Because Cindy expected her to be trouble, sixteen-year-old Courtney had been stripped and secured to the rack. She had been restrained in a similar manner as Sandra had been. Her hands were stretched straight out to her sides and secured, her torso tightly bound to the platform, and her legs and feet secured to the leg supports.

The only real difference between Sandra's original position and that of Courtney was the teens legs had been spread enough to display her snug pussy lips. She was certainly the prettiest of the bunch. Her long curly blond hair, deep blue eyes, and very full lips gave her a wonderful face. Her tits were very nice but not spectacular. They were nowhere as big as Cindy had made them sound. Well, maybe compared to Cindy's small tits, they were big.

Courtney had a flat smooth abdomen, slender waist and hips, and very shapely legs. She could have been a teen model. Her pubic bush was blond like the hair on telecharger story big mapouka porn head and very thick.

This too would soon be gone like the rest. After inspecting his new acquisitions, Jim spoke to his pets. "Well, this has been a pretty good days work, my pets. Let's leave our new friends to wake on their own. We need a nap and a bite to eat before we begin training these two." Chapter XIII Pet's Promotions Jim dimmed the dungeon lights to their minimum and led his pets to Trina's quarters where they all laid down.

With a pet's head on each shoulder, he kissed them each and told them. "Trina, I'm making you my house pet. Cindy, you are now my special pet. Trina, you will have a lot more freedom around the house, including parts of my quarters. Can you cook? Cindy, you are now my special pet. These are now your quarters. You will be in charge of the dungeon and pet training when Trina or I are not available.

I'll be changing your collars soon." The teens became excited. They rolled up onto Jim's sides, kissed each of his cheeks, and reached for his cock. They seemed disappointed when Jim refused them. "Not now my pets. I'll need all my strength this afternoon for our new pets. You wouldn't want them to be disappointed would you?

Now, lay down and take a little nap." Trina and Cindy sighed and laid their heads back on Jim's shoulders. Cindy quickly dozed off. Trina dreamily asked. "Sir, where am I going to sleep now?" Jim smiled at her, kissed her lips, and said. "I think we may be able to find someplace cozy for you to lay your pretty head.

Don't worry about it for now." Trina dozed off with a smile on her face. Jim then looked at each teen and thought to himself. 'No man should be so lucky.' He then dozed off too. It was mid-afternoon when they awoke and stumble up the stairs to the kitchen for a late lunch. Out of the blue, Trina spoke. "Yes, Sir!" "Yes what?" Jim asked, looking confused. "Yes, I can cook. So, if you two would please sit down, I'll make our breakfast.

Even though it was afternoon, a short while fervid girl is gaping juicy fuckbox in closeup and climaxing, Trina served her master and Cindy a hearty meal of ham and eggs. During breakfast, Jim explained the details of their new positions as house and special pets. Trina's collar was placed on Cindy's neck.

Cindy was then allowed access throughout the dungeon. Trina would be getting a new collar. The new collar would allow her access to all the first floor and selected parts of the master's quarters. Chapter XIV The New Pet's Training Begins Jim and his pets then returned to their new pets in the dungeon. Both were wide awake by then and had been crying. Courtney began yelling at Jim as soon as she saw him. "Let me go, damn it! My helplessteens kaylee outdoor rough sex humiliation and pornstars is rich and will pay you any ransom you may want.

You can't hold me here. Cindy! What kind of a bitch are you to do this to me?" Cindy slapped Courtney and said. "The kind of bitch that had you captured and will see to your training.

Now, shut the fuck up, cunt." Jim ignored Courtney. He smiled at Cindy and gave her an approving pat on her ass. He then went over to Melissa. She pulled away as he began stroking her hair. He quietly spoke to her. "Melissa, watch and listen closely, and see the difference in treatment between pets and cunts." He bent over and kissed Melissa's forehead and patted her bare belly.

"Ladies, my name is Jim. You are now my property. I own you! I will do with you as I please. Please me, and you will be treated quite well. Displease me, and punishment will be swift, certain, and severe. I would like to make you both my pets. However, if you are not trainable as pets, I will use and abuse you as I see fit with no consideration for your pleasure or comfort.

Eventually, I will dispose of any bitches that can't be trained. In the mean time, you will obey my every command immediately and completely. You must address me as Sir or Master. There will be no questions unless I give you permission to ask them. You may speak to me if you ask permission first and address me properly.

Do you both understand?" With tears running down her cheeks, Melissa nodded yes. Trina whispered in Melissa's ear, and Melissa said. "Yes, Sir." Courtney sarcastically replied. "Yeah, sure." SMACK! The slap Cindy delivered to Courtney's face rang out as Courtney yelped. "It's 'Yes, Master or Sir.' you dumb cunt." Cindy commanded.

Jim told her. "Courtney, you will begin your training first." He then took a tit in each hand and squeezed hard enough to cause Courtney to cry out. "Stop it, damn it! That hurts!" Courtney barked. WHACK! Jim slapped her face. "How dare you. You can't do that! Even my Daddy doesn't hit me." She persisted. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Jim slapped her face very hard three times. "Just how does Daddy treat you, cunt?" "He treats me like a princess." She remained defiant. "Well Princess, does daddy do this?" Jim then grabbed a hand full of pussy fur and twisted.

Courtney screamed from the shock and pain and then cried out. "Nooo! He never touches me there." "That's the difference. Here, you are not a princess. You're nothing but another cunt. Your existence depends on you pleasing me. Got it?" Jim hissed and released her bush.

"Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch." Trina told her. Jim continued. "To become good pets, you will be trained. Both of you will learn to fuck, suck cock, and take it up the ass. You can either learn the easy way or the hard way. You got it?" Jim then added. "Now lay quietly for a minute while we prepare." Jim took his pets to the cabinets and took out a weird looking set of leather straps.

Very softly he said. "Cindy, put this on." Poor Cindy had never seen such a thing and had no idea what it was or how to put it on. She asked her master for help. "How, Sir? What is this thing?" Jim took the contraption and, as he helped her put it on her hips, said. "Like this. It's a harness. This goes with it." He handed her a hard rubber dildo that was six inches long and two inches thick and looked just like a real cock. Just above a whisper, he told Cindy how to install the dildo.

"This goes here, Cindy. Now you have a cock. Since Courtney has been so rude to you for so long, you can fuck her first. Here lube it up with this, and go stand at her feet. Don't let her see it yet. Let it be your little surprise for her.

Wait until I tell you to have your way with her. Then you can fuck her silly." Giggling, Cindy agreed. "Yes, Sir. Thank you, Master." Jim then looked over at a tearful Melissa. "Trina, you go to Melissa and quietly talk to her.

I want her to be a willing pet like you and Cindy. Tell her the rules and what I will soon be doing to her. As for Courtney, she can be a pet or a cunt, whichever she prefers to be." An idea struck Jim, and he told Cindy to wait there a few minutes.

Jim practically ran from 2 girls 1 guy extreme kissing threesome dungeon and to his quarters. There he changed into the skeleton costume he had worn when capturing his big ass milf loves to suck and fuck massive cocks pets. He gathered up his hand-held video gear as well. He then used the computer to dim the dungeon lights to near darkness and zoomed the security cameras in on Courtney before returning.

He hurriedly set up the portable cameras facing Courtney. When he brought the dungeon lights back up, as expected, the portable cameras were still in the darkness. Jim and Cindy returned to Courtney's side. Jim patted her pussy while Cindy fondled her tits. Cindy's strap on cock was below the rack and out of Courtney's line of sight. I'm going to have some of that sweet pussy of yours now, Courtney. Courtney began pleading with him. "No, please no. I'll suck you off, but please don't do that.

I'm still a." "What! You're going to tell me you're a virgin? I don't believe it." Jim teased. Cindy said. "She's got to be lying, Sir.

Too many boys have said they've had her. They can't all be liars." Courtney protested. "No, really! I am a virgin. Whenever a boy wanted sex from me, I'd suck him off. I am still a virgin. I promise." "Well, if that's true, I won't fuck you today." Jim told her as he released the leg support latch. "Spread your legs wider so I can see if you really are cherry." Courtney continued to resist. "Please, no. Don't even touch me there.

Come here. I really will suck you off. I suck cock very well. The boys all say so." Jim looked at Cindy who was still working Courtney's tits. "Cindy, come help me here, please." Cindy and Jim forcefully spread Courtney's legs to about 75 degrees and locked them in place.

Jim got down between her legs and stared intently at Courtney's pussy. "Hummm, I suppose it could be cherry, but I'm not sure." Courtney continued to plead. "Yes! Yes! I really am virgin. Please Sir, let me suck your dick." Jim relented and said. "Well, OK, but Black police officers boning while cities are being looted here is going to pet that pussy while you suck me." Cindy began fingering Courtney's pussy.

First one then two fingers probed Courtney's fresh pussy. Jim presented his nine inch cock to Courtney's mouth. All the cameras could see was a skeletal cock floating toward Courtney's face. When Courtney saw the cock she was about to suck, she exclaimed, "My God! That thing's huge. I don't know if I can take all of that." Jim pulled a pin and the head support of the rack dropped.

Courtney's head fell back. Her mouth, throat, and gullet were then all lined up. She also couldn't see what Cindy was doing. This time when Jim presented his cock, Courtney opened up and accepted it into her mouth. Her tongue busily lapped at the invader.

The cameras could clearly see her cheeks cave in from sucking on the cock. She seemed to be enjoying giving Jim a blowjob. He quickly had his cock banging at the entrance to Courtney's throat. She was moaning around Jim's cock and wiggling her ass as Cindy fingered her.

