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Massage asians tug and grind pussy on client
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The streetlights were barely visible through the windshield of Christopher's car, as he navigated his way home.

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He cursed himself inwardly for not leaving school before the hurricane hit, no doubt his mother would call again, asking his location as she had at least three times in as many minutes.

Chris jumped as his phone rang, and cursed loudly as he had to swerve to avoid smacking into an SUV that appeared form nowhere. The wheels of his Accord began to skid as water collected under them, and Christopher tried desperately to maintain control. He could make out a huge oak tree, fast approaching him. Finally, giving up his attempts of controlling the car, Chris flung his arms to cover his face and screamed as his car flew into the trunk of the enormous tree.

He heard an ear-splitting crash, felt a shooting pain starting in his lower half, then saw, heard, and felt nothing. The scream of metal, and the sound of the rain hammering the broken vehicle, jarred Christopher awake, only to nearly fall back out of consciousness as the pain from his broken body set in. It was all the boy could do to moan and hope the growing darkness would take him.

The door to Honda screamed in protest, as someone outside pulled it back. Chris wondered vaguely if the fire department had found him, and were trying to rescue him.

The door closest to him was being wrenched back like a banana peel. Christopher was somehow proud of himself for making such a clever analogy. He watched dully, as black fingers he assumed were gloves, wrapped around what used to be staggered honey in undies is geeting peed on and banged top of the front seat door, clenched, and pulled the door back with ease. The hands then reached inside of the car itself, and began to unbuckle the boy from the mess that was his seat.

After he was detangled, the hands moved further inside of the car, showing the hands weren't gloves, but his hero's skin color. He tried to be afraid, but it seemed like too much effort, it was all he could do to simply draw breath. The long fingered hands went into long arms that lifted him ever so delicately from the wreckage and against a chest as black as the hands and arms.

A deep, rumbling voice spoke with a slight accent, Christopher couldn't place. "Rest, child. You are safe now." Chris fought to look at the face of his savior, and for the sake of the small river of fear running through his mind, he would later wish he hadn't. The man holding him was black, the way a dog is black.

He should've blended into the surrounding darkness, but collage grils miking and fingring skin was so dark, it made him stand out all the more. The man's voice was almost a solid thing; it ran through his body, like a hand caressing him. He shivered, then moaned at the resulting pain. The pain grew, and a darkness that had encased him earlier was beginning to creep up on him again, threatening to draw him in.

The man threw him even more for a loop when he placed his soft lips against the boy's forehead, and laid the softest of kisses on him. Christopher opened his mouth to ask where the dark man was taking him, but the act of drawing in breath to do so sent pain throughout his chest and spine. He convulsed in the man's arms and fainted.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. chubby milf getting fucked intense with sex toys the hell is that annoying sound?' Beep. Beep. Beep. If someone doesn't stop that damn sound, I'm gonna scream!' Christopher moaned and forced his eyes open.

He lowered his head enough to look at his surroundings and saw he was in a hospital, and his mother, father, and little sister were sleeping around his bed. Beep. Beep. Beep. He frowned at the annoying noise and saw it was his heart monitor. 'Duh, idiot. How many hospital shows like House and Grey's Anatomy have you seen?' Chris raised his right hand to scratch his nose, and saw it was in a cast.

Upon looking at his left, he saw it was filled with needles carrying various fluids into his body. He swallowed thickly, looking at the needles, he'd never been fond of needles. Chris made a small sound in his throat, causing his sister, Abigail to wake. She was almost 5 years younger than him, but they were almost of a height; 5'6, both with ghostly blue eyes, and sops of curly black hair that did whatever it damn well wanted to.

Chris worked out furiously to make up for his height, or lack thereof. His body was chiseled, every inch of him was hard muscle, except for his ass. He maintained that if every inch of the body is muscled, the body looks fake. Abigail was almost identical to him in the face, but her body was much less fit than his.

She wasn't fat, however she wasn't cut. Her stomach hung a bit, her arms and legs as well. Both of them favored their father, Steve with the hair color, but the curls and icy blue eyes came from Janet, their mother. Abigail sat up and squealed. "Chris! You're awake!" Her yelp jarred Steve and Janet awake, and a flood of questions poured down. "Are you alright?" "Do you know what day it is?" "What's my name, honey?" "Do you know where you are?" "What do you remember form the accident?" Christopher held up his IV ridden hand for silence, which eventually came.

"Can I get some water? Feels like a camel shat in my mouth." Janet frowned, but Steve chuckled and poured his son some ice water, complete with a straw. Chris gulped his water and asked how he'd gotten to the hospital. Steve shrugged as he took the empty cup. "We just got a call asking if we knew you, once I told the woman you were my son, she told me you'd been in a car accident." He looked around to his wife and daughter. "None of us were thinking about how you got here.

