Adorable ember gets her pussy banged hard by her stepdad

Adorable ember gets her pussy banged hard by her stepdad
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Fbailey story number 565 Garden Hose Dildo I came home one night and as I always do I parked in the garage and entered the house through the back door.

I saw something funny attached to the garden hose and asked my wife what it was. Well it looked like a dildo but when she told me that it was a new kind of sprinkler nozzle that was terrific for her flowers, I just smiled.

Then she turned it on and watered her garden with it. Damn if it didn't give off the nicest mist that I had ever seen. There were literally hundreds of tiny holes, all drilled in such a way as to send all of those tiny streams forward.

It was gentler than the rain that Mother Nature provides. I congratulated her on finding such an amazing tool. Two days later I came home and saw my oldest daughter remove the new hose attachment from her pussy and insert it into her younger sister's pussy. Now my eleven-year-old runs around the house naked quite often but my thirteen-year-old hasn't done that since she started to grow tits.

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Yet there she was just as naked as the day she was born. I asked, "What are you doing?" Amber, the older one, replied, "Washing out Ashley's pussy. We have to after sex.

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Mommy said so." I asked, "What sex?" Amber replied, "After school Mommy teaches us all about sex but we went over today. You weren't supposed to catch us." Ashley replied, "We just have girl sex. We kiss, we masturbate ourselves, and we masturbate each other too." I went into the kitchen and looked in the recycle bin. There was the cardboard box that the nozzle came in. It was an adult sexual aid. It was the deluxe douching tool guaranteed to clean out the dirtiest pussy.

It said that by using cold water the lining of the vagina would tighten up to give him that virgin feeling that he so craves.

Yeah right! I 18 yet old mama bhanji sex really the box and walked up the stairs to my bedroom.

My wife was just coming out of the shower, she looked at the clock, and she said, "You're home early." I replied, "I got out a couple of minutes early and caught all of the traffic light on green.

I saw the girls giving one another a douche with your new flower attachment." Then I held up the package.

My wife dropped her towel and walked over to me. Then she said, "I've been meaning to tell you about the girls. Amber got curious a couple of weeks ago at a sleepover with Vickie Cromwell.

Apparently Vickie is quite sexually active. It seems that her two brothers fucked her while she ate Amber's pussy in front of them. They wanted to fuck Amber too but she said no. She told me all about it a couple of days later. Since then we have been having the birds and bees, show and tell talks." I kissed her and she grabbed at my erection in my pants.

As I pushed her back onto our bed my wife said, "Can the girls watch?

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We are pretty much done with what one, two, or three girls to do to one another." I just walked to the door and called out to the girls. They were on their way up already anyway so it wasn't long before two not so innocent girls popped their heads in. My wife said, "Daddy says that you can watch us having sex.

Go to the bottom of the bed. You should get a pretty good view from down there." I had not expected to be putting on a sexual performance for my two daughters anytime soon…as in never. However, I looked at my beautiful thirty-three-year-old wife just lying there naked waiting for me. I got on the bed between her legs, she pulled her knees up to her breasts, and said, "Be gentle, we wouldn't want to scar the girls for life." I could not remember the last time that my cock was that hard, when I loved my wife any more, or when I had been as horny as I was at that very moment.

Her pussy lips opened up on their own and her hole called to my trouser snake. It was the sucking of air like deep in a cave and my cock was drawn to it. As the head of my cock made contact her pussy sucked it right in. I didn't resist as it tried to eat up every inch of my cock. I could hear my wife cooing with delight and I could lesbian secretaries do pussy fingering during business trip pornstars hardcore our daughters gasping as I sank the entire six inches into their mother.

Our pelvic bones touched and I was sure black guy girl sexy porn sex stories story my fuzzy balls were tickling her asshole. We were caught up in the moment, the moment of truth. We were made for one another. Amber gasped as I pulled my now slick cock from her mother's wet pussy, then at the very end of my stroke, thrust it back into her causing her to praise God for sending me to her. They got closer because I could feel their hair against the back of my legs.

On my next up stroke as I reached the upper most point I felt a tiny tongue lick the underside of my cock just before I rammed it back down into my hole of pleasure. I was sure that the girls were taking turns licking my cock then my wife opened her eyes wide…Amber was licking us both from my wife's asshole to my asshole. It was absolutely incredible and I started to cum inside of my wife.

That triggered her orgasm and we hit new heights in pleasure…all due to our daughters watching us and helping out. I was sure that one or two extra bursts of cum had fired off inside her.

Eventually I pulled out.

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Amber sucked my cock into her mouth while Ashley dove into the mess that I had left behind in her mother. I never stood a chance of going soft. Lying there on my back next to my wife, face up, Amber lowered herself down onto my cock. I managed to smile but I was too exhausted to do anything else. Amber rode me for probably ten minutes before I could lift my hands up to her beautiful little breasts and give her nipples a squeeze.

I smiled when that started her orgasm. Like mother, like daughter. Ashley pushed Amber off from me and took her place. I let her ride for a while and then I started thrusting up into my eleven-year-old daughter. She was tiny and her pussy was tight. Her breasts consisted of nipples on very small hills, her pussy had two hairs on it, and she was the sweetest thing that I had ever stuck my cock into. I hated to admit it but I would have traded my wife for her…luckily I didn't have too, I could have twistys sabrina maree starring at my boobs three of them anytime that I wanted after that day.

I flipped Ashley over and fucked her until I had filled her little love hole with my cum too. That time, my wife made Amber swallow it all. As we lay there all cuddled up together in my bed, my wife told the girls of all the sexual positions that we had tried over the years and all of the exciting places that we had sex too.

Amber really wanted to do it in a movie theater full of kids watching some Disney mom thought i was dad. Ashley wanted to do it in front of her class for show and tell. My wife said, "Now, now girls. We must not let anyone find out about us having sex together or it will end badly for Daddy and I." No one ever found out and it did not end badly.

In fact, it never ended at all. To this very day the girls drop in with their teenage daughters for sex with my wife and I. We have a whole new generation to teach.

The End Garden Hose Dildo 565