Tight innocent and sweet teens first cam show tube porn

Tight innocent and sweet teens first cam show tube porn
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Chapter 10: Hannah's New Career Hannah was on her knees underneath a large desk and sucking an Outlaw's large, smelly penis. Her hands were still tied behind her back and she was completely naked except for the black stripper heels on her feet. The Asian was crying softly as she serviced the biker's disgusting cock while he did some sort of work on a computer.

She'd been blowing the hairy man for more than ten minutes and he still did not appear close to cumming. Hannah was just grateful to be back in the lounge and away from the disgusting toilet in the restroom. She'd somehow found a way to lick off all the feces from the bowl, and by the time she was finished it had been restored to its ivory color.

It had required a monumental effort on her part, as she'd scrubbed the shit with her tongue vigorously and without pause for 30 minutes straight. It had been completely terrible, of course, but the idea of another Outlaw holding her head beneath the sea of excrement had given her the motivation to finish the job.

Right afterwards, Tank had turned on the bathtub faucet and then thoroughly rinsed all the shit from Hannah's face and hair. Once he was finished, the huge biker had hauled Hannah back to the cute brunette masturbates first time euro trip lounge and she'd been sucking his friend off since.

"Ahhh yeah bitch, don't stop, work those hot little lips," the Outlaw commanded, reaching down for a moment to force his entire dick inside Hannah's mouth. The dirty biker face-fucked Hannah for several more minutes before he finally came inside her mouth.

He forced the Asian to swallow all his sperm, of course, before withdrawing his slimy penis from her lips. He left Hannah kneeling at his feet while he continued working at the computer.

It was still pretty early in the morning, and there were just a few Outlaws in the bar and back room. After about an hour or so, the biker at the desk got up and forced Hannah into another room. There was a bunch of amateur wet tshirt contest at nudes a poppin festival indiana and audio recording equipment in the room, with a huge high definition television and DVD player next to one wall.

Tank and a couple other Outlaws were sitting at a couch and drinking beer when their friend hauled Hannah inside. "What's up man? You finished?" Tank asked the man. "Yup, it's all done man, fucking took forever to cut it," the biker responded, holding up a DVD for the others to see.

"Shit, let's check it out then," Tank declared giddily. The Outlaw forced Hannah to kneel in front of the television before sticking the disc into a DVD player.

He turned on the TV and within seconds a disturbing image appeared on the huge screen. In the picture, Hannah was screaming in terror as two bikers roughly forced her into some wooden stocks. Hannah recognized the contraption and the sight of it instantly took her back to that nightmarish day in the warehouse. The volume on the television was very high, and off camera Hannah could hear the laughter and commotion of the many bikers that were there that day.

Tank could be heard above all the others as he excitedly commenced Hannah's massive gangbang. For the next 3 hours, Hannah was forced to watch herself on TV getting sexually assaulted by every member of the biker gang.

The Outlaws who'd created the DVD had obviously done similar projects in the past, as the final product was equal in quality to a porno you'd find in an adult video store. The scenes had been edited so that each Outlaw got about a minute or so of screen time, deutsche mutter fickt den freund ihrer tochter culminating in the biker cumming inside whichever hole of Hannah's he was using.

The video also cut back and forth between various cameras, sometimes capturing a panoramic view of the Asian getting hammered by two bikers, but also providing plenty of close-up shots of Hannah's mouth, asshole, or vagina getting brutally pounded by huge cocks. Whoever created the DVD had done such a good job, that he'd condensed and captured Hannah's entire ordeal that day inside the 3 hour video.

Even though he'd had to leave out a vast majority of the overall footage, the biker had made sure to include several key things. For example, every time a man shot his load cartoon gujarati language in sex the Asian it was captured on film.

There were also many shots of Hannah's gaping vagina and asshole oozing torrents of sperm all throughout the video. The Outlaw responsible for the disc had really tried to convey Hannah's misery as much as possible, so almost 1/3rd of the video was just Hannah's tormented face getting viciously slapped by the bikers or battered with their dicks.

Of course, the DVD also included the two instances when Hannah was forced to swallow over a liter of sperm and other disgusting secretions from the cum-bong.

This was incredibly difficult for Hannah to watch, as the cameraman followed the huge funnel as it was passed around between almost 100 Outlaws who all happily spat and pissed into it.

"So what'd you think? Pretty good shit huh?" Tank asked Hannah, once the video was finally over. "I gotta say it's one of our best yet, and you did great whore. I'm sure these are gonna sell out faster than turkeys on thanksgiving." "Get up slut, we want you to read something," another biker said, grabbing Hannah's arm and pulling her to a nearby table.

On the surface of the wooden desk was a white piece of paper with a few lengthy paragraphs scrawled on it. The handwriting was very poor and Hannah could barely make it out. It looked as if it had been written by an elementary school kid.

Nevertheless, as she began reading it, the words were definitely those of an adult—a depraved, adult biker to be more exact. The note read: Dear Hannah's Mom and Dad, I'm sure you're wondering why you haven't seen or heard from your precious daughter in a long time. Well about a week ago we found her at a gas station whoring herself out so we decided to pick her up and take her to our place for some fun. As you can see from the video your daughter is quite a dirty slut.

She can't get enough of our cocks and isn't happy unless she's getting fucked every second of the day. She especially likes getting fucked by two of us at the same time. I bet you had no idea your little princess was such a nasty whore.

I'm sure you can guess that we've been enjoying your daughter very much. She has the tightest little pussy and asshole and we've been having so much fun with them. She's not as tight as she used to be, but the little slut is still a joy to fuck. You should be proud for raising such a great whore! Hannah wants you to know that she's doing great over here and would appreciate it if you stop looking for her. Don't worry we are taking great care of her.

We feed her and give her plenty of cum and piss to drink and in exchange Hannah has agreed to be our personal slut. Don't pay much attention to how she is tied up and shit in the video.

I know it looks like she's here against her will or isn't enjoying our company but that's all just bullshit. Your daughter is just that much of a freak and is into some kinky shit with bondage and stuff. DO NOT COME LOOKING FOR YOUR DAUGHTER. We are treating her nicely but if we find out you are looking for her on the news or that you have contacted the police we will no longer be nice to her and Hannah is going to be in A LOT OF PAIN. FOR HANNAH'S SAKE YOU DO NOT WANT TO PISS US OFF AND SEE WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF DOING TO HER.