What do you remember?" While his father had been talking, Christopher had internally decided not to mention the strange man with the black skin that had taken him from his car. He convinced himself that he was hallucinating, and that someone else, maybe a firefighter had saved him. He was furious with himself at the reaction his body was displaying when he thought about the delicate kiss the man had left him.

He hid his erection by raising the leg that wasn't encased in a cast, casually. "I don't remember. I only remember the car starting to skid, and hitting a tree. After that, nothin'." After talking to his family, and picking their brains about his accident for a few hours, Christopher's doctor had arrived to announce he would need to stay overnight.

His parents and Abbi had promised to visit him the next day and left. Chris forced down the atrocious hospital food and flipped through the channels. A couple hours later it was night, and Chris couldn't sleep.

He'd turned off his TV, drawn the curtain around his bed, and tried everything he could to fall asleep, to no avail. Chris turned on his back, sighed, opened his eyes to push the button to get a nurse for a sleep aid, but never made it that far.

His heart dropped, and he found himself staring into the eyes of the dark skinned man that had pulled him from his destroyed car. "I mean you no harm, Christopher McIntyre." Chris shivered at the low, low sound of the man's voice. He then kicked himself inwardly for reacting the way he did when remembering the kiss. Chris spoke calmly, despite the fear bubbling in his stomach.

"How the hell did you get in here without anyone seeing? Visiting hours are over." An abrupt flash of white teeth in the dark, dark face made him jump, before realizing the man was smiling at him.

"I have my ways." The man moved closer, until he was practically sitting on Chris' left hand side. He stroked a surprisingly soft hand down the boy's cheek, and spoke in his deep voice. "Ask your questions, boy. I give you my word of honor, I will answer each one." Chris' previous 7 inch erection sprouted to life once again, and this time he couldn't hide it.

The man chuckled when he saw it, and continued stroking his face until Chris swatted his hand away. "Stop that, dammit…Can't focus when you do shit like that." The man just smiled again. "You say you'll answer any question I ask you? Truthfully?" The man nodded and cocked his head to one side. Feeling like a mouse watching a rattlesnake, Chris cleared his throat sharply. "What's your name?" "Ebima." 'Ooookay&hellip.' He thought to himself.

"What are you?" "I'm a prince." Chris shook his head. "I mean race…species? Are you even human?" "I am not human. I am a Salvix demon, I specialize in the element of stone. I am the prince of my people." Chris was silent for a moment before shaking his head like a dog trying to clear it's ears of water.

"Did you just say demon?" "I did." "Are you…are you some kind of mental person?" That earned him another smile, "I am not. I am what I said I am." "A demon?" "Yes." "So does that mean you're here to kill or possess me or something like that?" "No." Chris waited for the man to explain himself, but he never did.

"So…what do you want from me?" Another smile; a startling flash of white in such a dark face. "I desire you." "For…Wait…What?" "I. Desire. You." Chris shook his head again. "What the hell does that mean?" Ebima glanced at the clock, then looked compilation little betty cum lover german goo girls at Chris.

"Will you permit me to touch you?" Chris thought for a moment. "Do you promise not to hurt me?" Ebima placed a dark hand on his apparently bare chest. "I give you my word as a demon." Chris huffed and nodded. Ebima smiled yet again, and lifted the boy clear of the bed. He held Chris as if he could've held him forever and never tire. He then turned and to Chris' horror, leapt through the open window. Ebima had no shirt to grab onto while the ground rushed up to meet them, and Chris was repulsed with himself, as even then, he was admiring the toned muscle under Ebima's powerful arms.

Chris closed his eyes and threw his head into the other man's neck. He heard a deep, masculine chuckle rumbling from the demon's chest. The vibrations sent waves through Chris' abused body, making his hard on almost painful. Ebima spoke against Chris' ear. "Open your eyes, Christopher." Chris did so, slowly. What he saw made his eyes shoot open and forced a gasp through his lips. He gazed at a bedroom, the size of the first level of his house. The walls were a deep burgundy, the floor was black carpeting that threatened to swallow the color of Ebima's large feet.

Chris stole a glace at the ceiling to see burgundy and yellow curtains suspended over the top. There was a huge black desk housing numerous papers and quills. A wall length mirror stood across from a massive black set consisting of a chest of drawers, closet, and bureau.

There were no windows, only black and white paintings of butterflies in flight. There was also an enormous round bed, scattered with burgundy, yellow, and black pillows, a canopy pulled to one side of it.

Ebima watched Chris look the room over, with a sheepish smile.

