Exotic babe fucked on balcony in cali

Exotic babe fucked on balcony in cali
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There I was, 5'9, I was very tall, a brunette and very skinny with my braces just being taken off a couple months ago so now I have a very pleasant smile. I am 17 years old and I have a younger brother who is 13 years old.

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He is a chubby kid who plays video games all day whereas me; I play baseball soccer and basketball. I am sports kind of girl. My name is Alexandra. I always got boys attention at school but never did any of them ask me out. I had sports practices everyday afterschool and never got home before 6 on schooldays except for Fridays. My parents only get home at 6 so I never find my, "me time" during the week or on weekends except for on Fridays. Today was Friday and as I ran in my house after a long tiring week as the school day finished I checked my basement to see my little brother playing video games so I quickly ran upstairs to my room and shut the door to get some alone time finally.

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I started to undress and opened up my laptop to look at pictures of hot guys. I kept my sweater on but took my panties of and threw them beside me as I lie down on the bed with my laptop beside me. I started to see these ads for a dildo that vibrates and as I was intrigued due to me being tired of using my hands I checked it out.

I don't know what possessed me to do something so crazy but I decided to buy the dildo but I was scared of when it would get to my house as I did not want my brother to see it. Just the taught of a dildo really got me wet as I rubbed myself while sliding my index finger inside my pussy while thinking of the dildo. The shipment said it would take a week so I excitedly waited for next Friday. As the long week went by daily excited going through my regular routine of school and sports, and school and sports finally Friday afternoon was here.

I did not know when the mailman would be bringing this item so I tried to rush home as quickly as I could. After getting home around 2PM in the afternoon I waited by the window for 45 minutes and then I saw him walking to my doorstep. I quickly opened the door so he wouldn't ring the bell and get the hot vixen brandi bae pleasures big cock of boss of my little brother who was just downstairs.

After the awkward exchange I quickly ripped apart the box and ran to my room with my yoga pants forming a large wet spot.

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I quickly closed the door as I removed my sweatpants and my panties as I threw them on the ground. I ripped of my tank top under which I wore no bra and opened up the package as I stood over my bed with water practically running down my leg. I inserted batteries in and it was ready. It felt a little cold so I decided to wrap the dildo around my mouth and warm and wet it up. After a little while I turned to my pussy and placed the dildo firmly over it and rubbed it up and down my slit. My dildo was the same color as my pussy a bright pink and then I flipped the switch on and it changed me… "OHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYY" I screamed as it vibrated over my clit and as I orgasmed as it touched me I started to squirt.

I had never squirted before but was that feeling ever so amazing. I hoped that my little brother didn't hear anything as I decided to shove the dildo in pussy as I began to have some fun with my back on my bed my feet in the air I took my right and began to slowly push through my pussy as I began to push in and out screaming at the same time. I then decided to place the dildo face up on the bed and I squatted over it as I spit in my right hand and rubbed my spit all over my pussy I dropped down on the dildo and bounced up and down on my bed "YES, YES, YES, YES" I screamed as I squirted over my bed.

I went to the washroom to clean my body and I took the dildo with me in there. After I hid the dildo under my bed and I went on about my day like a normal day. I ran down to make sure there was nothing suspicious with my chubby little brother who still remained there playing video games. I decided to go for a run after to keep my slim body slim.

A couple days past and I was excited to use the dildo so I decided I was going to skip soccer practice on Tuesday and rush home right afterschool and use my new toy. I quietly opened the door as I did not want my little brother knowing I was here. I put my bag brunette dirtabg amy fair getting fucked on massage table and slowly took step by step upstairs to my room.

As I reached under my bed I couldn't find my dildo. I had no idea what was going on "UNLESS, That fat piece young couple is streaming a live sex crap!

Ohhh my god what if he tells mom and dad!!" I had no idea what to do, I checked again and again I looked everywhere. He still didn't know I was in the house so I went back downstairs quietly.

Then I opened my door which led to the basement where my little brother's room was.

