Extreme bizarre anal fish hook and giant dildo fuck

Extreme bizarre anal fish hook and giant dildo fuck
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Author's note - Please read (at least skim) through this: The author is over the age of 18 and legally safe to write erotica/sex stories. One more thing: this story takes a while to pick up, I like writing in detail and feel the need to add a decent introduction and build up to add to the overall satisfaction of the story.

If you can't handle it or want something shorter, just go watch a porno with a terrible plot or enjoy any of the other great stories by talented authors. I'll release other stories if this one receives positive attention and some of them might be shorter.

Please be gentle in the comments. I completely encourage supportive criticism, if you have any improvements, suggestions or have noticed any plot, punctuation or grammatical errors, please let me know. Please take into consideration that this text was typed using Standard Australian English.

—————————————————— Cock Hungry Slut. Note: This is a true account of my third sexual experience with another male. Everything; including the events, names, and ages of the characters have not been changed and stay true to life. Trust me when I say it, this is EXACTLY how it happened: . What the fuck is up you buttercups, it's ya boy Kenny, back at it again with another story for ya'll.

It's been just under a year since my first one but, nonetheless, hope you enjoy reading as much as I love sucking haha. 19/04/18 - Thursday. Fuck, don't you just hate getting sick? I've been hit hard with it ALL too; sore and choked up throat, blocked nose, runny nose and a terrible fever… Naturally the only thing to do was to lay in bed and contemplate life, complain about being sick, eat tasteless food, watch Youtube & Netflix (not chill, get your head out of the gutter.), look at memes, try to find guys on a particular messenger that starts with a "K" but I cannot mention on this site, and then complain about being sick some more when I couldn't meet up.

So I was cruising on that particular messenger that starts with a "K" but I cannot mention on this site, again, looking for guys in my area. It had been exactly 3 weeks since my last experience with a guy (my second guy, nsa. Not worth writing a story about, hence why I'm skipping to my third guy) and I wasn't really satisfied with him.

I was craving some new action badly, willing to beg for it. I had become a cock hungry slut… 21/04/18 - Saturday. 'Fuck sake! Nothing is working out!'. I scream to myself. Frustrated; sexually, physically, mentally. All the guys I wanna hook up with are on the other side of town. The very few I do manage to find nearby are either not interested or our times just don't match. Eventually, I had given up, there's no point trying to hook up yet, I'm sick as a dog.

In the meantime, I've retreated back to texting and sexting guys from all over the world. I found a dude the other day from Texas, America.

Jordan is 25, a caucasian gay bottom, curious to try sucking and take a cock for the first time (Shout-out to Jordi, he'll be reading this one.). He introduced me to furry stuff; now I have a strong appreciation for any type of art, especially drawings, that shit is talented, man. I couldn't draw taylor white with lena the plug paint anything living to save my own life.

Anyway, it sure is a weird feeling being hard over images that aren't real, but it's all good and I can see why he loves it. You can really use your imagination with that stuff. With porn… Well, it's porn, there's nothing to imagine. We've been talking for like 3 days non-stop and it's helped us both out a lot I'd say. I've given him insights on my experiences and feelings about the things I've done and I've learnt a lot from the perspective of someone who isn't sexually attracted to women (which still seems bizarre to me tbh, how can you not love that sweet poontang?

I swear I'm not sexist, don't shoot me plz.).

So at around 7pm, a guy hits me up, who, as it turns out, lives close to me, and is looking for sex ("Hot guys in your area wanting to fuck. No credit cards. No bullshit". Am I right or what??). Another Tony! Would you believe it? This one is 40 years old, from India but moved to Australia when he was 19. We start chatting and exchange some pics, and hoo boy!

He's got such a delicious looking brown, 7 inch, cut cock. I immediately start frothing upon seeing it (no joke man) and I know I just need to have it in my mouth. We start making plans for a meet up and settle on Monday - if I'm feeling better by then, that is. After the plans are in place, I leave him be for a while. He seems like a chill dude, wanting a no strings attached type of thing with guys, besides, I've seen him in the messenger groups that starts with a "K" but I cannot mention on this site, chasing a BBW for regular fun.

