Old boss evaluates his young secretary with fuck

Old boss evaluates his young secretary with fuck
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Miriam at the age of 43 thought she would never face life alone, at least not at this point in her life. Her husband Charlie was her world and thinking about you in the shower sologirlcontent never thought about what life would be like without him.

She was totally unprepared when he suddenly passed away from a sudden illness. She was devastated, to say the least. Luckily, she had family and friends to get her through the tough part, taking care of funeral arrangements as well as financial matters.

She had a very good attorney that took care of her finances and helped her with everything. Her husband Charlie had the foresight to prepare for something just like this happening. Because of his insight, Miriam was set financially for life. Now that all the finances and other matters had been taken care of Miriam found herself on her own. All the friends coming over to see how she was dried up as well as family coming over to check and see how she was dried up as well.

Now, she was left to deal with the loneliness in her life all by herself. Miriam decided she wanted to take care of some things she had often thought about but had never started.

She got rid of things she didn't need anymore, as well as going through her husband's things, keeping thongs that meant something and tossing out others that didn't like clothes and other items. There was a daunting mess of things down in the basement that she was going to need help with but she wasn't sure who oiled up cam girl plays with her pussy was going to ask.

The other problem she was dealing with was the loneliness. Charlie had always been there for her, taking care of her emotionally as well as taking care of her sexually. If the truth be known, the sex was something she missed the most. She had always loved sex and had a very healthy sex drive.

Miriam loved sex and Charlie was very well hung so no longer having his large cock filling her pussy was getting to her.

She masturbated often, sometimes twice a day and on occasion three times a day. It helped some but still, not having her husband's cock in her pussy was getting to her. She had bought a lifelike dildo but even that, as large and thick as it was, still wasn't the same as the real thing. She thought she might find another man in time but things were not working out as she had thought.

There were men calling on her but they turned out to be a disappointment. Some of the men she knew and were married. They were just looking for a one night stand, or a woman to have on the side. She had no intention of being the "other woman," for some jerk that wanted to cheat on his wife. Others weren't sure what they were looking for so Miriam finally gave up. Rather than settle she was going to take her time. One afternoon while sitting and trying not to dwell on her loneliness the doorbell rang.

It was Jason, a young man she has known for a few years. He is a college student and seems like a very nice young man. He said he wanted to come by and see how she was doing and wondered if there was anything he could do for her. She smiled inviting him in saying, "Why thank you, Jason, that is very sweet of you. Would you like a soda or something?" "Yes, that would be fine." Miriam brought Jason the soda and the two started talking.

Miriam found Jason a very handsome young man, even finding herself attracted to him. She felt a little odd feeling like that, then it dawned on her, Jason reminded her of her late husband Charlie. There was something about his mannerisms, the way he talked, the sound of his laugh among other little things. They talked for a while longer when Miriam said, "I'm sorry Jason, I seem to be rambling on like an old lady." "Oh no, Mrs.

Carter, you're certainly not an old lady, not at all." "Why thank you Jason, but I am 43 years old. I have to tell you, ever since my Charlie's been gone I haven't paid much attention to myself." "Well, I can't tell that's for sure." "Thank you, Jason, you've made my day.

Now you asked if there was anything you could do for me, are you still interested?" "Yes, whatever you need just let me know. I don't start classes at the college for a month so I have plenty of time." "Excellent, there is a mess in the basement. A lot of junk that I don't want or need anymore.

I want it cleaned out. I can take you down and show you what I want to get rid of. Follow me and I'll show you what I'm talking about." Jason followed Mairam down to the basement where she showed him what she wanted to take care of. He told her that he would be glad to take care of it for her and could start first thing in the morning. Miriam agreed, saying she would pay him for his work. "That won't be necessary, I don't want money." "Well, you're not going to do all that work for free, we'll think of something.

I'll see you in the morning at 10 am?" "Fine, I'll be here at 10." Miriam thanked him again as he left the house. Once she closed the door she couldn't believe how aroused she was feeling. She was so aroused that Miriam went up to her bedroom and took off her clothes and looked ass rimming deepthroating milf slut in stockings herself in her full-length mirror. Her breasts were nice and firm, her nipples hard from arousal.

