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X multiple cumshots mmf double her pussy
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As kitty naps peacefully after a long day of cleaning (and testing) new toys, master lets himself into the house and walks into the room, finding her sound asleep with blankets strewn all about her naked body.

Her soft, slightly bruised curves rise and fall with her slow, shallow breathing. He smiles at the sight of his beautiful pet, so peacefully resting. He places a hand on her waist and looks her up and down. She is perfect.

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He holds her and kisses her slowly, pulling her up from the sheets, tight against his body. She relaxes and melts into the kiss, leaning into his embrace. Thank goodness he's finally home. A long day of play has left her body tired and sore, but still she must do her duties. "Hello master, how was your day? I'm sorry, I meant to make the bed before you got home." he chuckles at her and ruffles her hair, "Don't worry about it pet.

There will be time for that. I want you to get up and get ready. We're going to a ball tonight." And with that, he leaves the room. Kitty rises from the bed and goes to the closet. Inside is a beautiful gown, a deep maroon red with black lace and silver embellishments.

She casted euro amateur pussyfucked on couch european audition to dress and calls out, "Master?

Could you please come and lace my dress up?" He comes into the room as he buttons the last button on a deep maroon shirt, a black bow tie around his neck, and black pinstriped slacks.

She turns and he laces her, sure not to go too tight, but tightening it enough to show every curve of her body. He rubs her shoulders and moves her hair, pulling it playfully and gripping her waist. She lets out a shy moan and he starts to kiss and suck on her neck.

She nudges him gently and he goes to finish getting ready, reluctantly releasing his grip on her waist. She slides on some racey stockings beneath her dress. She knows how much her master loves her legs, and how much he loves her stockings. She finishes dressing, getting on her favorite pair of tall, black heels.

She follows him out to the living room and then out of the house, and they walk to the ballroom. A large, ornate door leads into the festivities, and a chorus of string and brass can be heard from inside.

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When the doors open, there are perfectly corsetted bodies swaying and twirling against finely pressed jackets and slacks. A few people pause to evaluate the new guests, but no one takes much notice of kitty being lead in on her leash. Kitty and master walk to the center of the crowd and begin to dance. He runs his hand slowly up and down her bodice as they sway to the melodies together, pinching and biting her playfully. She whimpers softly at his touch and he starts to throb and grow in his slacks.

He whispers in her ear and they go to get a drink, chatting with a few people about the lovely music before returning to the dance floor.

He tugs at her collar and kisses her hard, pulling her hips against his and growling softly, "mine." in her ear. He loves to remind her who owns her.

It takes all of her composure to keep her legs under her as she feels herself getting wet. All she wants is for him to hike up her skirt right there and use her body until she collapses from exhaustion.

She mumbles to him after a while of growling and dancing and groping, "master. home now? Please?" He smiles and nods, and the two of them slip away. When they reach the house he slams the door and throws her against the wall, kissing her hungrily and unlacing her bodice, dropping her dress to the floor.

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Kitty stands shyly, her milky, smooth flesh and fishnet stockings, his hands pinning her to the wall as his teeth sink into her neck. She screams with pure pleasure and he picks her up and takes her to the bedroom. She kicks off her shoes along the way. He throws her onto the bed and gets on top, kissing and tugging on her lips.

She shivers with anticipation and wraps her legs around him, "oh master. I want it so bad. please use me sir.!" And with her cries of pleasure, he thrusts inside her. She can feel every inch of his cock, teen girlfriend fucks in bedroom after pool hardcore and big dick and throbbing, stretching her wet little pussy, and she loves it.

Deep inside, kitty is pleased to be his little slut. As he starts to rock his hips and thrust in deeper, she claws down his back and screams with pained pleasure. He grips her thighs and slowly rubs her clit in circles as he fucks her, pulling her hair and slapping her tits.

She archs her back and shakes as she begins to climax. First he feels every inch of his cock being constricted by waves of her orgasm, and then he feels her squirting all over herself and his cock, her sweet, wet pussy becoming even more slippery from her cum.

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He groans and chokes her as he starts to blow his load, cum filling her and slowly gushing out. She screams and digs her nails into his hips, collapsing and panting with exhausted satisfaction. Master pulls his kitten close, kissing her slowly and whispering, "I love my kitty.

Sleep now, I'll expect you awake to please me in the morning." She purrs softly and smiles, "yes sir. Of course.

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Sleep well." And with that, she falls asleep to dreams of pleasure and mystery of what master may desire next.