Two hot babes receive his meat pole

Two hot babes receive his meat pole
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Fbailey story number 384 Mom's Drunk Again I had been off getting into trouble as usual. My mother was a single parent with two teenage kids on her hands, a crappy job, and bills to pay. I'm fifteen years old and I get to do just about anything I want to, as long as the cops don't catch me.

My sister Evelyn is thirteen years old and a little brat. She snitches on me all the time even though Mom doesn't punish me and I always get even with her. Mom is a thirty-three-year-old woman with a great body.

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She got knocked up when she was seventeen years old and had me when she turned eighteen. Dad didn't marry her but got her knocked up with Evelyn before he left her.

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Once a week, usually on Saturday, Mom goes out bar hopping. She dresses like a cheap whore and goes out to get drunk, fucked, and have a good time. She is usually so drunk that she just crashes on top of her bed still in her clothes. Most times her panties are hanging from some lucky guy's rearview mirror.

Evelyn ran into my bedroom and shook me as she said, "Mom's drunk again." I swatted at her and she went back to own room. However, I lay there for a few minutes unable to go back to sleep. I went into Mom's bedroom and found her passed out on top of her bed as usual. I had told myself that the next time I could, that I would fuck her. That night was my first opportunity since I had turned fifteen and made myself that promise.

I shook Mom and all she did was moan. She was flat on her back so I started to pull her tight blouse up over her breasts exposing them to my gaze.

I got one arm out of her sleeve and then the other. Finally I got it over her face and tossed it across the room. Mom had nice tits. I had seen them before but they were still nice. I played with them for a while like I used to with my Play-Doh when I was little. I pinched her nipples and heard her moan some more.

Next I pulled her skirt down. It had an elastic waistband but I still had to get it out from under her ass, and that was a lot of dead weight. I had her naked and had spread her legs so that I could get between them and fuck her. I was a virgin but I had seen pictures and heard the older guys talking in school.

Soon I had my cock in her wet hole. I was sure some guy had fucked her but I didn't care as long as I got to fuck her too. I was doing pushups in her pussy when I cum in her. I rolled her to one side and then the other as I loosened the covers from under her and managed to get them over her. As I turned to leave Evelyn smiled at me.

I walked to my bedroom with her right behind me. She said, "I saw what you did to Mommy." I said, "So lovely dames pleasure boners in an orgy. If you say anything I'll get you." Evelyn surprised me by saying, "I won't say anything.

I enjoyed watching you fuck Mommy. Next time can I get a closer look?" I said, "Only if you get completely naked first." I had to smile as my little sister took off her pajamas and stood before me naked.

I laughed and said, "Not now stupid. When you watch me fuck Mom." Evelyn giggled and said, "Oh, I thought you meant now.

When can you fuck Mommy again?" As I looked at her tiny tits and her almost hairless pussy my cock began to stir again. I grabbed a hold of my cock, stroked it a few times, and said, "How about now." I walked back to Mom's bedroom with Evelyn right behind me. I pulled the covers down and got between Mom's legs.

So did Evelyn. My kid sister got right behind me with her face between my legs. As my cock entered Mom, Evelyn got closer. She must have had a great view.

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I fucked Mom for a bit long that time before I cum in her again and pulled my cock out. Evelyn put her face right in Mom's pussy and started licking her.

I watched in delight. When Evelyn was done she saw me looking at her and said, "Oh, I do this all the time. Mommy likes me to lick her pussy, especially after she has been fucked.

I do it all the time. I thought you knew that." I replied, "Why would you think that I would know that?" Evelyn said, "Because you see me coming out of Mommy's bedroom all the time." I said, "That doesn't mean that I knew what you were doing in there." Evelyn said, "Oh.

I must have felt guilty or something." We covered Mom up and left her bedroom again. Evelyn followed me back to my bedroom to get her pajamas.

Then Evelyn asked, "Will you fuck me? Mommy says there is no better feeling for a girl than to have a nice cock shoved into her and you have a nice cock." I asked, "How do you know?

You just saw it for the first time tonight." Evelyn giggled and said, "Because Betty's older sister told me. She said that she saw your cock once at a party and that you had a nice one.

She should know she has seen five cocks." I knew Betty's older sister. I got to see her tits at that party and she had nice ones too. Evelyn asked again, "Will you fuck me?" I asked, "Now?" Evelyn said, "Why not? We are both awake and you are hard ashton marie girlfriend enjoys her free pass looked down and sure enough I was hard again.

I used to jerk off a lot but I figured that fucking Mom twice would keep it down. I was wrong. I sat Evelyn on my bed, laid her back, and got between her legs.

I tried to push my cock into her but it wouldn't go in.

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I pushed harder but still no luck. Finally Evelyn told me that she was too dry and that I needed to stimulate her. How? She told me to lick her pussy and play with her clit until she was wet down there. I did and I even found it to be fun. When I thought that my sister was wet enough down there I placed my cock at her entrance and pushed it in. That time it slipped in. I went slowly so as to enjoy it more.

Evelyn seemed to enjoy it more that way too. Fucking xxx boy12 boy 18 yera tight hole was a lot better than fucking Mom's old worn out hole after someone else had fuck her.

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The feeling was incredible, my cock was very sensitive, and I was going to cum in her way too soon. I looked into her face and then at her tiny tits as I squirted some cum in her. It wasn't as much as I had squirted in Mom the first two times but it was all that I had left to give her. Evelyn said, "That was great. When can we do it again?

Now I can make Mommy lick my pussy clean after sex. That'll be great." I said, "You can't tell her about us." Evelyn asked, "Why not?" I said, "Because we will get in trouble." Evelyn replied, "I though trouble was your middle name. Mommy's a lot cooler than you think. She is always asking me if I found a boy to give my virginity too." She kissed me goodnight and said "I have now" before she went to her bedroom carrying her pajamas.

In the morning Mom shook me awake. As my eyes opened she said, "So you were fucking your sister last night." I foxy latina minx has her beaver plugged, "Yeah. So what?" Mom smiled and said, "Because I got to suck your cum out of her pussy this morning.


I never thought that you would loose your virginity with your sister." I got a little courage up and said, "I didn't, I lost my virginity fucking you twice before I fucked her." Mom laughed and said, "You little mother fucker." Then Mom reached under the covers and grabbed a hold of my morning erection. Mom asked, "So who gets this, your wild and agreeable three some sex momsandteens threesome or your mother?" I smiled and replied, "Both of you if I'm anything like I was last night." Mom looked over toward my door.

Evelyn was standing there smiling. She was naked. Mom moved to the foot of my bed taking my covers with her. Evelyn climbed on top of me and slipped her pussy down over my cock. Mom got between my legs and put her head right under Evelyn's ass so that she could get a good view of her children fucking. It was more than I could take and in no time at all I was pumping cum up into my sister's tight pussy again. Mom flipped Evelyn onto her back next to me and started licking her like Evelyn had done to her that night before.

Watching her gave me another hard-on. Mom smiled, climbed on it, and said, "I might not need to go out this Saturday." The End Mom's Drunk Again 384