Lucky guy gets to pound innocent girl

Lucky guy gets to pound innocent girl
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She came to visit while her foot was healing after a minor operation. We made sure she was comfortable and could hobble around easily enough. After the initial first day things started to get into a routine of breakfast, coffee, small chat, and then lunch, with the afternoons taken up with planned reading in the shade while enjoying the sunny California weather.

I made sure she noticed me looking at her breasts more than once deliberately and not saying anything but quickly looking away or changing the chat we had going.

I knew from experience that women take things like that and will say something so long as it's just an innocent accident. I always let women have their imagination get to them first. It may take a day or two, but you have to let it sink in for them. That way they imagine sexiness in their own way without a person having to come on to them. I made sure it was innocent or accidental and always a courteous compliment at most.

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Waiting was the hard part with my own imagination always contemplating new ideas and rushing things. Having a strategy and keeping to it is the best way to overcome and conquer. Having made sure through my tactics that she was getting my innocent looks or touches for a couple of days, I began the next part of my plan and test the waters with a quick chat of intimacy and how I have really appreciated her and trusted her with things I wouldn't dare say before or outright in our lives.

I didn't do this with my wife around and always kept it innocent and nice. I wanted to see if hugs were closer or smiles had body language with them. Crossing and uncrossing legs, jutting her breasts out more, anything that could tell me she might be thinking of sex or loving interludes.

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After several days the next step after learning she was more at ease and her body giving off the same indication, I waited for a secure moment to outright touch her and make it known I always thought she was sexy and leave it go at that and continue on with doing whatever we were doing and ensuring we were having fun. I knew a break was coming when my wife had plans to be gone over the weekend for a Kraft Fair with a girl friend of hers.

When the day arrived for my wife to leave I felt it was time to implement my final plan; but I would have to wait until my sister went to bed that night. Finally night fell, and she said she was going to get ready for bed. I said the same and set about getting the house ready for the night. I got ready first and waited for her to come out of the bathroom and get a hug goodnight; but, this time I had some excuse to be in her room and she came in.

I made a lame excuse I couldn't find something in the closet to show her so I said get in bed I'll tuck you in and lock the door on my way out. I wanted her to be at ease. This she did and I made a quick kiss on her lips and a touch on her breasts and started to leave.

I asked pointedly if she needed anything else and she quietly said no. I made it a big deal to sound like I locked her door; knowing if she got up it wouldn't really lock. Then I waited. I took several Lavitras and left for my own room. I quietly started to listen in on her; judging when she was going to sleep or even masturbate, my plan was to start about shortly after she got into a deep sleep.

I hadn't made any plans about her touching herself before going to sleep. I waited, about 45 minutes later I could tell she was going into a deep sleep.

I got naked and walked in slowly and tried not to wake her by surprise. I whispered to her and did a quick kiss. She started waking up and I said shh. I then told her nicely and kissing her quickly what I wanted. I made my demand known then. I told her I loved her but I am not going to let her go back home without giving in to something I have always wanted from her and only she could let me have it nicely.

She was still waking when I said it. I want to suck your breasts before you leave and I want them now. I then kissed her nicely and said please with passion in it and rainia belle rainia in the rain lets try her I couldn't love her any more than I do right now. She was relaxed and said okay, of which I then began to get her bra off while kissing her. She then hiked her nightie up enough for me to gently suckle each of her breasts.

I made sure I kissed her again and again telling her how sexy she is and thanking her for this awesome memory that I can then live with forever. I also made sure I ran my hands around her ass any way. I waited to turn her on more and see what she would do or say. I made sure I demanded that while she was her visiting I would get to suck her breasts. When she relaxed more with me I then said I wanted to see her naked even if it was dark, lulu the wolf queen porn cartoonfunny which I quickly pulled her underpants, off.

With her now totally vulnerable I moved adorable and soaked pussy pornstar and hardcore let her know how much she means to me. I didn't bother with her pussy as I knew she was hot. I waited for just the right moment and moved up to nibble her ear and placed my leg between hers and quickly started the home run with my penis into her pussy which as wet.

She began to get fearful and I said I will have all of you for a memory and more. As I thrust into her she wasn't sure anymore; but I kept on making thrusts and with her pinned of a sorts under me I then told her my true self of possessing her.

How jealous I was of other men getting to go where I was only now going. I said she was my secret goddess and I wanted her for a burning memory of beauty and sex in my mind for all time to come.

I didn't stop even once saying the nicest of things that any women would love to hear. I kept on with my fantasy lovingness with her. I didn't want it to end; but I knew she was going to wear out. I stopped and waited beside her, holding her nicely, kissing in small amounts around her head and neck.

I told her not to lock me out and unless she wanted to end my marriage then not to tell or give it away that we were now incestuous lovers. I told her I wanted to please her too, for which she said she didn't care; but I wanted to lick her puss and downward I went, diving with my tongue into her.

She squirmed and said no but I found her clit and gently stroked it. She calmed down and got into a rhythm and had an orgasm. I moved quickly to kiss her and make sure she would kiss with her pussy juices on my lips. I made sure we embraced with several good kisses and told her that before she leaves I was going to have several sensual interludes before she leaves to go back home.