Intense hot and scary scene hardcore bondage

Intense hot and scary scene hardcore bondage
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Tavia curled tightly into the fetal position and turned so that she was facing the wall rather than her brother.

Brad put a hand gently on her shoulder. "Don't touch me, you sick fuck" she growled, a pit of rage beginning to build within her. "I wanted to say that I'm sorry Father beats you. You don't really deserve it just for having dinner ready late". "As if you even fucking care!", she turned to scream in his face. "You don't help me, you don't protect me, what the hell makes you think you can stand there and try to console me after you guys all take turns RAPING ME?!".

She burst into a fit of heavy sobbing, throwing her face into her hands as she adjusted to sit cross legged on the bed. Brad sat on the edge of the bed beside her, and put an arm around her. Tavia couldn't stand her brother touching her and trying to half ass make amends to her now, but it felt nice to be held and she left his arm on her.

He squeezed her shoulder gently. "I want to.make you an offer" Brad said, a look of sincerity on his normally emotionless face. Tavia looked up at her brother, tears still welled up in both of her pretty blue eyes. A feeling of regret washed over Brad when he saw how sad and broken she actually looked. "I.I know it may not seem like it.". Whatever he was trying to say, he was having a hard time saying it.

"I actually really do love you", he finally managed to spit out. Tavia had never heard her brother tell her that he loved her before, so she was stunned and speechless at his words.

"I want with you. If you'll be with me, I'll take you away from here forever". Tavia's eyes watch and envy you cuckold cunnilingus girlfriend up.

No way did she want to "be with" her brother after all he had put her through, but the offer mom and son xxc com intriguing because it gave her an idea. "Where will we go?" she asked, trying to sound as innocent and genuine as possible. "Anywhere" her brother replied, and a smile actually appeared on his face. He did have an amazing smile, and since it was a rarity to see Brad happy, Tavia actually felt comforted. The next day Tavia stayed home from school.

She didn't want anyone to see her cut lip, or notice the fact that she could barely walk. Her asshole was so sore, and she spent a good couple hours sitting on a bag of frozen peas. She made sure to start dinner early today; she needed to give her Father as few reasons to beat her as possible.

All day as she cleaned the house and readied dinner, Brad's words repeated in her head like a broken record. Was he serious? Could she trust him? What if it was all some sort of setup? What if their Father caught them? She shuddered, that last thought sent chills down her spine and tied her stomach into tight knots.

A sudden wave of nausea crashed over her, and she darted to the bathroom and threw up several times in the toilet. 'Fuck, now I'll have to clean it again' she thought angrily. Then it dawned on her that she wasn't sure why she was puking. She didn't feel like she was coming down with something.

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'It's probably just from thinking about Father'. Thinking of him did make her feel rather disgusted, not to mention enraged, and surely that was a recipe that could make anyone sick.

Keegan was the first person to come home; school got out a couple hours before Brad or Father got off work. He dropped his backpack and shoes at the door, then stripped himself of his hoodie.

"Come suck my dick" he said in a flat, stern voice. "I don't." Tavia started to protest, but she saw the deathly glare that Keegan was shooting her, and she decided one blowjob was worth preventing a beating that would end in him forcing himself on her anyways.

"Come here then" she whispered, ashamed that she was giving in without a fight. She sat on the couch and Keegan walked across the room to stand in front of her, dropping his real sister rides her brother till he cums inside and boxers right down to the livingroom floor. He was already semi-erect, and the second Tavia's sweet lips surrounded his head he went completely stiff.

He wrapped his hands around the back of her head and started slamming her face down onto his cock. She gagged and her eyes watered furiously, but Keegan didn't let up on the thrusting. "Mmm.oh yeah.yeah baby.just like that.mmm.don't stop.". He let his head hang back in ecstacy. " with my balls, too" he commanded, and his sister quickly obeyed. "Oh're so fucking good at this.oh god.", he suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth and grinned down at her mischievously.

