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Sex xxx sophia levon all
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Sent from my iPad On Mar 27, 2013, at 6:24 PM, Matt Paduano <[email protected]> wrote: Ralphie and Me, Part 3 Ralphie and I managed to fuck around a few times a week, whenever we could find the time and place. I knew where we could meet after school, right in the school building, like the equipment closet in the gym during practice; or the storage room for the wood shop; hell,even the second floor boys room.

Actually, that was the best, because it was cleaned first. All we had to do was find something to do until it was done. Usually, it meant the library. Where once he fucked me in the stacks. I remember my cum shot all over MOBY DICK. The irony didn't escape me, even then.

Once in a while one of our house would be empty for the afternoon. We would definitely take advantage, but be alert. Once, my cock was up his ass as we heard my mother come home and call up to me to come down immediately to help her unload the groceries.

I managed to pull on shorts and a t-shirt. Ralphie did the same, and I really believe my mother was none the wiser. Needless to say, we never finished, and I had the worst case of blue balls until I managed to whack off in bed that night, thinking about the way his boy hole was gripping my dick as I fucked him from behind.

I didn't take long to shoot my load over my belly. The last few squirts dribbled into my bush. I just lay there, and fell asleep.

The next morning I was a crusty mess. The next time we had a sleepover it was at my house, Thanksgiving weekend. My sister left after dinner on Thursday for a ski weekend with her fiancé and his family upstate somewhere. My parents were going into Manhattan Friday afternoon, for the weekend, so my mother could begin her Christmas shopping and they could catch a Broadway show or two. They agreed that Ralphie could stay with me as well as a few of my older friends.

I chose Alex Jackson, captain of the junior varsity basketball team who I'd known since fourth grade. We actually jerked each other off once, but that was a while ago.

I also asked Bart Barone, linebacker on the junior varsity football team. I'd known him just as long, and have lusted after him since I saw him that first time naked in the locker room.

He was a bit stocky, but lightly muscled. He had a sprinkling of black hair on his chest, that led in a fine trail to a rather dense pubic bush. A stubby cock stuck out over a nice pair of plump, perky balls, also covered in wiry hairs.

Alex was a nice contrast. Slender, tall for his age. Hairless except for his pits and pubes, a dark brown shade appropriate for his dirty blond hair. His pecker barely hung over its ball sac, and grew to a neat five inches or so. My folks asked splurging on studs chap milk deepthroat blowjob the guys come by about noon. Ralphie walked over and was there early. He had on a long jacket that could barely hide his boner.

Alex and Bart arrived a few minutes later. Their parents brought them in, said hello to my folks, were assured that my parents didn't mind, left phone numbers, money for pizza and Chinese, and were on their way. My mother told us there was cereal for breakfast, and cold cuts for lunch.

She kissed me, told the four of us to be careful, and they were on their way. I brought the guys to our basement playroom. We had a ping pong table, as well as an octagon shaped poker table for my dad's monthly poker game. Alex brought his backpack with him downstairs. I was curious until he pulled out a bottle of rum. His older brother, remembering what it was like to be young, picked it up for him. Hell, none on us cutexezra facial in the shower our drivers' license, we weren't going anywhere, so we were safe.

Then Bart ran upstairs. He had some weed. So, we all had a few tokes, and a some rum and coke. This, I thought, would make the plot that Ralhie and I planned a bit easier. We would get a strip poker game going, that would hopefully lead to some boy on boy (on boy on boy) fun. Ralphie led the conversation to sex. He told them about the magazines Eddie had shown him. Each of us were tenting our jeans. I caught Blonde teen stepsis haley reed gets nailed by pervert dude smalltits and pornstars secretly rubbing his bulge.

I winked at him and he giggled. "Let's play some poker," I said. This was all part of the plan. "What can we play for? I don't have any money," asked Alex. "Me neither," added Bart. "Well," suggested Ralpie. "We could play strip poker." "Huh?" "Yeah. To make it interesting. "We've all seen each other naked in the locker room so what's the big deal?" They reluctantly agreed.

I won't bore you with the details of the game, except to say that Ralphie's sex stories from when he lived in the projects kept every one entertained. And when aAlex and Bart were down to their skivvies, they both had notable tents.

Alex even had a nice wet spot. And soon, we were all naked, sporting boners that Alex and Bart were trying vainly to hide. "Now what?" I suggested truth or dare. Ralphie suggested just dare, whereby we all cut the cards. High card got to dare low card to do something outrageous.

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"How outrageous?" Asked Alex and Bart. "Who knows? Let's have another drink and a joint first," I answered. We did. Everyone was relaxed, and horny, as the sex talk kept up as we smoked. We cut the deck. I was low, Ralphie faketaxi sucking cock to get to the top. This was good.

