Marina and her young man are in the bedroom and her virgin body is awe

Marina and her young man are in the bedroom and her virgin body is awe
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The voice of Izzy still rang in my head of her saying that Gene and Tiffany were at the house. My mind got distracted at looking at Riley's ass bobbing up and down and shifting side to side while she was pedaling that I lost all control of the bike nearly crashing into a lamppost on the right side of me. "Come on Max, I don't have all day." She said with a snigger on her face as she pulled over for a drink of water.

"You were staring at my ass again weren't you?" she said with a surprisingly calm tone. I just nodded slowly. "So this Gene… do you like her?" "She is just a friend" I replied, reaching for my bottle of water, "I have no reason to be attracted to her." I lied but I couldn't tell Riley that for I know how she would react.

"We better be going Riley don't want to be late. Being late was the least of anime teen school girl breasted in public worries at this point. We arrived home sooner than I expected (or hoped for that matter.) I walked through the door and into the kitchen where I was greeted with a hug and cheeky kiss from Gene much too much dislike of my sisters and the stares I got especially from Izzy, but I decided to ignore her and not pay any attention to Riley but I noticed and empty seat next to Tiffany who had been wearing a very lovely red V-neck and long-ish black skirt.

"Mum where is Ashley?" I asked with hesitation to what the reaction would be from Riley and Izzy would be, but there was none. "She is in her room, be a dear and go get her." That message triggered something in Izzy as she stood up and dragged me by my hand out the kitchen.

"Just need to tell Max something mother." She said politely with a huge smile. Her facial expression darkened as she turned to face me. "Max you even get a blow-job off Ashley and I'll tell everyone one about you and that woman in there, got it?" I could see the old Izzy rising to the surface, I knew she would hold that story against me.

As she let go off my arm I headed upstairs and along to Ashley's bedroom, I reached for the handle when I heard some sobbing coming from through the door. "Ashley dinner is ready," I said in a clear voice. I turned round and heard the door handle moving and the door swung open. I felt a hand grab the collar of my shirt which then proceeded to pull me into her room, Ashley tripped me over with her foot causing me to fall back with my eyes staring at her ceiling this view was then covered up by her breasts which seemed to cover my entire view in the black sports bra she was wearing.

"Ashley get off of me…NOW!" my voice was muffled but she heard me and got off of me. "What do you think you're doing?" I replied with rage in my voice. I felt that way the night she used me. I wanted to hit her but I would not stoop so low, I raised my arm as if to slap her but I controlled my anger and headed for the door. "Dinner is ready." I whispered as the door shut behind me. I made my way downstairs and staggered into the kitchen, I looked from Izzy to Riley then Gene to her mother Tiffany.

I took my seat next to Izzy and across the table from Gene their eyes in deadlock with each-other. My mother sat the dinner plate in front of me, my ears picked up the sound of footsteps waling downstairs, and it was Ashley. She sat directly opposite me my stomach started to churn. I pushed my plate away in disgust. "I'm not hungry." I stated, as I stood up and made my way to my bedroom, I felt a soft object touch my hand and turned around to notice it was Ashley, "Don't leave because of me." She said with a tear in her eye.

I took my hand away from hers, "I'm going to bed." That night was the worst sleep ever, the nightmares I kept having about Izzy telling everyone about me and Tiffany or the fight that always ensued between Riley and Ashley over me, not to mention the impact I left as I stormed away from the kitchen but what really annoyed me was that Ashley thought I would have sex with her after all she put me through but the images of her body got me a little flustered, I mean she was a sexy woman but I just couldn't, could I?

The next day wasn't so bad I was awakened with a breakfast in bed with a note that read, "Sorry for last night, Love Ash." My mind was wondering, how did she get in?.

Without me knowing. I left the breakfast on my bed and headed downstairs and noticed that Gene was sleeping on the couch and Mum was washing the dishes. I walked into the kitchen and hugged my mother saying I was sorry for last night, and why was Gene sleeping on our couch. "Her mom was called to hospital mature babe gives wild oral sex hardcore blowjob her Dad's had a heart attack and she didn't want Gene to worry so she asked If she could sleep here for a few days." She replied.

I walked out of xxx super hot granny d ancing porn kitchen to see Gene but was confronted by Izzy who decided to push me back, (the first time she had physically confronted me in a while) "What happened with you last night and most importantly why is that WHORE in our living room." Not even trying to keep her voice down. I just barged past her not intimidated by her comment, I sat next to Gene who was still sleeping at this point.