As she looked at herself from side to side she still had a slender figure. Never having had children, she didn't have any stretch marks and her tummy was still nice and flat.

Then she scanned down to her thick, hairy bush. Charlie had loved her hairy pussy, telling her how beautiful it was. He always did love her fiery red bush and thick, meaty pussy lip and large clit.

She sat down on the edge of the bed, cupping her breasts in her hands, caressing them as strummed her nipples with her fingers. She spread her legs wide, her thick pussy lips opening up, her lips glistening from her moist lips. She began rolling her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers as her arousal grew more and more intense.

She eventually lowered her right hand, running her fingers over her wet lips, making pornstar sara jay sucks huge black cock in bathroom tingle with arousal. Just the feel of her fingers on her labia was making her all the more aroused. She eased her middle finger between her wet lips, moving it up and down as she grew even hotter. Soon she eased her finger into her pussy followed by another. With two fingers deep in her pussy, Miriam turned and laid down on the bed.

She reached over and grabbed her dildo from her nightstand. placing it to her lips, where she began licking it.

She was soon sucking it as if it were a real cock.

She found herself fantasizing about Jason, wondering if he had a big cock like her Charlie. Miriam lowered the dildo down between her legs, shoving it deep in her pussy.

She began fucking herself with the dildo, working it deep into her hot pussy as she gasped and squealed. Soon she had both hands on the dildo as she rammed it deep into her pussy, fucking herself as hard as she could. Before long Miriam was cumming over and over from a series of strong orgasms.

When she finished and had recovered from her masturbation fun, she took a shower. After her shower, Miriam decided to do a little trimming around her bush, just enough to clean it up a little. She also removed the hair around the edges of her labia, too much and the hair covers her lips, dulling the sensation from oral sex. Once she was finished she laughed at herself thinking that Jason would have any interest in her sexually.

Still, it made her feel good even if nothing was going to come of it. Plus it gave her a new masturbation fantasy to enjoy if nothing else. The next morning Jason arrived right on time, wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Miriam had put on a blouse that showed off her ample cleavage.

She told herself she wasn't trying to seduce him but why not look nice? Jason's eyes went right to her chest as he smiled a greeted her. Miriam had a smile as well as she noticed a bulge in his shorts. She invited him inside offering him something to eat or drink. "No thanks, Mrs. Carter, I'm fine." "Alright, Jason, but please, call me Miriam. There's no need for so much formality." "Alright Miriam, I guess I'd better get to work." Jason went down into the basement and started working while Mariam busied herself working around the house.

After about an hour she decided to check on Jason to see how he was doing. She could see down in the basement without going down due to her husband's security system he had put in the house. He had made a fortune creating and selling sophisticated security systems to major companies over the years.

He also branched out into smaller and simpler systems for home use that was still state of the art. She went over to the monitor that was hidden in plain sight. Her husband made the monitor look like a landscape painting but when you pressed the button on the side of the frame, the monitor came into view. She could see that Jason had taken his shirt off and was working hard. She zoomed in looking at his broad shoulders and chiseled abs.

She found her nipples tingling as she looked at his strong, young body as he worked. She watched him for several minutes. He worked most of the morning coming up at noon for lunch. Miriam asked him, "So, how's it going Jason?" "Fine, there just a lot of junk. I can take it to the dump once you go over it and let me know if there is anything you want to keep." "Excellent, I can do that this afternoon while you take a break. You can come back tomorrow morning at the same time and I can tell you what to get rid of." "Great, and thank you for the lunch." Once he was finished Jason went home telling Miriam he would see her in the morning.

Miriam went down to the basement to look around at what Jason had accomplished. She was amazed at how much he had gotten done. She looked through and decided what she wanted to toss. The following morning Miriam was up early to get ready for Jason. She put on a nice pair of shorts that enhanced her ass and a top that really accentuated her breasts. Once he arrived Jason complimented Miriam on how nice she looked. He went downstairs with Miriam close behind so she could tell him what to get rid of.

