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Busty amateur gf toys and sucks with cum in mouth
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Chapter 1 Accidental Encounter Nancy and Paul met by coincidence and at the time, neither would by imagined how they blonde model masturbate with sextoy and vibrator freesexcams and webcams have developed into close friends an5d then lovers.

Nancy was 55 years old, and her body showed the signs of childbirth and a fairly sedentary life. She became pregnant and married Ben, her high school boyfriend, shortly after they graduated from high school together. She quickly found herself in a supporting role to his life. Since they couldn't afford for both of them to go to college, he ended up going to State while she stayed home and worked at whatever jobs she could land and took care of their baby.

Two more babies came in quick succession and she found herself taking care of three very young children before she turned 23. Ben was able to find a good job working for an insurance company, starting in sales and eventually getting into the claims side of the business. Nancy first thought that was a blessing, since he wouldn't be traveling as much and could help around the house more.

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It never seemed to work out that way though and they slowly grew apart as their children grew up and one by one, moved out on their own. When the last child started school, Nancy found herself a job in a graphics company working in the office. At night she took courses at the community college to learn about computer graphics design. By the time her youngest was starting high school, Nancy had managed to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Graphics and move from an office manager to a graphics artist at work.

Ben was still working with the insurance company, but apparently pretty much stuck where he was and not showing any signs of trying to change that. After 28 years of marriage, Nancy took stock of her life and decided that she didn't want to spend the rest of her life sitting in a house and having little more interaction with her husband than fixing his meals and watching him come home every evening to plop his butt in his recliner to watch TV until he fell asleep.

Over the years, she's tried to get him more involved with her and to recapture some of the passion they shared as young newlyweds. He seemed to have lost all interest in her and sex in general, so she filed for divorce and struck out on her own. At first, it was scary. She'd never actually lived by herself. By nature, Nancy was a very outgoing person and always seemed to have a smile on her face. She developed some new friends at work and two of them convinced her to take up long distance running for recreation.

In typical fashion, she threw herself into this new challenge with all her energy and attention and was able to work herself up to a regimen of running 30 miles a week. After two years, she ran in her first half-marathon and a year after that, participated in her first marathon event.

Her speed was certainly nothing to write home about, big titty latin girl gives head and railed by pawn guy the intensity of the activity and the increasing circle of fellow runners she became friends with kept her involved.

Here she was, five years after her divorce, still single and not really looking for anyone. She had good job, plenty of acquaintances to hang out with, no one to account to but herself, and was feeling pretty self-sufficient. When her parents passed away, she moved into their old home where she had grown up as a little girl and began the task of cleaning it out, fixing it up, and then trying to decide whether to keep it or sell it.

Her younger brother and sister helped when they could, but both of them lived a couple hours away and were still heavily engaged in their best ass licking lesbians and rimming continue on mypornox com families.

As it was, she was leaving the home improvement and hardware store after picking up a load of bagged cement mix and several fence posts that she needed to repair the fence in the back of her parent's home.

Pushing the heavy cart behind her SUV, she struggled with lifting the heavy eighty pound bags of cement and loading them in the car. Paul was walking by and saw her trying to lift the first bag and stopped by to help out. He had just turned 50 and was to all his friends, the stereotypical confirmed bachelor.

He had been active in sports ever since he was young and still worked out to keep himself in shape. His hair was starting to show signs of gray at the temples, but his face still had a youthful look. He easily loaded Nancy's car for her, earning her effusive praise for being such a Good Samaritan. As they chatted, he asked if she had someone helping her plant the new fence posts and put up the new fence sections. She laughed and just said no and explained that she was doing it all herself.

Seeing that she was probably way over her head in the project she was undertaking, Paul offered to help out, since he'd done plenty of similar work while growing up and also around his own house. She politely declined the offer, but he soon convinced her that it was much more complicated that she thought not to mention she was still going to have to move the cement bags around the yard. Recognizing the logic of his statements and the sincerity of his offer, Nancy gave in and he followed her to her parent's home.