Don't worry like we said your daughter is in good hands and we will take good care of her from now on. All she needs is a little food and a lot of cocks which we have plenty of over here!

Enjoy the DVD and we will send you another one when we can. Remember you stupid gooks don't fucking contact the police and don't try to find her. She's gone and you will never see her again. Sincerely, Hannah (and her owners) "Sign it bitch," the biker instructed, placing a pen on the desk in front of Hannah.

Hannah felt the rage inside her as she took the pen and signed the bottom of the letter. She could not believe how twisted these men were. She wondered when the note would get to her family, and how they would respond.

Knowing them, they would probably still notify the police. Hannah had mixed feelings about that, since she would obviously want the cops to know but at the same time feared the response from the Outlaws.

Yet even if the police knew, she had doubts as to whether or not they would ever be able to locate her, especially considering that the local law enforcement was just as corrupt as the Outlaws.

As soon as she was through signing the letter, Tank and the other Outlaw grabbed her and took her out into the hallway. As she was dragged down the corridor, Hannah heard the redhead, Miss Washington, screaming from inside one of the rooms. She could also hear Big Joe bellowing in delight and the loud creaking of a mattress as the huge biker raped Ellen savagely. Tank and his friend unlocked one of the nearby rooms and marched Hannah inside.

They forced the little Asian onto an old, soiled bed and tied her wrists to the metal frame before leaving. Hannah was very surprised as for the next few hours the bikers left her alone for the most part. They gave her another plate of leftovers from the night earlier, retrieved from the garbage. By this point, however, the Asian was so hungry that she ate it without complaint.

A few of the Outlaws came in throughout the day to use her, but she was not subjected to the massive gangbangs that she hated so much.

As the hours passed by, Hannah could faintly hear the bar growing louder and louder as it filled with customers. Eventually, Tank emerged through the door with a paper bag and a plastic bucket in his hands. "Put this on slut," the biker ordered, tossing the sack down next to the bed before setting the bucket down on an adjacent cabinet.

Hannah grabbed the brown bag and emptied the contents onto the floor. There wasn't much, however. The only things that spilled out were a tiny black micro-skirt and a matching pair of fishnet stockings. Hannah felt her cheeks burning as she removed her heels for a moment and slipped the garments up her slender legs.

The base of the skirt barely covered her ass and the stockings went up slightly past her mid-thighs. After she strapped the 6" heels back onto her ankles, Tank grabbed the Asian's hair and jerked her to her feet. "Okay bitch, it's about time you started earning your keep around here," the Outlaw declared.

"Tonight is the first night of your new career. I noticed on your business card you worked for some mortgage or insurance company or some shit. Well you're xxxxxxxx story girl big big bootyxxw with that garbage now, from this moment you're a professional whore, and this is your office." "No please, don't do this," Hannah pleaded, her knees buckling in response to the words.

"Pay attention slut!" Tank shouted, pulling hard on the Asian's hair. "You're gonna be doing this every night for awhile, so you better get used to it quick. Now since it's your first night, we'll be nice. Your quota is $2,000. I don't give a shit how you do it, but by tomorrow morning you better have that money. Last night Miss Washington charged $50 a fuck. You can titillating and untamed riding hardcore big dick the same if you want, although that's gonna take all night if you do.

Then again, I doubt those cheap bastards would pay any more than that, even for a hot little Asian slut like you." "Either way, like I said I don't give a fuck how you do it, as long as you got that two grand by tomorrow," the biker continued. "For every dollar you're short, that's gonna be one stroke with the cane.

So if you care about keeping the skin on your ass and tits, you better work hard bitch." "Please no, I can't…I can't do this," the Asian begged woefully.

"When they cum in your mouth I want you to drink it," Tank stated, ignoring the girl. "When they fuck you, make them wear a rubber. After they're done, though, I want you to peel them condoms off their cocks and suck every fucking drop out of them.

So basically, either way I want their cum to end up inside your belly. We'll be checking up on you too, and if those rubbers aren't empty we will beat you real good whore. Now get to work, you got a long night lesbian silvia sun and her lesbian girlfriend of you." Having said that, the huge Outlaw marched Hannah out into the hallway and commanded her to go to the bar.

Hannah was already crying as she slowly walked toward the double-doors that led to the tavern. She could hear quite a few patrons out there laughing and chatting. As soon as she stepped through the doors, it seemed as if all of the forty or so men looked at her at once.

Hannah felt just as whorish as she looked, and instinctively covered her naked breasts with her arms while she stood by the doorway. She was trembling as she looked for someone to approach. "Damn bitch, you must be that new Asian cunt they picked up a few days ago," a grizzly, heavyset man declared, startling Hannah as he wrapped his greasy arm around her. "Shit you got a hot little body, how much to fuck it?" "Um, I don't know," Hannah replied, pulling away from the smelly beast.

"$200 please." "Two hundred bucks?!" The drunk exclaimed in astonishment. "You gotta be shitting me. Come on bitch, you're not gonna get any action here for that kinda price. Most of us don't even make that much in a day. Besides, you're not even worth two hundred bucks you little slant-eyed whore.

Now let's get real, how much for a good hard fuck?" "Please, I need to…I need to make a lot of money," Hannah begged. "What about $100?" "That's still way too much whore," the dirty ogre shot back. "I got $40 on me. It's all I got, take it or leave it." "No, that's too little, I can't do it for that little," Hannah said firmly, breaking free from the man's arms. "Okay slut, good luck finding any takers for that dirty little pussy of yours," the ugly brute hissed, pinching Hannah's ass as she walked away.

Hannah's eyes began moistening as she stepped toward a nearby pool table. There were three middle-aged men standing around it and they noticed the petite Asian immediately. Hannah felt the trepidation in her stomach rising as they quickly surrounded her.

She struggled to find the right words to say. "Um, do any of you," the girl stammered. "Would any of you want to—to have sex with me?" "Maybe cunt," one of the men replied, pulling Hannah's arm away from her breasts.

"How much for the three of us?" "$100 each please," the Asian stated quietly, as she tried to free her arm from the man's grip. "A hundred each? You must be crazy bitch," one of the others said. sunny leone sex with other boy give you $100 for the three of us." "Please, I need to make money, what about $200?" Hannah countered. "$200 for all three of you?" "$150 for the three of us," the first man replied, gesturing at his two buddies.

