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Porn pike black kobra long
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Jessica and I Part II I sat on the couch, flipping through the infinite masses of boring channels. In 890 channels, there is absolutely nothing good on. What else is new? I swear…TV's have glamour babe audrey royal pussy rammed by big fat dick pornstar brunette curse built in to always have you miss the good shows, whether you are attentive or not.

My chest was throbbing, so I got up and headed to the bathroom. I peeled my shirt off and tossed it on top of the toilet and examined myself. Half a dozen bruises were scattered around my torso, still black and blue. Recently sealed gashes littered my arms and shoulders. The pain stabbed away at me, but it only took one thing to make me forget any ache I felt- the reason I had obtained these cuts. If I could do it all over, I wouldn't have changed a thing.

A few gashes in exchange for Jessica's darling life, and allowing her to open her heart to me. There wasn't a regret in my mind. I'd sacrifice far more for the girl that I loved so much. The folks were still out of town. They had called a few hours ago to tell me that they would be back in a couple of days. Some recent company crisis had seized their full attention for the moment.

At least I had the house to myself, and I was going to make the best of it. No annoying roommate or dorm supervisors- that called for snacks, movies, and a whole lot of nothing. I grabbed my dad's keys and headed to his truck. I already had the snacks, so I just needed some movies. The sky was beginning to darken, though it was only early afternoon. Good thing I brought my hoodie. It was slightly worn, but it kept me warm and toasty, and was the one treasure I had pulled away from college.

I went to Blockbuster, grabbed some recent DVDs, and headed back home. I took a while deciding, making it almost four o'clock. As I stepped into my truck, I looked up at the sky once more.

Dark clouds littered the sky, and rain began to pour down. The sun was completely hidden behind thick rain clouds, making the afternoon quite dark. My dad's old truck kept hiccupping along the road home as it began raining.

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Within minutes, the rain had become slightly violent and the wind had picked up quite a bit. The sky was quite dark, making it what you'd picture a 'dark and stormy night'. As I neared home, I passed by Jessica's house. I smiled, remembering her soft, pouty lips locked with mine. How I wish she wasn't grounded for being out camping alone with a boy. Jessica was nearly incapable of lying, especially when confronted directly about something.

If her parents asked her anything about where my parents were on our camping trip, she'd tell them without question. I arrived home and parked the collapsing truck. Movies in hand, I dashed into the house, hurrying to avoid the vengeful sky. Once inside, I tossed my things down and returned to the couch, popped a DVD in, and relaxed.

While it was freezing and stormy outside, it was quite warm inside. I can't, however, say that it was cozy, as Jessica wasn't here. As I began to drift off from the dullness of the video, I heard a knocking at the door.

I shook my head as to ignore it, yet it continued. I got up, though much to the disapproval of my sore body. Wondering who would be soliciting in this kind of weather, I walked to the door and opened it. Outside I saw the most painful sight imaginable. Jessica stood out on the porch, under the bombardment of the sky, shivering miserably.

I knew body signs, and this was a very unusual shiver. It was of both cold and fear. Her arms wrapped around her shoulders, struggling to retain some heat. Her hair was soaked, her mascara was running, and her left eye looked almost black, though she kept it turned away from me. She was wearing a green home made vidiwith bianca marie south tx top with purple pajama bottoms, both drenched thoroughly. Yet even through all this, she was pleasant to look at it.

I put my arms around Jessica and lead her inside, shutting the door behind her. I didn't know what to say. What happened? Are you ok? What's wrong? Tell me something! Jessica stood quiet, except for a few drops that continued streaming down her face.

These weren't rain droplets. Her face was now hanging down, with her left side turned away from me intentionally.

I reached my hand to her chin and tilted her face, so I could see what she was hiding. "Seb…promise me you won't get mad." While I wasn't sure what I would be mad at her about, I promised. She tilted her head up, allowing me to see her black and blue left eye. The running mascara mixed with the clear bruise from a punch only extenuated the sadness in her eyes. "Jess! What happened?!" "My dad," she mumbled.

"Got really mad when I told him about the trip." I clenched my hands into a fist and began heading towards the door.

While it was just a bruised eye, a thing I had suffered a hundred wet pussy is ready for hot fuck without any extravagant pain or worry, I was now becoming hysterical.

It wasn't so much as the pain associated with it, rather than the fact that someone had hurt the best way to keep her virginity is trying anal sex most important person in the world to me.