I brushed her hair past her ears she was cold as a statue, I decided to go and fetch her a pillow and blanket from my room, and upon entering my room there she was Riley lying on my bed with my blankets wrapped around her waist with her breasts exposed "I don't have time for this Riley," I said in hesitation "I wasn't asking" she replied seductively. She removed the blankets to show little white panties that were soaked already. She wandered over to me and stuck her hand down my boxers and grabbed my dick which was already hard.

"Max I need it," she squeezed it harder, as I grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her up to my level. I was lost in her eyes they were so beautiful but I had to break the trance or I would be overcome by my sexual feelings. "I want you too," I replied, "I want to but I just can't." Riley looked at me puzzled but decided to wrap herself up and leave but I was left with a MASSIVE hard-on which I really had to get rid of. I quickly grabbed the blankets and pillow and rushed downstairs and into the living-room, I handed them to her one at a time, trying to conceal my hard-on.

I anxiously ran back upstairs. Meanwhile, Izzy walked down and into the living room glaring at Gene the whole time until she sat down, "This little whore better be out of here soon." She whispered as she turned on the T.v. Ashley then entered the living-room with a piece of burnt toast which looked absolute awful but then again Ashley was never no gourmet chef, "What's wrong Ashley, Max not willing to sleep with your cheating ass." She said with a cheeky grin.

"I…i.i." she ran out the room before she could finish her sentence. The way Izzy face fell sex my friend hot moom sexual sex stories story com her mum entered the room could have broken a mirror. "Why do you treat your sister like that Isabella!" she shouted with sternness and a cold heart, "Isn't it bad enough you treat Max like that, now Ashley." While this was going on Gene awakened from her slumber, only to see the mother and daughter argument.

"I leave you alone if you want?" she asked, "I need to take this blanket and pillow up to Max." With ebony beauty solo cums hard masturbate and lingerie pleasant smile on her face and an evil glare on Izzy's she headed to Max's room.

She reached for the door handle and opened the door a crack the room was bare and Max was nowhere in-sightGene dropped the pillow and blanket on Max's bed and left the room. Max was instead in the shower playing with himself too much that he shot is load on the shower curtain which made his legs buckle as he sank to the floor and a small grin came over his face. Before getting out Max had washed the shower curtain clean off his cum and walked out.

He changed into a fresh pair of boxers and an old T-shirt that belonged to his dad, Max had never wore this shirt for a while he always felt it was his last connection to his father, his door swung open and no surprise it was Izzy sara jay likes a big black cock black skin-tight jeans and a black fishnet shirt which revealed her bra which held her perfect tits in place.

"You want me to sleep with you tonight Max?" she asked.

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"I heard you last night you sounded very frightened," she stated which at this moment in time I could use a nice sleep on her tits. I awoke the next day muzzled in mamas pilladas con hijos dormidas Izzy's breasts they were so comfortable like marshmallows or like silk coated clouds which was just heavenly. Izzy awoke when I took my head out of her breasts, "Now Max I want something in return and I want it now." She said licking her lips as she removed my shirt and dug her hands down into my boxers and squeezed.

"Izzy please don't be as rough as last time and no fingers in my ass either." She looked puzzled, "Did you not enjoy that?" she asked, my reply was a stare into her eyes and simply shaking my head. Izzy started to to fondle around with my cock until she almost ripped my boxers trying to get it out, I reached up and stole a few kisses from her while my left hand got to work on her left breast, I slapped her breasts multiple time before moving my hands down to her pussy and heat of the first wazoo ride hardcore blowjob her panties while she was lying on me.

I started to tease her by sucking and occasionally biting on her nipples which shot her into overdrive I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers a few times and thought she was going to cum, "Did I say you could cum!"… I slapped her across the face and quickly squeezed her left nipple and slapped her a few more time. "Max I need to cum please,"…… "Not yet." I replied with another slap to her face, I started moving my fingers much more rapidly in and out her throbbing pussy before she let out a huge scream.

I felt the cum trickle down my fingers and brought them up to my nose and smelt it before I licked it off my fingers. "You like the taste of my cum Max?" "I love it!" I went in for a kiss but she held me back, "Now I'm going to taste you in here," as she pointed to her mouth and here as she turned round and put her tight ass hole in my face and pointed to it's opening. "Massage my ass with your tongue Max as she pressed her ass right up to my face.

I licked around her ass hole several times as she continued to suck my cock and occasionally I would force her to gag on it. She then got off me and sat at the edge of the bed ready to be anally fucked.

She forced my cock into her ass and started to let out little groans and moans, I could hear her taking longer breaths and was enjoying what she was being given after all she did love a good bit of anal.

I grabbed her by the ass and started moving her up and down my shaft until I told the bitch to go into the doggy-style position. I lined up my cock and started teasing her by only putting my head in a few times. "Hurry up Max I want your cum now!" That's all I need I grabbed her by the hips and pounded my whole cock into her at once. I felt her whole body tingle and buckle as I kept pounding her ass getting faster and faster each time.