"And we get to keep you for an hour." "Okay fine," the Asian agreed, sighing in defeat. "Follow me please." Hannah turned away from the disgusting group of johns immediately and made her way back toward the rear of the tavern. She could hear the men laughing in excitement as they discussed who would get her first, and which holes of hers they planned on using.

All three of the men were absolutely sickening. They were all large, standing about 6'2"—6'3"" and weighing well over 200 lbs apiece. They each had on the same uniform and it seemed like they worked for some sort of painting company.

The Asian led the trio of friends into the room Tank had set up for her. She quickly removed her micro-skirt and heels, so that all she was wearing were the fishnet stockings on her legs.

Hannah then sat on the bed and watched dejectedly as the men anxiously pulled off their boots and dirty khakis. In less than a minute, all three of them were naked from the waist down, and their cocks were all fully erect and looked ready to explode.

"Put these on please," Hannah requested, grabbing three condoms from the bucket and handing them to the patrons. "Thanks cunt," the fattest, hairiest man replied as he took the small package. "I bet that pussy of yours is just crawling with all kinds of nasty shit." "Can I have the money?" The Asian asked, once the men had all donned their condoms.

"Relax bitch, you'll get your fucking money," one of the others snapped. "Besides, if you want our cash you gotta earn it whore. Now get on your knees, I wanna see how good you Asians suck cock." Hannah exhaled heavily as she knelt down in front of the ugly man.

His thick legs were chiseled with muscles, and his cock was nearly as huge as Tank's.

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Hannah was shaking as she reached forward and grabbed the large shaft. She tilted the penis down and wrapped her lips around the tip of it, then began steadily pumping her mouth back and forth along the sweaty cock. "Hands off bitch," the john ordered, clutching Hannah's hair and tilting her head back. "You're gonna need them for these fellas. Don't worry I can fuck that pretty little mouth just fine by myself." Hannah whimpered in fear as the other two men yanked her arms out to either side of her.

She felt their penises against her hands as they simultaneously yelled at her to grab their cocks. Hannah immediately coiled her fingers around both of the large dicks. She could not see them, but they felt so disgusting and she wanted to squeeze them as hard as she could.

"Let's go bitch! Start jerking them cocks!" The man in front of Hannah shouted, removing his cock from her mouth and slapping her hard across the face. "Aaaiiieee!! Okay!! I will!!" The Asian yelped, as she quickly began stroking the two dicks with her small hands.

"Get them lips around my cock whore," the man ordered, gripping Hannah's head while he plunged his penis back into her mouth.

Hannah groaned and cried as for the next few minutes she was forced to suck and masturbate the three men's cocks. Every once in awhile the one she was blowing would force his entire dick into her throat, causing her to gag terribly. Each time he did, she would stop jacking off the other two, resulting in a vicious worshiping babes lusty ass hardcore and blowjob in the face from the man in front of her.

After awhile, she learned how to continue stroking the cocks on either side of her even while she was choking on the one between her lips. "Holy shit, I gotta fuck this bitch man," the john in Hannah's mouth declared, pulling his cock out of the Asian's face. "Let's get her on the bed." "Let me get her mouth," the fat man requested. "Aaaagghhh!!!" Hannah screamed, as the guy she'd been sucking roughly dragged her to the mattress by her hair. "Spread those legs bitch!" The brawny man shouted, bending Hannah over the bed and kicking her legs apart.

Hannah whimpered in fear and started crying as she pulled her legs wide for the bastards. She felt the fear in her chest as she clutched the bed sheets and waited for the inevitable. The john, meanwhile, was snickering with his friends while he pulled a condom over his large cock. Kristina rose and chayse evans anal brunett soon as he did, he got into position behind the Asian and pried her buttocks apart with his dirty thumbs.

"Shit them Outlaws been roughing you up good huh?" The drunk asked, as he studied the countless welts and bruises all over Hannah's back and ass. "Goddamn look at this asshole ya'll," he continued, motioning his friends over.

"Jesus Christ that's one fucked up asshole," one of the others remarked in wonder. Even though Hannah could not see it, she had a good idea that her anus was no longer the gorgeous, tiny opening it had once been.

The hole was very swollen now and already starting to become prolapsed. Having spent almost an entire week with Big Joe had caused most of the damage. The orifice had been fucked so raw by this point, and was constantly a source of intense pain for the Asian. As soon as the man started stuffing his dick into the tender hole, Hannah screamed in pain and closed her legs together. "Aaaaoooowwww!!!" Hannah shrieked, digging her nails into the mattress while the man brutally drove his cock deep into her ass.

In mere seconds, the little Asian was weeping in agony as the stalwart began slamming his penis in and out of her asshole. Hannah tried to wriggle around but the man was holding her hips firmly while he fucked her.

He was hammering her so hard that she could hear his hairy balls slapping against her pussy each time he drove into her. "Turn her around Jim, let me plow that Asian pussy," the fat man stated impatiently. "Noooooo," Hannah whimpered, clinging to the sheets as the john in her ass wrapped his arms around her little torso and spun her around.

Jim took a seat on the edge of the bed, with his cock fully impaled in the Asian's ass, then grabbed her slender thighs and yanked them wide for his buddy. Hannah yelped in fear as the overweight slob quickly got between her legs and plunged his entire cock into her pussy with one thrust.

The little Asian wailed in misery as the two drunken animals began pounding her aching holes together. "Fuck this pussy feels good!" The fat man grunted, squashing Hannah beneath his sweaty carcass while he fucked her vagina. Hannah cried in pain as Jim grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as hard as he could. She screamed piercingly as the brute took her little nipples between his fingers and twisted them like he was trying to rip them off her body. Jim continued mauling the Asian's small tits while his obese friend fucked her pussy.

After a couple of minutes, he rammed into the hole one last time before shooting his load into the condom. As soon as he pulled out of her, the third man immediately took his place and anxiously slammed his cock into Hannah's cunt. The disgusting trio kept Hannah for almost 90 minutes, ignoring the deal they'd made to have her for only an hour. The fat john raped Hannah three times, while Jim and the other man took her twice.

Each one of them fucked the Asian's mouth once, with two of them shooting down her throat while the other came all over Hannah's face. When they were done with her at last, Hannah was crying woefully and felt just like the nasty whore she was.

