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Xnxx porn pictures sarah palin naked
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There is a creeping attempt to sanctify the truth in sexual literature in the name of social good. I see it here and in other adult literature boards.

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It is not the fault of the editors as they try to balance freedom of expression with staying off the censors hate system. Please do not confuse this discussion with the matter of child porn in videos or on line. Here I am talking about the loss of being able to accurately portray stories in words based on real life incidents or fantasies. This is not a promotion of child exploitation. Society would have you think that young people wait until they are of legal age before they pull down their pants and explore the fun parts of their bodies.

In truth, the University of Michigan Health System found that children discover their genital parts by age 6 months for boys and 11 months for girls. In fact most children play with their genitals fairly regularly by age 5-6, both boys and girls.

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(University of Michigan Health Service, web address umich.ed/yourchild/topics/masturbation). Ultra sound evidence indicates boys at least may actually play with themselves in the womb. Playing Doctor and other childhood games are a normal part of development.

They do not represent a perversion on the youngster's part, just human sexual development. By the time society deems it proper for us to discuss consensual sex with minors (age 16 in most areas), 40% of kids have already had sex. I myself was X years old when the neighborhood slut, who was X+ years old, said "You're next." If I was to write of the inexperience and fumbling's of that encounter, I would have to make the participants over the age of 16 (18 on some boards).

Readers laugh when they read of an 18 year old male getting his first look at, taste of or feel of pussy. They may better relate understanding the real age of the characters in the story, but they cannot read the truth as it cannot be published with a mention of big booty and cock look good participants.

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Stories of incest are especially made unrealistic by this repression. A tale of a young girl enjoying her first sexual experience with a brother or father when she is bound to the family unit provides a different view than a girl of 18 in the same situation who has the option to move out of the family unit and be on her own.

Make the brother older, and the story becomes more pathetic. A 21-year old male still living at home and enjoying a consensual sexual relationship with his 18-year old sister sounds sad.

Why aren't they both out dating and exploring sexual options outside of the home? They have schoolmates and a lot less adult supervision, so tap one of them you might say.

Take the same family, and make the sex partners younger.

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Frame your story in the content that they are younger. Their budding sexuality is confined within the family home. While their parents might raise the roof about their daughter playing in her room with a male from outside the family behind a closed door, they look the other way at two siblings in the same situation. Therefore, sex between siblings under society's legal limit is more likely to occur than the child bringing a bedmate of the opposite sex up to their room for sex fun.

Does it make sense that an 18-year girl would be left under the care of her 21-year old brother while her parents go off to a swinger's party and he would take advantage of the situation to entice his sister into her first sexual experience?

Now imagine a younger girl being babysat by her older brother, but both of them are well under the age determined by society. If he were to take advantage of the situation and open her eyes and legs to the world of sex, it would make more sense.

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Not that a horny 18-year old male wouldn't bang his 40+ old mother when mom and dad walk in on brother and sister fucking away on the living room floor, wouldn't it be more realistic to describe a hot momma's body of a woman barely over 30 showing her young son the enjoyment of family love.

And sorry to say curvy allison has her cunt slammed hard, but the idea of a 40+ male getting blown by his daughter before fucking her pussy till he pumps a second load and THEN flipping her over to paint her bowels with his third load, it isn't going to happen no matter how great his daughter looks.

Maybe a little more realistic if he was less than 35 and she was still a tight fuck. Even if we move outside the family unit and the taboo of incest, stories become less believable as the younger members become of a socially acceptable age. A girl of 18 being seduced by her tennis coach and banging him in the shower is just another ho-hum sex story.

Now if she was a budding adolescent still inexperienced in handling her raging hormones and her coach accidently walks into the shower room naked to get a shower and she gets her first look at a real penis; the writer can explore how she wonders what that dick would feel like in her hand, how it would taste shoved down her virgin throat, and the excitement of seeing her first teen allys feet and tentacle finally shes got her manager dick of cum shooting out to coat her underdeveloped breasts.

We can share her thrill of first sex. Now the 18-year old can be hot to trot with a smoking body, but unless she lived in a nunnery all her life, we can't believe a story of this being her first exposure to the male body. Perhaps society do-gooders have changed their tactics with the same old goal in mind. They realize they can't stamp out erotic literature, so just make it more boring by restricting what we can write about in the name of protecting the innocents.

Force editors to eliminate any reference to sex that involves participants under the age of 16 (18 in some areas) under the guise of protecting youngsters from the reality of their own bodies.

Next, they can stamp incest stories already weakened by the age thing saying the participants are victims no matter how much the truth that these youngsters were hot to trot, were looking to get fucked, and are glad they got fucked.

I admit in some cases, incest does have negative impact, more so because society paints them as victims rather than just shrug it off as normal sexual curiosity. Of course, they will have to protect society from tales of rape and any other sexually deviant behavior. Anal sex will be allowed to be written about, but we will have to include a disclaimer that it is dirty and medically harmful. Even if the editors stand up to the pressure, the social guardians of our virtue will pressure the hosting services to drop these objectionable outlets of socially unacceptable erotica.

Our erotica will adopt a cookie cutter standard. John and Pat meet at age 18 and experience their first kiss. They date for 3 years before considering marriage. On their wedding night, Pat will lie down on the bed and John will do his "thing" to his virgin bride. Then each will get a shower separately before retiring to their respective twin beds.

When they get bored with sex, they might experiment with oral sex as long as she doesn't swallow and she thinks about how nasty this is. Anal sex might be a possibility only if the writer clearly portrays it as dirty and unsatisfying to either partner, and also shows the pain involved outweighs the pleasure. They will have two children, a boy and a girl.

Their kids will never walk in on each other naked, will never listen to the dirty talk on the playground, and never masturbate. Their internet use will be strictly for school work, and teachers and coaches will all be eunuchs.

The kids will never hear a curse word or see a provocative tv ad or movie. It sex stories vidisiswa ngentot scool never snow, and rain comes only in gentle showers. Bluebirds sing as they fly around your head, and never crap on your car. Society will be happy that sex is regulated to the bedroom only between married consenting adults and kids sexual hormones wait until age 16 (18 in some areas) before gently guiding the youngsters to find a proper mate for marriage.

Now that would be a shitty life.