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Brooke summers xxx sex movies
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Aaron Yang was a senior, and this year, he had a plan, get bitches, fuck bitches, ???, and profit. For his first 3 years in Grover High School, he'd worked hard, gotten his grades nice and high, setting up for senior year, where he naturally planned ice-cream-get-your-ice-cream clip2 01 tube porn party non-stop.

He was a pretty handsome guy, tall at 5'11", kinda slim with nice broad shoulders, he wasn't muscular, but he was by no means flabby. He had straight black hair, which he let hang at random, covering his face and eyes. He woke up for the first day of school, and threw on a white v-neck with some skinny jeans.

He went downstairs, ate a big old bowl of Frosted Flakes, and was on his way. When he got there, he did the usual first day stuff, talked to some people he hadn't seen, hugged some girls, made fun of some freshman, and began his plan. He knew that girls liked him, he had received many blushing stares and confessions in the last 3 years, but he stayed aloof, and tried not to give into temptation. He sat down in advisory ready to receive his schedule, when he realized two fatal errors in his plan, 1, he still needed to do some work, if not most of it, and 2, in his last 3 years, he had been confessed to, but never once had he even initiated conversation with a girl, in fact, most of the girls in his grade hated him for rejecting them!

He received his schedule, and made his way into the hallway, where he quickly ran himself into a wall. "I'm an absolute moron." He said quietly to himself while the people around him slowly increased as his classmates scurried to their first period class. "So what's new?" he quickly heard in response. He looked up, it was a girl talking, she was pretty cute, nice pale blue eyes, big red lips, and long blonde hair.

She wasn't too tall, but as his stare went up her body he couldn't help but notice some of the biggest breasts he had ever seen on a high-school girl, they must have been E-Cups at least! She wore a pink tank top and some tight blue jeans. She giggled. Aaron recognized her as a Junior, Madeline Davis, he'd never had class with her, but he'd definitely seen her around.

He smiled, "That's pretty funny. I've seen you around, Madeline right?" She giggled again, blushing then nodding. He knew he was in, here was a girl he had never spoken to, and she was giggling all over the place, that had to be a sign. "So what's up?" he asked as smoothly as he could. She smiled, "Nothing." she put her hands behind her back, and began swaying from side to side, pushing her humongous breasts closer to Aaron, and making them jiggle ever so slightly.

Here's where it gets strange, Aaron had no idea what to say at all, he had no idea what to ask her, like what her interests were, or where she was headed, none of those things were running through his head, in fact all he could think about was grabbing those breasts, and thrusting his penis between them until he came all over her face. So he said the closest thing to what was on his mind, "Wanna find some place quiet so I can take a peek at those gorgeous breasts of yours?" Oh no!

He said that out loud, to a girl! A cute girl no sweet girls like to please each other, he flinched preparing for a slap to his face, but instead, he felt her hand against his grabbing it, and pulling him into stairway. He opened his eyes, she was smiling, as they walked down the stairway into a small section. He'd been here before, it was a little nook at the bottom of the stairs, no one went down here and he'd often used the place to do some work, or for a quick exciting masturbation session between classes.

She pushed him against the wall, and quickly attached her mouth onto his, sucking at his tongue, and stealing his first kiss before he could even do anything. He had no idea what to do, this was his first time making out, so instead of freaking out, he calmly let instinct take over. He placed his arms behind her, one hand caressed the small of her back, while the other took a quick feel of her ass, which he now noticed was also quite huge, just like her tits.

He placed his tongue into her mouth, and let it dance with hers in the areas in between. While this went on his hand that was feeling her ass dove into the back of her pants for a closer feel.

She took her mouth of his and moaned, as his hand rubbed on her ass. He had no idea what he was doing, but apparently she liked it.

His hand moved down more, sliding along the crack of her ass until he came to a moist spot, he rubbed his hand back and forth over it as she moaned ferociously into his neck. He rubbed harder and harder, and she began to thrust her hips downward at his hand.

He then began to suck on her neck, as she began moaning louder and louder, approaching orgasm. He moved her panties aside, and penetrated her with his middle finger, as she peaked, letting her liquid pour softly onto his hand. As she came down from her orgasm, he removed his hand from her jeans, sucking on his fingers, tasting her womanhood. She moved away from him, removing her pink tank top to reveal a blue striped bra, she undid the hook herself, and let her massive breasts go from their prison.