"Sorry bitch, this is all we got," Jim stated, tossing $80 worth of bills at the kneeling Asian. "It's more than you're worth though, you nasty little slut." "Please, you said—you said $150," the Asian begged. "I need $150, please, this isn't fair." "Next time get the cash up front, stupid whore," the fat client laughed.

Hannah watched in disbelief as the three bastards put their pants back on and left the room, laughing with each other about how much fun they'd just had. Hannah looked at the four used condoms on the ground and sniveled as she remembered Tank's orders.

She grabbed one fake agent shy british blonde amber deen sucks big cock tube porn the rubbers and brought the end of it to her lips.

The poor Asian closed her eyes as she tilted her head back and started draining the condom into her mouth. Hannah nearly puked as the thick, slimy liquid flowed down her throat and into her belly. It took her more than five minutes to finish the rest of the rubbers, and she was crying in absolute disdain when she finally did.

After wiping the sperm from her face, Hannah donned her micro-skirt and heels and was about to leave when the door suddenly opened and Tank walked in. "What the fuck is amazing lesbians in lingerie have fun together The biker demanded, as he held a steel cane and double fisting training her wrecked teen pussy it at several stains of cum on the floor. "I'm sorry sir, the men, they did it," Hannah answered nervously.

"They took the—the condoms off before I could. Please, it won't happen again." "What the fuck did I tell you slut?!" Tank shouted, ripping the cane across Hannah's breasts. "Aaaaaggggghhhhhhh!! Nooooooooo!!!" The Asian screamed, covering her chest and backing away from the menacing Outlaw. "When they cum in those rubbers, you don't let them take it off, you fucking get on your knees and you pull them off yourself!" Tank bellowed, stepping forward and slamming the cane all over Hannah's body.

"And then you thank them for their business and you fucking swallow that sperm in front of them!" "Aaaaiiiieeeeee!!! Okaaayyyyy!!! Pleeeeaaaassse!!!" Hannah shrieked, frantically scurrying away from the biker as he continued to thrash her with the steel rod. "I don't wanna see anymore cum on that floor, you got it bitch?! Not even a single fucking drop!!!" Tank roared, as he savagely beat Hannah's slender thighs.

"If I do I'm taking you into the back and beating you all fucking night, you got that?!" "Yes!! Yes!!! Please stop!!!" The Asian screeched, wriggling around like mad to dodge the vicious strikes.

"Get the fuck out there slut!" Tank ordered, grabbing Hannah by the hair and roughly shoving her out the door. Hannah was still crying from the beating as she walked back into the bar. She barely had to wait for her next client, as one of the nearby patrons quickly approached her. He was very large, outweighing any of the previous trio by at least 50 lbs or more. He looked like a complete animal, with his dark curly hair, thick stubble, and heavy acne all over his face.

His nose was crooked and huge, and when he smiled his teeth were bright yellow. Hannah could not understand how seemingly every man in this town was so massive and utterly repulsive. "I been waiting for you princess," the ogre declared, grabbing Hannah's firm little ass and clutching her tightly.

Hannah shuddered as she felt the man's massive hard cock underneath his soiled jeans. She could feel him shaking too, but his was from uncontrollable excitement. She winced in disgust and tried to pull away as the man's absolutely horrendous body odor hit her.

It was a combination of alcohol, tobacco, and sweat and other terrible body secretions. "How much for a fuck?" The fiend demanded. "$100," Hannah cried, hoping the man would refuse so she could get away from his suffocating stench. "Deal," the giant agreed, grabbing a fistful of Hannah's hair and marching her to the back.

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Once they were inside the room, the ugly john shoved Hannah toward the bed and removed his clothes as fast as he could. Unlike the other three painters, he stripped off everything until he was completely naked. Hannah sighed in despair as she looked at the man's enormous frame. His torso was covered with hair all over, and there was even a thick layer on his back and shoulders. As expected, his cock was gigantic, and seemed almost as huge as Big Joe's. "Your turn princess," the caveman grinned, staring at Hannah like the piece of meat she was.

"Let's go, get them clothes off. I want you butt-naked just like me when I fuck you." "Can I have the holy mother of jugs amazing big boobs blonde Hannah requested, as she removed her tiny skirt and heels. "Don't worry bitch I got your money," the hairy giant said, moving toward the Asian as soon as she pulled off her fishnet stockings.

"No, I need it now," Hannah insisted, sticking her arms out defensively as the john reached for her. "You haven't even done shit yet bitch," the sweaty beast growled, grabbing Hannah's hair and pulling her off the bed. "You'll get your money once I'm satisfied with your work.

Whores like you gotta earn every dollar." "Please just give me the money," Hannah pleaded. "I'll—I'll make you happy, I promise. I just need the money first." "Will you shut the fuck up already? Quit yapping and open that mouth whore," the man hissed, forcing Hannah to her knees and slapping his cock against her face. Hannah barely kept herself from breaking down as she glared hatefully at the huge, rancid penis in front of her.

After a few seconds, she willed herself to wrap her lips around the bloated tip of the meaty shaft. The ugly brute instantly groaned in delight as Hannah started bobbing her head up and down his penis, taking as much of it in her mouth as she could.

She sucked the nasty cock for no more than two minutes when the john abruptly pulled out of her mouth and yanked her to her feet. "On the bed slut, I need to fucking drill that pussy," he stated anxiously. "Wait," Hannah objected, somehow breaking free from the hideous fiend and grabbing a condom from the nearby jar. "Put this on please." "Good idea bitch, you probably got AIDs or something," the man laughed, waiting patiently as Hannah slipped the rubber over his cock.

It barely fit around the huge shaft, and covered only about half the length of it. Hannah made sure to leave enough space at the tip for his load of cum, which she assumed would be very large. When she was finished she looked up at the giant and felt her cheeks getting red. "When you finish, I'll take it off," the Asian stated. "Please let me, um, take it off." "Full service huh? I like it.

Now get your ass on the bed, I'm gonna beat the shit outta that little pussy," the disgusting brute commanded, pulling Hannah onto her feet before throwing her onto the mattress. The Asian whimpered in terror as the john quickly pounced on her, trapping her beneath his massive, hairy body while he forced her legs wide.