"Lick my cock head," Ralphie instructed. Of course, I'd done this many times, but pretended not to want to. I made a face and took a few tentative licks until I took the whole head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around licking off the first drops of cock juice as his dick grew to full length. I got off of his pecker. Ralphie stroked that eight incher a few times, milking out a few more drops of that dick dew. I eagerly licked it up. The two of them sat there, mouths open, but stroking their own boners.

As I've said, I've seen both boys naked lots of times, but never with hard-ons before. Alex was about 5 nice, wet inches. He certainly got wet.

Bart's cock was six thick inches. A drop of juice was hanging off Bart's pecker. He rubbed it around his dickhead. Obviously, the boys were turned on. Again, I won't bore you with details, but there was lots of stroking, sucking, and even some ass eating and finger fucking. Eventually, I dared Bart to fuck me. His stubby boner was drooling by that point.

I handed him some Vaseline, after I took some to grease my ass. He slicked up his cock. I bent over and spread my cheeks. "Just line up the tip with my ass hole and push." "Sounds like you've done this before." "Maybe I have. So what? Just stick it in." Now, I had only been boned by Ralphie.

Long as his pecker was, it was rather slender. Bart was thick, but shorter. He poked it in and I felt a brief shot of searing pain. My ass spasmed around his cock head and he sighed.

"Push it in now, slowly." He did as I asked, and slowly filled me until I felt his pubes grinding against my ass. I reared up as he reached full penetration. I positioned my self so he'd hit my pleasure spot. I was leaking sex juice as he pounded me. "Yeah, Bart. That's it.

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Pound me. All the way in. Harder. Harder. Let me feel it." He plugged me for all he was worth for about ten minutes. Alex had a nice little boner, a bit bigger than mine. He was playing with his pre-cum, rubbing it around the head. "To hell with the game," he interrupted."Give me a chance with that ass." "Yeah," said Ralphie. "I want you to fuck me, Bart." Ralphie greased his ass, laid on his back and spread his legs, holding his knees.

Bart pulled out of me and I felt empty, still itchy for boy dick. Bart lined up with Ralphies butt hole and shoved. Ralphie sighed, arched his back as Bart ground into him, and from out of Ralphie's big cock a stream of milky sex juice poured. Bart began pounding him as Ralpie cried out in pleasure.

"Yeah, man. Do it to me.uh.uh.uh.yeah.yeah.oh, yeah, fuck me man! Let me have it good!" Bart was really pounding him, hitting him hard with each thrust. Alex, meanwhile, was stroking his boy meat. Drops of pre-cum were oozing out his pee slit. I reached over with my slutty curvy milf tiffany blake picked up and fucked by bbc and rubbed it into his cock head.

"Get on your back, Ben. My turn." I did what he wanted and held onto my legs. He greased up. My hole was well lubed already, and used to Bart's thick stubby, so his five inches slid right into me. I wrapped my legs around his back to get as much of him into me that i could.

I found if I met his thrusts with my ass, and moved it around, he would hit my pleasure spot a lot making me ooze boy juice and make my ass feel real good.

Ralpie and Bart were fucking away next to us, but head to toe. I caught Ralphie's eye. "Ain't this good, man?" He said while being rammed. And watching as Bart's cock went in and out of Ralphie's hairy, twitching hole, I had to agree. It was hot!

"Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, it is." Alex began jacking my dick in time to his thrusts. Bart was doing the same to Ralphie. The four of us were like four rutting pigs. The room smelled of boy musk and sweat.

The combination of the smells, the sounds, the sight of my two good buddies fucking while Alex was giving me one helluva fuck was getting to be too much. I couldn't hold back much longer.

I tightened my legs around Alex, arched my back and let out a groan. "Oh, yeah, Alex, make me cum. You're making me cum.oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes.yes.yes.yesssssssss!" I shouted as I shot a rope of boy cum onto my face, into my open mouth. I covered my chest and belly, and the last few drops oozed into my bush. I licked the spooge off of my lips. As I relaxed my legs and let them rest on his hips, he bent over and kissed me, licking the residue off. "Secret,"he whispered in my ear.

"I always wanted to do this to you. Ever since I saw you pick up the soap in the shower at school." And with that he trust hard into me, shoving as he shot his load up my ass. I guess it was too much for the other guys, as well. Ralphie clutched his meat stroking frantically as Bart began to grunt. busty bitch kaylee hilton double banged by black guys cumming.I'm Cummings.oh, God, I'm gonna shoot.uuugh!" He moaned as he loaded Ralphie's ass with his boy cream.

And with that, Ralphie shot like a geyser, straight up in the air, shot after shot, after shot. Bart collapsed on top of him, grinding their crotches together, rubbing his belly against Ralphie's, mixing their sperm. We all just lay there. Satisfied. Tired. And most importantly, hungry.

"C'mon guys. Lets clean up and go have lunch," I suggested. They agreed. The rest of the weekend included a little drinking, a little pot, lots of fucking, and good meals (after all, all that sex requires energy!). Bart and Alex were anxious to get fucked after they saw how Ralpie and I enjoyed it. But that, and other adventures, await to be told.

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