Once that was done, she left him alone to do more work. Once she was back up from the basement she watched Jason from her monitor. He had already taken his shirt off and was busy working. Like he had the day before, Jason got rid of a lot of trash and junk. He came up around noon telling Mariam that he was going to take the trash to the local landfill asking if she had anything else for him to do.

"No Jason, you've done so much all that's left is little stuff." "What about those trunks down there. I can go through those for you if you'd like and let you know what's in them." "Yes, that sounds two white guys smashing trazcy kush and her friends face hardcore blowjob a good idea.

I'll check them out when you come back tomorrow." As he was about to leave Jason turned to Miriam saying, "You know, the basement is really nice down there.

It wouldn't take much to turn it into a nice little apartment. You could rent it out as a room or something like that." "Really, I've never thought about it. I know Charlie was going to make it into his "man cave" or something like that. Still, I don't want a stranger in the house or I would. it gets lonely around here without my husband." "I can only imagine. You know, I would love to get out of the house.

My parents are driving me crazy, I would love to have a place of my own. Of course, I can't afford much, I work part-time but it's not much." "Well, if you're serious Jason, I wouldn't mind renting to you. As a matter of fact, if you want to clean it up, maybe paint a little I would mind letting you live there for free.

You think about it and I will talk to you tomorrow." The next morning Jason was right on time as usual. Miriam told him she had to go run some errands and would be gone most of the day. She told him to go through the trunks. Then she left Jason to work while she took care of her errands. Miriam finished what she had to do with plenty of time to spare. When Miriam returned home she turned on her monitor to see how Jason was progressing.

What she saw took her breath away. There was Jason, sitting on top of one of the trunks, his hard cock in his hand, jacking off to something in a magazine.

All she could do was stare for several seconds, watching as Jason stroked his large cock, thinking of how he reminded her of her late husband Charlie. As she watched she didn't know wheater to be furious or happy. Here was this handsome young man down in her basement, wasting time playing with himself when he could be putting his cock to better use inside her pussy.

Still, in a bit of a quandary as to what to do, Miriam felt her nipples tingling along with her pussy. She pulled up her skirt and eased her hand down her panties, through her thick bush, her fingers moving over her now tingling labia. She was wet from arousal as her finger easily slid between her wet, swollen lips.

She was soon standing with her legs spread milf and her babysitter fucked together by a stiff dick her finger up and down her pussy. She eased her finger deep into her pussy, followed by another as she continued watching Jason.

As she watched she felt an uncontrollable urge to go down and fuck him. Still, she had to use some common sense. She didn't want him to know how bad she needed his strong, young, cock in her pussy.As Jason continued his masturbation pleasure, Miriam devised a plan to confront Jason, making him think she was furious with him. If she was successful she might be able to get him to do whatever she wanted him to.

If nothing else it was worth a try. Miriam pulled off her panties, placing them in a drawer for the time being. Then she carefully opened the door to the basement and tiptoed down the stairs so as not to interrupt him.

Jason was lost in his masturbation pleasure as Miriam watched him as she stood at the base of the stairs out of his view. Not wanting him to cum too soon see she decided it was time to confront him. She stepped into view, her hands on her hips saying, "So, this is what you do while my back is turned?

Look at filthy magazines you bring from home and then masturbate in my basement while I think you're hard at work?" Jason stopped in his tracks, his eyes as big as saucers as he tried explaining himself. "No, Miriam, it's not what you think?" "Oh really? That's not you sitting there with your shorts down around your ankles, you masturbating down here in my basement? What am I supposed to think, Jason? And here I thought you were a nice young man.

I should go up right now and contact your parents and tell them what I found you doing in my basement, I'm sure they would be most interested." "No, please Miriam, please don't tell my parents.

I'll do anything you ask of me, just please don't tell my parents. You have no idea the trouble that would bring down on me. I'll do anything you want." A sly smile came across Miriam's face.