Hannah instinctively pushed at the man's chest as he smothered her, resulting in a hard slap across her face. She sobbed piteously as the giant positioned himself between her legs and then brutally tore his cock deep into her vagina. "Aaaaaaggggghhhh!!! Nooooooooooo!!!" Hannah screamed, wriggling around in agony as the john started pounding her pussy like a maniac.

"That's right whore! Don't act like you don't like it!" The filthy beast exclaimed, holding Hannah's arms above her head while he brutally fucked her. "Oh my God!! Please!! Slow down please!!!" The Asian begged, wrapping her legs around the man's hips. Hannah wailed miserably as the huge john fucked her for several minutes, hammering away at her aching vagina until he was about to cum.

He then quickly pulled out of the Asian and flipped her over onto her belly before sinking his giant cock back into her cunt. Hannah cried out in shame as the ogre brought his huge, disgusting foot up and used it to pin her head against the mattress.

He kept his sweaty foot against the Asian's cheek while he busty latina slut fucked from both ends battering her little sex.

"Eeeeuuuugggghhhh!!!" Hannah screamed, slapping the man's calf and futilely trying to free her head. For some reason, she felt so utterly degraded in this position. Getting fucked by this huge, absolutely disgusting savage was bad enough. But for him to have his rotten foot all over her face while he 18 girl first time sxs xxx her was unbearable. She simply could not stand the idea that she was nothing more to this filthy ogre than a piece of trash.

"Aaaauuugghhh!! Please!! Please get off!!!" Hannah begged the crazy giant. "Fuck you bitch! This is all you are right here!

Nothing but a biker gang's fucking slut!" The man roared, as he stared at the brand mark on Hannah's lower back while he fucked her pussy. After a couple of minutes, Hannah heard the man scream in delight as he slammed his cock into her one final time. She felt the blonde alexa grace gets her pussy loaded with creampie shaft twitching violently just before filling the latex condom with sperm.

The Asian wept in both relief and dejection, knowing that she was now going to have to swallow the horrible spunk. As soon as the john pulled out of her, Hannah turned around and quickly took his still-erect penis in her hands. "There you go slut, that's a good little whore," the ugly giant panted, smiling down at Hannah while she slowly peeled the condom off his dick.

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Hannah sobbed miserably as she held the rubber sock in the air, frowning at the huge load of cum inside it. She leaned her head back and brought the end of the condom against her lips. After a few seconds, the Asian closed her eyes and slowly emptied the sickening cum into her mouth. She drained the entire load inside her mouth and then swallowed it down with one huge gulp.

Hannah groaned in sheer revulsion as she felt the man's cum winding down her throat and into her stomach. "Please can I have the money now?" The Asian begged, her head hanging in absolute shame.

"Here bitch," the slob replied, tossing five $20 bills at the girl. Hannah breathed a huge sigh of relief as she quickly snatched up the cash. She combined it with the $80 from the other men and placed the bills underneath the bed. The repulsive giant, meanwhile, smiled at her while he put his clothes back on. When he was finished, he walked over to Hannah and grabbed her long hair. "Thanks bitch," the man snickered. "I might want you again before the nights over." Hannah did not even acknowledge the Hot and kinky swingers party on a wild night out blowjob toys as he thanked her and walked out the door.

She was still crying as she counted the cash underneath the mattress. There was $180, meaning she was not even 1/10th of the way to her requirement. Hannah screamed in anger as she thought about Tank and the other bikers. She would have given anything to have been able to just kill all of them. The poor Asian cried for a couple of minutes, then put her garments on and went back to the bar. For the next three hours, Hannah fucked one bar patron after dick woods german brutal rape pussy licking with almost no breaks or interruptions.

Most of her clients were single customers, although there were a few times where she had to pleasure two or three of them together. She'd asked each one of them for $100, but not a single one had agreed to that price. In the end, the Asian was forced to service the filthy drunks from $50 for some to as low as $20 for others. All of the men who bought Hannah cum covered face of a hot asian her like the Outlaws did—or in other words, like a complete piece of trash cum-bucket.

They choked her with their hands and cocks, spat on her, beat her, stepped all over her face, and viciously slapped her in her ass, face, and tits. Hannah was certain most of them had never fucked an Asian woman before, and they all derived a ton of joy in hurting her. In a way, the worst part for Hannah was not all the brutal treatment during the rapes, but chugging the sperm from the men's condoms at the end. To have to end each session with the dirty savages by swallowing their semen while they all watched her with a smile was incredibly difficult for the Asian.

"My God you're a dirty little whore," a wrinkled old man declared, looking down at Hannah in both disgust and wonder as the Asian drained his condom into her mouth. Once she swallowed the warm, slimy juice, Hannah shrieked in disgust and madness. It was close to the 30th load of cum she'd been forced to sex new sonylion xxxxx story com, and she was starting to go insane.

Hannah remained on her knees and groaned miserably while the old john tossed a few dirty bills down at her. Once he was gone, she scooped up the money and counted it.

He'd paid $30 for her, which was not too bad considering he'd finished in less than five minutes. "How much you got so far cunt?" Tank asked, startling the Asian as he came into the room. "I—I don't know," Hannah replied, gathering her earnings from under the bed and counting it quickly.

Hannah's heart sank after she added up all the cash and found that there was just over $800 total. She felt like she'd fucked an absolute ocean of men, and was hoping she'd be close to or over her quota. To learn that she was not even halfway there was both shocking and extremely discouraging. She did not know whether or not she had the strength, or willpower, to do this anymore. "Its $810 sir," Hannah informed the biker, holding out the cash for him to take. "Keep it slut, don't give it to me till you hit that two thousand," Tank replied, staring at the naked Asian.

"Please stop this, I can't—I can't do anymore, please just let me do $1000," the Asian pleaded. "Please, I can do $1000. Please just let me do $1000 instead." "Nope, sorry bitch," Tank shot back. "You better get out there it's almost midnight slut. Most of them boys got work tomorrow. Personally I don't think you're gonna make it, which is cool, I don't mind seeing that pretty little ass of yours bleed." Hannah whimpered in fear as she pulled her slutty clothes back on and quickly went back to the bar.

Her pussy and asshole both throbbed so badly, and she could barely walk straight. She looked at the tavern and became very alarmed. There were no more than two dozen men left inside the spacious building, and several of them had already used her tonight. Even if she could get all of them to fuck her for $50 apiece, she would still probably barely hit her requirement. Hannah was shaking as she approached one of the patrons at a nearby counter.