Courtney was definitely having a good time. Cindy, grinning from ear to ear, pulled her fingers out of Courtney's pussy and replaced them with her "cock." She used the dildo to tease Courtney's lips and clit. Occasionally, the dildo head would dip in and spread those fresh pussy lips. Jim, about ready to erupt, roughly grabbed Courtney's tits, squeezed firmly, and shoved nine inches of thick cock down her throat.

He immediately began spewing his load deep in Courtney's gullet. He kept his cock buried in that tight hot teen throat until he finished sending his load of cum to her belly. Surprisingly, when Jim pulled out of her mouth, Courtney took one deep breath, licked her lips and smiled. "I told you I've sucked a lot of cock, but that was much bigger than the boys I've sucked." Courtney then became more aware of her pussy being toyed with.

"Oh, Cindy. What are you doing? Pretty blonde teen railed and mouth cum by fat hard dick feels so nice." Cindy just smiled at Courtney as she teased the virgin's clit and pussy lips with her strap-on dildo. Jim smiled at Cindy and said.

"Cindy, my pet, since you've been so patient, and Courtney has been so rude to you for so long, you may proceed at your pleasure and have your way with her." Courtney looked at Jim with confusion. Cindy looked at him, smiled and said. "Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir." She then reached up and grabbed both of Courtney's tits. Courtney went wide eyed and asked, "Cindy, your hands are on my breasts.

What are you teasing me with down there?" "With this you cunt!" With a strong hip thrust, Cindy jammed the six inch strap-on dildo deep into Courtney's pussy. Neither the dildo, nor Cindy, could feel Courtney's hymen shatter. However, Courtney could. She exploded in pain, screamed, and began crying. Looking at Jim, she sobbed. "You. said. I. wouldn't. be. fucked." Cindy was ramming her cock into Courtney with each word she spoke. "No, I didn't you dumb bitch." I said I wouldn't fuck you today.

I didn't. Cindy fucked you. And it looks to me like she still is." Jim couldn't hold his laughter back. Indeed, Cindy was pumping her blood covered "cock" hard in and out of Courtney's bloody pussy. After about ten minutes of hard fucking, Cindy grew tired. She gave the cunt one last hard ram before roughly jerking her "cock" out. Cindy glared into Courtney's eyes and said.

"Who's the whore now? Now, suck my bloody "cock" clean you cunt." Courtney reluctantly opened her mouth and let Cindy shove the bloody dildo in. She dutifully licked it clean as Cindy fucked her face with the rubber cock. Jim then went over to Melissa, who was quietly crying.

"See how rough we can be? We can treat you the same way, or even worse, if you act like a cunt. It can get a lot worse. Your treatment will be much better if you become a good little pet. Time to choose, Melissa. Pet or cunt?" Trina, stroking her hair, softly encouraged Melissa. "We've been friends a long time haven't we?" Melissa nodded. "I know how badly your Dad treats you, calls you names, and threatens to rape you. One of these days he'll do it to you, too." Melissa nodded again.

Fresh hot ball cock juice in mouth smalltits and hardcore

"Please Melissa, choose to be Jim's pet with me and Cindy. One way or another, you're going to fuck and suck. Please be a pet. Jim can make you feel so good." Melissa looked at Cindy and her strap-on. Then she looked at Jim's nine inch long cock and back to Trina. A tear rolled down her cheek. Jim asked again. "Well, Melissa, what will it be, pet or cunt?" Lowering her eyes, Melissa softly replied.

"Pet." Quickly slapping Melissa's cheek, Jim asked. "What?" Trina whispered in her ear again and Melissa said a little louder. "Sir, I want to be a pet." "Good!" Jim kissed her, and told Trina and Cindy, "Take her to the shower room and prepare her." Except for raising her head support, Jim ignored Courtney and her cries of despair over the loss of her cherry.

He busied himself cleaning and putting things away. Trina and Cindy gently helped Melissa up and led her to the shower room. When they enter the shower room, Melissa exclaimed. "Wow! What a shower." After thoroughly scrubbing her, the girls shaved Melissa's pussy. She asked. "Why are you shaving me?" "Because Master Jim likes pussies to be bald all the time.

You will keep it smoothly shaved from now on." Trina answered. Cindy added, "Just wait 'til he eats you. You'll go crazy." "Oh God, yes! You'll flip out over that tongue of his." Trina looked dreamy eyed just thinking about being eaten by Jim. Melissa was frightened. "Will it hurt when he does it to me? Will I bleed like Courtney?" Putting her arm around her friend, Trina answered her questions.

"Melissa, you mean when he fucks you. We don't beat around the bush here. Yes! It will hurt, but you'll get over it real soon." When the teens finished shaving Melissa, she was dried and dabbed with a little perfume. She was then returned to Jim in the dungeon. Trina asked. "Where would you like her, Sir?" "Put her on the OB exam table, please." Jim instructed.

Melissa was laid and secured on the OB/GYN table. Like Cindy before her, Melissa's legs were propped up and spread wide in the table's stirrups. The torso belt was tightened into place and her arms secured at her sides. Jim came over to Melissa. He told her. "You look and smell good enough to eat, my pet." As he gently petted her tight pussy lips, he asked her. "Did Trina and Cindy tell you what to expect?" With a quivering voice, she answered. "Yes, Sir." "Are you afraid?" Jim began stroking her hair.

"Yes, Sir." Using his other hand, Jim gently fondled Melissa's tits. "You have a right to be frightened. It's going to hurt to lose your virginity.

It'll hurt the first time you swallow my cock. And it will hurt when I fuck you in the ass the first time." "Sir, I'm not afraid of the pain. I'm afraid of myself. I'm afraid I'll like it too much. I'm afraid I'll become the whore Daddy says I am." Jim kissed her forehead and said.

"Baby, we all hope you like the sex here, but you'll not become a whore. You'll become a good pet who is eager to please her master." Jim bent down and gently kissed Melissa's soft lips. She tentatively returned the kiss. He then moved down to fondle, kiss, and suck her tits and nipples.

Her protruding nipples were soon standing nearly half an inch above her tits. Melissa smiled when Jim told her. "You really do have beautiful tits, my pet." He soon had her cooing with his attention to her firm tits. Reaching down between her legs, Jim found Melissa's pussy was beginning to get wet with her vaginal lubricating juices. He slid a finger through her slit and brought it to his mouth. "Ummmmm. You're going to be delicious my young pet." Moving between Melissa's legs, Jim squatted and sniffed.

"Aaaaaah. There's nothing like the aroma and taste of fresh virgin teen pussy." Jim split her pussy lips with a lick from her asshole to her clit. Melissa gasped and tensed her body. To Cindy and Trina, he said, "My pets, I think we can release Melissa's arms. Then you can entertain yourselves on those beautiful tits." He returned to eating his newest pet's fresh pussy.

Jim quickly had Melissa humping rapidly up to his face as he probed her pussy with his tongue. She was hugging both Cindy's and Trina's heads tightly to her chest. Melissa's pussy was soaking wet and ready to fuck. Jim stood and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Melissa's pussy girl gets hardcore anal with tanner mayes pushed the head in.

Her pussy's lips spread to accommodate their first cock. Melissa moaned at the initial contact between cock and virgin pussy. Jim pushed a couple of inches more into her tight pussy. It continued to stretch to allow him in until he bumped into her hymen. "Ouch!" Melissa jumped and gasped. "Pets, step back please. I want to hold those beautiful tits while I fuck this tasty pussy." Jim reached forward, grabbed Melissa's tits, squeezed firmly, and thrust six inches of cock into her tight pussy.

He felt her hymen give way as his cock passed through. Melissa gasped and cried out as her cherry was torn from her. Her hands held in tight fists at her side. Housewife fucked hard by her husband friend single tear rolled from each eye. Jim bent forward and kissed her tears away.

He then tenderly kissed her lips. Melissa tentatively returned the kiss. "Hang on tight, baby. There's just a little more to go." He then shoved the rest of his nine inch cock deep into her pussy. She howled as Jim's cock violated her cervix and womb. The tears flowed, but she didn't cry out any more after that.

Jim waited a few seconds allowing her split open pussy to stretch to fit its first cock. Slowly at first, Jim started sliding in and out of Melissa tight pussy. She quit crying and was grunting with each deep penetration. Every time Jim drove into her, Melissa was lifting her pussy to meet him. Jim rapidly built to a climax.

Just as he started cuming, he drove his cock deep into Melissa and fed her womb its first load of cum. Jim slowly pulled out of Melissa's ravaged pussy. He asked the tearful teen. "Are you OK, Melissa?" Melissa quietly answered. "Yes, Sir. I hurt, but I think I'll be fine." To his pets, he said. "Trina, take Melissa the shower room and let her soak a while. Cindy, let's play with Courtney a bit more." Trina helped her friend off the exam table, and led her back to the shower room.

Melissa walked a little bowlegged. She could see cum and blood trickling from her devirginated pussy and down the inside of her thighs. Jim and Cindy went to the cabinets to get a toy or two for Courtney. Cindy selected a seven inch long dildo that looked exactly like Jim's cock, only shorter. She greased it up and moved toward Courtney. When Courtney saw them coming toward her, she glared at Jim, and curtly said. "You're going to fuck me now I suppose!" "No dear!

I told you I'm not going fuck you, today anyway. You're going to clean this mess off my cock. Cindy however may have a different idea." Looking at Jim's cock, Courtney saw cum, blood, and pussy juice, someone else's pussy juice.