I immediately go back to texting Jordi and show him the lovely cock I so badly want to be worshipping, followed by long detailed paragraphs on how I'd treat it. (What, you want the details? Don't worry, keep reading and you'll get them soon ;) ) "Gosh, you're such a cock hungry slut Kenny!". I read the reply fifteen times, finding it just as amusing each time.

I can't help but smirk devilishly, I have become addicted to cock, but I knew I would be, since the day I started finding cocks attractive. I wouldn't want it any other way, I love being a slut for hot dick… 22/04/18 - Sunday. The entire day was long-winded and boring as fuck. Time was passing by at a concerningly slow pace, all I could do was lay in bed, try to get better for Monday.

Let me tell you this, I have never wanted a Monday to come by so badly, usually it's the other way around, normal Mondays are the worst… I spent the whole day pretty much just texting Jordan, he had met a 22-year-old African American bisexual on the particular messenger that starts with a "K" but I cannot mention on this site, and he lived in the same town as him.

We discussed the do's and don'ts of meeting and his first sex session before deciding to give it some time so they can know each other better. Jordan showed me the guy's 8 inch cut sexy lady eva long moans gleefully while getting fucked in threesome w and man, Jordi you are one lucky dude.

Finally, after what feels like decades, the cock… uh oops, I meant clock… strikes 9pm and I hit up Tony about tomorrow. He confirms and is willing to pick me up at 10 am from the same parking lot that the other Tony picked me up from.

What a coincidence. I let Jordi know about the plan once again; Tony will pick me up, take me back to his house, make me worship his cock and blow his load in my mouth, then, drop me back off at the parking lot. Of course, he still can't believe what a risky slut I am and honestly, neither can I… I'm gonna get killed one of these days.

23/04/2018 - Monday - D Day - If you know what I mean ;) 'Fuck off!!!' 'Fuck ladyboy is blowing dick tube porn off!!!' That's all that repeated in my head when I woke up that morning. I had opened that particular messenger, expecting Tony #2 to tell me how he couldn't wait for my lips around his shaft.

Instead, I was rather unwelcomed by "Hey mate. I have a work meeting at 10 am. For a new contract, cannot meet. Sorry.

I suggest we reschedule.". I wanted to ditch my phone at the wall and scream a big 'fuck you' to the world. Needless to say, I was pissed off. I tried to plan a later time with him, but no cigar, not even close.

His meeting was to go on for several hours. I planned out my shit day: Going to the morning lecture at uni, studying in the 2 hour break I had after, and then attending my lab session for the day.

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"Welp, gonna be another shit day like always." I sigh to myself glumly, shaking my head. It's 11 am, I'm sitting in the lecture, trying to pay attention to the dull PowerPoint presentation, when I hear my phone buzz in my pocket. I pull it out and see that Tony has messaged me for some reason. I open the unspeakable messenger and, the joy inside me pours out onto my face after I read it.

"Hi Kenny, meeting finished sooner than expected, I'm free now. Can pick you up.". I struggle to type a response as my hands begin to tremble. I manage to say "Awesome, I'm going to the parking lot now, will be around 20 minutes" without too many typos and take a minute to calm and collect myself. I gather my belongings and head out to catch the bus back to the train station. I arrive at the station and begin my walk to the parking lot of the shopping centre next door while texting Jordi.

Me: "Dude, he's agreed to meet, his meeting was short as fuck. He's free now". Jordi: "Wow, so you're gonna suck him then?". Me: "Yep, that's the plan!". Jordi: "You cock hungry slut". I smirk and feel the arousal in my pants, being called that turns me on so much. I love it.

I hot teen masturbates in the bathtub on cam the meeting place and shoot Tony a text asking him to pick me up. He isn't receiving and reading my messages yet so the waiting game begins. All I can do is stare at my screen, wait for the 'read' symbol to appear and dart my eyes around the parking lot to try and find him. This endless cycle repeats until I can finally see Tony replying to my messages. He describes to me his car, a silver ute (pickup truck).

My eyes immediately start searching from left to right, I see one coming towards me, it pulls over into a drop off bay and I see Tony in the driver's seat. I confirm with him and approach the vehicle. I reach the passenger side door and peer in. Me: "Hi Tony, how's it going mate?". Tony: "Hi mate, yeah good you? Jump in bro.".