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I slowly crept down the stairs step by step I heard nothing… And as I was walking down I see my brother sitting on the couch completely naked with his but on the couch his feet in the air his hand on his dick and my vibrator rubbing around his butt as there is porn going on our big screen TV. It slightly turns me on as I see him rubbing his asshole with my dildo as he jerks of while his stomach is shaking.

I slowly rub my pussy through my cotton sweatpants but then I make a creek in the floorboard as he sees me and screams, " WAIT ALEX, WAIT WAIT WAIT…" his face turns completely red as he tosses my vibrator on the ground as he jumps to shut the TV off, "Weren't you supposed to be at practice!!" I then walk down the stairs as I pick up my dildo and stupidly saying, "Why the hell did you take this from my room!!" as he doesn't answer I start to get embarrassed to as he now knows I masturbate with it.

"I'm sorry Alexandra, I was going to wash it and put it back I didn't mean for all this to happen" As we are standing in the awkward situation we here our parents have come home early as we hear their footsteps through the floorboards. "SHIT!" my little brother says, "Put some clothes on!!" I scream at my little brother, "I left them upstairs!!" he tells me as he sits with a pillow over his lap covering his penis. I quickly take of my pants and tell him to put them on as I usually nice looking brunette luscious girl rides up fat weenie around the house in my panties anyway but this time I feel really stupid as I am wearing bright blue panties which have now turned dark blue over my pussy as it is soaked.

My little brother being the big kid he is squeezes into them and we pretend like we are playing video games as our parents just open the door leading to the basement staircase and peeks in to see us then leave for their room.

"Alex why are you so soaked, like the pants I'm wearing are really wet in a certain region" "SHUT UP!! Now listen up we are not taking about this ever you got me?" "Yes, yes but Alex why it so wet here?" "Shut up Andrew" my little brother is so annoying at the worst times. But my panties are completely soaked and I know my little brother (Andrew) can see it.

I tell him to quickly run upstairs and get his clothes and get back here with my pants. As he is upstairs I grab my dildo and put it at the side of panties. Andrew runs down as I stand up showing him my exposed self with wet panties and tell him to toss me my pants. Andrew takes of my yoga pants and I see his penis as it is still hard the vibrator accidentally goes off and we both are caught looking right at my crotch area. Andrews's penis immediately starts shooting cum onto my thighs.

"I'm SO SO SO Sorry Alex, I'm so SORRY!!!" I don't even know how to respond at this moment I quickly take my yoga pants and wipe my leg stupidly once again as now there are cum stains all on the outside of my yoga pants so I can't risk walking by my parents who are upstairs. Andrews face still bright red and shy with a boner sticking through the pants he's now wearing I say, "Look Andrew its okay, just don't worry about it you forget about this and ill forget about the previous incident…" as my parents yell, " We will be down in a minute we want to see that new movie you kids have been talking about!" So I decide to flip my pants inside out and slutty blonde is down for some dp the cum rub all over my leg as we are now going to be forced to sit down.

But when I look at Andrew I see he is still super uncomfortable. "Andrew just relax…" "It's not that Alex. I still have a boner after what I just saw and mom and dad are about to come and I know this won't go away, HELP ME please!" Not knowing what to do and really turned on, also wanting to see his dick again, "Okay listen up just pull down your pants and just masturbate really quickly and get it over with" So Andrew starts with his belly jiggling his hand moving quickly now looking at my crotch through the side of his eyes he screams, "IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING WHERE SHOULD I SHOOT IT?????" I had not thought this through looking around everywhere not finding a tissue box insight and hearing my parents footsteps approaching the door I quickly pull down my yoga pants and grab my little brothers cock and aimed it at my soaking wet panties that are protecting my pussy as he shoots load after load after load hitting my pussy and pubic hair.

"Put it away! NOW!" I yell as I grab my pants and pull them up over my cum soaked panties and legs with a vibrator also hiding there. As my parents start to walk down the stairs I tell him to just be cool for a bit as we sit beside each other and stare at the TV.

My parents came and sat down for 30 minutes stockings yes or stockings no! tube porn got bored and left. I decided to stay and have a chat with my little brother.