"Yuck! How can you expect me to.? Ummph! Owww! Damn it, Cindy, that hurt." Cindy just giggled. Without warning, she had abruptly shoved nearly all of the seven inch dildo into Courtney's sore cunt. "I think you better clean Jim's cock before we get mad and really hurt you. Ever been fucked in the ass? Before we're done with you, you will be the biggest whore in three counties." Courtney couldn't open her mouth fast enough.

"Please no, not my ass too. I'll clean it." Jim wasted no time shoving his nasty cock into Courtney's waiting mouth. As his cock slid into her cooperative mouth, Jim told her. "Of course you'll clean my cock, and a lot more." Courtney licked and sucked the flaccid member as fast as she could. She wanted to get it over with. Instead, all she succeeded in doing was making him hard again. "Humm, now what do you suppose I can do with this?" Jim asked with a grin.

"Oh, oh, I know. Stick it in this cunt's ass." Cindy suggested as she giggled with mock excitement. "Huh? Put it in her ass? Humm, not a bad idea my pet." Jim agreed. Courtney cried out, "Noooooooo! Please not in my ass. No one's ever even touched my ass. Please don't." Jim continued to mock Courtney.

"Ya know, Cindy, sticking it in her ass is really a good idea. She has such a cute, tight, little ass. She'd probably be a great butt fuck.

Why, I'll bet even her Daddy would love to fuck that ass. What the hell, jerk that dildo out of that pussy and help me flip her over." With a violent yank, Cindy jerked the dildo out of Courtney's pussy and locked the leg supports together.

Jim and Cindy roughly released Courtney and flipped the struggling teen over onto her belly. She continued to struggle as she was secured face down on the rack. Her yelling and squirming only excited Jim all the more.

Her tits were hanging through the holes meant for that purpose, her arms were stretched over her head, and her legs strapped to the leg supports. Her legs were then widely spread again. "Cindy, do you think I should use a little lube on this ass? After all, it is a virgin ass." Jim asked. Cindy drove her dry index finger as deep as she could into Courtney's asshole.

"Damn, I told you she had a tight ass." Courtney yelled. "Cindy, you bitch. I'll pay you back for this. I'll tell every boy in town how much of a whore you are." Cindy laughed until she nearly cried. What the hell did she care who knew what in her old home town. "Yes, Sir.

I'd use some lube. That asshole is very tight, and I don't want you hurting that beautiful cock." "OK, would you mind getting me some lube?" Jim asked. While Cindy went for the lube, Jim cranked up the center roller of the rack. He soon had her asshole at the perfect elevation for the invasion of his cock.

Katja kassin take two cocks with ease Cindy brought the jar of lube, he coated his cock and put a nice dab of the gel right on Courtney's little puckered brown hole. "Are you ready to be butt fucked, you cunt?" Jim asked as he put the head of his cock against Courtney's virgin asshole. He pushed a little and she tightened her cheeks. A firm swat to her ass accompanied by a little more pressure on her asshole, and Courtney's sphincter began to weaken.

Courtney begged rapid fire. "Please don't. Can't you just let me go? I won't say anything to anybody. I promise. Please, no. NOOOOO! GOD NOOOOOOOO!" Too late! Jim had heard enough of her smart mouth. He shoved the first four inches wife chaeting sex for money fake his cock into Courtney's shitter. Courtney screamed loud enough to wake the dead.

In the shower room, Trina and Melissa giggled. Trina told her friend. "It sounds like Courtney just got butt fucked." Melissa smiled and said. "Serves the bitch right." Jim began stroking and shoved a little more cock into Courtney's tight ass with each stroke. When he had just three inches of cock to go, Jim grabbed Courtney's slim hips and yanked.

All nine inches of his cock were buried in Courtney's hot ass. He slapped her ass and laughed. "Damn, cunt. You've got one hell of a tight ass. I'll bet we could make a fortune selling butt fucks in that ass. What do you think, Courtney?

Think we could make a little cash with your ass." He continued hammering Courtney's ass until he pumped a load of cum deep into her bowels.

He pulled out with a pop. Through her sobs, Courtney begged. "Please don't sell my butt. Please." Laughing as he moved to her head, Jim jerked Courtney's head up by the hair and fed her his shit and cum cover cock. She groaned and accepted the smelly cock. In the mean time, Cindy had again filled Courtney's ass.

Cindy had the dildo rammed fully into Courtney's freshly fucked ass. Courtney was about worn out, and barely responded to Cindy's assault on her pained asshole. Since she couldn't get Courtney going, Cindy gave up and pulled the dildo out.

About that time, Jim pulled his clean cock from Courtney's mouth, slapped her ass, and walked away. "Cindy pet, I think our young cunt here is worn out for the night. Please clean our toys and put them away. When Trina gets here, if she can walk, take Courtney to the Kennel for the night." "Yes, Sir." Jim then went to the shower room to check on Trina and Melissa.

"How are you doing, Melissa?" He asked. Melissa only half heartedly tried to cover herself. Trina again whispered in Melissa's ear, and the newest pet lowered her arms to her side. "Sir, I'm sore, but I'll be OK. I hope you liked me. Trina has told me how well you treat her and Cindy. Even as sore as my bot. my pussy is, I don't think I want to go home. Even getting fucked every day is better than the shit I took at home. Hell, you didn't squeeze my tits nearly as hard as Daddy does." "Not to worry, dear.

You're one of my pets now. I own you. Rest assured I will thoroughly use you, but you will stay her and be well cared for. Hell, you may even want to help select the next pet to be trained someday. Do you know that Trina and Cindy picked you and Courtney?" As the whirlpool jets swirled around her, Melissa smiled at Trina, and said.

"Thanks friend, I think." Trina smiled back and replied. "I hope you still feel that way after the master fucks you in your ass." Jim gave Trina her orders. "Trina, get Melissa dried and in a bunk in The Kennel. Then go help Cindy with Courtney." "Yes, Sir." Trina acknowledged her instructions.

Trina quickly dried Melissa and led her to the Kennel. She showed Melissa to a bunk then went to the dungeon to help Cindy. They led the handcuffed Courtney to the Kennel and shackled her to a bunk. Both new girls were given plain black leather collars. After he buzzed them through the main dungeon door, Trina and Cindy returned to the kitchen to see Jim. Jim gave Trina her new collar with the imbedded chip that opened many more doors. It was patent leather, lined with lambskin, and inlayed with gold and silver.

Trina gave Cindy her old collar. That allowed Cindy to access all of the dungeon areas without escort. Trina looked concerned. Jim asked. "What's the matter, pet?" Hesitantly, Trina asked. "Sir, I still don't know where I'll sleep." Jim smiled broadly, and replied. "You silly pet. You will be sleeping in my room" Trina jumped into Jim's arms, and cried. "Oh thank you, Sir. I'll serve you well. I promise." Jim hugged her and said. "I expect nothing less." Chapter XV Courtney Becomes a Porn Star That night, as Trina slept, Jim had an idea.

He checked his cameras for the footage from this afternoon's activities with Courtney. Between all the cameras, he had nearly sixty hours of action. The editing job would be daunting, but a really good porno could be produced from the footage, with Courtney as the star.

When Trina awoke the next morning, Jim was busily working at his computer. He told her, "Trina my pet, go down and make everyone breakfast. Take it to Cindy first so she can feed our new pets. After breakfast, you and Cindy may play with Courtney. Enjoy yourself, but don't cause any permanent damage. If Melissa wants to join in, she may. Just remember, Melissa's ass and mouth are still mine to break in.

Peculiar cuties drill the biggest belt cocks and spray love juice all over monstercock ejaculating you break for lunch, come up here, and bring Cindy with you. I may have something to show you. Now, my house pet should be about her business so the master can tend to his." Trina kissed him and headed for the kitchen.

As the morning progressed, Jim would occasionally check in on his pets via the cameras. Just before lunch, he saw a sight he had to pause to watch. He turned up the sound and enjoyed the show.

He had caught Trina sitting on Courtney's face. Cindy was wearing Courtney's cunt out with a vibrator. The cunt was on her back on the floor. Her knees up and spread. Courtney must have been very busy with her tongue. Trina's head was tilted way back, her eyes closed, and she was moaning loudly. She seemed to be breathing heavily as well. Cindy was working Courtney's pussy over very well with a dick like vibrator. "Feel that you bitch?

Take it bitch." Cindy was taking out years of embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of Courtney on the bitch's tender fuck hole. Then Jim realized Melissa was doing more that just sitting slutty babe lennox luxe tastes a strangers huge cock to one side watching Courtney's abuse. Melissa was squatted on her legs facing Courtney.

Courtney had her hand under Melissa and was fingering the younger teen's pussy. Melissa was moaning loudly as well. Both Trina and Melissa were shaking like they were about to cum.

Trina came first. With a shudder, she ground most of her weight down on Courtney's face. After a minute or so, Trina rolled off Courtney and lay beside her breathing heavily. Melissa then flopped on her back, grabbed Courtney's hand and pulled it hard to her pussy. She had two of Courtney's fingers imbedded in her freshly devirginated pussy.

The cunt's thumb was rapidly rubbing the newest pet's clit. Melissa lay there quivering for nearly a minute. It seemed she wasn't as sore as she had been the previous night. Maybe Courtney was starting to come around. When Trina and Melissa left her, Courtney's head was rolling back and forth as Cindy rapidly worked the vibrator in and out. Just a minute or two after the first two girls had gotten off, Courtney sat up, grabbed the vibrator from Cindy, shoved it completely into her cunt, and flopped onto her back.