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"Yeah good mate good.". I say as I'm climbing into the car. Tony: "You been waiting long?". Me: "Nah only about 5 minutes man.". Tony: "Oh ok good.". Tony: "So what you been up to today?". "Oh just went to uni for a bit and now getting picked up by a guy who wants his dick sucked. You know, regular things people do." I smirk at him, knowing full well my devilish smartass attitude is gonna get me killed someday.

Tony: "Oh I see haha, you do this much then ay?". Me: "Nah not really. You're my third guy actually, my first was amazing, second was meh, hoping this one is fun as well. For both of us.". Tony: "Yeah guys can be a let down sometimes, I try to be casual with it. Pretty easy you know. We can take it as fast or as slow as you want.". Me: "Yeah sounds good to me man. I see you been searching for a nsa bbw on (redacted messenger name) ay". Tony: "Haha yeah, into bigger women like that, I swing both ways haha.".

Me: "Haha nothing wrong with that, bisexual myself. It's good fun.". Tony: "Yep sure is. So you get a chance to meet people much? I'm guessing you still live with your parents so…". Me: "Yeah still living with them, don't really get many opportunities so I pretty much take every single one I can, you know.". Tony: "Yeah I get ya.". Soon we pull up to his house, a decent single story home, well maintained and neat. Me: "So we'll be alone right?

No surprises waiting for me I hope…". Tony: "Haha definitely not, only the one in my pants.". He winks at me.

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I swear I was ready to suck him in the driveway. He invites me inside and shows me around the house, I notice the family photos and politely ask about them. "Oh that's my wife and sons, we divorced a couple years back and the boys come down on the weekends.". He replies. Me: "Oh that's nice man.". I notice several opened 40's packs of cigarettes and start to go into a dilemma. He's a smoker… Fuck, I wanna suck him, I was looking forward to swallowing but his cum is probably bitter as fuck.

At the same time, I don't want a facial, fuck what do I do? Do I tell him I don't wanna swallow? Do I swallow anyway? Get him to cum somewhere else? Should I just call it off? Fuck fuck fuck. I calm myself down and decide to proceed as planned. I'll take care of his cum when I get to that part.

His dick looked so delicious in the pics, too hard to resist now. It's only inches away from me. Me: "So, where you wanna do this?". Tony: "Damn straight to the point, I like it haha. Let's go into my room.". Me: "Haha I didn't mean to be radical about it, just was wondering.". I follow him to the room and place my belongings near his bed, on the floor. When I turn around, he's standing at the edge of the bed, all naked for me.

I take a minute to admire his toned and tanned body, his muscles are well defined and he looks pretty lean. Clearly spends some time at the gym. My eyes move down his body and find the target. His flaccid cut cock, currently dangling at about 5 inches and his hefty sized balls, looking smooth shaven.

I feel myself drooling for him. Tony: "Well, it's all here, what you think?". Me: "Dayum, you got a stunning bod, wanna lay on the bed for me?". I guide him to the middle of the bed and he lies on his back. I spread his legs further apart and my hands slide up his thighs and I cup his balls. Feeling their weight in my hand. Me: "Damn, you look even better in person haha.".

Tony: "Haha, thanks, so I've been told.". I fondle his balls and slide him them between my fingers, gently squeezing and tugging each. He starts moaning in response and I see the approval in his face. I slowly lay down on my stomach between his legs and stick my tongue out in front of his head.

I flick his dick hole with my tongue before taking his head into my mouth and sliding to the base of his shaft. I fucking love feeling dick get hard in my mouth. It's amazing. I start to increase the saliva and thrust my mouth back and forth slowly, being sure to suck him like a lollipop every time I'm pulling back, almost tugging his cock off him.

My hands continue to work his sack and squeeze above the balls using my index and thumb, forming a circle, as if I'm holding a coin. Next step is to start tugging his sack up and down, being sure to squeeze less when I'm at his balls.

Meanwhile, my mouth is spewing strings of saliva and precum onto his dick and then I take them back in, making sure I get his entire hot sexually excited sorority sisters hardcore and reality sloppy wet. I feel him becoming harder and harder, his cock continuing to grow in my mouth, eventually, it feels like it's at full mast.