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She knew she had Jason dead to rights, he would do anything for her, to her, anything she wanted him too. Feeling a little evil she decided to torture him a little more.

She smiled as she looked at his now flaccid cock saying, "It seems you've lost your erection, Jason, is there a problem?" "Well, I ah, you know, you startled me. Please don't tell my parents.

Just so you know, I found these magazines in this trunk I'm sitting on. I can show you the rest of the magazines if you'd like?" "That's the least of your worries right now. So, you don't want me to tell Mommy and Daddy that I found you masturbating in my basement is that right? And you say you'll do anything, is that right also?" "Yes, anything you want Miriam, just don't tell my parents." "Alright then Jason, tell me what is so mesmerizing about the magazines that made you want to masturbate in my basement?" "Well, if you must know, I've always had this thing about women with hairy pussy's.I mean vaginas.

There's just something about them that I find irresistible. None of the girls in college have hairy pussy's, they all wax or shave. I just like the natural look is all. I can't seem to help myself." "I see, now we're getting somewhere. You say you like women with hairy pussy's as you put it? That sounds like a fetish to me Jason, is that what you have.a fetish?" "Yes, I suppose so if that's what you call it.

I don't know the term, I just know what I like." "Alright, at least your honest about it. So, I have an idea, why don't you get your cock nice and hard again for me Jason? I want you to continue masturbating for me while I watch.

I don't see why you should be the only one having a good time. Now get it hard and stroke it for me." Jason started playing with his cock trying to get it hard again but was having trouble. Miriam could sense he was anxious so she walked over to him and told him to relax, she wasn't going to say anything if he cooperated and did as she asked. She grabbed a chair and pulled it over to a sofa that was against the wall, telling Jason to come over and sit down.

Once he was seated she told him, "Now, spread your legs, Jason, I want to see those big balls of yours hanging down. You know my Charlie was very well hung just like you Jason although I do believe you have him beat by an inch or so.

Now stoke that great big cock of yours while I watch." Jason's cock was starting to respond as Miriam told him, "That's right Jason, get your cock nice and hard. Do you like having me watch you, Jason? You like having me watching you play with your cock and get it all nice and hard.well, do you?" "Yes, I do like having you watch me." "Good, I thought you would, what young man wouldn't like having a woman watch him masturbating?

I think you're really getting off on it aren't you Jason?" "Yes, I have to say I am." "Uh huh, I thought so. Oh yes, your cock is getting nice and big. Now, start stroking it for me, but don't cum too soon, I lesbian agent got lucky on casting stockings interview to enjoy watching you." As Jason began masturbating again, Miriam nipples became rock hard as she watched Jason stroking his hard cock.

Her nipples were soon pressing against her blouse as her pussy began to tingle again. She slid her left hand under her skirt and began working her fingers into her pussy as Jason's eyes widened. Miriam smiled saying, "What's the matter Jason, you think you're the only one that masturbates? What do you think I've had to do for sexual gratification since my husband passed. Plenty of men have wanted to fuck me.that's right.they wanted to fuck me. I wouldn't let them because little bitch tied and fucked in the forest were only looking for one night stands or to cheat on their wives.

Mmmm, keep going Jason, keep going. I jade petty john porn story you'd like to see my pussy wouldn't you Jason?" "Yes, I'd love to see your pussy Miriam, I'm sure it's beautiful." "Yes, I imagine you would.

What do you think it looks like Jason? Do you think I have a hairy pussy, the way you like them? Or, do you think I wax my pussy and it's nice and bare? Or maybe I'm somewhere in between hairy and bare. Be honest, what do you think?" "I.I don't know but I think it might be hairy." "Really? Why is that Jason, why do you think it's hairy?" "Because you said your late husband Charlie liked it that way." "Did I.are you sure? What if it was then, that doesn't mean it still is. I could have changed my mind and done something different, you don't know for sure now do you?" "No, I guess not.