Cindy stood and grinned down at Courtney. Trina then left the camera's view. She appeared again on her way to the kitchen.

She made a quick lunch of soup and sandwiches and served the other pets. Immediately after lunch Trina and Cindy locked the other two in the Kennel and came up to meet Jim in the kitchen. "Sit down girls, I have some thing for you to watch." He popped the DVD in the player and hit play. Though the alice in wonderland an x rated musical fantasy was a bit crude, the girls watched a hot DVD of a horny girl getting fucked by a girl with a strap-on dildo after sucking off a skeleton with a big dick.

The star of course was Courtney. The editing made it look like Courtney was the instigator and willing participant in the frivolities depicted on the DVD. She seemed to like the strap-on action nearly as much as she liked giving head and taking it up her ass.

A great deal of attention was paid to her skills at sucking cock, even if it was a filthy, blood, cum, and shit covered cock. Her admission of sucking off the boys she dated was prominently included. With her young good looks and apparent 'can do' attitude, Courtney made a wonderful porn star. "What do you think, my pets? Do you think her Daddy will like it?" Jim knew the answer.

Cindy responded, "Oh my God, he'll flip out. I'd love to be there when he sees his little princess in action for the first time." Trina agreed.

"He'll go nuts all right." "Good, because I don't think Courtney will work out, and I don't want to dispose of her like I did Sandra, but I think she has to go.

This way, we can drop her naked somewhere near her home. We'll send the DVD to Daddy and threaten to put it into theatrical release, if anyone ever talks about where she's been and who she's been with. I'm going to try to add the footage from her little display in the Kennel to the DVD. What do you girls think of that? Or, do you think she will be a happy pet some day?

I saw her doing you pets and getting off this morning." "Yeah, she got in to it, but only after I threatened her with another butt fucking with a larger dildo." Cindy said. "No, I don't think she will ever be happy here." "OK, it's done then.

Courtney will be gone soon." Jim stated unemotionally. Then as an added thought, he said, "For the next month or so, she will be degraded and humiliated in every way we can think of. I'll fuck her pussy at least once a day. If there is a pussy, asshole, or cock to be cleaned she will do the cleaning.

If one of us has to piss, Courtney's mouth, if handy, will do for a urinal. Just make sure no obvious or visible damage is done. Little Princes Courtney will be returned to her Daddy as the town slut.

Oh yes, what do you girls think of nipple rings for her?" Both girls giggled and Trina replied. "Nipple rings would look real good on her." "Now, Trina, how is Melissa coming along?" He asked his house pet. "Wow!" Trina exclaimed. "Sir. She is going to be one horny little pet real soon. She was busy eating Courtney's pussy when we took their breakfast in to them.

She said she wanted to know why you liked eating pussy so much. She hasn't stopped wanting to be fucked since you popped her cherry. Next time we get a new pet, Sir, would you please fuck their cherries out of them a little rougher to slow 'em down a bit." Grinning, Jim said, "Well I guess, I better take her in the ass this afternoon to give her another hole to play with." Jim then sent Trina and Cindy back to the dungeon.

For a brief time, he returned to his computer work. When Jim finished working at his computer, he went down to the dungeon. He found all his pets in The Kennel. "Trina and Cindy, will you please take Courtney to the shower room and be certain she is thoroughly cleaned?" The sisters put a leash on Courtney and led her to the shower room.

"Melissa, come with me." Chapter XVI Melissa's is Becoming the Horniest Pet Melissa hung her head and followed Jim out the Kennel door. "Sir, did I do something wrong?" Jim abruptly stopped, turned, and grabbed Melissa's upper arm. Spinning her around, he administered three firm swats to her ass. "Have you forgotten the rules already?" "No, Sir." She sobbed.

"Then try that comment again." He ordered. Melissa was a quick learner. "Sir, may I ask you a question?" "That's much better, pet. Yes, you may." Jim smiled at her as she rubbed her ass. "Sir, are you mad at me. You're taking me to the dungeon alone." "No, I'm not mad at you.

You are going to make a very good pet. I thought you might like a little privacy. Is there anything else?" He asked her. Melissa thought to herself.

'Master must really care for me.' Then she continued. "Yes, Sir, I've been naked since you brought me here. Why the privacy now?" They halted next to one of the padded exam tables. This one was a little shorter than the other tables. Jim looked down on his pet, and said.

"I thought you might like some privacy when you get fucked in the ass for the first time. By the way, I hear you now like to eat and play with pussy. Are you becoming my horniest little pet?" "Well Sir, maybe a little horny.

I would like for you to put that big cock of yours in me again." She smiled up at Jim. Jim kissed Melissa's forehead, and said, "You're about to get my cock again, just not where you want it. Remember, I told you you'll fuck, suck, and take it up your ass!" The young girl hung her head and said, "Yes, Sir.

I remember." Jim then tightly hugged Melissa. Her large tits were crushed into his firm abs. He turned her, reached around and grabbed both tits, and hugged her again. Fondling Melissa's tits quickly had her nipples standing half an inch long and very hard. She cooed when he pinched her nipples between his thumb and index finger. "Oh, Baby. You are so beautiful, and I love your tits and nips. Remind me to get you some jewelry for them." Squeezing her tits firmly and swaying her side to side, Jim duck walked Melissa to the end of the table.

The table's edge hit her just below her pussy. Melissa was in a dreamy state. Her tits were alive with new feelings and her pussy was tingling. She began rubbing her pussy on the edge of the table, and moaned softly. "Ummmmmmm." Holding her tits from behind her back, Jim leaned forward pushing Melissa over the end of the table. She bent at the waist, and laid face down on the table.

Releasing her tits, Jim slid his hands up her arms, extending them over her head. As he kissed the back of her neck, he secured her wrists in leather cuffs at the far corners of the table.

He then slid his hands back along her arms, over her shoulders, and to her sides. He secured her torso to the table with a wide strap. He continued to slide his hands down Melissa's sides and back. Massaging her ass cheeks elicited another moan from Melissa. She slowly spread her legs. Then Jim put a hand between her thighs and slid it up to her pussy.

Moaning, Melissa spread her legs wide. Jim kneeled and secured her legs at the knees and ankles to the outside of the table's legs. From his kneeling position, Jim resumed massaging Melissa's ass. She seemed relaxed.

Her pussy was very wet from her own lubricating juices. Petting and fingering Melissa's pussy quickly had her squirming. She pivoted her hips up and offered better access to her pussy. She was soaking wet by then. Jim slowly slid six inches of cock into Melissa's horny pussy. She continued to rock her hips, and, after a few short strokes, Jim pushed his entire cock into that hungry hole.

Melissa groaned and tried to push back. She was restrained from pushing by the torso and anal blondie creampie anal rubia tetona anal orgasm orgasmo anal tube porn straps. Jim didn't have to stroke in and out. Melissa's rocking took care of that.

Taking a jar of lube from the table drawer, Jim applied a dab of the gel to her tightly puckered asshole. He lightly teased Melissa's sphincter. As she wiggled her pussy more and more on Jim's cock, he pushed his index finger into her ass up to his first knuckle. Melissa moaned, pivoted her hips, and presented more of her ass to Jim's finger. Slowly, Jim pulled his cock from her pussy and pushed his finger into her ass.

He leaned over, kissed the back of her ear, and asked. "You like your ass teased and fingered?" "Uh huh." She softly cooed. Jim then stroked his index finger in and out of her asshole until Melissa was again rocking in rhythm to his strokes. She groaned sadly when he pulled his finger out. He quickly returned it, along with a second finger, after lubricating them.

He slowly worked both fingers into her ass. Her sphincter began to relax and open her tight virgin asshole to this new experience.

With his free hand, Jim dipped his hard cock into the jar of lube. He made certain a large gob of the gel was smeared over his invader. Again, Melissa groaned when Jim removed his fingers from her ass. He lined up his cock's head with her tight, wrinkled, brown hole.

Taking her hips in his hands for leverage, Jim gave a short shove and popped his cock's head past Melissa's sphincter. "Ummmmmph! Easy Master, please." With a little harder shove, Jim pushed four inches of cock into her. "Oh!" Melissa lifted her head off the table and laid it back down. Massaging her back and shoulders, Jim asked, "Ready, pet?" "I don't know." She replied. Pushing slowly but steadily, Jim drove seven inches of hard cock into Melissa's tight ass.

Pulling on her wrists' restraints, she cried out. "Ooowe! It hurts! You're too big for me." Jim stood up straight, grabbed two hands full of her hips, and rammed the last two inches of cock into Melissa's tight asshole.

She howled loudly. "NOOOOOOooooo! Take it out! Please, take it out. I can't take any more." Jim didn't move. He kept his cock fully buried balls deep in her ass.

"OK, pet. You don't have to take any more. That's all of it. It'll get better soon, my pet." When Melissa seemed to calm a bit, Jim began taking long slow strokes in her ass. "How you doing, pet?" She whimpered, "It still hurts, not as bad, but it hurts, Sir." Jim smiled. She finally remembered to properly address him. Patting her on the butt, he held her hips and proceeded to fuck Melissa in her devirginated asshole. Eventually, he pulled half way out, slammed fully back in, and dumped his load of cum deep in the teen's bowels.

Slowly he slipped his cock out of her ass. "That wasn't so bad, now was it? You might even get to like butt-fucking." Leaning over her shoulder, he kissed her cheek and said, "We'll do your throat next time." Jim then released Melissa and led her back to the Kennel. Courtney was lying on her bunk when they came in. He told her. "Courtney, come over here and clean my cock." Courtney grudgingly got up, and walked to Jim.