Without her shirt, he noticed how thin she was, making her breasts even bigger than he thought. She had by far the most exquisite breasts he had ever seen, they were extremely pert for their size, barely affected by gravity, with beautiful large areolae, almost nickel-sized, he thought to himself.

She blushed, and stood there, with her massive perky breasts simply sitting there in mid-air. Aaron simply stood there with his mouth agape, admiring the beautiful breasts before him. He simply could not believe it, he barely knew this girl, in fact, they had barely even spoken, and here she was, exposing her breasts to him. It was then she began petite gina gerson takes a leak and sucks and fuck hard cock speak, "Are you gonna sit there all day, or are you gonna suck on my tits?" She said it as if it was the most natural thing in the world, smiling with her hands in her pockets.

Aaron was alive with motion, practically pouncing her breasts, he rubbed his hands all over them, snuggling his head between them, licking at her cleavage. She started moaning softly, and he knew he was doing it right. He removed his head, and began to suck on her right nipple, running his tongue back and forth over it, while his left hand expertly rubbed against her left. She moaned louder, this time chanting quietly, "Oh yes, god yes.".

He switched, sucking the left, while his other hand worked on the right. She began to pant, "Oh fuck!

Oh fuck!". He stopped for a second and gave her a kiss as his hands continued to work her giant nipples, she moaned into his mouth. He went down again, this time, he used his spare hand to unzip her pants, while his mouth worked on her nipples. Her pants fell to the ground and she stepped out of them, he stopped completely and pulled down her panties.

Looking at her pussy for the first time, he took a deep breath, admiring its scent and its fresh pink color, as well as the fact that it was feshly shaved, and went straight to work, licking at her clit while he slipped his middle finger inside her, rubbing it harshly and quickly against the upper wall of her vagina. She began moaning and panting and screaming, thrusting her hips as hard as she could against his finger. "Oh shit, oh shit, I'm gonna cum again, I'm gonna fucking cum again!" she panted loudly, as Aaron continued to work.

He took the chance and removed his middle finger from her dripping wet pussy, stuffing it into her tight little asshole. She blasted her juices all over his face, screaming, "FUCK YES!" at the top of her lungs, she began to come down from her orgasm, almost settling on Aaron's face. She continued to pant as she came down from her orgasm, still chanting lightly and without breath, "Fuck, oh fuck, fuck yeah." Aaron stood, licking his lips and getting any spare liquid she had squirted into his mouth, purposely missing some on his cheek.

She giggled, "Let me get that for you." she said, leaning in to lick some of her pussy juice off of his face. At this point, Aaron's dick was almost tearing through his pants, but instead of noticing, he had been focused on her pants and screams, this was izzy bell and silvia saige masturbation for gratification first time, but he felt like he was doing pretty well, getting her to orgasm twice before he even took off his pants.

She giggled, "Want me to do you now?" Busty ebony babe pounded by her masseur had been waiting for this all day, calmly smiling and saying, "Fuck yeah Maddy." She leaned in and unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers, revealing his fully erect penis, she gasped, looking up at Aaron's smiling face. He knew he was fairly big at 9 inches, but her gasp helped confirm just how big he was, of course he had measured, but a gasp here and there did help to solidify his confidence.

She didn't try and impress him by saying, "You're so big!" or "Wow! I've never seen one so huge!" she simply put her lips to it, and prepared to suck. She kissed the head lightly, moving down the shift with more little pecks, using more tongue every time.

She slid her hands up and down upon it, and Aaron grunted slightly in pleasure. She moved her head back up the top and opened her mouth, sliding the head into her mouth, back and then a little more every few seconds, finally stopping at about three-quarters of the way, he didn't expect her to get the whole thing into her mouth, and getting that far was plenty surprising to him.

She began to move, moving her mouth up and down his massive cock, her breasts bouncing ever so slightly very time she went back forward. She began picking up pace, and her breasts slapped ever so slightly against his balls. He moaned aloud as she removed herself from his penis, "Wanna do it with my tits?" she said smiling and slightly out of breath. He nodded happily, and she slid forward, wrapping her massive breasts around his cock.

He squished them together and moaned at simply the sensation he got while their softness pressed against his manhood. Madeline smiled, and began to lick the head ever so slightly.

Inspired by this Aaron began to thrust softly between her breasts moving slightly into her mouth with every thrust. He felt her moan as his dick ran along her breasts, and he began to rub his thumbs against her nipples as he thrust. Maddy moaned removing herself from his cock, and he felt her breath against the head of his penis. He began thrusting harder, feeling himself near his first orgasm. He panted between thrusts, "I'm almost there!" Hearing this she quickly removed his penis from her breasts, and thrust her mouth as far down as she could onto his pov sexy brunette teen rebel lynn point of view amateur, he moaned, reaching orgasm just as his dick hit the back of her throat.

