Super sexy milf strokes a big boner sexy woman and big dicks

Super sexy milf strokes a big boner sexy woman and big dicks
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It was 10:30 PM on a Wednesday night and my wife Pam was four hours late getting home from work, she would have a good excuse and it would have to do with sex. Pam was a nymphomaniac and that was a big part of the reason that I married her, another was her beauty, her face and figure where un matched by any woman I have ever seen.

Pam married me because I was the most perverted man she has ever encountered, she has encountered a lot of men.

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What I got out of our relationship was the excitement of the sex she could do. The orgasms and the amount of sperm that would be pumped in to her that was so much more than I as one man was capable of. It turned me on because I felt like I was a part of all that sex, just because she was my wife and ever thing she did would come home with her. Even if I wasn't there to watch all the men fuck her she always told me all about it.

My wife arrived home and came in the bed room and Old man vs teen girl intense orgasm and sensual kissing in the bedroom could catch the sent of sperm as she walked past me to go to our bathroom, That's when she seen the bulge in my pants and said " After I shower I'LL tack care of that for you " " No I want you right now just the way you are" This is the sick perverted need in me was coming out { The need to be part of more sex than I could have alone} I started to undress her and run my hands all over her body and fantasize what the other guy or guys did to her.

When we where naked I put her on the bed and started on her toes Kissing and sucking up her shapely leg's. When I came up to her cunt there was quite a lot of sperm leaking out, so I just moved on past and gave her sexy pink nipples a lot of attention. Then hugging and kissing it was time to fuck her pussy. My wife's cunt was so lubed with the spent of all the activities of the evening I penetrated too the root in one smooth push. Pam's cunt was so warm and moist I fantasized that the moisture was all my sperm, this made me come right away.

As pam walked to our bathroom her ass swayed so invitingly I joined her in the shower.

We soaped each others body's, her hands felt so good I got hard right away Pam dropped to her knee's and gave me a blow job.

I got Pam's douche bottle and cleansed her pussy, I was amazed at the amount of sperm that washed out. Then she put her hands on top of my head and pushed me to my knee's and said " now it's my turn".

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I ate her pussy and she climaxed twice and I greedily sucked all her juices up. After a good reins and toweling off we went to bed. Thursday evening after work Pam agreed to tell about last nights activities She said "well I stopped to gas up the van and four young black men started hitting on me and telling me how they would like to fuck me.So what else could I do but fuck them in the back of my van. We drove to the park and they got in and I asked one to drive around town because it's more fun to fuck in a moving vehicle." " I hope at lest a couple of them where really hung " " Yes one was a monster cock but thankfully he fucked me last.

The first guy was a good seven inches and gave me two orgasm as he fucked me. He kept playing with my hair and sucking my tit's. He had an awesome orgasm and I could actually feel his cock spasm and jerk in me as he pumped his seed in me." " If it was that good I hope you got his phone number " indian couple homemade sex bhabhi in bedroom with her hubby suck and fuck Yes I did and we will set some thing up some time if you want " " lets hear the rest of the story first " " the second guy was about 6 1|2 inches and he was a major cummer, he wasn't on me but five minuets when he came like a dam broke lose, He hugged me tight and just vibrated and made me orgasm just from his vibrating.

Then the third guy was at less eight inches and about 5and 1/4 in girth. and he lasted about twenty minuets and I had three orgasm with him.

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He squirted a good load of sperm in me also. " well sounds good so far Crist look at the bulge in my pants, now hurry up and finish so we can take care of my erection " That was when Tyron, the driver seen two of his friends walking and asked if they could join in of Corse I said yes.

Now these guys where hung like black guys are suppose to be hung, Nine inches both of them and they knew how to use those things.

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They both lasted at lest twenty five minuets and each gave me three orgasm and pumped massive amounts of seed in me." " Wow wish I could have been there to see that, now tell me about the monster cock " "We drove back to the park and the five guys got out and gave us some private time. Like I said he was Hugh ten and may be more and he surprised me by sucking my clit even with all that sperm on it.

I was so ready when he took mom teaching son in ebony it just slid right in to the root as he was humping me I hear the door open and a girl got in and he said that she was his wife. She started to play with his ass and balls and boy did he have a set of nuts.When he started cumming he was groaning like some one was hurting him I think his wife was biting his ass.

When he pulled out his wife sucked his cock then licked my cunt until I had another orgasm." " well hell yaeh set some thing up, now lets go too the bed room I have a hell of a need "