Paul spent most of that afternoon measuring the post holes positions, digging the new holes, setting the posts, and bracing them to keep them perfectly upright while the concrete set around the bases. Nancy helped throughout the process and he quickly grew to admire her energy, spirit and determination.

During one break, he took the chance to appraise her more carefully.

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She certainly wasn't attractive in the conventional sense and didn't look like any of the younger girls he was used to dating. Her breasts were on the small side perhaps a B-cup, her bottom was somewhat flat, and her tummy had the definite bulge that most middle-aged women developed, especially after childbirth. She kept her hair cut short and somewhat severe to make it easier to maintain with her running schedule. Despite all that, her bubbly personality, fun spirit, and easy-going nature generated an attraction he homer que trazar com homer really understand.

They traded bits of their life stories while working in the backyard and when they finally completed the job it was after 6pm and they were both starving. Nancy insisted on feeding Paul dinner for all his help and he couldn't really say no. Paul told her he needed to go home to clean up and change clothes then he'd be back in about an hour. She watched as he walked back to his car and felt her own twinge of excitement over this new man she's just met and found herself lusting for in the back of her mind.

As he pulled away, she ran into the house to shower, get dressed, and figure out what in the hell she was going to do for dinner! It was almost 7:30 p.m. when Paul arrived back at her door, reality kings two twerking babes in foursom a bottle of red wine. Nancy met him wearing a bright sundress and looking much different than the somewhat plain-looking woman in baggy shorts and a t-shirt that Paul remembered from a couple hours before.

Inviting him inside, they had a glass of wine together in the screened-in back porch, enjoying the chance to relax and chat. She apologized that dinner wasn't ready and she didn't have much to offer in that regard, but Paul laughed and told her not to get excited about it. He suggested picking up a pizza from a nearby restaurant and she readily agreed. They picked up the pizza and came back to her home to enjoy their meal and the rest of the wine.

They quickly finished the first bottle and opened a second bottle that Nancy brought out. As the evening wore on, the wine continued to flow, as did the conversation. They both loved to talk, but they were also good listeners and the conversation remained light and fun. Before they knew it, it was past midnight and they were shocked to see four empty wine bottles sitting around. Moving inside, Paul began to head for the door and his home when she stopped him, insisting that he was in no condition to drive, especially at night.

After a brief and futile argument, Paul listened to reason and decided to sleep on her couch. She found a blanket and xx sixcy new 2019 vido for him to use and then they sat down on the couch to continue their earlier discussion.

Nancy had just told him of her unhappy marriage and the reasons she decided to divorce Ben. Paul related his most recent heartache where his girlfriend of five years, and fiancée for 2, suddenly decided to leave him for greener pastures, taking a $14,000 ring and many other things with her. The wine was affecting Nancy and the whole conversation had her feeling terribly depressed. At some point, Paul put his arm around her and tried cheering her up by reminding her that she had a much better life now than she'd had with Ben and to not dwell on the wasted years or what might have been.

He lifted her face in his hands and slowly wiped the tears from her cheek before kissing her softly on the lips. A thrill of excitement ran through her body that she couldn't remember feeling in years.

She responded to his kiss and it was Paul's turn to be surprised at the sudden passion he felt from her and for her. Still embracing her, Paul laid Nancy back on the couch and lay on top of her, still kissing and exploring each other's mouth. He could feel her breasts against his chest and her hands on the back of his head as she moaned quietly under him. Without thinking or knowing why, Paul moved down her throat slowly, kissing and tracing a small line with his tongue and he moved down to her collarbone.

Her sundress had shifted slightly off her shoulder and Paul pressed further down, looking for her nipple to suck. She stiffened under him, realizing where he was going and not sure if she was ready for that.

It had been years since she's been with a man and she had reached a level of acceptance that her days of sexual activity were long past.

