Adorable and tattoed chloe lane gets fucked by dudes huge cock

Adorable and tattoed chloe lane gets fucked by dudes huge cock
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Al "wow" I said allowed, I was standing in front of my mirror naked, looking at myself. I was thinking 'today is the day we are going to do it, I'm going to loose my virginity' I couldn't really believe this was going to happen. I'm 15 years old, only a few months before I turned 16, I was short and had long Brown hair, I am a bit chubby but Daniel didn't care, I wasn't really much to look at but I had DD boobs which got a lot of guys attention.

Daniel was 17, he had hair just past his shoulders it was a blonde colour, he was tall and skinny, he was cute and had 8 inches on him. I knew this day was coming but I didn't really prepare for it, there's not really not much you can prepare for I guess, I was ready, we had tanya and cindy eat each others twats together 18 months so I kinda had to give it to him.

We were sitting at home watching a movie, I can't even remember what we were watching. We were waiting for Daniels mother to go to work, we had a whole day planned.

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She left the house late which postponed our plan's. After she left me and Daniel went mirko young girl fuck hot needs cum in he ass had a shower to freshen up.

While we were in the shower we started kissing, kissing turned into touching and the touching turned into oral, we had done oral only a few times before but he loved when I gave him head. I got down on my knees, stroked his fully hard cock and put the head in my mouth, I teased his Dick with my tounge, I slowly sucked at the head driving Daniel crazy, he was begging for me to stick it further in my mouth, I teased him just a little bit more before I stuck it all the way in.

I wasn't very good at deep throating but I gave it a try. He came really quick, a lot quicker than usual. We washed each other and turned of the water, we got out of the shower, I asked Daniel if he could get dressed in his room I had a couple things I wanted to do firs. I brushed my teeth and put on a little bit of make up. I had recently brought a knee bra and panties set, they were black and red candy striped and they were very lacy, I put them on with some heels to make my legs look better and to also make me taller.

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I stepped out of bathroom and went to Daniels room, he was on the bed only wearing boxers and he was playing his game. I went to the bed and sat behind him and started kissing his neck. I slowly slid my hand down his body and into his pants.

He was already rock hard, I stood up and he turned around and seen what I was wearing, he stood up, grabbed my ass and pulled me into him, he kissed me hard and passionately, giving me tingle's all over my body turning me on, he picked me up so I wrapped my legs around him and he turned us around and layed me on the bed and started dry humping me and kissing me. He sat me up and undid my bra and pulled down my panties and took of his boxers, he ran his penis along my slit and it felt so good.

He put the head of his cock at my hole and started pushing it in, it hurt for a little bit until he started going faster and faster. He kept asking if it felt good and I kept saying yes but it didn't really feel good that much. We kept going for over an hour and he still wasn't even close to cumming, I had tried dirty talking, playing with his balls and moaning but none of it worked.

We gave up on trying and he hopped up and finished himself off. I'll never forget that day. We broke up 5 weeks later, I had found out after small compilation of the best bukkake whores tube porn broke up that 3 days after we first had sex he had cheated on me with my so called friend. Daniel has never successfully came while having sex, he mist of wanked to much. I found a guy called Shane not long later he was a virgin also my rebound, we had sex on the third night of dating and he came 3 seconds after doing it.

We lasted a few months and the sex got better but he wasn't right. I found a Fuck buddy. We would drive to a place by the water and near the train line, we would Fuck for hours, he never gave me an orgasm but it felt good.

One night he picked me up and we went to our spot.

He got on top of me and started kissing me and we stripped each other off he stick his cock in and I moaned so loud, he started slow than worked his way to going fast, it had been the best sex so far, he asked if he could cum in my mouth, I said he could, I had never let him do it before so I said yes.

He stood over me and I finished him off with my mouth and swallowed every last drop, he was sweet. He got even harder after seeing that so we fucked again, three times actually.

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We stopped seeing each other after that because he was trying to get into other girls pants. After that I found a great guy, we had had sex four times when I had my first orgasm, it was amazing, I moaned so loud, he was pleased with himself and I wanted more of him, we were together about 3 months when we tried anal, my first time doing anal actually. We started of kissing, doing oral and a whole lot of touching. He slipped a finger in my ass to lossen it up a bit, it worked.

We bent me over the bed and stuck his cock in my ass, it hurt but god it felt heavenly I was moaning so loud, I had four orgasms that night. We are still together and will be for the rest of our lives. I regret Daniel but without him I wouldn't of learnt a few tricks