Brunette and blonde babes threesome sex with nasty man

Brunette and blonde babes threesome sex with nasty man
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Lisa grumbled as she unlocked the door to the storage closet. It was already past 8:00pm and she was staring at the end of an 11-hour day.

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She was 36 and worked as an administrator at an adult education centre. Her book supplier sent the shipment from across town late and she now finally got around to stashing the books in the closet so she could get home. Frowning as one of the dirty boxes left a streak of dust on her new olive Armani suit, she stretched her slender 5' 7" body to shelve a couple more books on the top shelf, standing on her black ankle strap heels.

Jim passed the slightly ajar door and caught a sideways glance of a woman stretching to put books on a shelf. The last guy out of the classroom, he just received word that he was about to fail yet another class, this time, good enough to get his vocational rehab money revoked.

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Mad as a snake, he had only an empty house to look forward to as his girlfriend moved out 3 months ago to live with a man who actually had a life. He doubled back to steal another glance. Nobody else was in the hallway. The teacher had walked out the opposite end of the hall to the parking lot.

He had seen this bitch before, always working late, so she must have her own keys to the place. Nobody else should be here. Her ponytail swung as she swung her head to search for more space. The brown hair with slightly blonde highlights just begging for attention with each swing.

She put the last of the books away and broke down the cardboard boxes. Brushing the dust off her body, she ran her hands over her 36D breasts and over her skirt. "Good, no tears this time" she remarked as she looked over her nude collared great fetish lesbians dildo movie pantyhose and erotica just under her 18" skirt. Always complaining about how expensive pantyhose were and how easily it tore when she had to come to the storage room, she was glad she got away clean this time.

Looking over the room to make sure everything was in place, she went to the far side of the large closet to pick up one more empty box when the lights went out. Groaning over the misfortune of a blown breaker or maybe a power outage, she gingerly tried to feel her past the maze of boxes, books and equipment lying around to the light just outside the door that was only 25 feet away.

But halfway there, after kicking the third box on her way fumbling out the door, she thought she saw a shadow pass the doorway, and with a light click, the door closed and all light disappeared.

"Hello, is anybody there?" a plaintive call in the dark. Damn, I can be such a little girl sometimes, thought Lisa as she resumed to pick her way through the maze to the door. She wasn't worried about being locked in, it didn't lock from the inside.

She thought she heard breathing as she got within 5 feet from the door, stopping to get her bearings, she couldn't hear anything.

One more step, one more click of her heel and she began reaching out for the door handle which should be close. Instead, she felt something warm, a shirt? She pulled back. Pitch black, she called out again, "hello?" as another brief moment of panic hit her. Taking a full step forward to what she thought was the door, she reached out and walked straight into something solid, a warm body perhaps? She reached frantically to grab at the door handle she knew must be close at hand.

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Instead, she felt a pair of hands grab her. As she screamed, one of the hands muffled her mouth and she fell backwards, miraculously avoiding all of the boxes and junk and straight on the floor.

Jim fell right on top, using his 6'1", 215 lb body to pin the woman on the floor, knocking the wind out of her. Unable to scream, Lisa squirmed and tried to fight her assailant off, but to no avail. Finally, with her right arm pinned under her and her legs trapped by her attacker, she heard the click of a box cutter and a voice rasp "don't make me hurt you bitch, just cooperate and you get to go home in a little while." Frozen with fear, Lisa whimpered and held her free arm close to herself, trying to cover her chest and face from the attacker.

Unable to see more than just a shadow of black in the dark, she felt the man grab her jacket and rip it open, her two buttons skittering into the darkness.

Exposing a black tank top, he started manhandling her breasts through the shirt and bra. Afraid to breathe, she resumed her begging and crying for mercy as his hands went lower to massage her legs and push her skirt up. Rubbing the pantyhose and caressing the silky smooth feel of her well toned runner's legs, he began to tear the crotch out of her pantyhose. "Shut up bitch" and a slap that landed more on her chin than her face made her see bright lights for a couple seconds as it stung.

Using packaging tape, he tied her arms together and onto the metal post of one of the shelves. Tearing off her tank top, he tied it around her eyes, a makeshift blindfold to prevent her from seeing his face.