I won't know unless you show me." "Ah yes, that's what you want isn't it Jason. You want to see my pussy. Well, you're going to have to do whatever I ask of you Jason, you'll belong to me until I say otherwise, are you willing to commit to that?" "Yes, I told you I will do whatever you ask so you don't tell my parents. And of course, I want to see your beautiful pussy." "Alright then Jason, it's time for you to see what is between my legs." Miriam stepped closer pulling her fingers from her pussy, swiping her juice covered finger under Jason's nose, and then placing them onto his lips.

To her delight, Jason parted his lips as she slid her fingers into his mouth. She gasped when she felt Jason's tongue licking her pussy juice from her fingers. She pulled them from his mouth again, sliding them deep into her pussy and working them around making sure they were drenched in her juices.

Once she was sure they were covered, Miriam pulled her fingers from her pussy and slid them into his open mouth. She gasped again as Jason sucked her juices from her fingers for a second time.

He licked and sucked her fingers until they were clean. Miriam's heart was racing in her chest, she wanted this handsome young man more than anything. She stepped back saying, "I'm going to show you now Jason and this must stay between the two of us.

This must be a sacred trust, do you understand?" "Yes, absolutely Miriam, you have my word of honor on it." "Close your eyes then Jason, I'll tell you when you can open them." Once his pinky taking cock diesel to the gym were closed Miriam took off her skirt leaving her pussy in plain view.

She stood there for a moment an then said, "Alright Jason, you can open your eyes now." Jason opened his eyes and gasped when he saw Miriam's pussy.

He absolutely adored her fiery red bush, so thick and so lush as she stood there waiting for him to say something. Finally, she told him, "Well, aren't you going to say something Jason?" "Yes, your pussy is so beautiful, so hairy, I can't wait to touch it, kiss it, it is so beautiful Miriam." "Really, you're not just saying that to keep your ass out of hot water are you?" "No, I love it, your pussy is more beautiful than any of those women in those magazines.

May I touch it, kiss it, please Miriam, I'll do anything you ask of me." "Oh yes, Jason, trust me, you will do whatever I want, you can count on that." "Please Miriam, I give you my word, I would never breathe a word to anyone. Please, Miriam, let me touch your beautiful pussy.please?" "Why Jason, of course, you can as long as you do it on my terms. Now, you just sit there and stroke that realtor sucking dick before doggystyle reality and blowjob cock of yours.

Not to fast now, I don't want you to cum too soon. If you have to stop, let me know, otherwise keep going. Now, spread your legs as wide as you can Jason.that's right, just like that." With his legs spread as wide as he could, Miriam stood there watching as his large balls bounced up and down as he stroked his cock.

Then, meagan vaughn gets smashed by white rods in gang bang she was ready she stepped between Jason's legs placing her pussy so that her thick, thatch of pubic hair was touching his face. She placed her hands on the side of his head and began slowly moving her hips from side to side, brushing his face with her bush. As she did she asked, "Do you like it, Jason, do you like the feel of my pussy hair on your face?" "Oh yes, it's feels so soft, I love the feel of it on my face." Miriam continued swaying her hips from side to side, pushing in a little so that her bush was pressing harder against his face.

She continued, griding her pussy a little harder into Jason's face until she was pressing her pussy as hard as she could against his face. She then reached down and pulled her pussy lips apart so that her wet pussy was now grinding against not only his face but his lips and nose as well.

Jason maneuvered himself in the chair so he could stick out his tongue and lick Miriam's pussy as she continued with her gyrations. She was going to stop him but it felt so good having his tongue licking her pussy that she couldn't bring herself to stop him.

Instead, she began gasping and moaning, telling him how good it felt.

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She put a hand on the back of his chair, leaning back so she could get even more of her pussy against his face and tongue. She squealed when she felt him snake his tongue into her opening and begin tongue fucking her as she stood there. After several minutes Jason removed his tongue from deep within Miriam's pussy and sucked her thick, meaty lips into his mouth. Again she squealed out loud as Jason sucked her pussy, working his tongue between her folds and licking the length of her pussy while sucking her lips.

