Big tit mother fucks pal first time outdoor sex

Big tit mother fucks pal first time outdoor sex
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I've gone through life knowing that I had a small cock. All through my teen years I waited for it to grow. Its like I never hit puberty. People who've seen it have called it a little boy pee-pee. Even my balls are small, hairy like a grown man but under the hair they are just a bit bigger than grapes. I've had sex with a few girls and a few have Even been kind enough to fake it but I've never felt the grip of a tight hole.

That was until I met Rick and his daughter Emma. See Rick had a gambling problem and one night he got in over his head at a back alley card den. The guys were ready to give him a good pounding when he begged me to bail him out the $1000 he needed to clear his debt. I didn't trust the guy and he starts negotiating all sorts of things. One that sparks my interest is his daughter. You see he has 2 of them and one is 17 and known around our town as a real slut.

A chance to get full service from his hot girl was enough to get me to hand over the $1000 to the guys and follow him home. When we got there his older daughter was already servicing a guy on their couch. A used piece of ass wasn't worth $1000 so we kick his daughter and the boy out. His daughter slams the door on her way out.

I'm just about to beat the fuck out of Rick myself when little Emma comes down the stairs. I'm horny as hell by this point and any hole sounds good.

hardcore group sex scene in a van about her," I suggest "or I can continue to beat your ass in front of her." Rick doesn't say a word as I move towards little Emma.

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She is frozen in fear as I pull her nightie up over her head, revealing her pre-pubesent body. Her breasts were just little swells of baby fat with a pale pink bud in the middle.

Her belly was round and soft and she had the sweetest little hairless mound between her legs with a soft slit. Her bum was sweet and round. I pulled out my cock, fully hard and throbbing in was less than 3.5 inches long and about as fat as a nickle around. I told her to put it in her mouth. She listened to me like a good little girl. I pushed my cock into her mouth and for the first time in my life I felt a girl gag on my meat.

I was in heaven as I gingerly fucked this little girls face. She was sobbing around my cock as her little mouth was stuffed full. Her gag reflex massaged the head of my cock so sweetly I almost forgot to let her breathe. I pulled her off my rod and let her catch her breath for a second before I forced her to lick and suck my hairy balls.

I rubbed them all over her chin, mouth and tougue before going balls deep into her sweet little mouth again. My hands were on either side of her tiny head as I thrust into her face and down her tight throat.

I was at the brink of cumming just going mad choking this girl with my meat. I came so hard, flooding the little girls throat, forcing her to swallow what I imagine was her first load. I wiped the tip of my cock of on her toungue so she chick amara romani gets destroyed by a monster cock taste it.

She asked me if I was done and I just laughed. I told her to sit on the couch with her legs open. She obliged. Even with her legs spread her pussy slit was still closed tight. I can't believe how tight her box looked.

I could tell she was a virgin. Those lips looked so pure. I couldn't resist tasting her young virgin juices before I destroyed their purity. I used my fingers to spread her puffy lips.

Dipping my tongue between them I tasted her honey. I tried to tongue fuck her hole but it was too hard to get my tongue in so I spat in it and probbed it with a finger while I licked her immature clit.

I never use more than one finger otherwise I can't feel much. I feel her hymen. I probed it a little more stretching in out. I keep licking her clit and her hole gets warmer and wetter She is wiggling around saying it tickles. Soon she is moaning and I know she is ready for me. I chick with massive ass gets royally fucked the tiny little girl up and carry her over to a full length mirror.

I line my cock up with her virgin hole. I watch as my cock is swallowed by the little girls pussy. I feel some resistance from her cherry but I soon tear through. The feeling of this girls virgin pussy is a perfect fit for my little rod. I am in bliss as I tear into this child's body. She is crying out in pain as I violate her innocent little hole but I am moaning and swearing and panting so hard.

I'm watching her in the mirror. I turn her around so she is facing the mirror.

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Now I can watch her face as I give her her first fuck. I rub her clit and she soon starts to shake and buck on my piercing rod as her pre pubesent body was rocked by her first orgasm. The muscles of her pussy squeezed me even harder and I am soon filling her undeveloped womb with my seed.

Buried balls deep inside her I put her down on the couch.

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Not a drop of semen drips from her tight hole. Its not even midnight and I still have more desires to be fulfilled. Full service meant anal. I turn to Rick who is jacking off in the corner and ask if he has any lube. He comes back down the stairs with some Astroglide and hands it to me. "Please dont fuck her ass, she's only 7." I laugh at him and tell him "I'll be gentle" Please comment if you would like me to continue. This is my first story