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Mom xxx set very hard
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Fair warning: This story has background before it has sex. It's your choice to read the background or skip to the sex. But please leave comments with suggestions, criticisms, compliments, or otherwise constructive sentences. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I always thought of myself as a perpetual loner who would never have a girlfriend. I went through many years of school without ever convincing a girl to date me.

I was a bit of a nerd (read: huge nerd). But then I discovered how to sensual teen stretches wet cunt and gets deflorated intimate with any girl I wanted. Though, it's extremely particular to my situation.

You see, in high school I was considered very intelligent. And the only thing a nerd like me got a reputation for was being good at studying. Thus, I started tutoring friends. "Friends," you say, "aren't romantic." But I'd like to point out that there are extremely few circumstances under which you and a very hot girl can be left alone in private by everyone in the residence where you are working. And tutoring is one of them. So, I used this to my advantage to get with my first 4 girlfriends.

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Though those are for another time. This story is about my first experience in college with this method of dating. It wasn't until my junior year in college, at 21 years old, that I worked up the confidence to gorgeous brunette babe sucks dudes big huge cock for money my method, since intelligence is weighed very differently in college than in high school.

But by junior year, I had convinced students in my major (Chemistry) that I was smart enough to tutor some of them. There was one student in particular, a freshman named Michelle, who caught my eye. It was early in the Spring semester, and I had seen Michelle around during the Fall. She was about 5'1" (1.5 meters) - which I judged based on her being about a foot shorter than me - had small features.

Nose, lips, ears, ass… For the most part she wore baggy hoodies, but the days she wore tighter shirts you could tell her breasts were small to suit. Her eyes were a little large, and a very beautiful green color. Her hair was a dark brown and kept cropped off. Her face was only blemished by the slightest amount of dark freckles, and she never wore makeup. Luckily, this semester she started soliciting for a tutor for one of her classes. Naturally, I introduced myself by diving in to save the day.

I approached her after her morning class got out just before lunch. "Heard you needed a tutor. I'm Bill," I held out a hand to shake hers.

She didn't take it. "You're a junior, right? People talk about the blonde haired guy who always wears graphic tees." She glanced at the TARDIS on my shirt.

"What do they say about the tall, blue-eyed, blonde-haired, graphic-tee wearing junior?" I quipped. "Well they don't flatter him." She started walking away.

"Want to get lunch?" I ask. She waved her hand for me to follow, leaving me utterly confused. After a silent walk to the dining hall, she finally spoke. "I'm Michelle." Wow. What a way you have with words, Michelle. I'm glad you graced me with your presence&hellip. "I don't talk to people regularly. But the ones I have all recommended you tutor me. So yes, tutor me. Eat lunch with me. That's fine." She went and grabbed a two-person table, at which I could sit across from her. "Honors Chemistry 2." She said after getting her food and meeting me back at the table, where I was already eating like a gentleman with neither silverware nor napkins.

sultry brunette dominating thick cock friend fucks his asshole hard anal whom?" Gotta watch your grammar, Bill. This girl is either smart or impatient, and you don't want to find out too soon which dominates&hellip. Maybe she dominates&hellip. I cough after the thought. "Johnson." Me too.

The lady was brutal. The material was far beyond what the class should have covered, but she always washed over that by calling it an "Honors" class and saying we should do far more work than was necessary. Though I survived the class, and hopefully I would get my just desserts from helping this hot, sexy, fresh&hellip.

"Hello? Earth to Bill. Come in space cadet." Michelle continued eating after this friendly reminder that I was caught in my own world. "I had her too. Terrifying memories. I can tutor you for that class." Now she's in the bag.

I just have to make her agree to my room, and we'll be on our way to… "Library. Tuesday. Last class?" "Uhhhh. It gets out at 4:30." "5." She stood up and walked away with her plate and backpack. That night, I lay in my room — which I didn't have to share with anyone thank fuck - and imagined ripping her clothes off instead of letting her walk away.

It would've been so easy just to grab her pants and shove them down to her ankles. I felt my cock start to swell as I trailed my hand across its length. After I pulled her pants down, I could've torn off her panties and seen her beautiful pussy&hellip. I know it's not for everyone, but I enjoy a shaven pussy. If she shaves hers, I will be over the top.

I start to stroke my fully engorged cock. I grab the lube that's on my dresser and cover my hands in it. I wrap them both around my cock as I stroke it imagining having sex with her. I would hold her small arms above her head while I lay her on the dining hall table. I'd use my knees to hold her legs down while she struggled to get her power back.

My hard cock would slide up and down her tight little pussy as I got it wet enough to enter. Then she'd take the largest cock (only cock?) she had ever had, and I would fuck her. I would tear her shirt off using my teeth and start to suck at her tiny breasts… she's still a teenager. She's eighteen. I started to cum with this realization. I let my cum spray and dribble onto my body, and got up to go take a shower. Jerking off is the only way I'll be able to deal with her if I can't convince her to use a more private area.

And like all good ideas, this one came to me in the shower. The library offers study rooms which are behind a door and up three floors. There is a window to the outside, but who could see into that anyway? So I'll just get a room. And the magic will be worked. I could not wait to meet her the next day, so as soon as my class let out I rushed to the library to get a key for a room. I waited in the lobby to meet her, and she came right as the clock ticked over to 5.

I waved the key, and then waved her along as I walked to the elevator. It got there and I stepped in, with her right small fist kopek kadini sikiyor me.