"What's wrong?" she asked, concerned that she wasn't performing her best and may have angered him. "I wanna be inside you, drop your pants so I can fuck your tight little pussy" he said with a wink. "Keegan please, don't do this. I'll suck you dry and swallow every drop, I promise". He smacked her hard across the face and sent her sprawling onto the couch. He jumped on top of her and started ripping her pants off, ignoring her kicking and screaming and pleading and crying.

He managed to pin her down and work his way inside her, but on his first thrust in he exploded and filled her little hole with his hot, sticky seed. "Holy fuck!" he exclaimed. "You have no idea how fucking amazing you feel". He began kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. "Fuck off!" she screamed, pushing him off of her. She gathered her pants and panties from the laminate floor and ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

She sat on the auf den geschmak gekommen amateurs porn woxokcom tile, knees to her chest and face in her knees, crying and shaking uncontrollably. Why did they do this to her? They were her family, they were supposed to love and protect her! She wanted so badly just to run away, to be anywhere in the world at that exact moment than in the bathroom of her Father's cold, soulless house.

She decided to run a hot bath and soak for a while, her wounds stinging as the water surrounded them. She scrubbed her body over and over, but she seemed permanently stained with the smell of shame and cum. She laid in the tub for a while, daydreaming about running away, getting a job, finding a loving boyfriend and having a happily ever after.

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The bathtub was the only place where she felt serene and relaxed, and without even realizing it she drifted off into a deep, dreamless sleep. She awoke a couple hours later to her Father angrily pounding on the door.

"Tavia! What the fuck are you doing in there and where the fuck is my dinner?" he roared. Her heart raced up and got caught in her throat, the fear stopping her from moving or speaking.

The pounding continued. "Tavia! You little bitch, if you don't get out here right now I'm gonna tan your ass until you can't sit for a year!". His voice assured her that he had hit up a bar after work. "I'll be right out" she squeaked, and she tough hammering of taut gap pornstar hardcore for footsteps, but her Father hadn't moved from his place in front of the door.

She suddenly realized she was freezing, the bath water had gone ice cold during her nap. She pulled her clothes on as quickly as she could, and with much hesitation unlocked the bathroom door and slowly began turning the knob. She opened the door to find her Father there, arms across his wide chest and a fiery glare shining in his eyes.

"Daddy, I'm so sorry, I was in the bath and I fell asleep and.".

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Her Father cut her off by grabbing her by the hair and making her scream out in pain. He drug her by her hair to his bedroom, throwing her roughly onto the bed.

She flailed on the bed, swinging her arms wildly and screaming in lara onlys wife anal beach masturbation and big tits face, but it was no use. Her Dad was 6'4" and very solid; not someone that you would want to anger. He tore at her shirt and ripped all the buttons, throwing it aside to the floor. He managed to peel her tight jeans off after wrestling with her for some time, and her panties came straight down with them.

He expeditiously undid his pants and slid them and his underwear down; it was obvious that the action was well practiced, if not perfected. "I don't know why you fight me" her Father growled in an angry voice. "You know I always win". Tavia let out a defeated sigh through her sobs.

He was right, he did always win. For the first time she actually stopped struggling, and submissively bent over the edge of the bed. "That's a good girl" her Father purred, grabbing his stiff cock in one hand to line it up with her little slit. He rubbed precum all over her opening until it was lubricated enough that he could penetrate her, and he slammed his whole length inside her with such a force that her feet momentarily left the floor.

She squeaked, but she didn't scream out as she normally would. Instead, she stayed perfectly still and perfectly silent. Her Father grunted with every thrust, but he seemed to notice how quiet she was and suddenly he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled, snapping her head back and forcing her to scream out in pain.

A wide grin spread across his face, and he turned his daughter's pretty face enough to kiss her right on the mouth. She tried to scream at him, but he shoved his tongue down her throat to muffle her cries. His stubble scraped across her soft cheek like sandpaper, and his mouth tasted like an ashtray that had been soaked in whisky. She was pretty sure that she was gonna throw up in his mouth right there, but he suddenly broke off the kiss and pulled his cock out of her. He flipped her over and sat her on the edge of the bed and told her to open her mouth.

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She hesitated, but quickly did as he said when he raised his hand as a warning. Grabbing her by the back of the head, he pulled her face down to his dick and rubbed his head furiously until he finally came all over her face and in her mouth.