"You promised…" Those magic words made me pause. While she could have physically tried to stop me from marching out the door and beating her dad into a bloody mess, her delicate words had far more powerful of an effect. I couldn't break a promise, especially to Jessica. After telling her that I wouldn't get mad, I couldn't go back on that.

I bit my lower lip, struggling to release my ire. I looked back at Jessica's face, and thought about her rather than her father. Immediately, my reprisal dissipated. I was now filled with only love and a will to take care of someone, rather than bloodlust.

She was the only person that could change my emotions so quickly, with such seemingly insignificant of a motion, as to make all thoughts, worries, and aches go away and only the thought of her come to mind. That is why I loved her. I led Jessica to the couch and wrapped a blanket around her. From the freezer I fetched an icepack to gently press against her bruised eye. She knew the additional cold on her face wouldn't be pleasant, but she trusted me to do what was best for her. That was why I loved her.

Once settled beside her on the couch, she began apologizing for dragging me into this mess. She said she was sorry for coming here rather than dealing with her father, but she was scared and she felt she had no where else to go. She kept rambling, but I put my hands around her waist and kissed her. I told her how I'd much rather have her with me, rather than being grounded by her 'oh-so-fair' father.

She giggled at my comment, as I knew she would. That is why I loved her. Jessica headed to the bathroom to wash up her face. I trashed the terrible movie I was watching, and popped in a new one.

I grabbed armfuls of snacks and reclined myself on the couch. Only a few moments later Jessica returned. "Want to change out of your wet clothes? You must be cold in them." With a slight giggle and grin, Jessica nodded. With a smile on her slender, joyful face, she reached around her waist and slipped her lime green tank top off herself. She began to wiggle her hips, and removed her damp pajama bottoms from her silky legs.

Jessica's naughty slim sunny honey hot sex in the taxis backseat was majestic, comparable only to that of a great stag exemplifying itself, showing off nature's craftsmanship. She stood in just her bra and panties, yet she no longer shivered or seemed nervous whatsoever.

There wasn't a hit of being uncomfortable in her glorious demeanor. I stared at Jessica, trapped in a daze. She knew that I was checking her out, and she was letting me. She even started doing slight poses, happy to have me looking at her. It made me so happy to know that the most beautiful girl in the world was actually glad that I was drooling over her, right before her eyes.

Jessica's smile had never radiated so brightly. Even through her blackened eye, her pearly green eyes shimmered at me. Her makeup was washed away, yet she was just as beautiful (if not even more-so) than she was before, as her natural perfection glowed from her face. Her skin was so smooth and creamy, with just a hint of non-salon tan mixed in evenly. Jessica's hair rested on her elegant, petite shoulders, creating just a subtle provocative thought to enter the mind. Yet by looking lower, to her glorious and perfect breasts resting in her pink Victoria's secret bra, the mind is flooded with sensuality.

Her flat stomach was lined with just the slightest hint of toned muscle. Below, her voluptuous hips swayed from side to side, provoking thoughts of holding onto her sweet waist. Just slightly further, pink panties concealed Jessica's womanly ambrosia beneath. By now, my entire body was hot and my thoughts were even hotter.

As I wasn't the slightest bit cold (even if I were, it wouldn't have made the slightest difference), I slipped off my hoodie and put it over her. It was rather big, but she squealed when I put it on her. However, this was a clear squeal of glee.

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She smiled and gave me a kiss in return. As I rested back onto the couch, Jessica lay down on top of me, cuddling her head under my chin and against my chest. While her torso was covered, her waist was nearly bare. Her soft valley pressed against my dick, invigorating it to it's powerful self.

I tossed the blanket over us, leaving just enough room for her head to poke out. I pressed play, closed my eyes, and wrapped my arms around her. My desire to watch the movie was infinitesimal.

Who needs a blockbuster hit in heaven? Hour after hour passed filled with empty movie plots, countless kisses, and a lot of giggling under the covers. Jessica's legs threads between mine, rubbing against the inside of my legs. She loved to play footsies, or in this case legsies, whenever she was ecstatic. I've rarely seen her as such, but when she is, she gets completely into it.

The movie ended, and neither of us noticed. We were both under the blanket, tickling each other. She was more than adequately warmed up by now, and took off the hoodie.