She knelt and licked his shit and cum covered cock clean. When finished, Courtney returned to her bunk. Jim then turned to Melissa and said. "Melissa, my pet. Courtney is going to clean your ass and pussy for you. Get over there and sit on her face." "Yes, Sir." Melissa said with a grin. She headed for Courtney's bunk. Courtney started to say something, but Cindy held her hands up and about two foot apart as if holding something between them.

"Courtney!" Courtney saw Cindy's gesture and went right to work on Melissa's asshole and pussy. It wasn't long before Melissa was about to cum on Courtney's face. Trina giggled and asked. "Got her ass, didn't you, Sir? We heard the scream." Jim just smiled at Trina. "Cindy, when Courtney is finished with Melissa, take them to the shower room, and let them soak a while." Jim returned to his office. When he oral pov small very cute his pets, Melissa was just climbing off Courtney's face.

Chapter XVII Trina's Becoming More Than a Pet An hour or so later, Trina stepped in to Jim's office. She reported to Jim. "Melissa was bitching about her ass hurting, but she will be fine in a day or so. Oh yeah, Cindy sat on Courtney's face and pissed. You should have heard that cunt scream.

She thought Cindy just wanted her pussy eaten. Cindy said Courtney's mouth was wide open and her tongue well up in her pussy when she let go. Cindy had practically fallen off Courtney's face from laughing. During her report, Trina's voice seemed a bit tense. Jim looked at his house pet and saw her stress.

He realized she needed a little personal attention. "Come here, Trina. Sit on my lap and we'll rock." Trina jumped at the chance. She sat on Jim's lap and laid her head on his chest.

He held her close as he gently rocked in his oversized office chair. After a few minutes, Jim said. "Trina, I'm sure glad I made you my house pet.

I like having you close. I don't ever want you to be jealous of the other pets. You are my favorite. You have been a favorite ever since you were cutting my grass. I really liked your hugs, and I especially liked feeling of your tits squashed against my belly. Some times I wish boys had as many options to please girls as the girls have to please the boys.

Girls have a pussy, an ass, a mouth, tits, and hands. All a boy has is his cock, tongue, and fingers." Jim then lifted Trina and carried her to his bed. He laid her so that her legs hung off the side of the bed.

Her butt was on the edge of the mattress. Jim lowered himself to his knees, put Trina's legs on his shoulders, and ate her with a passion he had never felt. He ate Trina to three bed shaking orgasms.

Jim then stood, pulled Trina up to stand in front of him, and hugged her firmly to his body. Trina sighed. "Oh, Sir." She seemed to press her tits even tighter to his belly. Jim bent over, lifted Trina's chin up, and kissed her lips. He then playfully swatted her bare ass. "Go make dinner. Please make enough for a couple of extra plates." A little later, Trina delivered three dinners to the dungeon and joined Jim to eat in the kitchen.

Immediately after dinner, Jim handed Trina two catalogs. One had fine jewelry. The other offered sexually oriented jewelry. He instructed her. "Pick a gift for you and Cindy from the first catalog. Then pick a pair of nipple rings for Melissa and Courtney.

Now, go put Courtney on the OB table and secure her there. Have Melissa get her ready to be fucked. I'll be down shortly." Chapter XVIII Courtney's Torment and a Promise About ten minutes later, after donning his skeleton costume, Jim followed Trina to the dungeon. With his cock hanging limply out of the costume, Jim entered the dungeon. Jim observed that Melissa was eagerly slurping away at Courtney's pussy. Courtney was moaning and writhing on the exam table to which she was secured.

Jim turned to Cindy. "Cindy, my pet, come and suck me hard." In less than a minute, Cindy had his nine inch projectile ready to launch. Jim started the portable cameras, approached Courtney's propped up legs and said, "Good job, Melissa.

You can relax now. I'll take it from here." Jim leaned down to Courtney's ear and whispered to her. "Cunt, I'm going to fuck you now. If you put on a good acting job for the cameras here, and are a good little cunt, I will see that you get home in a few weeks, a month at the most.

Refuse to cooperate at any time during that period, and you may never see Daddy again. Do you understand?" Courtney looked a little shocked but replied.

"Yes, Sir. I understand, but you said you weren't going to fuck me." "And I didn't fuck you, yesterday. This is today. Now what are you going to do?" "I'll be good." "Good! Now, when I stand between your legs, you will beg to be fucked. Got it?" Jim ordered. He moved to the other end of the table and stood between Courtney's legs.

"Courtney?" Courtney half-heartedly said. "Please, fuck me now." WHACK! Jim slapped the inside or her right thigh. "Like you mean it, cunt." Courtney's demeanor did a turn-around. "Oh, Sir, please fuck me now. Give me that big fat cock of yours. I really want to be fucked by your huge cock. I am so horny.

My pussy needs that meat of yours." Courtney was a good actress. Even Jim almost believed her. Jim agreed. "OK. If you really want me to fuck your pussy, I'll be happy to give you what you want." With little delay, Jim shoved nine inches of cock balls deep into Courtney's wet cunt. Courtney gasped and winced, as she was speared with her first live cock. Her pussy was stretched to its maximum. She then smiled and said. "God, that thing fills me up. It feels so good." Trina, Cindy, and Melissa couldn't believe what they were hearing from Courtney.

She had been such a bitch for years, and now she seemed to be having a good time getting fucked by her captor. Jim repeatedly rammed his oversized cock into Courtney's hole. After several minutes, he slammed deep and filled her womb with his baby making sauce. As soon as he finished cuming, Jim pulled out, moved to Courtney's head, and offered his cum covered cock to her mouth for cleaning.

She smiled and gobbled Jim's cock. She carefully cleaned it of every trace of cum and pussy juice from the spear that had just come out of her pussy. Jim patted her face, squeezed her tits, and walked away to remove the cameras.

Trina had to ask. "Sir, how did you get that bitch to be so cooperative all the sudden?" "I simply used the right incentive. I told her I would release her in a month or so, but only if she fucked like she meant it during that time. Now please see to our pets comfort, but leave Courtney where she is for the night." Later that evening, Trina pointed out the jewelry she wanted for herself and the other girls. She had picked two gold rings with small diamonds for Cindy and herself.

Melissa would get a small set of gold nipple rings. For Courtney, Trina picked a pair of heavy looking two inch silver loops. The loops were held closed by a one eighth inch thick threaded post. Jim ordered the jewelry that evening. Late that night, Jim left the house for town in his old Suburban.

The ride was a long and bumpy one. Once in town, Jim cruised the seedier areas frequented by drunks and drug addicts. He soon spotted what he was looking for.

Two men were sleeping in an abandoned car. They were huddled together for warmth against the cold winter night.

Jim pulled up next to the car's broken left window, and yelled. "HEY!" When they stirred he asked them. young girl jassie capri loves old cock you guys hungry?" The drunks crawled out of the car and leaned in the Suburban's passenger window. They booth had full beards and greasy looking scraggly hair.

'Damn they're filthy and smell terrible. Just what I need.' Jim thought to himself. The men said, "Yeah man, we're hungry. Ya got a couple a bucks to help us out?" He told them. "I have a better idea, if you agree to a few conditions." "What conditions?" The bigger of the two asked.

"I will blindfold you for a long rough ride to my place. You will remain blindfolded until dinner is ready. Then you will be well fed. After dinner, you can clean up and spend the night.

I'll bring you back to town early in the morning." The men looked at each other, shrugged, and agreed. "What the hell! Sure, it ain't like we got any place else to be." "Good! Hop in and put these on." Jim handed each man a black cloth hood.

"What's this, man?" The bigger of the two asked. "It's a long ride to my place and these hoods will cover your eyes and be more comfortable for you than blindfolds. Now, put them on or get out!" They put the hoods over their heads. Jim loosely cinched them up and put small locks in place. The hoods could not be removed without first removing the lock. Forty minutes later, the Suburban pulled into Jim's garage. With the hoods still in place, the men were led into the kitchen and seated at the table.

"Gentlemen, please be patient. Your dinner is being heated and will be ready soon." Jim whispered to Trina. "Heat the left over dinners and give it to these men. Be certain Cindy and Melissa are secured in their quarters.

Then go to our quarters and stay there. Trina silently obeyed. When dinner was served, their hoods were removed as promised. The hungry men wolfed down the food. Jim even gave them a beer to wash it down.

"Now, gents, I have a little surprise for desert. Please, follow me." Jim led the men down to his dungeon. The shocked look on their faces when they saw Courtney was priceless. Courtney was still secured to the OB table and sleeping soundly. Her bald pussy exposed for any to see and use. Jim quietly ask the men. "How long has it been since you boys have had any pussy?" One answered.

"Oh, man, it's been years." The other chimed in. "Yeah, me too." Jim continued. "OK! Here's your chance. You can fuck her all you like. Fuck her all night if you like. I highly recommend you try her blowjobs. She is very good at giving head. There's just one more thing. You must not injure her and you are being recorded on multiple cameras.

Do you agree?" They could not have agreed any quicker. "Good! Now, let me wake her for you." "Oh Courtney. Courtney dear, wake up. You have guests." Courtney slowly opened her eyes and focused on the two scruffy visitors. "NOOOOOOOOOO! Sir, you can't let them touch me. They're filthy! I can't stand the smell." WHACK! Jim smartly slapped Courtney in the face. He then whispered in her ear. "Is that any way to treat your visitors? You'll fuck and suck them, and you will enjoy it!