The first spurt had the most distance, and went right up her left nostril. After he was done cumming he told her to swallow it and clean him off, so she licked him all over until she had lapped up every last drop of his baby batter. She proceeded to brush her teeth and rinse with mouthwash about four times, then hurried to finish making dinner. Although she was a good cook, Tavia didn't join her Father and brothers for dinner that night.

She sat on her bed in her cotton Mickey Mouse pajamas flipping through an old photo album with pictures from back when her Mother was still alive. "I miss you, Mom" she whispered, as her eyes welled up with warm, salty tears that would soon be running down her angelic face. "You would have never let any of this happen to me". Tavia's Mother had died in a horrific car accident not even a year ago.

She found it ironic that her Father now drank so much, since it was a drunk driver that hit her Mother's vehicle head on and left her in critical condition. She died in the hospital two days after being admitted, and it was only a matter of a couple months before her Father got heavily into the drinking, and everything went straight to hell. Tavia looked down at a picture of her on her fifth birthday, with her Mother smiling happily at her as she blew out the candles on her princess cake.

What she wouldn't give to turn back the clock and stop her Mother from going out that fatal night. She tucked the photo album back into the drawer at the top of the nightstand beside her bed. She flipped the lightswitch, but she found the dark very unsettling ever since the stuff with her Father and brothers started, so she kept a glasses wearing asian hairy bitch gets fucked lamp on the nightstand on while she slept.

She crawled under her warm duvet, which was the only comforting embrace she had these days. Her room smelt like lavender thanks to a candle she'd been burning earlier, and it was a matter of minutes before she drifted off into a deep, peaceful sleep.

She awoke suddenly in the middle of the orgasms hot lesbian action as two beautiful brunettes explore each others bodies, noticing that the room had seemed to fill with an eerie feeling.

The second thing she noticed was that it was pitch black; someone had come into her room and turned her lamp off. She quickly sat up and could make out a figure in the dark. The size of the figure automatically clued her into the fact it was none other than her Father. "F.Father?" she sputtered, the hair on her arms standing straight up with her sense of fear and panic.

He Father just stood in the middle of the room, motionless and completely silent. "Father, why are you in my room?", she tried to hide the shakiness in her voice. Finally she decided to turn on her lamp. She gasped in horror at what she saw; her Father's face and clothes were covered in blood, and a large kitchen knife in his hand gleamed in the low light.

"Father, what happened?" she cried, her jaw hanging down to the bed and her body frozen in sheer terror. "You're all the same" he mumbled. "Tonight was a bad night for that crap".

"What are you talking about? Where are Brad and Keegan?", so many panicked questions muddled her train of thought. "You kids don't respect your Mother and I, and I just can't tolerate that kind of disobedience in our house anymore". Had he lost his fucking mind? Maybe he had drank himself into some kind of halucinative state? "Father, Mother's dead" Tavia squeaked, avoiding making eye contact with the madman.

"THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT YOUR BROTHERS SAID, AND NOW LOOK WHERE THEY ARE!" he roared, and her entire body jumped at his enraged reaction.

The room suddenly became completely silent except for her Father's hoarse breathing. His whole body heaved with every breath that he took, a sure sign that he was worn out from some kind of physical exertion. Tavia's imagination was running wild with thoughts of what had caused her Father to be so worn out, and his choice of words plus all the blood equalled a pretty terrifying picture in her head.

She finally decided that one of them needed to say something, the past ten seconds feeling like an eternity in the uneasy quietness of the room. "You should go to bed, Daddy. It's late and you work tomorrow". "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" he snapped back at her, his eyes beginning to dart back and forth rapidly due to his paranoia. " have to fix this. You kids need to learn your lesson. To learn to respect and obey me.". His voice trailed off, and Tavia was so afraid for her life that she still couldn't move a muscle.

He slowly started making his way over to her bed. "Daddy, what are you doing?" she gasped. "You need to learn your lesson" he repeated with a sneer. He raised the knife above his head and her blood curdling scream rang throughout the soulless house.

To be continued.