While I was wearing a pair of denims and a wife beater, Jessica disarmed me of those by the first scene of the movie. We felt more…comfortable this way. We continued kissing, and I allowed my hands to roam about her chest. I was lying back on the sofa, while she positioned herself on top of me. Her arms were on my shoulders as she kissed, while mine were rubbing her hips and her sides. I allowed them to search farther up, and slide over her bra.

As I continued to 'explore' and massage simultaneously, I hung teen guy drilling three cougar snatches group sex hear purrs resonating from Jessica. I unclipped the back of her bra, and removed that from her. I continued to slide my hands along her smooth, plump breasts.

With every gentle squeeze, I would let go for a few moments, allowing them to dangle before me, free and bouncy. They truly were, as every time I released them they would bob, bouncing just for a moment before returning to hanging down stationary. Jessica looked at me and smiled, letting me know that she enjoyed it (not that should could hide her obvious signs of it anyways).

She looked down at my boxers for a moment, and then looked again at me curiously. I simply smiled and gave her a nod. I continued playing with her succulent breasts as she repositioned herself on top of me, kneeling with a leg on either side of me, resting just on my thighs. From out of my boxers she withdrew my dick, hard, steadfast, and awaiting attention.

She slid her fingers around the shaft, massaging it in a spiral motion. With each stroke, I could feel my dick tensing up further and further.

It almost seemed to grow the more excited I became. I reached my head up and kissed her right nipple. As I did, I heard a muffled moan hottest brunette teen old smart gentleman with a youthfull killer girl forth from her. I kissed once more, but this time brushing my tongue against the nipple. This time, a louder groan was emitted, no longer muffled. I continued to squeeze one breast at a time before allowing it to bounce downward, dangling before her.

I alternated, allowing each of her delicate breasts to be caressed. By now, Jessica's eyes were closed as she continued to play with my dick. She now squeezed her pointer and index finger about the head, hard enough for me to groan, yet not so hard as to cause pain.

While pain is normally thought to be the only thing unbearable, this pleasure was just as intense. While supporting her back with my arms, I rolled Jessica onto the couch, lying on her back. She released my dick and locked her arms around my neck, simply staring into my eyes.

Holding myself over her with one arm, I slid one finger down her panties and circled the smooth lips of her pussy with it.

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More moaning was heard. My finger poked at her pussy, just entering up to my fingernail. I could feel her becoming wet, exhuming moisture all over my hand. As I began to slide the finger deeper into her, Jessica made ultr a sexy hungarian beauties lora craft and regina moon in delicious foot and leg worship tiny whine.

She cringed a bit, and wiggled her legs around. I retracted my finger, and instead used my entire hand to rub around her pussy. Jessica continued trying to look into my eyes, but I could see she was squirming around, enveloped with these new feelings of pleasure. When I gave her pussy a light squeeze, she made a tiny yelp. I began to massage the area, fusing delicacy with strong hands. While my hands were rough, I applied extra care to caress rather than scratch with them. Whine after pleasure-induced whine began to come from beautiful lips, until she simply locked our lips together in a lustful embrace in order to silence herself.

I lowered myself into a kneeling position on the couch, as she was lying horizontally beside me. My fingers embedded themselves into the fabric of her dampened panties, and began to slide them off her.

She straightened her legs, allowing me to slide them off completely. Her knees still held together, defending her beautiful treasure. I placed my hands on her hips and began to slide them along her thighs and onto her knees. I could feel her leg's vice weakening. Without applying the slightest bit of force, I spread her knees apart, revealing the moist, pink lips of her pussy. My head pressed in between her thighs as I inhaled her natural womanly fragrance.

Now I truly understood the inborn powers of pheromones. I pressed my lips to the lips between her legs and kissed them gently. I kissed more and more, eventually becoming a gentle suck. My tongue dipped inside her, dabbing away at her foyer. Using my index and pointer fingers, I reached down and stroked her clit. I continued to rub my tongue into her, now licking her.

With each of purrs, I became more and more aroused. The more aroused I became, the more articulate I became with my tongue's siege. Soon her purring turned into panting and heaving of her chest up and down. "Ahh! Oh…Seb…" Jessica's eyes were closed, and she was no longer able to speak in complete sentences, let alone words. I extracted myself from between her legs and hoisted myself back over her, holding myself suspended above her by my muscular arms.

Her eyes reopened, just for a second, until she dove into another ferocious kiss. Jessica's hands wandered down until they slid off my boxers, which I happily helped her with. We lay there kissing, naked bodies brushing and rubbing against each other. While I was holding myself over her, I made no effort to create a gap between our bodies.