She was also very self-conscious of her body and a bit embarrassed about her lack of conventional beauty. She was afraid that once he saw her body, Paul would be turned off or might reject her. Feeling her physical reaction to his actions, Paul stopped and looked up into her eyes. He saw her apprehension and automatically moved her dress back up over her shoulder. "I'm not sure I'm ready for that," she told him, "It's been so long for me and we barely know each other." He smiled in acknowledgement the brightest large o ever smalltits and homemade kissed her lips briefly, "That's ok.

I understand and don't mind. It seems kind of sudden to me, too." He moved down beside her and pulled her head over his chest while they stretched out on the sofa.

He played with her hair idly as she continued to try raucous temptation for cute honey hardcore blowjob explain to him. "I know I'm not very pretty like the other women I'm sure you've dated.

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I don't understand why you'd even want to make love to me. I'm not very experienced and it would probably be a big let down for you." He laughed and replied, "Honestly, up until just a few minutes ago, I hadn't even thought about making love to you.

The whole day has been so enjoyable just talking and spending time with you. You're wonderful company. I think you're intelligent, very level-headed, and have a wonderful sense of humor. It seems you've been laughing or smiling almost from the minute I first saw you in the parking lot. You have a way about you that makes me feel very comfortable talking about most anything.

You're unpretentious and real, not posing and artificial like a lot of girls today." He pulled her against him in a long hug while she tried to take everything in that he said. She rested her head on his chest with her arm across his body while he caressed her shoulder and hips with his hand until they both dozed off on the couch.

It was just after 3 a.m. when Nancy woke. She heard Paul's deep breathing under her as he continued to sleep. She began to reflect on what had happened and what had almost happened. She was still apprehensive about getting too intimate with a man she barely knew, yet there download story chick access our gigantic archive something about the ease of their conversation that made her feel there was more connecting them than appeared on the surface.

She admitted to herself that it was flattering to have a man like him wanting to spend time with her socially, and their kisses had been anything but superficial.

He really did seem to understand and care for her feelings.

When he held her in his arms, she felt special for the first time in a long time. Could he really find her attractive and want to be with her? She felt stirrings of her sexuality that had been repressed for so many years. She rolled over to nestle her back against him and held his arm over her chest. As Nancy adjusted herself next to him, Paul woke and took a few seconds to remember where he was.

He felt Nancy's breast under his hand and could feel the hard bump of her nipple under the thin cotton dress she was wearing. He instinctively cupped her breast and began to tease the nipple with his thumb and forefinger. Her hand clutched his against her chest even harder and he could tell she didn't want him to stop. He caressed and rubbed her left breast, then moved up to her right one to continue.

Her hand rubbed up and down his arm lightly as her nipples hardened under his fingers. Nancy felt her desire rising up in her and pulled him closer against her body.

Paul reached up to slide the strap of her sun dress off her shoulder and down her arm, helping her to get free from it and reveal her breast to him. It seemed so small in his hand, but he felt his cock rising under his shorts as she slowly ground her bottom up against him.

Rolling her over underneath him, he was able to face her and reach her exposed breast with his mouth. Sucking hungrily on it, his teeth and tongue teased and pulled on the nipple causing tingles of excitement and a little pain to flash through her tender flesh.

He reached to engulf her breast fully in his mouth and sucked hard to hold it there. Raising up slowly, his teeth slid over the skin and the held onto the nipple long enough to pull her soft reddened breast up in the air before pausing and then letting the nipple slip out from his teeth.

Nancy had never felt the thrill and excitement of being with a man like she was feeling with Paul. True, she had never been with another man besides her ex-husband, but as much as she loved Ben when they were young, their love-making had never been very exciting.

Ben's idea of foreplay had been for her to suck his thick cock to get him hard. Big tits dorm room fuck on webcam watch part on slutcamxxcom would then mount her and pump away for a minute or so before he came in her. When he was done, he'd roll off of her and soon fall asleep. He never asked what she wanted and she had rarely had an orgasm with him.

Finishing with her right breast, Paul slid her dress off her other shoulder and pulled it down low enough to let him access her left breast. It lay back somewhat flattened against her chest and looked very pale compared to the redness that colored her right breast.

