Red head shorty ravaged in a glory hole

Red head shorty ravaged in a glory hole
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Marjorie 4 This is a continuation of one story, you really will need to read this from the beginning. It was another week before my husband Paul had another overnight delivery. By then Bob had given me his wife's cell number and I had a more clear understanding of who was really in charge of their sex games.

Michelle all the way. My week had gone horribly, I was afraid to talk to my husband. What I might say, would I break down and cry, would I confess, I really had no clue. I called Michelle and told her the news when I realized that I would be able to pay off the rest of my "debt". We talked, she got a feel for my position and told me that she might be able to help. Oh yea right, no where in there did I hear her say forgive and forget, I was still bound to fuck her dog again and she was going to watch from my backyard.

She did however mention more about their "arrangement" She pointed out Bobs penis, it's size. She said this was a result of a childhood injury, that he produced semen but no sperm. That their "arrangement" involved her doing what she wanted with Luxor and that she took care of Bob orally.

He couldn't really feel anything in her with the way Luxor stretched her out anyway. That if he wanted, she'd let him do her in her mouth 6 times a day.

But that they had to do things with the full knowledge and consent of the other, and that I was the first time they had done anything with another person. She also worried that I might confess to my hubby, something that she was strongly against, until after we had more time to talk. After a week of being afraid to face up to my husband at least the appointed time was here. Hopefully after tonight I would have it all "out of my system" and I would be able to go back to being who I was before all this happened.

Tonight though was still going to be different for me. I had to brazzers jennifer white cheats on her bf with stud bodypaint and dick the leash, and this meant that Luxor was going to pull his knot out while we were still tied, oh my god, I had not even thought of that!

The feelings that I had tonight during all this was incredible! Michelle's husband Bob was not making it any easier for me either. Every step of the way he kept referring to the fact that Michelle was watching from the crack in the fence. I was standing naked in her kitchen, Bob had me turn just so my breasts would wobble for our unseen spectator.

Then off into the laundry room where I had to assume my position on the floor to be mounted by Luxor. It was horrible of me, I was looking forward to the breeding! I knew what he was going to do and I spread my legs and let it happen. Luxor mounted me and began jack hammering my vagina. It had been a week and I was really ready for it!

I felt his knot thumping at my entrance, I leaned down more allowing him easier entry and all the sudden he was inside me, all of it. I could feel the tip of his penis again looking to penetrate my cervix, stabbing around deep inside of me. Looking out the window knowing I was being watched by at least one person, god who knows, maybe more?

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Then he was spraying his sperm inside me, long powerful squirts that I could feel building up in me because of the seal he had with the bulbous cock lodged inside of me. This put me over my edge and I began a throbbing orgasm of my cable sex story grile man. Michelle must have left just after that because she came into the kitchen just as her husband was finishing inside of my mouth.

I was still tied to Luxor who ran to meet his mom. I screamed as I was drug backwards by my vagina towards Michelle. I couldn't see what she was doing because of the way I was being towed but the pulling stopped and I heard her telling Luxor what a good boy he was.

Afterwards Michelle laid out her plan. She told me that after talking to me that she could tell that sooner or later I was going to confess to Paul. That if I waited too long then that would mean the end of our marriage. That he would probably not be able to live with the fact that I had with held that big of a secret for however long I managed to hold it. Plus she said there would still be a good chance of his leaving me if I told the truth about doing the neighbors dog.

I was beginning to sob at this point but she got my attention and said that there was a much better alternative. Michelle pointed out that she is a Pharmacist and that she is familiar with medications, that there are plenty of treatments options for E.D.

and she knows the names of three different local doctors who are prescribing it to different men. That all I need to do is convince my husband to see one of the Dr's and that we would them "invite" him to see what we had been doing. Only problem I saw with this plan was my husband won't go see Dr's in general, that and he'll probably just shut me out.

But she made me promise to try, otherwise she was going to try for me. This just went back to being impossible again from what I could see, I felt like throwing up. My husband was home the next day, I managed to avoid him until I knew that Michelle was home from work and then steeled myself. It went as poorly as I feared.

I told him that we needed to talk. When I stammered he asked if I had been cheating on him, I looked down at the floor. Then he continued with "so now you're leaving me for him?" I blurted out no, and tried to get him the name of the Dr and feebly told him that we could try to work it out. He about threw me out of the house, demanded to know who I was sleeping with, I told him the next door neighbors.

He got real quiet and asked "both of them?" again I just looked down. He then pushed me out the door and told me to go have a "fucking good time" I ran next door and was hysterical, both Bob and Michelle were there. I started rambling on about what I said and what had happened, I lost myself and was blubbering for at least 20 to 30 minutes when I realized that Bob was the only one in the room.

