Xxx story sunny leon sex stories

Xxx story sunny leon sex stories
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"Are you hirin' mercenaries?" My brother, Rick, and me, Alex, were in a tavern, trying to recruit men. I was low because a recent goblin raid on our camp had left us incredibly low, down to 4 men.

We had visited all the other taverns, but the pay was either too high, or they weren't good enough for it. "Well.It depends if you're good at fighting." "Hah! We're probably the best fighters in this town," a voice from the shadows bragged."Come on, join us at our table, we get free drinks today because we're bouncers here." We cautiously stepped into the shadows, to be met by two of the biggest men I had ever seen sitting at a table.

It was comical. The men were so big half the table wasn't even on the ground. "So, you're mercenaries?" The one on the left answered us. He was just under 6ft, maybe 5ft 10". He had a mound of stubble, not quite a beard, but enough that he looks like a man.

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He was clearly a grizzled veteran, a scar running from the back of his hand up the side of his neck onto his cheek. It was the biggest wound I ever saw. He was wide, clearly muscled. He a sharing of juicy pussies momsandteens threesome like a human bear. "Yup. We work for nuffin', just whatever we want from the spoils, and one on condition.

No suicidal death missions. If you want us to stand against a daemon, you can fucking forget it." "Alright, we can deal with that, we mainly fight goblins and orcs, maybe trolls. May I ask your names, Sirs?" Asked Rick "Certainly, my gentleman, My name is Big Jim, or Jim to friends." "My name is Big Al" answered the man on the right.

He was tall, at least 6ft 4, and looked almost exactly the same as Jim, except normal thinness. He had the same grizzled, veteran look as Jim.

"So. Can you prove your fighting prowess?" I asked. The one the left guffawed, doubling over in laughter. He looked like he was in pain. As he was indisposed, his friend, also grinning like a Cheshire cat, answered: "Sure, if we had anyone worthy to fight so we could show you!" "Well. Tell you what, take this, as an advance payment, come to our camp, and you can spar an orc." Rick replied with an equally ridiculous grin, whilst passing a pouch of money across the table.

"Really? And since when do a couple of soldiers have an orc in their midst?" "Well," I started, " We were hired to attack some goblins. They learned of our plans through magics, and attacked us whilst we were un-prepared. We killed them all, but not without losing all but 4 of us. We captured the Chieftain, and he offered to join our group.

We agreed, as we needed all the men we could take. So, do you want to fight him? He didn't get to, as he was knocked out early in the battle. "Hah. That sounds believable. But, I guess a job is too good an opportunity to turn down. So, yeh, we'll come with you to your camp.

Come on Jim, let's go." Jim was still sniggering, even as they paid for their drinks and left. On the way back to the camp, conversation struck up once again. "So," Rick asked, "What are your. styles of fighting?" "Well, I am an engineer. I was kicked out of the guild 'cos I concentrated too hard on new ways to blow things up." Answered Al. " He used to be a warrior priest, but he got too zealous, and the rest of 'em believed he was corrupted.

Don't worry, he's good. He still knows the liturgies, in fact, so if your blade bursts in to flame, don't worry about it." Now I looked, I could see the clockwork rifle sticking out of the pack of Al, and the large warhammer on Jim's back. "So, do you still own your engineering equipment? Blasting charges and all that?" "Oh yeh, and Mom work is never donemom still know how to use 'em.

I also have this contraption, it's my own design" he said smugly, whilst pulling out a weird contraption, like a hammer but with a load of cogs and gears attached to it. "Just what is that?!" I pondered in utter bewilderment. "This, my friend, is a self-propelled hammer! The gears drive it forward like a piston, meaning I don't even have to swing!" Al replied, clearly taking great fun in bragging about his invention.

We arrived at the camp a minute later, greeted by a great raucous, the source of which was Tusk, gobbling down chicken and beef with his two ginormous paws. He paused to glance up at the new arrivals, shrugged, then went back to devouring his meal. "Al, Jim, meet Tusk. Make yourselves comfortable, enjoy the fine dining, and we will test your prowess tomorrow. I retire to my tent, where Alice was having a shower.