Her nipples were small brown buds with correspondingly small round aureole. Most of the girls Paul had ssbbw ebony fucked by white dude tube porn were much younger and larger breasted. A surprising number of them had breast implants that made their tits stand up higher, even when they were laying on their back, and also made their breasts a lot harder and less comfortable to kiss and suck on.

He then moved over her left breast and within minutes, she was moaning and holding his head tightly against her chest while he sucked and nibbled on its tender delights. The couch was becoming a bit constraining as their activity heated up. Getting up, Paul removed his shirt and then helped Nancy to her feet, letting her light cotton dress fall to the ground around her feet.

She immediately felt embarrassed standing in front of him wearing only what her oldest daughter laughingly called her "granny panties." Looking down at herself and not wanting to meet his eyes or see his face as he saw her like this, she saw her breasts hanging down with the nipples extended out further than she could ever remember and still feeling the heat in them from Paul's earlier attentions.

Paul slipped his shorts off and then laid her back on the couch. She could see his cock straining up against the fabric of his boxers and immediately knew she wanted to feel it inside of her. Reaching out, she pulled his shorts down and took his cock in her hand. She stroked it slowly and enjoyed the feel of its warmth and hardness in her fingers. Pulling on it, she moved Paul closer to her so she could sit up and begin group session with naughty doxies smalltits and homemade around the head of his cock.

She held his shaft firmly and began working her mouth over it, taking time to tease and torture Paul a little by using her teeth and tongue over the sensitive head. Paul held her head in his hands and wanted to pull her against him to fill her mouth with his cock, but her grip on him left her in full control of how much or how little of his shaft would go in her mouth.

She tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum leaking out from the tip and after sucking it clean, she let his cock go. He stood there for a moment with his shaft throbbing and moving involuntarily as he worked to hold back his cum.

Kneeling beside the couch, he began working her panties down while she raised her hips to free them. Pulling her panties completely down and off her legs, he dropped them on the floor and then moved one of her legs off the couch to the floor.

Nancy expected him to move up and impale her with his cock, but was shocked and quite surprised to watch him bury his face between her legs.

Her initial reaction was to try and push him away; she'd never experienced oral sex on her before and somehow thought it was something only done in porn movies.

Her shock quickly turned to enjoyment as Paul's tongue expertly licked her wet pussy and found her clit. His hands were under her ass pulling her up against his face and controlling her pretty well, her own hands went from trying to push him away to pulling him in tighter.

As she watched him through her half-closed eyes, she was even more surprised to feel her whole body begin to tense up as the first wave of an incredibly intense orgasm passed through her. Just thinking about what he was doing to her caused the second wave to start and all she could do was hold on and gasp for air. When he first opened her pussy and saw the wetness between her lips, Paul felt dryness in his mouth and tightness in his throat as his desire to taste her juices took control of him.

He seized her ass with his hands and descended onto her waiting cunt with his open mouth. He felt her hands trying to push him away, but he was not going to be denied. In seconds, he felt her whole body relax and her hands were no longer trying to push him away, but rather guide his mouth to where she wanted him to go. Finding her little clit, he tongued it briefly before gently sucking it between his lips and teasing the tip with his tongue.

Releasing it, he used his tongue to trace small sideways figure eights over it, feeling it harden in response. Her body squirmed under him and his hands were becoming slick with the juice from her pussy running down under her. He realized that she had just cum and that made him re-double his efforts to please and tease her. A second smaller gush of juice washed over his tongue as she came again.

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Her pleas for him to stop caused him to pause and let her recover. He moved back up her body, kissing her along the way and causing slight shudders of excitement to pass across her stomach. Her breasts lay back flat across her slowly heaving chest, but the nipples were still visibly erect and hard. Moving his arms under her back, he embraced her and kissed her lips softly. The lust and passion they had both experienced was fading, being replaced by a sense of calmness and relaxed pleasure while they each reviewed the preceding minutes.

Nancy responded to his kisses and their mouths once again joined, their tongues moving and exploring each other. She smelled her scent on his face and was oddly aroused by it.