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When Chris looked back at him he said, "I stay quite busy, the room is not at it's cleanest." Thinking about his room at his house, Chris smiled. "Well…it's not as bad as mine…" Ebima chuckled his masculine chuckle mather son sex massage d walked over to the bed. He laid Chris on it, as though he was made of porcelain. He stood back up and in the light coming from everywhere and nowhere in the room, Chris finally got an eyeful.

Ebima had to be at least 7', the shortest he would say was 6'8. His hands and feet were as large as dinner plates, his fingers a bit too long for his hands. Ebima had no shirt on, so Chris had no obstructions in the way of the swell of the demon's chest, and the subtle muscles encasing his arms.

There was a line of white hair that swept from Ebima's chest, over his tight stomach, into his pants, the dark feet sticking out the bottoms of his pants were long, and thin. Ebima worked at beautiful esperanza sits on a long boner behind his head, and the white hair Chris assumed was cut short, tumbled down, over the demon's shoulders and trickled just inches past his waist.

Ebima eyes bored in to Chris' and the boy noticed a slight up tilt to them. Ebima shook his head, sending his hair flying, Chris watched, mesmerized. The boy finally came back to himself, when Ebima leaned inches away from his face. Chris jumped and scuttled backwards until he hit the headboard.

Ebima knelt on the edge of the bed, making no move to get closer. "What-What are you doing?!" Ebima raised his snowy eyebrows.

"When I informed you that I desired you, I assumed you knew what I meant." Chris clung to the bedpost, desperately ignoring his hard on, praying Ebima wouldn't notice the reaction his body was having. "I didn't…You…I thought-" "You thought?" Ebima waited for Chris to finish, and titled his head when the boy said nothing. "I have been watching you for a long time, Christopher. I have seen the way you look at your male classmates, as opposed to the females.

You desire the males, as I desire you." Heat rose in Christopher's face as he thought back to his school day. True, he did like the boys as well as the girls, but lately the desire to be with guy like was with some of the girls was growing within him. He wasn't unpopular around his school, he'd had girlfriends as well as fuck buddies, but he'd never been with a man.

Ebima sat on the edge of the bed cross-legged and watched Chris. "You desire the feel of a man in a society that looks down upon such things." He put a hand to his chest. "I can give you that feeling, Christopher. I would love more than to do just that. If you will let me, I will give you the experience you crave." Chris was in peril.

He knew that the entire situation was wrong, that he knew next to nothing about Ebima, and that wherever he was, Ebima could simply leave him there if he said no. Not to mention the erection that was beginning to ache.

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Chris sighed heavily and homer que trazar com homer his tight hold on the headboard. "So uh, how'd we do this?" Ebima's face lit up as if he was a child begin told Christmas was coming early. "I possess healing powers, if you like, I can heal your leg before we embrace." Chris shook his head. "How would I explain that to the docs taking care of me?" A sudden thought crossed his mind.

"Wait! The doc! The nurses! What're they gonna do when they see me gone?!" Ebima chuckled. "Time in your world cannot exist without you in it's fabric.

Until you return, time for your world will not move." Chris felt a small headache beginning over his right eye. He rubbed it and huffed. "This is all making my brain hurt." "Then allow me to ease your pain." Ebima crawled toward him, and Chris clubbed the irrational need to run away to death and watched him come closer. Ebima took hold of Chris' leg and slid his cast off, as if it was a sock. Then, while holding eye contact with the boy, Ebima slid his warm tongue over the stitches of the quick surgery of Chris' shin bone.

The feel of a mouth anywhere on his body, sent Chris into a frenzy, resulting in a small stain of spunk on his your dick is so small i can t even see it sph gown. Ebima finished mopping the boy's leg and leaned forward until their heads were touching.

"I want to make you do this over and over until you faint. Will you permit me?" Chris shuddered at the weight of Ebima's promise and nodded weakly. Ebima then sat up, dug his hands into Chris' hospital gown, and ripped the fabric clean off the boy's body.

Chris jerked with the motion and cried out as Ebima ripped his own clothing from his body. With Ebima on his knees, Chris was looking up at a black rigid 8 ½ inch pole, leaking a bit of precum. Egg sized genitals swung between black thighs. Ebima leaned forward and pressed his soft lips against Chris', slowly becoming more and more demanding.

Ebima pressed the boy into a mound of pillows at his back, his dark hands exploring the boy's tight body. With his tongue and teeth, Chris opened the demon's mouth and encircled his tongue over the other.

Ebima moaned, a low guttural noise, that on it's own, nearly drove Chris to climax all over again. While maintaining the body searching kiss, Ebima guided Chris' legs around his own waist, and ran his long fingers through his lover's short, thick curls. Every sense of precaution was thrown aside as Chris moaned aloud while Ebima bit, kissed, and licked a spot of his throat.