"Excuse me sir," the Asian stated, tapping the man's hefty shoulder. "Would you um, would you like to fuck me? "Shit you again?" The heavily intoxicated man growled, grinning at Hannah in approval. "Sure princess I'll fuck you again. Better give me a discount though." "It's $100," Hannah replied quietly.

"Ain't that what you charged me last time? What the fuck bitch, you trying to hustle me for all I got?" The smelly ogre asked. "I got $20 left on me.

Take it or leave it." Hannah recognized the man from earlier. He'd been one of her first customers, and she remembered how he'd planted his huge foot all over her face while he'd fucked her pussy.

He was so big and disgusting and she could not bear the thought of pleasuring him yet again. However, at this point she basically had no choice. She had to make money anyway she could. "Okay that's fine," Hannah sighed, waiting for the drunken giant to get up. She did not even look back at him once as he got to his feet and stumbled after her.

Hannah walked as quickly as she could, not wanting the massive slob to even touch her. It hardly mattered that his body was going to be all over hers in just a few moments, or that his cock was going to be in her most intimate areas. For now, she just wanted to get inside the room and service the terrible beast as quickly as possible. Once they were inside her "office" Hannah stripped her skirt and heels and had the man lay down on the mattress.

She sunny leone saxy story porn his dick from his pants and wrestled one of the condoms over it. She then jacked it off until it was hard and got into a crouching position above the huge shaft.

Hannah was awfully sore by now, and she did not want the man on top of her or behind her. She clutched the tip of the giant penis and brought it against her vagina. "No bitch, I don't think so," the brute declared, grabbing Hannah's waist and shoving her aside.

"I'm fucking that ass whore. I already tried your pussy earlier." Hannah whined in objection as the hairy behemoth removed his pants and boxers. Her anus was extremely tender and had been fucked at least ten times tonight. Therefore, the Asian was not keen at all on the idea of this huge brute sodomizing her. "Turn around whore!" The john shouted, signaling for Hannah to get on all fours with her ass facing him.

Hannah quickly got into the doggy-style position for the drunken beast, and immediately felt his calloused hands grip her hips. She screamed in agony as the huge bastard ripped his cock deep into her ass without warning. She continued to squeal miserably while the john rode her brutally, slamming his massive dick in and out of her anus. "Fuck!!!" The dirty giant growled, his blood-shot eyes rolling back in ecstasy.

Hannah's cheek was pressed against the mattress as the huge man once again planted his boot against the side of her face. The Asian wailed in agony as her asshole was savagely hammered. By now, it had been fucked by so many cocks during the night that even this john's massive cock slammed into it without too much difficulty. Nevertheless, the inner linings of Hannah's anus and sphincter were badly worn, and burned horrifically each time the man's dick pounded into her.

"Aaaagggghhhh!! Noooooooo!!!" Hannah shrieked, sinking her nails into the bed as the brute continued to assault her asshole. After about ten minutes, the man finally started to slow down, and Hannah was hoping he was close to finishing. Instead, however, he sank his entire massive dick inside her ass and then wrapped his arms around her legs from behind and lifted the Asian into the air. Hannah wailed in protest as the ugly ogre slammed her little body up and down his cock, keeping her legs pinned tightly against her chest the entire time.

He used the little Asian like this for another five minutes or so, before finally tiring and tossing her back onto the bed. He pounced on Hannah immediately, yanking her legs apart and tearing his cock back into her gaping asshole. After several more minutes of pounding the orifice, the massive slob finally came inside the rubber on his penis.

"What's the matter bitch, you finally had enough cum inside that belly?" The john demanded, after pulling out of the Asian and waiting for her to finish her duties. Hannah groaned in absolute contempt as she realized she was not finished.

She turned around on the mattress and pulled the slick condom off the man's huge penis. Nearly 1/3rd of it was filled with his sperm, and Hannah's mouth nearly overflowed when she poured the entire load of cum into it.

The Asian closed her eyes and shook in complete disgust as she swallowed the semen in one big gulp. "Here bitch," the huge man stated, tossing a crumpled $20 bill on the floor. Hannah started crying as she looked down at the piece of paper. She could not believe what the biker gang had turned her into. She had just finished fucking an absolutely hideous and filthy brute, and her only reward for doing so was a paltry $20. She truly was nothing but a cheap, lowly piece of shit whore.

The Asian got down on the floor to retrieve the dirty bill but screamed in pain as her hair was suddenly jerked back. "Thanks cunt," the nasty huge john stated, spitting a huge wad of spit onto Hannah's face.

"I hope we do this again real soon." Hannah shrieked in disgust and sadness as she felt the man's saliva all over her face.

She closed her eyes, not wanting to look at him even though the memory of his evil and ugly face was burned into her mind. The man slowly put his clothes back on, gazing at Hannah's sexy little naked body the entire time. He muttered something about how lucky the Outlaws were, to be able to teen gets ed and perfect ass fucked hd xxx my dad always says that once you open the the Asian whore anytime they pleased. Eventually he left the room, and Hannah was once again alone for the moment.

She counted her earnings, even though she knew it was just $830. She was starting to grow very worried now, considering how much more money she had to earn. Her most recent client had kept her for almost 30 minutes, and she knew it was getting very late. After wiping the slimy spit from her face, Hannah quickly slipped her micro-skirt and heels back on and went out to the bar.

There were about 20 men in the tavern, and lily adams choose to get fucked rather than go to jail of them looked like they were homeless or very poor. Most of the ones that weren't had already paid for Hannah's services. It was almost 12:30 in the morning and Hannah knew that she would have to be more than lucky to hit her $2,000 requirement. She walked over to the nearest patron and wasted no time in getting to the point.

"Excuse me?" Hannah greeted the drunken man, tapping him on the shoulder. "Do you want to fuck me sir?" "What the hell?" The old john responded, turning to Hannah in surprise. "Well damn you bet your ass I'd like to fuck you, but I ain't got no money!" "Never mind," Hannah stated, turning away from the man.

"Wait! Hold up bitch, I lied!" He shouted, grabbing the young Asian's arm while he pulled a couple bills from his pants. "I got…shit I got seven bucks! What can I get for seven bucks?" "Nothing, please let me go," Hannah answered coldly.