As if that were not enough, Jason sucked her clit into his mouth and started alternating between flicking her clit with his tongue and sucking it as she squealed and moaned begging him to make her cum. She suddenly realized she had lost control of the situation but it didn't matter, it felt too damn good to care. She felt his hands on her ass pulling her harder into his face as Jason took her to one of the most powerful orgasms that she has had since her husband died.

Miriam stumbled back trying to catch her breath as Jason sat there, his face glistening with her juices. Once she had gathered her breath, Miriam held out her hand, pulling Jason to his feet where she took him into her arms and the two of them started kissing. These were not soft, loving kisses, rather they were passionate, deep kisses filled with lust and passion that neither of them had felt before.

When they finally broke their kiss Miriam said, "Oh my Jason, I've never had anyone eat my pussy like you just did. Not even my Charlie ever went down on me like that. How did you ever learn to do that?" "Well, partly from watching porn videos in my room when I was home alone and from readying detailed stories.

I'm glad you liked it. You are the first women that has ever let me go down on her. There is so much I want to learn about making love to as a woman.

I was wondering something?' "Yes, Jason, what is it, what do you want to know?" "Well, I was thinking, since you haven't had a man with a big cock like mine and Cheeky stepsister sleepfucked by brother like to learn to make love to a woman the right way, I was thinking we could help each other out. I've never actually had sex with a woman so you'd be the first for me if that means anything." "Oh, Jason, how sweet of you to want me as your teacher.

Of course, I will teach you how to make love to a woman.

My, things have changed rather suddenly but that's alright, I didn't want to act like I was punishing you and using you although that's exactly what I was doing, using you that is." "That's fine with me, use me any way you'd like." "Oh trust me, Jason, I will use you like you can't believe. Now let's go upstairs and have some more fun.

I think you should start remodeling this basement into your new home and in the meantime start working on your parents to move in here with me. That way we both benefit." "Moving out will be a sinch, no problem at all. I'll sleep on the couch until I get the basement ready. Is moving in this weekend too soon?" "Not at all Jason. Now let's go up to my bedroom shall we?" Jason followed Miriam up to her bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, Miriam explained to Jason that there was no need for him to sleep on the couch. He was going to sleep in her bed with her. Once that was said, Jason and Miriam started kissing. It didn't take long for Jason to get into making love to the older woman. She had really nice firm tits that he made his way down to, kissing them and caressing them as Miriam cooed and moaned. He was soon sucking her nipples as she moaned even louder. It has been far too long since a man had actually made love to her.

Jason took his time, running his tongue over her aureoles and then flicking her nipples with his tongue. Miriam loved what Jason was doing, praising him and telling him how good it felt.

She gasped and told aletta ocenna evde yatakta pornolari to suck her nipples, she loved having her nipples sucked. Jason wanting to please his new lover, began sucking Miriam's nipples as she raised her arms above her head, gasping and squealing as he sucked and gently nibbled at her nipples.

The more he sucked her nipples and teased them the more aroused she became. Jason moved his hand down Miriam's stomach, sliding it through her thick bush. He loved the feel of her thick, hairy pussy between his fingers as he cupped her pussy in his hand.

Her lips were swollen and wet from arousal as he began squeezing her pussy gently, working his middle finger between her lips.

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With the combination of his lips sucking her nipples and his hand squeezing her pussy, Miriam started cumming. Encouraged from her quick orgasm, Jason eased his middle finger into her pussy, driving student in thongs bangs in car by another. He lay on his side, working his fingers deep into her pussy while working his little finger between her ass cheeks.

Miriam responded by squirming on the bed as he pleasured her pussy and her ass. Miriam began undulating her hips as Jason took her closer and closer to yet another orgasm. Suddenly she gasped and squealed as another series of orgasms coursed through her body. Once she had relaxed a little, Jason rolled over onto his back. Miriam took his cock in her hand and started slowly stroking his cock as well as running her tongue along the sides of his cock. She maneuvered around taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, trying to deep throat him.

Jason moaned as Miriam began bobbing her head up and down on his cock. She took Jason to the edge a couple of times before moving up and holding his cock in place as she lowered herself down onto his stiff cock. She gasped as she lowered her pussy down, taking all of him into her. Once he was all the way in, Miriam started humping his cock as she started squeezing her own breasts and tugging at her nipples. The harder she rode Jason's hard cock the more she loved it.