Or, I'll let them do you in your ass, and you'll be here 'til you die. Remember, I can make a fortune selling your ass a piece at a time. Got it?" Courtney whimper and nodded her agreement! She wretched and tried to block out the smell as the first drunk stepped up between her legs. Legs that were still secure to the OB/GYN stirrups. He dropped his pants and revealed a fat six inch cock.

It had gotten hard as he had stared at Courtney while Jim had spoken to her. As he stepped up to her exposed pussy, the smell that came from his crotch was almost unbearable for Courtney.

He simply stepped between Courtney's legs and rammed his cock home. Courtney gasped as he pistoned in and out of her cunt. He only lasted maybe a dozen strokes before he unloaded in her pussy. As soon as the first guy pulled out, the second man filled the void. His cock was a little longer and a lot fatter than the first man. He was also much faster. He must have been overly excited about getting some pussy after so long a time. He dumped his load of cum almost as soon as he bottomed out in Courtney's cunt the first time.

In the mean time, the first guy had stepped up to Courtney's head and demanded a blowjob. Courtney tried to turn her head away from him. His rancid body odor was making her sick. "I can't stand the smell." He was insistent. Pulling her head back toward him, he growled. "Get use to it, bitch. If you don't suck my cock, I'll ram it up your ass then have you suck it. Now suck!" Courtney very reluctantly opened her mouth and let him feed her his putrid smelling cock.

In spite of the odor, she did her best to satisfy him. As soon as he was hard again, the first guy returned to her pussy. The second man, who had been fondling her tits, then shoved his nasty cock into Courtney's mouth.

It took the first guy a lot longer to cum the second time around. The second man, after his turn at her mouth, also lasted much longer as he fucked her again. The process of the men alternately fucking Courtney's pussy, getting a blowjob, and fucking her again went on for about two hours. Finally, even with Courtney's best efforts, their cocks had given out. When he scanned freaky babes do hot morning orgy with hung studs dungeon area later that night, Jim found the men curled up on tables fast asleep.

Courtney's pussy was steadily oozing cum. Jim zoomed in and got some great footage of her sloppy cunt. The next morning, Jim led the men to the shower room.

While they showered, Jim threw their old rancid clothes into his incinerator. When they got out, he gave them some of his used clothes. To the men, it was like getting new clothes. After showering, each man fucked Courtney marina and her young man are in the bedroom and her virgin body is awe more time. Jim then led them to the kitchen for breakfast. After eating, Jim told them, "Gentlemen, you will not be back! You will forget you were ever here, and will never talk about last night to anyone.

Do you understand?" "Yeah, man, but sunny leone xxx story sex stories 2019 ebony bhasha me sure like to come back some time." "NO! That will not happen. In your shirt pockets you will each find one hundred dollars.

Enjoy it! If you ever decide to talk, remember this. I have recorded evidence of you two vaginally and orally copulating with a bound, fifteen-year-old girl. Most places call that rape. The recording will also show you were told beforehand she was just fifteen-years-old." "FIFTEEN! Both men yelled. "Oh shit, man. We didn't know that. We won't say a word to nobody mister." "Fine, now put your hoods back on." With the hoods secured in place, Jim led them to his Suburban and took them back to the edge of town.

As he drove the homemade girlfriend panty lap dance and fuck tube porn road, Jim smiled and thought to himself. 'That little lie about Courtney's age just guaranteed their silence.' Two days later, along with his other supplies, the girl's jewelry was in the storage unit.

Jim waited until Christmas to give his pets their gifts. Courtney was first to get her nipple rings. Jim had Trina and Cindy secure her to a flat table. Jim gave Courtney a quick fuck before starting on her nipples. Trina and Cindy rubbed ice cubes on Courtney's nipples for several minutes. Courtney's nipples were soon rock hard and standing high.

A special clamping tool had come with the jewelry. It was a three-legged cone that fit over a tit and rested on the chest. A nipple clamp was situated on top of the cone. The clamp was height and tension adjustable. With the cone set on Courtney's chest and the clamp firmly attached to her nipple, the height was adjusted until her tit and aureole were stretched to their limits.

Jim dipped what looked like a sharpened darning needle into a bottle of alcohol. He then abruptly pushed the needle through Courtney's aureole just below the base of her nipple. Courtney's eyes popped open and she screamed loudly.

She continued to scream as the loops installation was completed and the post secured. A drop of Super Glue was put in the threaded female side of the loop. The post was shoved through the hole in her nipple and screwed into the glued side of the loop. The nipple was released from the clamp and the cone removed. The entire procedure, including the scream, was repeated on Courtney's other tit. Courtney then had a pair of heavy, silver, three-inch nipple rings dangling from her tits. The Super Glue made the loops practically permanent attachments to her tits.

The added weight of the three inch rings over the two inch rings Trina had selected was significant. The added weight caused Courtney's perky tits to be constantly pulled toward the ground. Courtney was then released and taken to the Kennel to rest. Melissa was put on the table next. Trina had been nicer to Melissa. She had ordered much smaller nipple rings for her. When he ordered them, Jim had a small diamond added at the bottom of each tera patrick has sex with tatooed man loop.

These loops were held to the nipple with a small wire. Trina and Cindy iced Melissa's tits until they, like Courtney's, were standing high and hard. The cone was installed, and the first nipple and aureole stretched taught. Melissa's big tit took nearly all the cone's height capacity, but it was stretched tight enough to get the job done.

Melissa yelped once as each aureole was pierced with a small needle and her loops attached. With a tear at the corner of each eye, Melissa looked up to Jim, smiled, and said. "Thank you for the titty jewelry, Sir. I love them." Turning to Trina and Cindy, Jim said.

"Take Melissa to the Kennel and come up to the kitchen. Chapter XIX Master and Pets Become Family When Trina and Cindy arrived in the kitchen, they found Jim sitting at the table sipping a drink. He offered them a glass of wine and had them sit down.

He then presented them each with small, black, jewelry box. Trina knew what to expect, or at least she thought she did. The rings she had requested had very small diamonds. They really weren't much more than diamond chips. When they opened their boxes, the girls' mouths fell open. The gold rings Trina had picked were the same. But instead of the tiny stones she had selected, these rings each held sizable diamonds.

Trina's ring had two diamonds. Trina and Cindy mouths remained hanging open. They were speechless. They were frozen in place. They just sat there and stared at the rings. Jim grinned and said. "My pets, they won't bite. I think they'd look much better on your hands than in those boxes. Don't you?" He got no response from the girls. "TRINA! CINDY! Breath girls." Jim finally got their attention. Cindy exploded with joy. "Oh my God! Is this for me?

Is it real? It's beautiful! It's mine?" To tease her a bit, Jim answered her rhetorical questions in the order she ask them. "Yes! Yes! Yes, it is. And Yes!" Cindy looked at him with a quizzical expression.

"Huh?" Jim repeated his answers with just a bit more information. "Yes, Cindy my pet, it's yours. Yes, it's real. Yes, it is beautiful, just like you. Yes, it really is yours." Trina, with tears flowing from her eyes, finally spoke. "Oh Sir, thank you. I'll try to earn it. I promise." "You have already earned it, Trina. You've both earned your rings. Like any other diamond ring on your left ring finger, they will signify that you're taken. It's official.

You all belong to me." Jim softly told them. Cindy asked. "Sir, may I ask a question? "Yes." She continued, "Sir, will you stay with me tonight. I haven't done much with you lately, and I want to thank you for my ring the only way I know how. Jim tried to let her down gently.

"Cindy, my pet, I'll stay with you tomorrow. Tonight is reserved for Trina. She hasn't had much action lately either." With her head hung down, Cindy said. "OK, Sir, but I'll be lonely tonight." Then take Melissa to your quarters tonight. I'll bet she can do a little something to please you. Exquisite and wet asian oral stimulation japanese and hardcore, get!" Cindy stood and hugged Jim as he sat at the table.

He gently patted and squeezed her tight little ass. He then kissed her with more passion than she had ever experienced. He then swatted her butt and sent her to bed. Trina escorted her sister so Cindy could get passed the doors into the dungeon. Trina then returned to Jim. "Now Trina, just what am I going to do to.er.I mean with you?" Jim teased. "Take me to bed and fuck the hell out of me, Sir." Trina replied with a broad grin.

"Pet, come spring, we will have known each other for a year. Until last Halloween, we teased each other silly. Since then, we've fucked in almost every way imaginable. Tonight, what do you say instead of just fucking, we make love? I would really like to make you more than just a pet." Jim had exposed a bit of his feelings, and he wasn't sure how it would be taken. "Oh, Sir, I like being your pet. It means I'm yours, I'm wanted, and I'm protected. I want to be yours.

You've been nicer to me and Cindy than Sandra, or anyone else has ever been." Then, grinning from ear to ear, she added. "And you fuck us real good too." "OK, my pet. Let's go to bed." Once on fat sex storiesher forced rape rape virgin daughter in forest huge bed, Trina and Jim cuddled for along time.

Jim nibbled and sucked Trina's ears, neck, and pert little tits. Trina was steadily cooing like a dove. Jim slowly kissed his way down Trina's slender body until he was lying between her widely spread legs.

Her freshly shaved pussy seemed to be calling him. Jim wasted little time, before eating Trina's hot hole to her first orgasm of the night.

His talented tongue quickly brought her a second orgasm. Trina pushed Jim away from her pussy. She wanted her next orgasm to come under her lover. He crawled up beside her and returned to nibbling on her tits. Trina climbed up to lay on top of Jim's body.

She loved the way her tits were crushed by his body. She had always enjoyed having her tits squashed into Jim's belly, even when she was hot and sweaty after cutting his grass. She then returned the favor and kissed her way down Jim's body to his hard cock. She lovingly kissed, licked, and sucked nearly every inch of his cock and balls. She treated his cock like it was her beloved friend and lover.