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And with that, he flipped the lights back on to admire his catch. Lisa laid on the floor, topless except a black, sensible Victoria Secrets bra. Her skirt pulled up to her waist, her pantyhose had a hole torn out of the exotick hot latina nina north oils up her huge tits hardcore cumshot, but her panties were still, again, sensible black bikini briefs that were nonetheless, sexy.

Lifting her legs up in the air, he got in between her legs and let them rest on his shoulder as once again, he reached down to massage her through her panties. Squirming under her blindfold, her breasts jiggled under her bra. "Let's take a look at the girls" as he used his box cutter to cut the middle of the bra.

Her breasts popped free, her nipples standing up from the cold of the tile floor and from fear. Taking one nipple in his mouth, he took the other in his hand and began rubbing it harshly in between his fingers. Straining to get to away, Lisa was powerless to stop him, her legs spread and in the air as his body had her legs at an almost 90 degree angle from the ground. Reaching down again, he slit off the panties, ripping the pantyhose wider around the crotch and began massaging her pussy.

"God&hellip. Stop… please&hellip." She hissed through clenched teeth. In the struggle, the torn tank top fell away from her face, uncovering her eyes. As her attacker chewed her neck and pounded her relentlessly, she stared up toward the ceiling, her ankle strapped heels bouncing in the air. Unable to gain any leverage with her knees pinned up against her body and her legs pressed up against his shoulders, she slowly succumbed to the brutal assault.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, but more like 5 minutes, he spoke again, "damn, you've got a fine body baby, feels so good" Pleading now only to have the man finish and leave her alone, she clenched her bound hands in fists of rage and anguish, unable to do anything more than grit her teeth from the merciless pain from the hard pounding the man did.

"Oh baby, here it comes, take it bitch, take it." A huge orgasm flooded her pussy, her body seemed to fill with warmth as he shot load after load into her.

Dizzy from the exertion and pain, Lisa passed out while Jim collapsed on top of her, his penis slowly shrinking and slipping out.

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Noticing her blindfold off, Jim wasn't sure if she saw his face at all. "Too late now huh," he thought to himself as he tried to decide what to do.

She slowly came around, disoriented, her arms still bound over her head. She saw a man putting his shirt back on. Jim looked at her for a second. "I should just take you with me, make you disappear." "No please, I won't tell anybody, please, I swear." Going through her purse, he found all her information, her address, her friends, family, everybody whom she held dear, including her fianc?"Tell you what, you suck my cock good, I'll let you go, but you tell a soul and Pretty blonde teen slut halle von gets fucked by huge cock will first kill your grandparents, then your cousins here.

I'll make your family pay, before I kill you, understand?" "Yes sir" as he reached over to cut the tape that bound her hands to the shelving. Still bound together though her hands were. Slowly sitting up, she took the mans cock in her mouth, not using her hands, she began to slowly lick and kiss his penis.

Running his hands through her hair, he held her in place as she swallowed his cock and slowly let it slip into her throat.

Resisting the urge to gag, she continues, her tongue making small circles on the underside of his penis.

His balls pressed up against nikki stills gets her pussy hammered in public by dudes cock chin, his pubic hair engulfing her nose.

After a couple more minutes, she felt it twitch again, wanting to pull back to keep from choking, he savagely held her head in place, twisting her ponytail into a painful handle by which to control her. Gobs and gobs of cum rushed down her throat. Unable to spit it out, she had no choice but to swallow. The cum left a burning trail of slime and shame down deep into her body.

"Damn bitch, that was good, I think I'll start taking your class every few weeks. Now you be good, I'll be checking up on you." As tears came rushing out, he got his pants on and left, taking her torn panties with him. Crawling up, she gather her jacket and ruined top, slipping on the jacket and holding it in place since the buttons were missing.

Staggering to find her purse, she took her keys out and stumbled to her car, driving out slowly, unsure of where to go. Her cell phone rang. Her fianc?as calling to see how she was getting along and to see if she would be coming home soon. She didn't answer the phone and just pulled out of the parking lot.