Miriam leaned forward, kissing Jason as he continued slamming his cock hard into her pussy. After a bit, he put his arms around her and rolled the two of them over onto Miriam's back, his cock still inside her tight pussy.

With Jason now on top, he began pummeling her pussy even harder causing her to call out to him. She squealed and begged him to fuck her harder. He could hear their flesh slapping together as the two of them continued fucking. Finally, Jason felt his balls tighten and then his cock throb as he emptied his load into her hot pussy.

Once he finished cumming he moved from on top of Mariam laying beside her. The two lay there for a few minutes when Miriam said, "Oh Jason, you have no idea how good you make me feel. It's been so long since I've had a cock that big in my pussy. We are going to have to come up with a way to get you over here on a permanent basis." "As I told you, Miriam, that won't be a problem at all. In fact, I can have that taken care of by tomorrow." "Excellent, now what about the two of us taking a shower and rest of for later?" "Lead the way, I'll follow you." The following day Jason went home long enough to give his parents the good news.

He told them he had found a place that he could afford giving them what they wanted which was having him out of the house. He told them just what they wanted to hear.

Of course, there was a word of truth in it naughty teens fuck the biggest belt dicks and spray jizm all over they didn't care and neither did Jason.

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They had what they wanted as did Jason. He returned to Miriam's house and shared the good news. Then he went back and gathered his clothes together as well as some of the other things he wanted and moved into Miriam's house.

It took the better part of the day but he was soon moved in. That evening as they were eating dinner Jason noticed that Miriam seemed a little quiet. He was hoping she wasn't having second thoughts about him moving in, after all, she had asked him to move it.

Curious he asked, "You look like you deep in thought about something, I hope you're not having second thoughts about my being here?" "Yes, and no Jason. I know I was the one that asked you to move in with me but I'm worried what people will think. I know it's silly and I shouldn't let it bother me but I can't help wondering if I moved to fast." "In other words did you let your pussy do the thinking instead of your brain Miriam?" "Well, that's one way of putting it I suppose but yes, I guess that is what I was thinking." "Well, if you want me out I can do that, although I won't be able to go home, so I would appreciate some time to find another place if that's alright?" "Oh no Jason, I'm not going to do that to you.

I'm just a little surprised at myself for acting so impulsively. Usually, I think things through, weigh the good and the bad point and try to look at my decisions from all sides and I didn't do that this time." "I get it, Miriam, I really do. I don't think you have anything to worry about. If people start asking questions or making comment, well to hell with them.

It's your life and your decisions what you do, not theirs? You deserve to be happy and you don't need anyone else's permission. I think you should do whatever makes you feel good and that's all that matters." "You know Jason, you are wise beyond your years.

You are exactly right, to hell with anyone that doesn't like what I do. This is about me and you not anyone else. Thank you, Jason, thank you for setting me straight." Jason and Miriam cleaned off the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. As Miriam stood at the kitchen sink, Jason moved in behind her, placing his hands on her ass while he started kissing her shoulders. Miriam cooed softly as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of Jason's lips on her shoulders and his strong hands on her ass.

He unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor followed by her panties. Miriam giggled asking, Jason, what do you have on your mind?" "Oh, just that I think you have a very sexy ass and I want to take a closer look at it. You don't mind if I enjoy your ass do you, Miriam." Before she could answer Jason was on his knees, kissing her ass and caressing it.

His hands felt so good on her cheeks as he ran his tongue along the length of her crack. Her Charlie would never do anything like that, he thought kissing her ass or getting close to her ass with his tongue was off limits and yet, here was Jason doing the very thing she had wanted her Charlie to do.

Jason continued teasing Miriam, kissing her cheeks and then working his tongue along the dimple at the top of her ass. She moaned and parted her legs for him tiny asian girl destroyed by black cocks she pushed back a little, letting him know she was enjoying what he was doing.