She was singing. I simply stood there for a second, listening to her angelic voice, before I took the initiative. She didn't notice me enter, so I decided to surprise her. I stripped, and slipped into the shower. I wrapped my arms around her waist, nuzzling her neck.

"Mmm, it's good to see you joined me. I missed nancy finger fucks her creamy wet pussy, I always worry when you go to a town." "Well, your worries are the least of your problems," I breathed, thrusting my dick up in between her ass cheeks, rubbing it against her slit.

She moaned, thrusting her hips back to meet my cock. "Pleeease, give it to me." I replied by bending her over, and thrusting my head into her. "Ohh, yes, more! Fuck me Alex, fuck me!" I obliged, slowly forcing my dick into her pussy.

It was blissful. She was so tight, It felt like a velvet vice was gripping my dick, a furnace, she was so wet I couldn't tell if it was water or cum that was lubricating my meat. I thrust forward, burying myself up to the hilt, hitting her cervix. "OHHHhhhhh, Yes, Yes, More, More! Take me!" I slowly pulled out, leaving only the head in, before swinging forward and sheathing my dick inside her, eliciting a scream of ecstasy from Alice, then I started fucking her in earnest.

I swung back and forth, each time making Alice moan and scream, and she quickly came, cum spraying all over my pelvis, and I didn't even slow down, just kept pistoning in and out of her cunt like a machine, and when she came again I felt myself approaching the point of no return. I pulled out, resting my dick on her back, letting the climax slip through my grasp. "Aww, why did you stop? I was enjoying it so much.

"Well, I wanted to try something different." I replied before placing the head of my dick at the entrance to her anus. She bit her lip, moaning. "Ohhh, you naughty boy." I leaned forward, increasing the pressure on her anus, slowly slipping the head past her opening.

The pressure was so great I thought I would get smaller. It felt. Indescribable. I was in so much pleasure I couldn't think, all the blood had gone to my cock.

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I couldn't take the teasing, and at that moment I didn't care for Alice, as a friend, lover, sister or anything else. She was simply a toy, to be used for my own pleasure.

And that is how I proceeded, thrusting forward until I was almost all inside her, and she cried out in pain, but I couldn't even hear her.

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I was half-way to heaven, and I wasn't going to be stopping any time soon. I kept shoving my way in, Alice's cries going unheeded. I finally buried myself compilation of cock hungry babes getting cumshots, then started dragging myself out again.

Alice groaned, but not in pain, in pleasure, in pure carnal lust. I grabbed her ass, and swung back in, slapping her cheeks until they went bright red. "AAAAAAAHHHhh, Ohhhh, YES, MMMmmm, Fuck me brother, do it, violate me like a slut!

I heard that, and started pounding her ass, mauling one of her breasts, clawing at the nipple, shoving my entire hand into her pussy, making sure she kept on the same level of ecstasy as me, and soon she screamed out in pleasure, gushing out over the floor of the tent like a waterfall. I decided that she REALLY liked anal sex. I kept wasting away at her, rocking back and forth like a pendulum, each time reaching deeper and deeper into her ass, each time she screamed out, and each time I felt my meat throb like a living beast, demanding more, taking all rational thought away from my brain, just screaming at me for more pleasure.

Alice came again, even harder this time, and then again, and again, until there nothing but one, long unending climax, a scream as load as a virgin, and the deep, living pleasure I felt inside my groin. It grew, until I burst my load, her anus clamping around my dick, feeling like it would never let go again.

Hot, sticky fluid flew, poured and streamed out of my dick, plastering the hot insides of her ass white, spilling out between my dick and her walls, dripping down into her pussy.

She rubbed it into her lips, screaming once more in pleasure, before collapsing in my arms, my grip on her breasts and her ass's grip on my dick keeping her from thudding to the floor. She had completely passed out from the exertions of such pleasure. I was equally exhausted, and had barely enough energy to carry her, and myself, stumbling to the bed, pulling the covers over us, and blacking out, my dick still inside her ass.