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She felt it blast down her throat, wave after wave, she tried to contain it, but she had to get off it before she choked. He finished with a few more blasts onto her face and breasts, as she tried to swallow what she had in her mouth. She finished that serving, and moved on to getting the rest from her face and breasts as well. The sight of her covered in cum, trying to get what she could off of her face and breasts instantly made Aaron go hard again.

She finished quickly and stared up to notice he was hard again. She smiled, "You're pretty good Aaron." He smiled back, "You're the best." He replied smoothly.

She leaned against the wall behind her, sitting with her legs open, she began to finger her pussy slightly, moaning a little, and dripping noticeably. "So," she began, rubbing her pussy just a little harder, "Wanna do me? Or what?" He smiled, rubbing his dick a little, "Maddy," he began bending to hover over her, changing his voice to a whisper as he leaned ever closer into her ear, "I thought you'd never ask." He quickly thrust, breaking her hymen and getting a good half of his manhood in on a single thrust.

She moaned, as he began to suck on her breasts. He wouldn't expect her to be a virgin, especially after how good she was, he was even more surprised that she suddenly gave her virginity to him, but all this worrying faded away as he realized had lost his virginity. He took a deep breath, he felt the warmness and tightness of her pussy on his dick, and couldn't help but moan himself.

Slowly but carefully, he began to saw his dick into her, getting more of it into her each time. She moaned loudly, while he couldn't help but moan himself, absorbed in the feelings of her insides. "God Maddy, you're so fucking tight." She moaned loudly, he felt his dick kissing against her uterus, she shuddered in his arms, cumming softly, "Fuck big boobs slaves gets masters big dick she moaned ever so lightly.

He felt the warm juices trickle against his dick, and his flip was switched, he began thrusting into her like an animal, pushing his entire dick inside her with every thrust.

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She moaned crazily, screaming, "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oooooh FUCK!" With every thrust, moaning and shaking, grinding her hips against his thrusting them so he could fuck her even deeper, her tits bounced harshly as he did, nearly slapping her in the face with each good thrust. He pulled out, flipping her into doggy position, she moaned, getting ready for another good fucking, when he thrust it deep into her pussy again, this time getting the whole thing in with a single thrust.

She came for the fourth time, and he felt the warmth trickle against his dick for the second time in the last few minutes. He quickly resumed his pace, fucking her even harder than before, she moaned and screamed even louder, not having a moment to relax while he fucked her doggy style.

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He grabbed her by her stomach and lifted her up, standing now, grabbing her and slamming her down onto his cock, she was by no means light, but Aaron lifted her as if she was nothing, sliding her up and down on his cock with the same intensity as before, listening to her screams of pleasure, "Fuck me like a fucking whore Aaron!" she cried, as he slammed her down onto his manhood again and again, soon enough, he felt himself getting close. "Fuck you're kinky strapon fun for hot college sluts hardcore reality good!" He moaned.

"I'm cumming!". "Do it inside please!" she panted through her endless moans. He slammed her down one final time, and felt himself let loose, he didn't stop thrusting however, slamming his dick into her a few more times as he came.

She felt his seed blast into the deepest parts of her, and came a fifth time, mixing with his loads of semen as he slowly came down. He calmly put her down, collapsing on top of her, still slamming his hips into hers. They panted heavily, both coming down from their best orgasm yet. As his dick slipped out of her vagina, now limp, he couldn't help but noticed how packed it was with his semen, which trickled out as if it were urine. She quickly got dressed again, kissed him on the cheek, while Aaron lay there naked, still coming down from the best orgasm of his life.

He couldn't only minutes ago he thought he had no chance in getting laid, but here he was naked. He couldn't help but be a little smug, but he wondered, what had made her give up so much of herself so fast, sure he was handsome, smart, and overall awesome, but he had never even talked to the girl. It was then he had a strange thought, and though he could barely believe he had even considered it, he couldn't help but think it was true. He could get any woman to fuck him.

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It was a like a super power, he thought, getting dressed. He laughed right afterwards, impossible, super powers aren't real, especially not ones so silly. He paused, beginning his walk up the stairs, but what if it was true? What if Aaron had the ability to make any woman give herself to him. He had to test it, make sure if it was true or not, and with his next period being lunch, he knew exactly who he would test it on.