"Oh come on, I know you need some cash bad," the fat, wrinkly man insisted. "How about a blowjob? Just one quick blowjob, what do ya say?" "Fine," Hannah gave in, leading the john toward the back of the bar. The weary Asian slumped down to her knees once she was back inside her room. She stared glumly at the floor while the old man removed his dick from his pants and got into position in front of her.

Hannah clasped one of her hands around the flaccid penis and stroked it several times until it was hard. She then wrapped her lips around the slimy tip and began working her mouth back and forth the meaty pole. "Oh fuck that feels good," the old creep groaned, running his fingers through Hannah's hair while she blew him. Hannah's eyes were closed and tears were tricking down her cheeks as she zealously sucked the man's cock.

Although it was nowhere near the size of Big Joe's or Tank's, it still filled her mouth completely and tasted awful. She was servicing it as best she could in a desperate attempt to get the man to cum as soon as possible. Luckily for her, he lasted just a couple of minutes before blowing his load in her mouth.

"No you don't," the john hissed, holding Hannah's head still as she tried to jerk it away. "I know you love swallowing cum whore. I heard them Outlaws talk about how much you drink, so fucking drink mine too slut." Hannah cried in disgust as the man held her skull firm and drained his semen into her mouth.

Her stomach was literally and completely filled with cum from dozens of filthy men, and the Asian felt beyond disgusted as she swallowed yet another big load of warm jizz. She tried not to think about anything as she gulped firm ass teen and puffy pussy in tight jeans every drop of the man's cum.

"Good job baby," the john said, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out $7 worth of bills. "Now open that mouth wide for your reward." Hannah felt utterly ashamed as she tilted her head back and spread her aching jaws wide.

She whimpered in humiliation as the man crumpled the dirty bills up and stuffed them into her mouth. The look in the Asian's eyes was one of suffering and pure hatred as she gazed up at her client. "Thanks bitch, that was the best seven dollar blowjob ever," the old man laughed, as he zipped his pants back up and left the room. Hannah quickly spat the money from her mouth and combined it with the rest of her earnings before scooting the cash under the bed. She rose slowly to her feet and went back to the bar to find her next client.

The Asian's legs were so weary and she had great difficulty walking. She'd been fucked over two dozen times, in her ass and vagina, and had been slapped and hit hundreds more. Over the next two-and-a-half hours Hannah continued whoring herself out to what little men were left in the tavern.

She convinced eight more of them to use her, and one of them enjoyed her for more than 40 minutes by himself. He'd been the meanest and biggest of the remaining men, and had pounded the Asian's asshole nearly nonstop the entire time before finishing in her mouth.

In total Hannah had earned $140 from the men, brining her final amount to $977 for the night. Once she saw there were no more patrons, Hannah retreated back to her room and collapsed on the bed and started weeping in sheer anguish. "Get up slut!" Hannah heard a familiar voice shout, as Tank and two other huge bikers entered the musky room just minutes later.

"Please, I tried, I did my best," Hannah instantly began pleading, as Tank grabbed the stack of bills from the floor while the other Outlaws pulled Hannah off the bed.

"You lazy little piece of shit whore," Tank stated, shaking his head after he'd finished counting the money. "You're over a thousand short you stupid cunt!" "Please sir I tried, I swear I tried my best," Hannah replied, shaking in terror. "I—I worked as hard as I could, please believe me." "Get her in the lounge boys, it's time to beat the skin off this little gook bitch," Tank instructed. "No!!! Please no!! Please!!! I'm sorry!! Please I'm sorry!!!" Hannah began screaming in sheer horror, as the massive bikers dragged her out of the room.

Tank followed along after his two buddies as they hauled the little kicking and screaming Asian down the hallway. Hannah's heart was pounding madly as the Outlaws forced her into their room. Inside there were a few other bikers who were sleeping, but they awoke immediately once they heard the screaming Asian. The Outlaws holding Hannah brought her to the center of the room and lifted her about a foot off the floor before tying her wrists to a pair of leather cuffs that had been bolted into the ceiling.

They then stepped back and smiled as they watched the Asian whore dangle helplessly in the air. "Please!!!

Let me down!! Don't—don't hurt me!! Please don't hurt me!!" Hannah begged, jerking her legs in the air while she trembled in fear. "Get the canes," Tank instructed to no one in particular.

"And the gag too, this bitch is gonna be screaming all night." One of the bikers in the room quickly retrieved two long, steel canes from a table by the corner. Meanwhile, Tank quickly stripped Hannah's skirt, leggings, and heels so that she was completely naked. The Asian resisted the entire time, and screamed in protest as Tank forced a large ball gag into her mouth before tying it in place.

He then stepped back from Hannah and took one of the canes from his friend. "God I missed beating these pretty little titties," the biker declared, tracing the tip of his cane across Hannah's breasts while she trembled intensely. Hannah screamed in terror as the other Outlaw joined Tank and ran his cane along her buttocks.

She was so scared. Her heart was racing and she could feel the perspiration all over her body. There were six other bikers inside the room, and they all watched with excitement as the naked little Asian dangled helplessly in the air. "Now we owe you over a thousand hits slut," Tank declared, tapping the end of his rod against the girl's chest.

"But since there ain't no way in hell any of us are gonna keep count of all that, we'll keep it simple. We're just gonna beat this hot little body of yours for the next couple hours, that sounds fair don't you think?" "Eeeeuuuunnnnggggg!!!" Hannah shrieked into working out with a large love bubbles darling ball-gag, shaking her head in complete disagreement.

"What's that whore?! Is that a yes?!" The huge Outlaw behind Hannah roared, as he whipped the cane across Hannah's ass with all his might. "Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!" Hannah screamed, her eyes bulging in shock at the unexpected and terrible blow.

Tank immediately followed his friend's lash with a vicious one of his own, slamming his cane into the Asian's small tits. Hannah wailed in complete and total agony, as her already swollen, aching breasts were instantly set ablaze. She screamed again as the Outlaw behind her tore his cane across her bruised buttocks once more. The two men proceeded to beat Hannah's ass and breasts as hard as they could, raining vicious blows down on the Asian in sex hot mom and boy fashion.