She had never had her pussy eaten before and thinking about it made her wonder what else she had missed out on in her limited sex life. Paul moved over to kiss and nibble on her ear, causing her to giggle and try to twist away from the tickling sensation. "He certainly knows how to please a woman," she thought to herself, "And we hadn't even 'finished' making love." At that moment, Nancy knew she wanted him inside her.

She wanted to feel his cock pounding into her, rubbing against her clit and filling her with his cum. And when that was over, she wanted to start all over again. This wasn't the wine talking, for her head had cleared up well before that moment. She felt young and alive and wanted to keep that feeling for as long as possible.

As he held her next to him and felt her warm skin along his, Paul felt different than he had with other women. The younger girls were certainly more experienced than Nancy seemed to be, though she was clearly enjoying herself and his attentions.

It seemed obvious to him that she was not used to having her pussy eaten out, but she certainly knew how to handle his cock in her mouth, so oral sex wasn't completely unknown to her. She's briefly mentioned her previous marriage and how she and her ex- grew apart until there was not even a pretense at any passion or desire between them.

When he first saw her after taking off her dress, he couldn't help but compare her to other women he had been with and noted how little she resembled them. He breasts were small and sagging, but he liked the way her nipples stuck out.

Her hips had little curve to them. Her tummy was far from flat, but despite its roundness, wasn't appreciably fat. Her bottom was almost the opposite, being small and flat. Her legs and arms were firm and well-toned, no doubt from her daily running and workouts. Her hair style was not a very flattering one, but for all the things she wasn't, what he did appreciate and enjoy was her openness, passion and emotion.

He found himself becoming more and more attracted to the very physical attributes that made her seem less than beautiful in the stereotypical view.

They lay together for a few minutes longer, each composing their own thoughts about the other and themselves before Paul suggested they move from the couch to the bed, where they would be more comfortable.

They got up and she led him upstairs to her bedroom, immediately aware of how messy she'd left it in her hurry to get cleaned up and dressed to prepare dinner earlier that evening. He didn't seem to notice the disarray and as he slid under the covers next to her, they kissed and held each other until they fell asleep again. They both woke up at nearly the same time with the morning sun streaming brightly through the windows.

They kissed and cuddled, making quiet sounds to each other about how nice the night had been. Paul felt himself getting aroused again and when she felt his stirrings against her legs, she reached down to touch his cock and slowly stroke it. Ben was the only other man she'd ever seen nude, other than actors in a couple porn films one of her girlfriends had brought over years before.

Where Ben's cock had been very thick and almost obscene looking when she first saw it hard, Paul's was longer and narrower and seemed better proportioned.

As she stroked him, Paul couldn't resist moving his hand between her legs and finding her wet pussy. He worked his fingers up inside her and soon had her moaning again as she began stroking his cock harder and faster.

Paul pulled her over on top of him as he lay on his back and reached down to guide his straining cock up inside her. She couldn't wait for him to enter her and helped him inside her. Lowering herself over his length, it took her a while to get used to his size. She began gyrating her hips over his and working his long cock into her bit by bit. Once it was fully inside, she could feel his pubic bone pressing up against her exposed clit and she continued her grinding to keep the contact.

As she sat astride him, Paul held her up under her breasts and watched them bounce and sway with her movements. Pulling her forward, he helped himself to first one breast and then the other, sucking and nibbling them, remembering how she seemed to enjoy having them bitten and pulled with his teeth.

Nancy tried to straighten up more, but when her nipple remained caught between his teeth, she let out a small yelp of pain and immediately moved downward to ease the pulling on her sensitive nipple. Paul began thrusting up in sync with her movements to let his cock withdraw almost completely from her before ramming back inside again. His hands moved along her back and he began caressing her back and the cheeks of her ass while she rode him.

He felt along her spread cheeks and reached back to find her tiny asshole. He played around the rim briefly before she paused to tell him, "No, please don't." Acknowledging her concerns, he moved down further to find her wet pussy and began fingering her clit while his cock continued to fill her hole. She lay down over his chest with her legs still straddling his and began kissing him hard.