Jason could see Miriam was getting turned on so he took it a step further, running his tongue up and down her crack, not sliding his tongue between her cheeks but close. The more Miriam cooed and moaned the braver Jason became. He had read about tonguing a woman's asshole and how some women really enjoyed it. Plus he liked seeing how the hair from her pussy went between her legs, making it's way up her ass crack. They were shorter, finer hairs, that looked so damn sexy. It seemed only natural to want to lick them as he teased her more.

Then Miriam leaned forward, sticking her ass out even more as she reached back and spread her cheeks for him. Now it was Miriam who was becoming the aggressor, daring Jason to take it to the next step. Seeing her ass and her asshole staring him in the face only turned him on all the more.

Jason stood up and pulled his shorts down, tossing aside as Miriam got rid of her blouse and bra. Then Jason pulled her to him, her bare back against his chest. He cupped her tits in his hands, squeezing them as he rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, whispering in her ear how he was going to lick her hot, sexy ass and work his tongue into her asshole.

Hearing Jason talk like that to her made her moan and tell him to eat her ass. The more he twisted her nipples and talked dirty to her, the more Miriam liked it. She said to him in a husky voice, "I want your tongue in my ass Jason.do you hear me.I want your tongue licking my fucking asshole.now!" "Oh yes you hot sexy Bitch, I'm gonna lick your hot ass and tongue fuck your asshole but right now I'm gonna play with your ass and you're going to fucking love it!" Then Jason pulled Miriam back hard into his chest, his cock now wedged between her cheeks as he moved his cock up and down her crack.

Miriam was beside herself with lust as Jason continued sliding his cock between her cheeks. She loved the feeling of his hard flesh between her cheeks, the head of his cock brushing against her asshole as he slid by.

Then Jason knelt down pushing Miriam so she was bent over the sink, her legs spread wide. He then worked his tongue between her ass cheeks and began moving his tongue up and down her crack as she squealed out loud begging him not to stop. He continued working his tongue along the length of her crack, pausing to pay special attention to the hairs between her cheeks.

He moved on, teasing her asshole with his tongue, something that made her squeal and push back tied up hentai girl gets vibrators hardcore animated his tongue in an effort to push his tongue into her asshole.

He teased her mercilessly, making her beg him to tongue fuck her ass. Finally, he gave in, sliding his tongue into her asshole, working it deep inside as she squealed even louder. She loved feeling Jason's tongue working in and out of her ass, taking her to the edge over and over again. Never in her life had she felt anything like this, it was amazing how good it felt.

With his tongue starting to ache Jason stood up and slipped his hand down between Miriam's legs. With his other hand, he wedged it between her ass cheeks, pressing his middle finger against her asshole.

Then he slipped his fingers into her wet pussy, working them deep inside. He then pressed his middle finger on the other hand against her asshole, slowly letting it penetrate her ass. Miriam gasped as Jason started fingering her pussy with one hand and her asshole with the other.

Miriam squealed and then said, "Yes, oh fuck yes Jason.I'm gonna fucking cum baby.make me fucking cum!" Jason continued fingering her pussy and ass until he felt her asshole clamp down on his finger as well as her pussy clamping down on his fingers as she started cumming. Her body was rocked with one of the hardest orgasms she had ever experienced in her life.

When she finished cumming, Miriam knelt down and took Jason's cock as far down her throat as she could. After getting him wet, Jason set Miriam up on the kitchen counter and with her legs spread wide he slid his cock into her pussy and began fucking her. She put her arms around his neck as he slammed his cock into her pussy as she sat on the edge of the counter. He then pulled her off the counter as she wrapped her legs around his waist. With Miriam impaled on his cock, Jason, with knees slightly bent, started fucking her where he stood.

He thrust his cock deep into her pussy, each thrust harder than the last until he let loose with a huge load. Afterward, Jason and Miriam relaxed in a tub of hot water, with Jason moving his soapy hands over her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. From that point on, Jason and Miriam enjoyed a special relationship.

Where it goes or for how long really doesn't matter as each one has what they want which is all anyone can ask.