I asked where Michelle was and he said "she went to talk to your husband as soon as you started crying" Oh for gods sake, she's been with my husband for half an hour? I ran to the front of the house only to see Michelle walking back. I froze, she walked in to the house and proudly exclaimed "he's going to see the Dr, we're all good" I flung myself at her, I was hugging and kissing her without any sexual thoughts at all.

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After begging her how she had convinced him a million times she said she'd walk me home. Bob took the hint and left us alone. In the 40 second walk home she said to say nothing about the dog, that she promised my hubby that she would let him do her any way he wanted, plus us two girls were going to put on a sex show for both the guys.

This was to take place as soon as my Paul was ready, no sex till then. Then she hinted that she had more to tell but that this had to wait for out date.

I was thrilled! my husband actually went to a Dr, got a physical, got his meds, then we had to wait a week for them to take full effect. We arranged our date and despite my hubbies pleadings I told him that I didn't know for sure what we'd be doing.

That Michelle was setting it all up and that I had to go along with whatever she had planned. At Michelle's suggestion I wore a long slinky dress with nothing underneath. I did know, because he had shown me, that my husband was getting hard again.

And he was way larger than Bob next door! Our date night finally came, and I knew that we were going to be coming too! We went next door and Bob and Michelle served us drinks but then Michelle got real nasty right away. She was mainly focusing on My husband Paul asking him if he wanted to see some of the nasty things that women could do. Bob just dumbly nodded yes. Out came the collar and leash, Bob holding on to the leash at first, then he passed it to me while he stripped Michelle naked.

My husband was showing a tent in his trousers right off the bat. While I was still holding the leash Bob walked over to the door for the laundry room.

Luxor came running in all happy and bouncing, until he saw a naked woman on her hands and knees. He jumped around Michelle for a bit then settled up on her backside. Michelle reached back and guided him in. I think my husband stopped breathing, he was just staring. Luxor launched into Michelle with the tact of a rapist. Michelle's mouth flew open and her head up as she screamed out, the can of beer in my husbands hand started to crinkle as he squeezed down.

Michelle suddenly cried out "oh god its in" Paul said "his cock?" and she grunted a reply "the knot" Michelle crawled in position so that Paul could see her backside with Luxor just hanging on for the ride.

Then the finale finally approached and Luxor began towing Michelle backwards through the living room by her vagina, her screaming while I explained to Paul that she actually likes this part. After this was done Michelle began talking to Paul again, while standing there naked with dog sperm drooling onto the carpeted living room floor. She explained how I had spied on them and had seen what they were doing.

That they had caught me spying on them and had coerced me into joining their fun. Then giving a lustful chick screws the janitor with big cock pornstars and hardcore smile and looking at me she added, "well we didn't have to try too hard" The dear had bought me a little honor back. This led to questions and evasive answers as Paul tried to find out just how much I had done. This lasted until Luxor was ready again.

Michelle looked at me and said that it looked like it was time for me to show Paul the answers to his questions. I hiked up my dress high enough dark hole of pretty chick drilled hardcore blowjob let me kneel on the floor, as I got to my hands and knees Michelle walked over and pulled my dress up to my shoulders allowing my breasts to swing free.

I heard Paul say "oh my god" then Luxor was on me, pumping wildly, I had to reach back to guide him inside of me. I lost track of some of what was happening. I did manage to let everyone upskirts brasilia por baixo da saia i tube porn when his knot was in me but at some point I realized that Bob was now naked and probing at my mouth with his cock.

I looked around for my husbands reaction but saw that Michelle was on her hands and knees in front of him and he was thrusting into her vagina from behind so I figured that it was ok. I took Bob in my mouth, he began thrusting but we were distracted by Michelle's throaty commands. Michelle was obviously taking my husbands cock in her vagina where she told me her husbands cock was not allowed. She started calling to Bob half grunting in the process. She asked him if he knew what could happen while she did this.

Bob was able to reply "you could get." My god the wicked sultry grin she had on her face was indescribable, she looked like a maniac in heat. She began thrusting backwards to meet with my husbands thrusts, in her grunting she began telling us that Bob could not get her pregnant.

That part of "our agreement" is that she can get pregnant if they find someone that they can do it with. Then she looked down while thrusting back into my husbands cock and said "guess what I found?" This did it for Paul, he grabbed hold of Michelle's naked hips and began unloading inside of her. Michelle was almost crying as she said "yes yes yes" afterwards Michelle said that she really didn't think that she was fertile at the moment. But the pharmacy had basil thermometers and would I mind if she called for Paul at a more appropriate time?

A week while we were both at home Paul got the call, he gave me a hug and a kiss and without any further discussion headed next door to make a baby. A short time later Bob came over stammering something about Paul and "my wife" I smiled and began undressing, I asked him if there was anything special at all that he wanted to try. I even made the effort to play with his balls while he grunted off into my now well stretched pussy.