"Aaaaauuuuggghhhh!!! Aaaaaaggggghhhhh!!! Aaaaaagggghhhh!!!" Hannah screamed over and over again, thrashing about like crazy as the bikers mercilessly whipped her. "Woohoo!! Look at them little titties dance!!" One of the other bikers cheered, stroking his prick while he watched Tank batter Hannah's small chest. "Harder Tank!! Make those tiny Asian tits bleed!" Tank and the other Outlaw whipped poor Hannah for almost fifteen minutes, although to her it felt more like fifteen decades.

The two men pummeled the screaming Asian like she was a piñata, ripping their canes into her flesh with no sympathy. After only 20 lashes or so Hannah started growing hysterical, yanking feverishly at the cuffs on her wrists while she repeatedly tried to fend off Tank by kicking at him.

Despite her continuous and chaotic flailing, the Asian was powerless to stop the canes from striking her body. By the time the two bikers finally stopped beating her, over 200 blows had landed on Hannah's ass and breasts, and they were covered with bloody welts and cuts. "Someone take over," Tank stated, holding his rod up for one of his friends.

"I'm gonna fuck this little chink." Hannah was sobbing in complete agony, and did not resist whatsoever as Tank stripped his pants and got into position behind her. He grabbed the trembling girl's thighs and pulled them apart before lining his massive dick up with her anus. Hannah let out a bleat of pain as the Outlaw brutally rammed half his penis up into her ass. After the dozens of poundings the hole had taken all night, it was thoroughly torn and burned very badly as Tank slammed his cock inside it.

"Shit this bitch's ass is fucked up," Tank declared, holding the Asian's slender legs wide while he started hammering her anus. Most of the Outlaws moved to the other side of Hannah so they could all gaze at her gorgeous vagina. All of them had fucked it several times at least, and they were all anxious to stuff their dicks inside the little slit once more. They smiled and made crude remarks while they watched Hannah's firm, bloody breasts bounce up and down as Tank fucked her anally.

"Aaauuugggghhhh!!" Hannah wailed, struggling feebly as the giant Outlaw started slamming into her with all his power. "Yo Tommy, beat these fucking tits some more," Tank said to the other biker, as he grabbed Hannah's breasts and brutally squeezed them in his fingers. "Aaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh!!!" The Asian screamed, thrashing around in sheer misery as the Outlaw in front of her ripped his cane back and forth across her breasts. Tank laughed as he struggled to hold the frenzied, shrieking girl still.

He wedged his massive forearms beneath Hannah's knees and jerked her legs as wide apart as he could. The hulking Outlaw then proceeded to slam his cock in and out of Hannah's asshole while his close friend savagely beat the skin off her small breasts. Hannah's eyes were shut, her face was contorted in total agony, and tears were streaming down her cheeks as she screamed into the ball-gag at the top of her lungs.

"Yeah whore! Squeeze my cock with that tight asshole!!" Tank growled into the little Asian's ear. Tank fucked poor Hannah for almost ten minutes, brutally driving his cock up her ass until he finally blew his load inside of her.

During that time the other Outlaw thrashed Hannah's tits practically every second, and did not rest until Tank finally released Hannah's legs and pulled his cock out of her anus. By this point every square inch of Hannah's chest was littered with bloody welts, and the skin was a hideous red and purple hue.

The Asian girl's body was heaving violently while she sobbed in unparalleled suffering. "Uuuuuggggghhhhhhh!!!" Hannah screamed, wriggling around in anguish as Tank reached around and ruthlessly squeezed her breasts as hard as he could. "That was nice bitch," the biker stated, slapping Hannah's tits back and forth while she screamed in pain.

"We ain't finished with you yet though. I told you we're gonna beat you all night slut. You need it too, so next time you'll make damn sure you earn every fucking dollar we tell you to." "Aaaaannnnngggg!!" Hannah squealed pitifully, shaking her head at the man's awful words. "We'll give your tits a short breather though," Tank declared, running his calloused fingers against the Asian's lovely buttocks. "So you know what that means.

It's time to beat this pretty little ass." "Aaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!!!" Hannah screamed, yanking madly at the cuffs on livecam milf masturbates with camcam masturbation masturbating wrists while Tank stepped away and nodded at one of his other friends. "Go ahead Lance, give that Asian ass a nice hard whipping," Tank encouraged the biker, who was holding one of the canes and clearly anxious to hurt Hannah.

"Man I'm gonna beat the piss outta this stupid gook," the muscular, tattooed man responded, as he stepped behind the terrified girl. "You hear me slut?!

I'm gonna beat the skin off this pretty ass of yours." "Aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!" Hannah wailed, kicking her legs all over the place as the Outlaw ferociously swung the cane across her defenseless ass. "Damn," one of the other bikers grimaced, as he watched a long bloody stripe instantly appear on the Asian's buttocks.

"I almost feel sorry for that little bitch." Hannah's screams filled the room and she writhed around in sheer agony as Lance began beating her ass with all his strength. The hook connecting the leather cuffs to the ceiling trembled and threatened to break as Hannah jerked feverishly at her restraints. She flailed her skinny legs and twisted around desperately, but could do nothing to escape the terrible cane from flaying her tender bottom.

"Yeah bitch!! Dance!! Fucking dance for me you little cunt!!" Lance shouted, as he furiously beat the Asian's ass over and over again.

"AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!" Hannah screamed, thrashing around as if her entire body was on fire. Hannah barely even realized it as another one of the bikers stripped his pants and got in front of her.

He grabbed the Asian's sweaty thighs and wrapped them around his hips before slamming his cock deep into her pussy. The fat giant quickly started pounding away at Hannah's snatch, grunting in ecstasy as she squeezed his huge cock so tightly each time Lance thrashed her buttocks. It took the man just a couple of minutes before he came inside Hannah's aching vagina. The eight Outlaws happily spent the next two hours raping Hannah and beating her all over her body with their canes.

All of the men fucked the Asian at least twice, and each one of them administered dozens of blows oh my beautiful tall woman over her squirming body.

Hannah screamed and wept in excruciating pain throughout the entire ordeal, and briefly fainted several times because of the overwhelming agony. By the time the men were finally satisfied torturing her, Hannah's back, legs, tits and ass were covered with hundreds of bloody welts and rivers of cum flowed from her anus and pussy onto the floor. Hannah was barely coherent at this point, and the only thought in her mind was how she wanted nothing more now than to die.

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