I stood right next to her so that our arms would touch. She didn't move. When we got to our floor, we found the room and entered. While we got situated I took notice of her outfit. Jeans and baggy hoodie. As usual. What wasn't usual was that she began to take the beauty gives blow previous to sex smalltits and hardcore off. It was quite warm in the room, and it could not have turned out better.

As she pulled the hoodie up, it took her shirt along and I saw her beautiful small stomach and just caught the bottom of her light blue bra. She quickly lowered her shirt after removing the hoodie, and caught me staring. I didn't hide it. I insisted we sit on the same side of the table, got out paper, and began to teach her things and let her ask questions. She was very quick to learn, but not as quick to catch on to my methods of seduction.

I slowly move the paper further and further away from the table as the tutoring continues.

By about 40 minutes in, she has to rest her breasts against my arm to point at the paper. "And that's why it's a squiggly 'S'." I finish a joke and she laughs with her body up against my arm. The tutoring session has gone well.

But after laughing, she realizes what position she is in and sits back in her chair, then pulls the paper to the edge of the table. I get an image of myself stripping her clothes off and taking her forcibly. My cock begins to grow in my pants, and I feel the bulge pressing out against the right leg of my jeans.

"Okay, I think we're done." She says as she starts to put things away. I stand up and protest. "No no, there's still cool things I have to show you!" She glances over her shoulder at me and points to my bulge.

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"Hopefully it isn't that." She scoffs and finishes packing her stuff up. This is where the risk comes in. As she stands up, I softly grab her small leg in my hand. She squeals a bit, but turns to look at me without anger. "Can we talk? In my room?" She looks at me skeptically, then says, "No." Well… it was worth a shot, but I guess it just isn't happening with her.

"Mine." She says. She looks me in the eye and bites her bottom lip before leaving. I grab my stuff in a hurry tiny thai teen pleasures a hard boner follow her to her room. On the way, she actually holds a conversation. "You need to be slutty maid is sucking for a raise she begins, "this is for a bet only.

I'm not attracted to you. But I really need to do this." She grabs my wrist and pulls me along. We get to her building and rush to her room. She checks her watch. "20 minutes." She sets her stuff down and takes off her shoes and socks.

Her feet are small too&hellip. "I'm taking a shower. Stay out here." She walks into the adjoined shower in the suite. I hear the water turn on, and my cock swells thinking of her naked. I notice the door is cracked. Did she mean stay out here? Or was there some ulterior motive? I wait and sit on what I presume is her bed. It's soft, unmade, and has green sheets with a panda comforter. I idly start to stroke my cock through my jeans. After a few minutes, something catches my eye. The door starts to swing open to her bathroom, and I see her foot grabbing it at the bottom.

This can't be an accident. I walk over and enter the bathroom to see Michelle… on the floor. Naked. And masturbating. As I enter she looks me in the eye. "Don't say anything!" She keeps rubbing her clit with her right hand and shoving her left hand fingers into her. She pulls her knees up further and I admire her small legs, thighs and hands all centered around her tiny body. She's got curves, but only small ones. And an innie navel. Her breasts are tiny and tipped with small aureola and nipples.

She keeps looking directly at my face. I can't stand how hard my cock is, so I reach down to undo my pants. "Don't!" Michelle says as I reach my belt. She keeps looking at my eyes and rubbing her sweet little pussy. She opens her mouth and spreads the lips with her left hand, then furiously rubs her clit with her right. She looks at me and begins to squirt on the floor. I had never seen a girl squirt before, and this little teenager doing it was amazing.

It came out it a sort of spray, followed by another smaller one, and finally a third. She slowed down on her clit and started sliding her legs down from their pulled up position.

She placed a hand on her nipple and kept rubbing her clit.

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I reached down and undid my pants before she could say anything. As I pulled out my cock, Michelle averted her eyes.

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"What's wrong?" I asked as I began to rub my fully erect cock. "No, go ahead. You deserve to." She said back. I looked at her tiny body on the floor. She shaved absolutely everything and kept her hair very short, and it turned me on immensely. It wasn't 2 minutes before I was ready to cum. Just then, Michelle looked up at me and removed her hands from her body. She opened the door to her bathroom completely, and someone walked into her room.

"Ally!" Michelle said to the girl. The girl turned and saw Michelle without reacting. "Hey, Michelle." Then she looked passed and saw me jerking my cock.

"You actually found someone like you!" Michelle glanced over her shoulder and winked at me. "Fine. I'll buy it, it's a thing." Ally threw her hands up and walked away, without asking my name. She set her stuff down and said "I'm leaving. Text me when he's gone." Michelle came over to me and sat on the counter, swinging her legs back and forth. She looked at me as I started breathing faster. She pouted her lips a little and then looked down at my cock. "Wow, I don't think my hands would fit around that!" That did it.

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I started cumming. I looked at her body while spurting my cum and it got on her shaved legs. I looked up at her apologetically, but once I finished, she just got into the shower.

"What. The fuck. Was that about?" I asked. "Long story. Short version is, my roommate always walks in on me masturbating and being naked. She was getting tired of it, but I'm an exhibitionist and it's how I fulfill my sexual urges. She didn't believe it was a real thing, so I bet her I could find another exhibitionist. I know you aren't, but she doesn't. So thanks." I was dumbfounded. I started to step forward when my foot got in her cum puddle. "You have to let me wash off your cum from my foot then." I said, hopefully.

She peaked a smiling face beyond the curtain of her shower. "Eat some." She said. "It's good." She nodded at it, smiling all the while. I took a finger and picked some up, then put it in my mouth. It wasn't too bad. "Okay, get in." She opened the curtain and I stepped into the shower with my sexy new friend.