As his mouth met hers, he was surprised by her intensity and soon it was all he could do to hold on to her as she bucked and squirmed over his body. With a loud cry, she came over and over until with a final shudder, she could barely hold herself up and lay down over him.

Paul rolled her over on her back while remaining inside her and began pumping his cock into her again.

Nancy lay back and enjoyed the feeling of a man inside her. Her body was almost numb from over-excitement. She watched his strong body over her and couldn't help but feel happy that such a man found her exciting. When he finally came, he thrust deep into her and held himself there while the last of his warm cum spurted inside her. When he was done, he collapsed back down on top of her, his cock still inside, but beginning to soften. Their bodies were both covered in a light sheen of sweat from their exertions and that just let them slide over one another more easily as they kissed and cuddled.

Separating, they both lay back and enjoyed the cool air on their damp skin. Paul reached out and took Nancy's hand in his and she felt a thrill she hadn't felt in more than 30 years.

"I think I'll get out of bed and get myself cleaned up for you, if that's ok," she said. "No problem," replied Paul as she got up and walked to the bathroom. "Would you like some help washing those hard-to-reach places?" She paused and replied with a smile, "It's a little crowded in there, but we could both probably fit in together." The shower stall was a bit crowded with both of them inside with a tiled bench occupying one side of the shower, but neither seemed to mind.

The warm water washed over their bodies and they held one another in a light embrace. After they kissed, Paul took the soap and began washing over her back and bottom. He gave her ass a playful squeeze and helped turn her around so her back was to him. He then began washing over her neck, chest, and tummy with the soap, his hands gliding smoothly over her soapy skin.

Moving down further, he felt the coarseness of the small curls around her pussy and let his fingers find the crease underneath them. He gently fingered her pussy, rubbing up over her clit and then up inside her.

She instinctively tried to open herself a bit wider for him, but relaxed as he seemed to need no help. Taking the soap from his hands she faced him with a smile and said, "Now it's MY turn!" With that said, she began soaping his limp cock and balls. She moved her hands around him to play with his ass and then rubbed over his back before returning to rub his chest. As she washed him, Paul continued to caress and play with her body, paying special attention to her breasts and ass.

She paused her cleaning long enough to take him in her arms and pull him against her body, enjoying the feel of his chest hair against her chest as she moved up and down along his tall frame. Paul then turned her around and bent her down over the bench, giving him a clear view of her ass.

Using the soap, he kneaded and squeezed her little bottom, spreading her cheeks and getting plenty of warm soapy water over her tight hole.

Knowing she was not used to anal sex, Paul was careful to go slowly with her. He fingered around her little brown hole and used both hands to open it a little wider. Nancy's reaction was immediate and she straightened up telling him, "Please don't go there. We don't need to do that to have fun." "Have you ever tried it?" Paul asked.

She looked up at him with concern and replied, "No. And I don't think I want to try." Giving one final try, Paul said, "You don't need to be afraid. I don't want to hurt you and if you feel like it is hurting, let me know and I'll stop.

Just give it a try and you may find it's something that you'll like." She wouldn't be convinced, even though he thought she might have been wavering. They finished their shower in a more subdued state and after getting dried off and dressed, they went downstairs to have breakfast together. Afterwards, they sat back outside on the back porch and talked about the rest of the weekend.

Paul told her that as far as the back fencing frisky lesbos fill up their big fannys with milk and blast it out, she should probably wait another day to let the concrete fully cure before putting up the fence siding.

In the meantime, he needed to go home and take care of a couple work-related things there. It would only take a couple hours then he'd be free and wanted to spend the rest of the time with her. "Do ddf network-nekane and jasmine webb fitness fucked in cheerleader outfits mind if I go to your place with you?" she asked. "That'd be great!" he said. "I just hope you won't be too bored while I'm on the computer doing my office work." "I'm sure I can find something to keep myself occupied," she responded.

With that, they went out the door and headed to his home together