I feel ready for the challenge and slowly wrap my lips around his shaft, squeezing him hard. My tongue flicks the underside of his head a few times, feeling his cock throb in my ebony secretary makes her boss lick her asshole femdom is so hot. He's practically begging for what comes next.

I slowly slide down his dick, trying to make my way to the base. My tongue is doing the underside of his head wonders. I feel it throbbing at the roof of my mouth and give him as much room as I can.

Opening my throat wide and keeping my lips sealed tight around him. I fight my way to the dead end, eventually, I feel my nose digging into his pelvis, I'm trying with all my might not to gag. I attempt to continue breathing through my nose but his throbbing dick doesn't make it easy. His moans fill the room and his face is in shock and awe.

His eyes rolled back to tell me It's worth it. I ease up on the ball squeezing, retreating to just soft fondling, and my mouth starts to slide back up, making sure I slurp his dick like a straw on the way.

I start to flick his dick hole with my tongue and part it, my hand grabs his shaft and starts jerking him slowly. I don't want him to cum yet, just to tease him enough. He'd probably start losing his mind if I keep this up. He may be taller and older, but while his dick is in my mouth, I own him. He cannot get me to stop, it feels too good for that, but I want him to know it's my property until I'm done with it.

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I swirl my tongue around his head, tasting his oozing precum. It does taste good, but I'm not so sure about his sperm. Nevertheless, I start bobbing my head up and down, gradually increasing in speed, trying to increase the saliva again. The sloppier it is, the hotter it is. Even though it may seem a bit disgusting at first. At least it was to me. But the more I suck cock, the more I realise how important it is to properly lube up the meat I'm worshipping.

Nobody wants a dry headjob that feels like a suck from the vacuum cleaner. I start to pick up the pace, my head moving faster, my tongue swirling around his head, I try to taste as much of him as I can.

Cock is delicious, and his one is no exception. All he can do is lay in a daze, his vision a blur and his mind blank.

Safe to say he's in a state of pure ecstasy (don't do drugs kids). I start to edge him closer and closer to my goal. I still haven't decided about the finish, I don't want to interrupt to kharlie stone in college guys love braces now, I've worked too hard for that. That and he's enjoying it so much, can't ruin a man's moment like that.

I continue working his cock, squeezing it with my lips when I'm pulling up, sliding his head along the roof of my mouth when I'm pushing forward, making sure to avoid teeth contact. I feel his head pulsating at the back of my mouth. My throat's reaction is to squeeze it, trying to swallow it like I'm eating food. He's ready to blow, his dick is begging for it. I swirl my tongue around his hole and slowly jerk his shaft with my hand. Almost immediately, I'm hit with his load moans, I feel his cum shooting into my throat, on the roof of my mouth and on my tongue.

He blew the biggest load I've had yet.

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It tastes a lot better than I expected. A mix of sweet and bitter but still tastes good to me. Nothing like eating cum. I keep twirling my tongue around him, trying to get every last drop. I hold his cock with my hand and let it out of my mouth, swallowing his huge load before putting him back in my mouth and sucking him clean.

I kept him in my mouth to feel him become flaccid again. Tony: "Fuuuck, holy shit where'd you learn to suck like that??". Me: "I got my secrets.". I smirk and wink at him. Tony: "Damn no wonder.". Me: "Haha you liked it that much world class tease pleases the dude but not fully. Tony: "Yeah you bet, that was amazing man.".

Me: "Haha well thank you, same for me.". Tony: "Damn I almost don't wanna let you go anymore hahaha.". Me: "Haha well anytime you want a round 2 you know where to hit me up.". Tony: "Yep, would love to do that again sometime if you're interested.".

Me: "I sure am, sucking cock is awesome. And yours was no exception.". Tony: "Well you can practice on me all you like haha, come back sooner than later I hope.". Me: "I sure will, could you drop me back off?". Tony: "It's the least I could do after that performance haha.". Me: "Thanks man.". With that, I gather my stuff and watch him leap out of the bed, his cock and balls dangling as he puts his clothes on.

We make it back to the car and he drops me back off at the parking lot. All that sucking has really made me hungry. I'm starving for food but I had my dessert already (if you know what I mean). I go back home and grab something to eat, the events of today on constant replay in my head. Such a hot feeling, sucking off random strangers like that. What can I say, I guess I'm a cock hungry slut after all.