She was taking heavy pants and her pussy was dripping on to my bed sheets. I stopped a few times to slap her ass and when she tried to turn round I would stop fucking her almost teasing her as you wish. "Max I need to cum now." "You haven't earned it yet," I smiled as she playfully scowled "Fuck me like I'm meat Max!" she yelled I grabbed hold of her boobs that were dangling down from her body and squeezed them as hard as I could she let out a very loud scream which I had to mute by kissing her inserting my tongue straight into her which danced all around her mouth and danced with her tongue.

I felt my balls tingling as Ugly girl with perfect tits giving head fitzgerald media was about to cum, I quickly pulled out and demanded the Izzy come and clean my cock for my as she was already finished with her orgasm. I grabbed her by old man vs teen girl intense orgasm and sensual kissing in the bedroom hair and plummeting my cock deep inside her throat and released ropes and ropes of cum inside her mouth which even Izzy had a problem swallowing.

As she gathered her clothes to leave the room I gave her ass a hard squeeze which then was greeted with a cheeky smile and a wink. Throughout the day I sat in the living room talking to Gene about the terrible films we had got and that how bad they were. Until it came to this comedy which was quite funny in my opinion and Gene thought it was a blast to. Later on, we called in for food because neither me nor mum felt like cooking that night, I was still buzzing about the sex I had with Izzy earlier.

It felt amazing just her gagging on my cock gave me sense of power and control which I never really got when I was with Riley or Ashley. Izzy was probably my favorite out of the three just because I had so much power over her and she let me do anything to her which was magical but then again Ashley does have the better ass&hellip.Wait hold on why am I thinking of Ashley she used me and worse lied to me as well.

I would forgive her but It's hard to after being used like that. (she did take my virginity after all) But something about Ashley always brought her back into my head, was it her beautiful skin, her amazing ass or just the simple fact that she was my first. The pizza arrived 20 minutes later and we all shared a big slice but even though she had stayed with us Gene seemed uneasy I don't know what it was but she didn't look 'normal'.

I decided to go to bed a little later that night even though I had school in the morning which to be honest felt like its own nightmare that was until I heard a knock on my door and it was Gene that opened it. "Can I sleep with you tonight?" she asked nervously "Sure" I replied, This was all I needed Gene sleeping next to me in my bed.

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With this I decided to roll over as she climbed into my bed. "Max?" "Yeah," With my eyes still closed. "Can I take my clothes off and sleep in my bra?" "Yeah sure," My eyes opened to what I just agreed to. That night had went a bit smoother after that, even though she slept in a bra and her panties nothing sexually came off it. Which I was quite glad at but my cock thought different.

I actually got a great sleep for once in a long time probably just from the comfort of Gene being near me. My alarm clock woke me also with the sound of Riley and Izzy shouting for me to get up. After I got ready all I had to do was get my bag ready for school but there was one thing missing my sketch book was not there perhaps Gene had took it and of course I was right she was sitting in the kitchen flicking through it noticing the times I had come and play with my new pet Izzy almost nude.

"I need to go to school can I have that." motioning for the sketchbook After that Izzy dropped me off at school and as usual, I made out with her in the car as usual.

The time did go quick in school, I knew by the way everyone was looking at me I reeked of sex and I knew it to.

The day went quick at school and soon it was time for me to sketch Gene again but when I arrived at Mr. Edwards class she wasn't there, 'had my sisters done something to her' I pondered before receiving at tap on the back from Mr.Edwards "Max, where have you been in the last few amateur milf young and massage peeping tom on our asses He asked "It has been the weekend." I replied "Oh yeah, Max your free to go today." I arrived home earlier as I rushed to see what happened to Gene and that's when I saw a sight that I should never of seen Riley and Gene making out on the couch.

"What's happening here then?" I said curiously. They both stopped snogging each other and turned around in astonishment, Riley's face hit the floor and seen I was too angry for to try and reason with me "Max, I'm so sorry," Gene panted after the heavy snogging. "Forget it." I said with anger as I marched upstairs Gene trying to grab my arm to bring me back down but I pulled away from her and headed for my room.

I dropped all my stuff and headed in for a shower to wash the smell of sex of me.

I hanged my head with one hand against the wall and looked down at the ground. My mind wondering still with that image of Gene getting snogged by Riley kind of turned me on with all this thinking I failed to realize that someone had opened and closed it without me knowing. I turned round to see someone pulling back the curtain and I recognized those hips from anywhere and it was Ashley who wondered into the shower and gave me a small kiss on my cheek&hellip.