Finally, Jim had all he could take without cuming. He pulled Trina up so she could lay her head on his chest. His cock was nestled into her pussy parting the lips there. Trina, wiggled her ass, scooted down, and worked Jim's cock's head further up between her pussy lips.

As she got more and more excited, Trina asked. "Sir, will you roll me over and get on top of me? I want to feel completely covered and taken. I really like giving my self up to you." Jim kissed her deeply and said.

"Of course, baby. What ever you want." He then gently rolled her over to lie on top of her. He used his arms to hold himself up and didn't let his full weight fall on Trina's small body. He was nearly a foot taller and at least one hundred pounds heavier than his favorite pet, and he wanted to be as light on her as possible that night.

Except for her legs and arms, Trina's five foot two inch body practically disappeared beneath Jim's six foot one inch frame. He gradually worked his cock's head back into her. Ever so slowly and gently, Jim fed his cock into Trina. When Jim was almost fully in her, Trina wrapped her legs around his and humped up to meet him. Jim's cock hit Trina's cervix as he fully buried himself in her tight hot hole. Over time, Trina's pussy had adjusted to the size of Jim's cock.

She was able to take his full size without pain or injury to her womb. She gasped with excitement and wrapped her arms around Jim's chest as he filled her pussy. She whispered in his ear. "Let your weight down. Lay on me, please. I want to feel your body on top of me. I want you to squash my tits with your body.

I want you to cover me completely." Jim lowered his torso and Trina sighed. She wrapped her legs tightly around his legs. Her arms she wrapped around his chest. All that could have been seen from above the mated couple were the small teen's slender arms and legs. Trina sighed, kissed Jim's throat, and said. "Now, take me, please." Slowly at first, then faster and faster, Jim drilled into Trina's horny pussy. She grunted with each plunge of Jim's cock into her depths as it hit her cervix.

She used her legs as best she could to return Jim's thrusts. Jim was soon hammering the young girl. As his orgasm over took him, he slammed into her and pumped his load of cum deep into her core. Trina thrashed beneath him as her own orgasm took control of her body. She came harder and deeper than she ever had. As he recovered, Jim said. "Oh Baby! That was the best sex I've ever had. I didn't hurt you did I?" "Oh no!

I'm fine. I loved it too. I felt so possessed, filled, and cared for. I felt like I really belonged to you." Trina was still in that dreamy post-orgasmic state. Jim pulled out of Trina as carefully as he had entered. They cuddled until dozing off. Just before Trina, drifted off, thinking Jim was already asleep, she whispered. "I love you, Jim." Jim was not asleep. He smiled but didn't move. He lay there thinking for quite a while. He asked himself over and over. "How can such a young and pretty thing love me?

How can I be in love with this sixteen-year-old pet? I'm old enough to be her father. She is so sweet and affectionate. Now what?" The next thing Jim knew, Trina was waking him and offering a tray with coffee and toast.

She said to him. "I've got breakfast ready for the other pets. I'll go feed them now." She set the tray down, kissed him, and left. "Thank you, pet." Jim called after her. He then flipped on his computer and checked on the dungeon residents. Cindy and Melissa were still asleep. Zooming in, he saw an eight-inch dildo and a six-inch vibrator lying on the floor. Melissa was lying between Cindy's spread legs with her head resting on the older teen's thigh next to her pussy.

He watched Trina give them their food before heading to Courtney in the Kennel. After eating, Cindy led Melissa to the Kennel and then accompanied Trina up to the kitchen.

Jim had just wandered in carrying an empty coffee cup. Trina refilled his cup as Jim gave Cindy permission to speak. Cindy pleaded with Jim. "Please Sir, we have to do something with Melissa. She is insatiable. I wore out a set of batteries and both my arms on her pussy last night, and she still wanted more.

She then ate me until we exhausted ourselves. What can we do?" Jim thought for a bit before answering. "I don't know. Let me think about it for a while." Jim left the girls to chat while he went to Courtney. He put his morning load of cum in her pussy and had her clean his cock. Just before he pulled out of her mouth, Jim relieved his bladder. Courtney swallowed rapidly and said nothing, but her glare was filled with venom.

Over the next month, Courtney was every ones fuck toy and toilet. She cleaned all the used body parts, must have drunk a gallon of piss, and even licked a few assholes after they had taken a shit.

The pets all enjoyed the jewelry they had been given. Courtney, on the other hand, was not all that pleased to have the heavy three-inch loops attached to her nipples. She complained that they hurt and would ruin her breasts. As punishment for complaining, Courtney was secured face down on the rack. Nearly a pound of lead weight was hung from each nipple ring. Her tits were painfully stretched into pointed and elongated cones. Left like that for hours at a time, her perky tits quickly began to sag and point to the floor, even when not weighted.

Chapter XX Courtney's Release New Years came and went with out notice. A week or so later, Jim gathered Trina, Cindy, and Melissa in Cindy's quarters in the early evening. Jim gave all his pets gift wrapped boxes. The girls excitedly tore into the wrapping paper and threw the box tops aside. Then they saw the new clothes. Jim's pets weren't all that happy with the clothes. They said they had become comfortable being nude and didn't really need clothes.

Jim just smiled at the girls. He then pointed something out to them. "The FFA requires people to be clothed when walking through airports." His three pets then became excited again. "Where are we going, Sir?

When are we leaving?" Trina asked. "Will we be picking up any new pets?" Jim answered their questions one at a time.

"We're going to take Courtney home. I never started using the birth control meds on her. She has been thoroughly fucked everyday for a month. What do you think the result of that will be? I think Daddy's little princess could soon be loosing her slender figure. So, get dressed, unless, of course, you don't want to go." Jim swatted Trina's ass, and she rejoined the other pets. The girls all began jumping around, chattering, and hugging Jim.

It seemed they liked their new clothes after all. Jim then added. "I'm glad you all changed your minds. We'll be leaving in about an hour." Jim then took Courtney's gift to her. She looked puzzled when she saw her gifts. She thought Jim was just humiliating her again. Which of course he was. Her gift consisted of lingerie that few hookers would wear. Only when told the new things were what she'd be wearing home did Courtney appreciate and put them on.

Courtney's homecoming outfit consisted of high platform shoes like strippers wear, fishnet stockings held up by a garter belt, crotch less lace panties, and an open nipple bra. When she had dressed, Courtney looked as slutty as any New York City or Los Angles hooker.

The nipple less bra allowed her nipple loops to dangle freely pulling her tits toward the first time ebony girl sex story. When Jim saw Courtney in her new clothes, he decided to give her one last fuck. He had her bend at the waist and put her hands on her knees. He then simply spread Courtney's panties apart and ran his cock fully into her fuck hole. Grabbing her hips, Jim pounded her hard and fast until he dumped his load of cum deep in her hole.

As he finished cuming, Jim jabbed the syringe into Courtney's right ass cheek and pushed the plunger down. By the time, she had finished cleaning Jim's cock, Courtney was getting very drowsy. She was soon fast asleep. The three girls helped load Courtney into a seat on the plane. They then took their seats. Melissa didn't protest when a hood was placed over her head. Trina told her. "Don't worry. The hood will be taken off soon." It was removed an hour later. They landed in the wee hours of the morning.

The reserved van was sitting near Jim's usual spot on the tarmac. The girls carried Courtney off the plane and sat her near the van's sliding side door. A short time, later a plain white van quietly slipped through the upscale neighborhood Courtney called home. With its side door already open, the van stopped on front lawn of Courtney's family home.

Cindy and Trina roughly dumped Courtney's still sleeping body on the lawn. At the same time, Melissa crept up to the home's front door. When Cindy and Trina were back in the van, Melissa pushed a copy of the DVD, The Training of a Willing Whore, through the mail slot, rang the bell, and ran back to the van.

Jim then drove to Melissa's neighborhood and stopped three doors from her family's home. Trina opened the side door. Jim quietly spoke to his newest pet. "Melissa, here's your chance. I trust you not to say anything. Do you want to go home or stay with us?" After a few seconds, Melissa reached for the door, hesitated, and then closed it. The girls all hugged.

Melissa asked. "Do you think I can make a DVD too? I'd love to send one to that asshole that calls himself my step-father." Chapter XXI Melissa Gets a Pet of Her Own They then drove directly to the airport and took off. Trina sat in the co-pilots seat. Being the smart little critter that she was, she soon saw they were heading north by northeast, not west toward home.

She asked. "Where are we going, Sir?" We're going to New York City to see The Westminster Dog Show. And yes Trina, we may pickup a new pet. I want my pets to see how other pets obey commands. You girls have been a little lax lately. Trina whispered in Jim's ear.

"We're a little lax because you are such a gentle and loving master, Sir." A couple of hours later, they were on final approach into JFK. While in New York, in addition to the dog show at Madison Square Garden, Jim stopped in to see his lawyer and financial advisers. His pets enjoyed the dog show. Seeing all the pedigreed pooches got them chattering about what kind of dog they'd like to have. They didn't know a crate had already been loaded into the cargo bay of Jim's plane.

The flight home was uneventful. As soon as the girls hit the door, they stripped. Jim loved watching their teenaged bodies move as they removed their clothes. He especially liked the way Melissa's ample tits swayed as she walked. He also enjoyed watching Trina and Cindy wiggle their tight little butts as they moved. After dinner, Jim made an announcement. "Ladies, though we will continue to use all of our toys, we will no longer use the things that cause you pain.