They kissed again, opening their mouths, and practically eating eat on another. Ebima pulled the boy upward, and Chris was suddenly sitting up, his legs wrapped around Ebima's waist, his stomach against the demon's.

Ebima kissed under the boy's chin, and licked one long super sexy milf strokes a big boner sexy woman and big dicks. Chris was laying soft kisses against Ebima's neck when he felt a long, thin intruder in his ass. He gasped as the visitor wriggled deeper and deeper until it brushed against his prostate, bringing about a wave of pleasure that made his head spin momentarily. Ebima kissed him again, fiercely, demanding, all the while finger fucking the boy.

Chris moaned into Ebima's mouth, louder and louder until the bubble of euphoria burst within him, sending several ropes of spunk onto both their stomachs. Chris leaned against Ebima's chest, panting. "I've never…Felt…Never done that…With anyone." Ebima laughed, sending another shiver through Chris' body.

Chris feebly punched his shoulder. "Stop…Don't do that." Ebima laughed again and laid Chris down against the pillows. He leaned forward to kiss the boy again, and worked his way lower. "Ohh…I can't…I don't have the strength." "You do not need it, my lover. I will do everything." Chris was content to lay there, and bask in the warm wet kisses trailing down his body, but was shocked when he felt Ebima's tongue in his asshole.

He pushed at his shoulders.

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"Don't…Not…Not clean. Don't…Please." Ebima sat up a bit and laughed. "Not clean?" He spoke while idly fingering the boy's hole, causing Chris to make small sounds and wriggle.

"Why, you're the perfect shade of pink down here, my lover." Chris opened his mouth to say something sarcastic, but what left it was a lusty scream as Ebima's tongue proved longer than the average human's.

The boy's body bucked as Ebima's tongue slid over the most intimate parts of him. "Ahh…AHH. Oh, shit! Ahh! AHH!" Chris gripped the sheets beneath him, arching his back. He was dangerously close to cumming yet again, when Ebima sat up and ran a soft hand up and down Chris' solid member. "Don't…Don't play with me…" Ebima smiled and pulled Chris' hips forward, wrapping the boy's legs around him.

"As you wish, my lover." Without pretense or any sort of warning, Ebima plunged inside of the boy's asshole, and fucked him with long, quick thrusts. He gripped Chris' hips and plunged in and out of him with reckless abandon. Chris bent his legs, to put his feet on Ebima's ass cheeks, screaming in pain and pleasure. The pain didn't last long, it didn't stand a chance against the waves of pleasure flowing the through his body. "Ahh, AHHHH, Oh FUCK, don't stop, Ebima, don't FUCKING stop!" He shouted as his new lover pounded his ass mercilessly.

Ebima leaned forward, bending Chris' legs, holding himself above the boy with one hand, holding the boy to him with another. Chris clutched Ebima's waist and mom bang teens samantha ryan ava hardy, howling with pleasure.

As he grew closer and closer to climax, Chris heard a deep reverberating growl. It took him a while to realize they were coming form Ebima himself. The growls grew louder until Ebima plunged himself in Chris as deep as he could go, arching his back, and spilled his demon seed into the boy's bowels.

Chris screamed and came with him, soaking both of their chests. Chest heaving, Ebima held himself shakily above Chris.

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"Did…Did you enjoy that, my lover?" Chris tried twice to speak, and finally settled for nodding. Ebima laughed, pulled out of Chris, and collapsed beside him. He laid against another mound of pillows, and pulling Chris up to him, positioning their bodies, so that they were both on their backs, Chris laying on his chest.

Ebima laid a soft kiss on Chris' forehead and spoke against it. "I must return you to your world my lover. May I call upon you again in the future?" Chris coughed and spoke with a raspy voice. "You can-You can call on me…Whenever you like." Ebima chuckled and lifted Chris into an embrace.

Chris buried his head in the hollow of Ebima's neck and fell asleep. He woke to the morning nurse bustling to get his vitals. Chris complied and the nurse left soon after, making masseuse canela skin milks clients big cock about him possibly being discharged soon, and Chris laid in his bed, wondering if he'd dreamed the entire thing.

He waddled to the bathroom for his morning piss and froze when her saw hickies on his neck and stomach. Chris slowly reached around a slipped one finger up his ass. He came back with a fingertip coated with spunk. He stared for a long time at that seed, before licking it off his finger. He had his piss and went to the sink to wash his hands.

He looked around to get a paper towel and jumped when he saw Ebima in the mirror. The demon smiled at him and blew him a kiss.

He whispered, "Soon, my lover." And Chris laid a hand against the mirror as Ebima disappeared. He smiled to himself and whispered, "Soon." Chris chuckled to himself, and walked back to his bed, wondering what was on TV.