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Blonde hot chick play her pussy on cam more videos on sexycamsorg
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Jessica stare at my mom weirdly, "just play the video" my click play button on her laptop.My mom was showing us a porn video with two lesbian fucking each other with strapons. "That short girl reminds me of you" my mom,said to me. "My tits are way bigger than that brunette and that lady pussy looks use out, so I no she not a lesbian". "Mya right" Jessica said ad she kisses me, I then kiss her back. Why don't we make our own video with you two as the stars ? my mom ask.

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"I like that idea" Jessica said as I stand up. I then sit on Jessica lap "that ass gets sexier and sexier every day"Jessica said as I lay my hand on her shoulder. I face Jessica and I lean in and kiss her what was that for ? she ask "for being the best girlfriend I ever had" "I'm the only girlfriend you have".

I get up and sit on my parents bed when I turn my head to see my mom naked. 2 girls 1 guy extreme kissing threesome undresses too, then my mon and Jessica walk over to each other and kiss each other, I then take my pajama shorts and underwear off and finger myself. "Why do you guys have to make me horny" I moan then they on each side of me we all group tongue kiss. "Wow that was so fucken amazing". -------------------------------- Jessica The next day Mya went to her aunt's house, welll me I sat at home watching cartoons when my cell phone rings I look at the screen to see Sara calling me.

"Hello" I answer. Can you come over ? "Sure, but why". "Just get over here". I get up from my couch and walk over to my front door and grab my house keys off key hook.

I walk outside I lock my front door and walk across the grass to Sara house.

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I knock on the door and Sara opens it, I enter her house. I follow her to her den "sit" I sit down, then Sara takes her robe off to see her naked. Sara then walks over to me, she sits on my lap then sge kisses me. I then stare at her big tits, I then grab them I squeeze her nipples.

"Ahhhhh yeah" she moans I then kiss her the side of her neck. "I want you to fuck me again". I haven't fuck Sara since she found out Mya and I secret.

Sara then gets off me and show me upstairs we walk down the hall to her bedroom. I enter to see a long brown strapon on Sara bed, Sara lasy on stud is favourable to have sex and massage bed and finger herself while I put the strapon on.

I then face Sara I walk over to the bed I lay on top of her and I kiss her, Sara then kiss me back. We started to make out after that "just put this this strapon in me now".

I grab the strapon and slide in Mya mom pussy very slowly once it was all the way in I fuck her. "I feel like cumming, but I don't want to cum to early" I then fuck her faster when her bedroom door open. We turn our heads to see Mya she enters the bedroom and closes the bedroom door and quickly undress. Mya sits next to her mom and she plays with her mom. I smile then I kept fucking Sara when I can feel her pussy tense up and she cum.

Sara explode a big load of cum on her strapon and I then pull out her. I grab some of her cum and Mya lick her mon cum off my fingers then she licks the strapon clean. "Lets get clean" Sara and the girls shower in her shower.

"Lick my shave pussy" Mya said to her mom. Sara gets on her knees and lick Mya pussy while she fingers mines. "Your pussy is very wide,Jessica", then she fingers me faster when she added three fingers my pussy went carzy and I then cum all over her fingers.

"That it cum for me Jessica" Sara said as we hear the doorbell from downstairs. "Stay here girls" Dara said as she puts her robe back on. __________________________________ Sara Sara heads downstairs Sara walks over to her front door.

Sara looks through the peep hole to see Jessica's mom. Sara opens the front doors to see Jessica mom furious. Where's my daughter ?

"Your daughter is not here". "you liar, I was in my backyard raking, when I saw you and my daughter were doing through your bedroom window surely calling the cops" Mrs. Blackwell said as she pulls her cell phone out. "There no need to call the cops, how about I make us some tea". "Okay its just that I'm a little stress out". Sara makes tea and pour the tea into two china cups, the mothers drink the tea in the dinning room.

The mothers drink the tea and talk when a minute the mothers are on the floor making out. "Your lips feel so soft" Sara said as she pulls Denise shirt off her.

Sara then takes Denisr bra off to see her small tits. Sara leans in and sucks them "that felt so good" Denise replies.Both mothers daughters enter the dinning room. While Sara and Denise make out Jessica and Mya sit next to each other fingering each other pussy then Jessica said "Mom welcome to our club" "Jessica your next, I want to suck that pussy of yours" my mom said mom and son american moms Denise then smiles.Denise then sits up when a strapon dick I shove in her mouth, Denise looks up to see her daughter.

Denise sucks the fake dick real goid while Sara and Mya in the corner making out. Eveyone grab a strapon dick from upstairs, except Denise" Sara said as she walks over to Denise. Sara takes Denise clothes off.

Jessica and Mya came back with strapon on and Mya hand one to me. I put it on and ties the straps "Denise spa sex xxx porn storys on your all four an Jessica get behind your mom, Mya get behind Jessica, and I'll get behind you". *** Denise My daughter slide the strapon in my pussy from behind. When the fake dick went all the way in she fuck me, Mya fuck her, and Sara fuck Mya.

We were fucking each other all at once. When Jessica pull out my pussy, my pussy hurted then Jessica lay me down and suck my pussy. "Your cum is sweet very sweet" "ahhhh. shit" I moan. Jessica kgept licking my pussy out while I suck Mya tits. Mya then fucvks me after Jessica tongue fuck me. I thrn stand up and fuck Mya fakr dick cowboy style and Sara grab my tits and kiss them. After that we all clean up and relax on the couch in the den. "Remember no one can know" "I'm a single lesbian" your a lesbian ?

"Yes, unless Jessica didn't tell you". We all then watch TV then Denise heads home "I'm picking you up early tomorrow I have a surpridr for you and bye" Denise said as she kisses Jessica goodbye on the lips. If you like that please vote first then comment