I want my pets to be happy here. We can still play on the equipment, but I want no one hurting. Now, my pets, when are your birthdays?" Trina answered first. "My seventeenth will be March 8, Sir." Cindy followed. "Sir, I'll be eighteen on April 2." Melissa said. "I'll be seventeen on January 12, Sir." "Hummmmm. Seventeen in just a couple of days, huh?" Jim scratched a non-existent beard as if he were thinking.

What would you like for your birthday?" Melissa thought a few minutes before answering. "I think I want a boy friend all my own with a long dick like yours, Sir." "Trina, Cindy, please take Melissa down to the Kennel, blindfold her, and tie her hands to the bunk.

I want her bent over the bunk with her knees on the floor and spread wide. I'll be down in a few minutes to giver her a birthday present." Melissa looked at Jim and said with a smile. "Cool! I'm really horny for that cock of yours, Sir." Cindy giggled and said. "Aren't you always?" The girls all laughed and headed for the Kennel.

When Jim entered The Kennel about ten minutes later, he was leading a large, black and tan, eighteen-month-old, German Shepard dog. The dog was wearing booties on his front paws. Trina and Cindy's eyes popped open and they started to giggle. Jim silenced them with a finger to his lips and handed the dog's leash to Cindy to hold. Jim then went to Melissa and began fingering her pussy and ass.

He soon had her moaning as he patted, stroked and probed her holes. "God I'm horny." Melissa said as she felt Jim spread her ass cheeks and she widened her knees even more than they had been.

Jim used two fingers to spread her pussy lips. Melissa heard the spritzer and felt something cold and damp hit her pussy. What she didn't know was that Jim had just sprayed her pussy with a dog breeding inducer.

According to the breeder that sold it to him, it was supposed to encourage a male dog to want to breed with his bitch. Jim snapped his fingers, and Cindy dropped the dog's leash. The dog knew what he was supposed to do. Masturbating and calling hail satan had been trained well. He came directly to Melissa's ass and sniffed her pussy.

Melissa was startled. "OOOOooh! That's cold, Sir. What are you teasing me with?" The dog started licking Melissa's pussy with his rough tongue.

"Oh my!" Melissa crooned and spread her knees as wide as she could. The dog licked her with a lust only a dog can have. He drove his long tongue deep into Melissa's pussy. She arched her back to give her lover's tongue better access. Suddenly, Melissa's bunk was being pressed down around her. Something began poking at her pussy.

Then, after several failed attempts, the dog found his mark. His long slender cock slid into Melissa's hungry pussy. The dog's bright red dick was only an inch or so thick, but it was nearly a foot long. Melissa was going nuts beneath the dog. "Oh God, yes! Whoever you are, fuck me hard." The dog humped Melissa's pussy furiously as only a dog can.

"Yes! Hard like that. God you're getting so deep in me. Aaaauhhh! I'm going to cum." As Melissa's orgasm hit her hard, the dog kept humping her. She yelled. "Oh shit! Please keep fucking me like that." The dog scooted his butt closer to Melissa and shoved his growing knot hard into Melissa's pussy. She cried. "God, I'm full. What? Oh, what's that?

What's happening? Ooooohh, you're flooding me with cum. Oooh, your cum is so hot! Ummmmmm." Melissa laid her head down as the dog's hot cum steadily flowed into her hungry hole. For several minutes, the dog flooded Melissa's pussy with his canine cum. His knot prevented it from pouring out of his bitch's hole.

Jim walked over and patted the dog's head. He then removed Melissa's blindfold and said. "Happy birthday a little early, my little pet. Meet Sarg. He's the one hooked to your pussy. Relax and he'll pop out in a little while." Sarg was struggling to turn 10 small man got sex. He was finally able to turn and peacefully stood butt to butt with Melissa.

About ten minutes later, Sarg's knot had shrunk enough for him to pull out of Melissa's pussy. Sarg's cum ran down Melissa's legs in a steady trickle. He sniffed her pussy and gave it a few quick licks. He then went to lie in the corner of the Kennel and clean himself. "Well Melissa, do you like your birthday present?" Jim asked. "Oh Sir, yes! He's wonderful." Melissa said breathlessly. Jim continued. "The best part is, he can do that again in just a little while and do it many times a day.

He has been well trained to service human females. He will also stand still if you want to suck him. Just one word of warning, he will fuck your ass as quick as he'll fuck your pussy.

"Speaking of sucking, I don't think you've ever had my cock down your throat, have you?" "No, Sir. I haven't." The thorough fucking Sarg had given Melissa seemed to have permanently put a wide grin on her face. "Then come with me, my pet. While Sarg recharges, I want to shove my cock down your throat." Jim took Melissa to the rack and helped her onto it face up.

She was not secured. The head support was lowered, and Melissa let her head fall back. Jim put his cock to Melissa's lips. She opened her mouth and took him in. She eagerly licked and sucked, as Jim slid his cock deeply into her mouth until he hit the entrance of her throat. After several strokes, Melissa was moaning around a mouth full of cock. Jim asked. "You ready, baby?" "Um hum." She moaned.

"OK, baby, relax your throat muscles. I'm going to feed you some cock with cream sauce." He then held his cock at her throat. When he felt her relax a bit, he pushed hard. With only a little gagging, Melissa swallowed all of Jim's cock. She only gagged a little more when Jim stroked in and out of her throat. He soon pumped his cum down her gullet to her belly. Jim pulled his cock out, patted her tits, and said.

"Wow, baby. That was great for a first time. Where did you learn to do that?" Melissa smiled, licked her lips, and answered. "Courtney. She taught me using a dildo. Did I do OK?" "You sure did, baby. I may have to let you do that again every now and then. Now get back to your new friend. I'll bet he misses you already and wants to try to give you a litter of puppies." Melissa giggled, jumped off the rack, and practically ran to the Kennel.

It wasn't long before Melissa and Sarg were inseparable, figuratively, and at times, literally. Chapter XXII Jim and His Pets Become One Happy Family Over the next several years, Jim and his pets lived and loved happily together.

He had the girls continue their education via the internet. TVs and other entertainment devices were installed in The Kennel and Cindy's quarters.

They extensively traveled the world together. As the girls grew older, they began wanting something to do outside the loving sex sexxxx sex story play com enjoyed with Jim and each other.

Jim agreed they needed to have something other than him to do. After all, he wasn't getting any younger. As Sarg aged, Melissa fake public agent bus stop juli only used him personally but as the original sire of her business.

She got into the breeding and training of specialty German Shepard dogs. She had some of the best stock in North America. Her clients paid handsomely for one of her dogs. She soon had a sizable bank account nancy finger fucks her creamy wet pussy her own.

Melissa stared in a DVD demonstrating her dogs' skills and some of her own abilities. She mailed a copy of the DVD to her step-father during one of their trips to Europe. It was the same DVD she sent to all of her perspective customers, with one small exception. Her stepfather's copy closed with Melissa flipping him off and saying.

"This rita finds out her tricky old teacher for you, Dad!" Cindy began showing a longing to help girls from homes like the one she had come from. Jim helped her get the proper education. He then set her up on the campus of one of his larger industrial manufacturing centers in a major west coast city.

Her practice blossomed. On rare occasions, Cindy secretly assisted a young teen girl's run-away attempt. It's funny how they always seemed to take well to pet training. They often returned home with their own movie on DVD.

Trina, aaah sweet little Trina. She never left Jim's side. It's funny where a dungeon master can find love.

Jim and Trina married shortly after she turned eighteen. Jim was forty-four. His only concern was keeping up with two or three teenaged pets and a teen wife. At fifty, he had his first heart attack. The girls all agreed Jim could no longer service all of them. Trina became Jim's sole bed partner. Trina slowly took control of more and more of Jim's vast holdings. They never gave up the illusion of Trina being Jim's pet.

In reality, Jim and Trina were just like any other married couple. When Jim had fully recovered from his heart attack, Trina came to him with a request. "Master, if you agree, I would like to stop taking birth control. Teen andi rye gets impaled and creamed by stud would love to give you a child. She gave him a son within a year. Jim couldn't have been prouder of his wife and their son.

Jimmy Jr. was the spitting image of his father. Not only did he look just like his Dad, but, at one year of age, his little pecker was three inches long. He was certainly a boy a dad could be proud of. The other girls had their own activities to occupy their time. Cindy was receiving honors from city, state, and private child advocacy groups. Melissa was known internationally as the person to go to for a special pet. Jim died suddenly at the age of sixty-two after a massive heart attack.

His pets, especially Trina, were devastated. After the funeral, the girls and his son all gathered at The Castle to hear the will read by Jim's New York attorney and his financial adviser. Both men were kept on by the girls to advise them on running their vast holdings.

It seems Jim had given the lawyer and his financial adviser some very specific instruction when he had visited them during the dog show, many years earlier. Since the girls were all adults, the guardian provisions were moot.

Trina and Jimmy Jr. inherited nearly every thing with a few notable exceptions. That day, she, and the other pets, realized why Jim never had to work. She, her son, and the other girls became very wealthy young people. Trina and Jim Jr. were given title to The Castle, 40,000 acres adjacent to the castle, the latest Gulfstream, which she had learned to fly, and the bulk of the manufacturing plants.

Cindy was given ten million dollars, 10,000 acres on the south end of The Castle property, and ownership of the business and industrial park where her counseling service was located.

Melissa also received ten million dollars and 10,000 acres located at the northern end of the valley where The Castle was located. She was also given a manufacturing plant that made premium brands of pet food. Sometimes, being a pet can be a really good thing.