She reached onto the table beside the sofa, and grabbed my wallet. Inside it, she located the condom that I knew I had there, yet never planned on actually using it. She ripped it open, and slid it over my dick. "Are you sure you want do this Jess?" "I love you Seb. I've never been more ready in my entire life." With that, she put her hands around my sides and rolled me beneath her.

I didn't offer the least bit of resistance. She wiggled around, as to position her body over mine, waist to waist. Her hands grabbed my wrists, holding them down above my head.

Her face bent low, nose-to-nose with me. "Close your eyes." I obeyed. Jessica bent down and kissed my nose, and then grinned at me. She poised her humid pussy over my throbbing dick, and slowly descended her body in a seated kneel. I could feel her warm skin parting as my dick slid into her. It slid as easily as a knife glides through butter.

Her pussy simply sank on top of my dick, as it lunged towards its acquaintance for a fleshly rendezvous. She slid herself all the way down my shaft, until I could feel a bit of resistance. Jessica's eyes sealed as she pressed herself down further, driving my dick even deeper inside her.

I felt the obstruction collapse, and a tiny cry come from Jessica. Without a second though, she pressed herself the rest of the way onto me, until I could feel my balls meeting her glorious slit. Our hips clanged against each other, polarized to meet. Jessica wiggled around, trying to find a comfortable position for herself.

I could see a bit of discomfort on her face, yet when she looked at me, there was only a loving smile. After a few moments, she put her delicate hands on my chest and lifted herself up.

She pressed down again, bobbing up and down against me. I gripped my hands around her womanly hips that I had fantasized about earlier. After a few minutes, she simply closed her eyes, leaned back, and allowed me to move her body up and down for her. I rotated to lean her back against the sofa horizontally, as I came at her while kneeling on the sofa.

Jessica moaned louder, yet never losing the smile on her lips. Her legs rested over my bruised shoulders, hanging there while her body glided with every thrust I took.

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With her legs over me now, I could feel my dick burying itself even deeper inside of her. She was extremely tight, especially now. I could feel my dick becoming anxiously claustrophobic, yet enjoying every minute of it.

It was as if the inside of her pussy squeezed around me tightly, offering more and more resistance the deeper I was inside of her. By the end of my length, I could feel my dick struggling to push itself that last inch or so.

Jessica was crying out, but I was cautious as to watch her body language. I made sure that she was crying out in bliss, and that she wasn't in pain. With every thrust, she cried out "Seb!" alternating between her panting. He breasts were literally wiggling now; they were bouncing to and fro each time I withdrew or pressed back inside of her.

I could feel extreme heat building up between our synergy. I could feel both warmth resonating from our bodies, as well as warmth inside my dick and within her pussy.

"Seb! Ah! I love you!" Jessica pulled her body up and reached around me, linking her arms behind my neck. She was extremely nimble and flexible, and did this while I continued making love to her.

Droplets of sweat were dripping down her body, down her breasts, down her finely toned stomach, and down into the core of the heat. Jessica closed her eyes, and dug her nails into my back. While I could feel the flesh being broken, the adrenaline rush as well as my love for her blocked out any source of pain.

I could be getting tortured right now and I wouldn't notice. All at once, I could hear Jessica scream out blissfully as a surge of hot juices doused my dick and exploded from her hearth. Moments later, I felt another rush of hot juices, this time emerging from me. I cried out her named as I pressed myself as deep audrey bitoni wife craves cum I could into her. I collapsed back onto the sofa, followed by her falling down on top of my sweaty, bruised, muscle-enlaced chest.

I was in rapture. Several minutes passed with us simply lying still against one another. Finally, Jessica whispered into my ear. "Sebastian…I love you. I love you more than anyone else valentina nappi xxx anal movies double penetration the world, and I will always love you. I want to be your girl, and I want you to be my guy forever. Hold me tight." I wrapped my arms around her smooth, flawless, moist skin. I put my arms around her chest, stroking her breasts while holding her in a hug.

She closed her eyes, purred once more, and fell asleep against me. We slept like that throughout the night, throughout the storm, and throughout and worry either of us had about our life outside that couch.

All that mattered then was the unity we shared and feelings we had for one another. That was the greatest night of either one of our lives.

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My parents didn't come home for several more days. Jessica stayed with me, cuddled naked against me without a thought of her father or what had happened on that heavenly day. She was mine, and I was hers, and I'd have it no other way.